Valencia vs Arsenal… Live

In a long day of shopping, tarting myself up (man style), have a nice dinner with my sister before embarking on three good friend’s birthdays, there is always time to pop into an Internet Cafe in central London to tune into the Valencia and have a little weblog with my fellow gooners and WOA readers.

As I tune into Arsenal TV Online at 7.30pm for a 8.30pm (the usual hour before), I am presented with a message telling me that I have to wait until 20.20 before the coverage starts, so it puts me into a dilemma of what to do – do I wait around, do I come back or do I write up my view of the game and then head out…

After careful consideration, the latter has won the battle as I really must go out very soon… so looking at the site and others, there is no coverage of the Valencia
game at all, so I’m desperately trying to get some sort of stream soon!

Got the team news… and the stream… here’s what I’m hearing…

Team news sees the following formation:


Eboue – Gallas – Djourou – Clichy

Diaby – Song

Bendtner – Fabregas – Arshavin

Van Persie

With Lukasz Fabianski, Mikael Silvestre, Bacary Sagna, Kieran Gibbs, Armand Traore, Fran Merida and Jack Wilshere on the bench.

So, no Theo Walcott for any of the friendlies whatsoever but we are sticking with the 4-2-3-1 that we’ve been playing in recent games. It looks like I won’t be able to see any real action as time evades me, but that’s the team, kick off very soon… that’ll do me for now…

I’ll be back tomorrow to review the game and talk more about the new World of Arsenal TV show coming soon…

Until then, take care and don’t forget to follow WOA on Twitter…


  • devday

    Eduardo & Walcott on bench!!!

  • Paul


  • Adeniyi

    Van persie missed a good chance

  • Adeniyi

    0:0 First half

  • Berth

    The team in the first half was too cautious for my liking; Diaby should not be an Arsenal player, Bedtner was a waste in the wide position, V.P is proven more of a deficient striker; finding it difficult to control balls and making wrong decisions between shooting and placing; well Song thinks the midfield is his fathers Lounge and Arshavin;I hope he is reserving his strength for the start of the season. So far I have been impressed with Djourou, Ebuoe and Clichy; others have been playing like hunters.

  • Pete

    Eduardo, Walcott, Wilshere and Ramsey on for 2nd half.

  • Pete

    And Traore

  • Pete

    Penalty save by Fabianski!!!!

  • Adeniyi

    Penalty for valencia…great save.. fabianski

  • Pete

    1-0 Valencia

  • ollie

    who scored

  • Pete

    2-0 Valencia

  • Pete

    Full time 2-0 Valencia

  • KFC

    very dissapointed in the second half with the team as a whole. but credit to ramsey and wilshere who tried to spring some life back into the team…

  • Kuka

    …we were well beaten. The team looked tired. heavy legs. I hope Wenger does make a move for a DM. Our defense seems to be over-worked because of our loose offensive nature of our mid-field. I hope Fabianski, Van Parsie, Gallas and Clichy are all OK. They seemed to struggle after getting knocks here and there…

    Let the new season begin..

  • Berth

    That’s a very good score – take off song and we concede 2 goals; not that Song was very good, but at least he was slightly effective. And whoever was suggesting Wilshere taking Rosicky’s position has to question his sanity; Overall as a fan I would want us to win all the matches we play, but I have to admit that this one is a lesson I hope we benefit from. But first Wenger should get us a DMF, CD and a striker, we are too old a club to be playing like this.

  • VJ

    jesus we were awful

  • juegos rol online

    Nice coach Unai Emery, will be soon in premier leage as ex-coach of valencia Benitez

  • kodjo

    i hope wenger wakes up to the realization that we will end this season empty handed if he doesnt do anything about the defensive midfield position. song puts in a lot of mileage but needs help big time…ramsey still too raw for big games…not there yet. merida was light weight. diaby was abysmal what was he thinking when he was through on goal…

    too much pressure on the defense partly b’cos there was no sustained attacking threat and the midfield cover fell apart was song was taken off (admittedly he was tiring and started committing unecessary fouls…can’t fault song for endeavour

    the whole team was off pace today…

  • Yemi

    all the way with u kodjo

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I’m drunk… He he he hic!!! Pre-season sucks t
    lets get going. Lets forget tonight. We will kick some scouse but

  • jeffvip

    Yea, I’m so glad we lose this match as you can learn more from losing than winning I guessed. Is time for new signing….

