Tuesday Round Up (Signings, Ray Parlour & Bob Wilson)

So after all the fun and games of the Emriates Cup, we’re back to the wonderful world of speculation and transfer deliberation… We’ve seen over the last weekend that we don’t necessarily need that many re-inforcements, but a player or two would be more moral boosting and perhaps more useful if we do indeed suffer the usual injury problems that we’ve renowned for suffering.

A player that we’ve been linked with and indeed have offered a sum of money for is Maroune Chamakh, but Arsene is unwilling to spend the 15 million euros that the club want and is willing to part with about half that and considering the player is in the last year of his contract, it makes sense.

“In five months, if he doesn’t prolong his contract Chamakh, will be free to talk to any club and Bordeaux won’t get anything. In the current context, to me, it is over. Let’s say that at the moment it is terminated. I like Chamakh, he is a forward that attracts me, but I already have (Theo) Walcott, (Nicklas) Bendtner, (Robin) Van Persie (Andriy) Arshavin and Eduardo. I am in no rush. My offer seems fair to me, taking the market into account. Chamakh would be good, but there are other options should we wish to pursue them.”

And Arsene has a massive point when it comes to the player and his availability. I don’t think Arsene thinks the squad needs a €15m player and if it did, that player wouldn’t be Maroune Chamakh. A player like Chamakh can bring something to the team, but is a raw talent and could go either way – and of course the gaffer knows that.

If the Chamakh purchase is not possible, then I think Arsene is ready to look at other options like Gignac and of course Solomon Kalou, who he has greatly admired for many seasons, but of course Jose, Phil and and Guus wouldn’t sell him to us – but maybe now Carlo A may have a different opinion and there is noise about a potential €8m bid which would be very acceptable in my eyes. The player, although currently on the wrong side of London, is definitely a little gem and if given an opportunity, he will be able to show that. He’s been in the company of world class players down at the bridge, but he’s not “one of them”, and he’s said nice things about Arsenal and the way we play football. I’d probably prefer Kalou to Chamakh because I think he’s a better player, but of course Chamakh is tainted with the Chelski blood, so it’s a hard one!

On the plus side, even if we don’t strengthen in the attacking department, we will see more of Jack Wilshere who looked the part in the recent tournament. The question is how he would fair in real competitive action – and where he would play. In our a 4-2-3-1, a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 you could see him on the wings / attacking wing play quite easily – we’ve seen him deployed on the left last pre-season and on the right this pre-season, so we know he can play on either side.

Ray Parlour was in the news and had this to say about little Jack:

“I’m sure Arsene Wenger is saying ‘let’s concentrate on Arsenal this year and see how many games we can use him,'” he said. “We don’t want to rush the kid, but Fabio Cappello was here at the weekend and he must have been so impressed by Jack. He played with so much maturity for a 17-year-old and he makes the game looks easy and that is an art. It’s something that you are born with and he’s going to be a massive talent. But I’m not sure about (playing for) England next year. It all depends on how he does, but let’s not push him too hard. As he said in his interview (after the Emirates Cup) the most important thing is to break into this Arsenal team and play on a regular basis.”

The fact that Capello was at the stadium on Sunday has fuelled speculation that he’s being looked at in regards to the World Cup squad next year and a player like Jack – in my opinion – is very well suited to a tournament such as the World Cup. He likes to put on a show and the biggest competition in the world is certainly a big stage to put on a show. If Jack can get some playing time this season then I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t go to the World Cup. But as Arsene says, first let’s see more of him in the Premiership.

Regardless of Jack’s recent performances, I think Arsene will add a striker to the squad – yes, we do have Van Persie, Eduardo, Bendtner and Vela, but as usual, we may see two injured for large chunks, those two probably VP and Eduardo (at least niggling injuries) so another striker will be handy. A player like the the ones we’re being linked with are in the range of players I’d like, someone who would offer something else. But despite the potential signing of new players, we did have 29 players out and about on the weekends. Bob Wilson had this to say:

“When I introduced those 29 players today, I started thinking ‘Hang on a minute, how desperate is the need for other players here?’ Having said that, Thomas Vermaelen has come in and he is the only newcomer, though Armand Traore’s come back and Fran Merida’s back, and, obviously you have the massive boost of Tomas Rosicky who missed a season, and then the brilliant and wonderful Eduardo [Da Silva] who is back on board. I think Arsene will add a minimum of one, possibly two. He has the money to do it. But you know, and I know, that he will just not go in for the sake of spending money.”

