It’s a new look for the Emirates…

Yes, leaked today and reported my fellow Arsenal fan known as “The Canon”, the stadium is on the verge of a facelift.

Take a look at this picture:

New Look

If you click the picture above, you’ll see a bigger picture.

Very exciting to see this and for those non believers, you can actually download the PDF from the Islington council’s website:

News is that the picture will be up in time for the first home game, in about 2 weeks time against Portsmouth. However, there is no news about whether this is approved yet, so it may take longer to get the approval before the artwork erection commences. It will be an awesome picture to have up there, so very excited about it. Cliff Basin, Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Liam Brady deserved to be up there without question.

More news as it appears…

I’ll be back later with a review of the Valencia game, just waiting to find some highlights!

  • zohaib

    just google for the highlights dev ! i found em that way. forgot the site otherwise would have told you.

  • Leeroy.N

    I Like it. It holds it’s own sense pride and strength. But “Victoria Concordia Crescit” is ever present in that picture.

    Gooner Til I Die!

  • Adeniyi

    Wat happens to Ian Wright??? Just wondering