  • dave

    its never ever good to lose even friendlys wenger has got to take his blinkers off and get a midfielder and a defender or we are not going to have a good season far to lightwieght in midfield and at the back spend some cash wenger stop being so tight

  • Leeroy.N

    I missed the game because of work. Were we really that bad?? I can’t comment too much about it, but it seems we hit a low point, whether we didn’t turn up or all out tactics were wrong. I hear Bendtner was playing out wide alot? If true, I am starting to despise seeing him in the position, I think he is really inefective ineffective out there. Certain players need to concentrate on what they are good at and where they should be. To me, he should not be out wide, he should play straight down the middle and start learning to recieve them balls over the top or through along the ground. He will find himself relegated to the bench alot or started over, and in that case his morale and performances will start to drop, especially if he doesnt start getting on the scoresheet. Walcott said (again) we need to start winning games dirty. That is a true statement if ever. I don’t like seeing our beautiful game questioned in any sense. But there is a lack of will and desire sometimes when I watch us play. Yes, we play because we Love to play the beautiful game, but the desire and fire and win at all cost attitude isn’t present when we need it. Don’t get me wrong, when we are in a good position and winning clearly, obviously it doesnt matter, but when the pressure is against us and/or we goal a goal or two down, we need to find it in our selves to turn up the heat and ground out some kind of fight back. This is where from Captain to Vice Captain, experienced to inexperienced and accomplished player to new signing have to pull together. Forget the one-man type player.. the “General” the team has to be the whole Army and fight together.. from the back to the front and get in to the game. I look at squad, I see a couple of players who will take it upon themselves for that fight.. the rest of the team need to get their act together, pull their socks up and get down to some serious business or it will be a disappointing season for us, new signings or not. I know they are capable.. more than capable of doing it. Just depends how much they Really want it. Come on boys, do it for US!!!!

    Gooner Til I Die!

  • Bonathan

    This is getting really fustrating. As much as i love and respect wenger, he has got to be the slowest guy to react on earth. How many times does he need to see something not work before he fixes it? unreal.
    Silvestre, not good enough, liability. Get rid, bring in hangeland.
    Bentner, really not sure he can cut it for a team that wants to win the league. Maybe as a 4th or 5th choicer, but nothing more.

    we need a striker, DM and a CB. I know that, everyone else knows that, what are we waiting for? Does he want Hangeland or not? surely he knows by now. Don’t be surprised to see M City sign him up while wenger decides whether or not to get him.

  • Pete

    Wasn’t the best pre-season game we’ve seen from the lads. The first half wasn’t so bad, we reached half time 0-0, it was the second half that really undid us, which coincidentally was also where we brought on all our youngest and least match-fit players.

    Song wasn’t too bad in his defending midfield role. He did make a few wayward tackles and gave away a few free kicks, but that comes with the territory of playing that position. It’s a thankless job where good work tends to go unnoticed and mistakes are magnified. Where I was disappointed though was with Diaby. I was kind of looking forward to seeing how these guys might pair up in their DM roles, but Song seemed to be baring most of the defencive work.

    For his first game I thought Theo didn’t do badly, and looks far more effective in a more central role. On first viewing I actually thought his shot at goal went in.

    Traore seems much better going forward than back defending, and with Nasri and Rosicky both out, he might have a chance to fill in for them there.

    But overall the goals we conceded were preventable and the chance we had should have been buried, so it does feel like a missed oppertunity.

  • Mehedi

    Hey Guys I have a news you know the emirates logo in front of the stadium well it’s gonna change there will be a big poster of our great players. i am sure