And he has a very valid point… but like him, I do think Arsene will be in the market for one or two players. With the Champions League draw on Friday, we may see a player join us in the next few dayss…

  • Marcus D Sparcus

    I agree about little Jack however I do have my reservations as it was a friendly and it has been noted that friendlies are a different kettle of fish compared to playing against Bolton and the likes…if he gets playing time fair play but I would like to see him cottoned up and used sparingly as I wouldn’t like to see him injured…I think taking him to the World Cup is a little step too much, he is only 17 and has yet to play for the Gooners…what I am trying to say is just lets see what happens and not put too much pressure on the lad…

  • Jimmy

    According to the Sun we have had a £5.5m bid for 6ft 5 Sevilla defender federico Fazio rejected.

  • jeffvip

    But nowadays a bid of just 5.5M is very unbelievable. Even Senderos cost 6M but for a sevilla starting 11 do it cost less than him?

  • Yemi

    agree with you jeffvip, 5.5m is quite small for a first eleven player seeing we got ramsey close to that. But if you think of getting arshavinf for around 10m, kalou being asked for around 7m and wenger asking for chamakh for 7m then its not too too bad

  • jeffvip

    surely wenger din bid for Hangeland is due to his selling price too high… but aren’t we just got 40M? get that fulham guy!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Arsenal have completed a deal to sign Independiente’s 16-year-old goalkeeper Damián Martínez for a fee of £1.3 million following a trial in May.

    This pre-season is taking ages aaarrrrrhhhh!

  • Marcus De Sparcus

    Is it only me that laughs when seeing Arshavin talking to Bendtner…the size difference is hilarious

  • Adeniyi

    I really wish I can understand Wenger’s calculation for evaluating a player. Remember we got Vermalen for 10million, we once got REyes for 17million (Although he didn’t prove his worth) also he has also got quailty players for less that 5Million and even less that 1Million. So The Man knows how the market prices are and during these recession times I don’t particularly expect Wenger to be paying out of odds even (with the 40Million) for players like other clubs. If Everton is bidding 6million for Senderous and they feel its a bargain ..well why not, its their money afterall. They can decided to pay even more if we negotiate.

    Any one reckons?

  • Leeroy.N

    We seem to have bolstered the under 18 squad quite a bit these last couple of weeks. Martin Angha and Sead Hajrovic, who look like new verisons of Djourou and Senderos (both defenders too), Damián Martínez (keeper) and Elton Monteiro (left back). I know there is a few more names floating about, but I’m not entirely sure if we have signed them or not. It looks like we have figured out how to buy for the back, it just needs implementing for the first team! HAHA!

    We were linked with Federico Fazio last year, when had a few defensive injuries and he said he wouldnt be moving in January. So even if he was an option, that 5.5 would definatly be doubled. LOL.

    Anyone heard anything else interesting??

  • http://Arsenaltobits Kuka

    …nope!!! Like GoonerYetYa rightly put it, this pre-season seems to be extremely looooong……..i guess it has to do with the anxiety of in’s and out’s

  • Leeroy.N

    KUKA – Definatly! It does add to the excitement, but it’s becoming more out’s than in’s! We are no closer to finding out who is coming in. We know we will be waiting to close to the deadline day, if not on it to get the all crucial signing or signings. Wenger does not let up on anything, whether it be a rumour or true. He tends to fuel rumours and quash actuall targets. But he rushes for no one. Chamakh is an odd one for me. He is definatly interested and wants him in (as far as I can gather) but he is dealing with someone who is as equally stubborn as Wenger is himself! LOL

    Oh.. I read up a little after seeing this :

    Who owns the shares?

