Champions League Draw: Arsenal vs Celtic

It’s been a tense morning with myself fixated in front of the video stream.

A lot of rules and regulations but ultimately, the draw got on quote quickly. The suspense continue as the “Non Champions Route” was announced first, but then the draw got juicy and it was our time.

First out the hat was Lyon, and then Anderlecht. One of the easy teams out, 2/4 chance now… okay onto the next one…

Celtic were drawn with US, yes, it’s going to be a battle of Britain, we’ve got Celtic..

FC Timisoara then were drawn with Stuttgart, Sporting Lisbon with Fiorentina and finally Panathinaikos with Athletico Madrid..

So here’s a summary:

Lyon vs Anderlecht

Celtic vs Arsenal

FC Timisoara vs Stuttgart

Sporting Lisbon vs Fiorentina

Panathinaikos vs  Athletico Madrid


The first leg, I understand will be the away leg and will be played on 18th / 19th August at Celtic Park with the return leg on 25th / 26th August at the Emirates.

So, Celtic, good or bad? Easy or hard? It’s time for the battle of Britain…!!

  • Fo

    Yeah, me too pete, think that Celtic were one of the teams I was happy with… As Dev mentioned – we wanted to avoid Fiorentina and Athletico Madrid, although Celtic will still be hard, I’m sure we can get past them!

  • Debs

    The draw’s ok for us, but horrible for Celtic! We can beat them, but we travel to Celtic first. I am excited, but I feel sad that only one of us can make it. Come on Arsenal!

  • Kuka

    …the psychological aspect of the tie (British battle) will play a key role, but am glad to avoid Atletico Madrid and Florentina

  • Marc Callan

    The way I see it, it’s game face time…we have been going on about this is our season in the press so this is the draw to prove the doubters we are contenders…With me being Irish my loyalties have been put into question but as many of us have soad Gooner Til I Die so my heart is with Arsenal…I honestly think we have them, we bet the Gers and Celtic are not much different…

    Gooners put your game face on, it’s time to meet with destiny

  • Pete

    Well said guys. Celtic certainly aren’t a pushover by any means, but it could have been far worse, and I’m confident we’ll get through. At least we don’t have to travel abroad to play a tougher team. I don’t see them beatin us over two legs, especially at the Emirates. With our best players now eligable for Champions League (COME ON ARSHAVIN!!!), and it being so close to the start of the season, I fancy our chamces.

  • TheSKAGooner

    @ Marc Callahan –

    Agree, mate. My mom’s family is from Armagh, so I always have a soft spot for the Bhoys. But my heart belongs to The Arsenal.

    Should be one hell of a playoff. I think it’s great that we get the second leg at home. I see this playoff as similar to Villareal from last season. Tough match at their place, but once we get to the Ems, it’s all over but the counting.

  • Marc Callan

    Totally agree with everyone’s comments…as long as we keep it nil all in the 1st leg I think we go to the Emirates and I think it’s game over before they step out on the pitch…I wouldnt mind in the first leg if it turns out 2-1 to the Bhoys cuz we get the away goal…My only nagging point will be that Celtic are over the away travelling hoodoo so I wouldnt put this as a foregone conclusion…Still Arsenal to qualify by two goals being the margin

  • devday

    Celtic will be a tough team to beat, and especially at Celtic Park. It’s local to us though, which is good. And we are definitely capable of being them!!!

    Need to find out how to go there, would be an awesome adventure!

  • Pete

    Does anyone know if the Away Goals rule applies in this draw? i.e if we draw 1-1 at Celtic, it’ll be 2-1 on Aggregate?

  • Fabrez

    Yeah Pete. i’d think away goals apply as it did in the rounds before ours and the rounds to come. Not 100% sure tho but that’s my take. Celtic is a good tie…i’m satisfied. Local is good…we faced Rangers and looked decent so why not? C’mon u Gunners!

  • Pete

    Cheers mate! 😀

  • Marc Callan

    Anyone know the dates for both ties…did Uefa confirm anything??

  • devday

    Celtic game (away) confirmed for Tuesday 18th August with the return leg at the Emirates confirmed for Wednesday 26th August!

  • Yemi

    Off to celtic park!!! Good luck boys, stay fit and injury free !!! best of wishes, we are all behind you!!! God is with you. Get at least an away goal in the least and keep a clean sheet at home for us + a win.

    It should be a good cracking esp. with Tony Mowbray at the helm of affairs

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I had a feeling we would draw the jocks.

    Lets show the sweaties how to play football.

    Come on you gooners

  • Leeroy.N

    It’s gonna be a good first game. We have to come out firing all cylinders to let them and everyone know what we intend to do this season. As long as we attack, then when we score we have to finish them off. No taking the foot off the peddle, we have a lot to prove this season, in all competitions. I see nice comfortable win. Come on you Gunners!

    Gooner Til I Die!!

  • devday

    @Gooner Get Ya

    Weird – I thought we’d draw them to. I turned around to my friends after they beat Dynamo and said, they’ll be facing us now!!

  • Berth

    I had a dream my fellow Gunners; should I tell!!!

  • Leeroy.N

    BERTH – Tell!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    What was the dream berth?

  • Berth

    Its not the Celtic game – because am confident we will do them in both legs. However the dream is of 2 parts – the good and the bad.

    I will start with the good – this part showed Wenger buying Chamack, Viera and Hangeeland.

    The bad is not very nice – it shows the depature of Cesc and Clichy to Real madrid for around 6O MILL POUNDS.

  • Berth

    Of cos next season – the Cesc and Clichy own.

  • ghirl

    C’mon the Hoops!!

  • Scotty

    Arsenal still need to grow up. Celtic are a group who can get by Arsenal. Let’s go bhoys!