    Inside the boardroom

    Stan Kroenke 28%
    Danny Fiszman 16%
    Peter Hill-Wood, chairman 1%

    Outside the boardroom

    Red & White Holdings (Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri) 25%
    Lady Bracewell-Smith 16%

    What will happen if Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri buyout Lady Bracewell-Smith???

    Would it be a good thing or bad?

    I can’t decide.

    Either way.. Gooner Til I Die!!

  • devday

    @Leeroy – Interesting? Hmmm, let me think – the usual gossip about Chamakh etc – but no one seems to be talking about DM at the moment – maybe the perfect time for Arsene to swoop one in.

  • Leeroy.N

    Yea, But WHO?!?! I am exhausted from looking and trying to think who we could get, who would join and who we wouldn have to pay extortionate prices for? But I would be willing to blow all the cash we have on two signings, CB and DM. No questions. We have enough cover I feel going forward, it’s time to put faith in some youngster and start asking for more help with goals from the Midfield.

  • berth

    Appears like 4th popsition is our destination this season.

  • jeffvip

    Sp*rs to bid 10M for Samba… why there is a huge gap of financial ability between them n us? Aren’t them gonna build a stadium too?

  • Leeroy.N

    JEFFVIP – There does seem to be a litle gap. but that will change once that stadium is built. But we have money to spend, I know that. It’s shocking the players coming and going in the Prem and we are sat looking on, but we have to remain optimistic about what we can achieve and what we do achieve without splashing the cash. Things to watch out for I think are.. the fact that Chamakh can walk on a free in 5 mths and Brede Hangeland still has not signed a contract extension with a pay rise at Fulham. Two real decents prospects for us, who would help us alot. I’m shocked that blackburn let Samba go, after all he did for them last season.. maybe he wasn’t too happy with the workload and how much he carried them. HAHA!

    Some other players we have been linked with and I have been looking at:

    Étienne Capoue – Defender and Defensive Mid – 6-8Mil

    Moussa Sissoko – Defensive or Attacking Mid – 6-8Mil

    Blaise Matuidi – Defensive Mid – 6-Mil

    All good for the future, but will they do the job now?

  • bayo

    milan signs huntelarr for 15mill euroes,liverpool signs aquilani for 20 million euroes.the most bitter part of it is missing out an a young mildfielder like aquilani,he has been wengers target for a long time 2 seasons ago wenger said i love aquilani,last season before he signed a new contract his agent said arsenal were ready to offer 17.5million pounds,i wonder why arsene does not want to buy a dm,velosos prise tag is 9mill pounds cus sporting reduced it at worst get matuidi wenger wont v any excuse next season cus we all know he has 41 million plus the money coming from senderous

  • Leeroy.N

    It is frustrating hearing more news like that. Veloso is a good shout. A smallish DM like Makelele, but will he be able to handle the Prem and is 20Mil worth it??

    What about Steven Defour (slightly small though) or Anatoliy Tymoschuk??

  • Leeroy.N

    Anatoliy Tymoschuk went to Bayern didn’t he HAHA! Well I guess not him then, but that type.!

  • http://Arsenaltobits Kuka

    ….to be honest the only thing am looking forward to is the new season. Off course there is the little matter of Valencia on the weekend. I have stopped having sleepless nights regarding who is coming in and who is leaving…I choose to leave that to Wenger. That is what he is paid to do —HAHAHAHA.

    In the meantime, Am Arsenal to Bits and looking forward to the new season. At least that is a constant

  • Jimmy

    i hear that Rosicky is injured AGAIN!

  • Jeffwardo

    Ian Wright wright wright mentioned the Rosicky injury on talk sport this evening and the Arsenal press officer confirmed he had picked up a hamstring knock which is being assesed. We’ll find out off the prof in tomorrow’s news.

    The sick bit of Rosicky is starting to be a right pain (no pun intended) he looked ace in the Emirates cup.