Guest Article: Insight Into Arsene’s Transfer Thoughts

By Artful Gooner

Arsene Wenger is a man who intelligence should not be questionned. He is educated beyond belief and calculated in every aspect.

This summer has seen the sale of two players who were surplus to requirements at Arsenal. Adebayor was a bad influence in the team, wanted to leave and after his display in the Champions League, showed the world that he wasn’t a replacement for Thierry in any shape or form, but had reached his peak. Adebayor had not been a fans favourite and he’s not be of the quality of a striker you’d expect at Arsenal. Although, the player did have potential, which is why he was brought to the club, the player himself failed to realise it. In the summer of 2008, we had no offers for Adebayor from major clubs, despite rumours of interest from Milan and Barcelona. The reported fees of £20m were never discussed with Arsenal.

However, the exertions of last summer and the threat of leaving, showed Arsene that Adebayor had the character not wanted by an Arsenal player. The player stayed for one season after, and this was a great decision by Arsene. It allowed him time to bring in a replacement in Arshavin and groom him into the team, readying him for a big role this season. In addition, Adebayor moved this year for £25m – a higher value than previously mentioned and after a season where he showed the world his level.

Then, we have Kolo Toure, who after 9 years at the club, felt it was time to move on. He spoke to Arsene in September last season and then again in January – he also handed a transfer request in Jan and was in the last year of his contract. The player post January 2008 had failed to regain the form that made him first choice, following a bout of malaria, and when a £16m bid came in, Arsene was keen to move the Ivorian on. But not at the expense of the team – Thomas Vermaelen having been brought in first.

Arsene managed to remove two players whom he was happy to see go and replace them with two players who can help Arsenal get better. And by doing this, profiting from these sales, allowing other areas to be strengthened.

If you have read Arsene views about the market and about the economic cycle, then his manner in the transfer market makes even more sense. We see clubs like Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Real Madrid spent > £25m on one player. Yes, they can do that, but all these clubs do not operate within their own means. 5 years ago when we bought Van Persie for £2.5m or even 3 years ago when we bought Sagna for £7m – these are the figures we will operate in. We have the same income this season as we did last, as we did the season before – we can’t sudden break the bank and splash high values on players – high values that are reflective of an abnormal market – we still have our debts to pay.

This is why you will see players like Felipe Melo out of our grasp – he is certainly not worth the £21.8m + a player that Juventus paid for him. He was only worth £7m last season. We are not in the position to compete with teams like Juventus for players like Melo or United for players like Hargreaves. With big sums of money comes big wages.

But we are in a position to strengthen where necessary and if the right player comes along, Arsene will buy – players like Eduardo, Sagna, Vela, Denilson, Cesc are brilliant players whom have been the current crop of unearth gems. If we do indeed require a defensive midfielder, then Arsene will be sure to get one. But if he doesn’t – it is because the team we have is good enough. We may look from the outside and say Cana, we should have signed him, but comparing like to like, Denilson are Song are actually better – Arsene sees them in training and on the football pitch and is clear that Cana would not be a good addition to the squad.

In the recent years, we came very close the season before last, we’ve been thwarted by injuries – and yes on a relatively small squad in terms of big name players, it does take it’s toll. See where we were before Eduardo broke his ankle, see how we were doing before Rosicky was out for 18 months. See how we performed when Cesc and Theo return and see how we performed when Arshavin joined.

Injuries have been our major issue in the last four seasons, not the manager.

Get behind Arsene, support our manager and he will yet again prove why is by far the greatest acquisition we, as a club, have ever had.

  • devday

    Guys, when on earth did anything on TF ever really happen?

  • devday

    Personally, I think there is something in both today’s Chamakh link and yesterday’s Matuidi link. Having already got in Vermaelan and Arshavin, these would be the two additions that would really help the squad (IMO)!

  • Marc Callan

    Honestly looked at some clips of Chamakh and for 25 I think he is under developed…at that age he really should be putting some of his shots away…I under Arsene may be able to rectify this but over the course of this season I would just get frustrated if he did some of things I had seen on youtube…

    The TF kitty should rise to £50million with the sale of one or two other players (hopefully Senderos and Eboue) and I think we do need a defensive midfielder…patrick Vieira is not the answer but will be a great influence on the dressing room…If it was me I would spend big to get a decent DM and big PV and between them I think we could have a decent shot at the Premiership

  • bayo

    wen arsene called boardeaux if u understand his statement he said he had alist of strikers of which chamakh was one of them all that says that he is a possibility as said b4 and arsene has his eyes on other strikers but if they prove difficult and like my guts tell me other targets are proving difficult chamakh would be the fall back option by next week if other targets prove difficult cus the season is getting near.ARSENES MIND READER

  • Berth

    Dev just your opinion about your Wenger – I haven’t got any qualms with that; just that I need trophies as a fan I don’t want to know how or how shrew Wenger has been doing business. My part is to support the club; of which I have reached my bargain; the clubs part is to give us trophy; 5 years is much.

  • Berth

    Dev just your opinion about Wenger – I haven’t got qualms with him; just that I need trophies. As a fan I have reached my part by giving the club the support it needs; the club in turn should give us the success we have wanted and hoped for since 2005.

  • enano

    Finally someone that makes sense =)

    If more people would se the evolution of the team in perspecive we would be better off and thus have a fanbase fully commited and behind our beloved team!

    Bringing back Pat would surely help strengthen our young squad but with the world cup coming up Pat will want first-team football and that would mean one less defensive midfielder on the pitch.. Although seeing him put on the shirt once more would put a big smile on my face!

    Either way I’m looking forward to the Emirates Cup and the new season. Gooners!

  • AJ

    I´ve just read that we are going to launch a 37million pound bid for De Rossi from Roma, if we did, I would love that, he has a cracking shot from range, can tackle and pass and would be the perfect foil for Cesc. And I agree with Berth, the team has to deliver this season, for a top side we´ve slid down the pecking and all this “potential” has to be realised this season, we can´t got another without winning, plus this surely can´t be good for the players, always being written off and not having won in so long. History only counts for so much and our recent history is appalling for a top club.

  • Berth

    AJ – dont belief all you read; I wont even buy de rossi for 18 million; try to be realistic man!!

  • AJ

    Yeah I don´´t believe it, but I would love it personally I think he´s a great player.

  • bayo

    It stupid and unthinkable foar arsenal to buy de rossi for 37mil pounds.WENGER IS NOT A FOOL AND IT IS STUPID FOR ARSENAL TO DO THAT.

  • devday

    LOL, AJ, I really can’t see us spending that much money on one player, ever!

  • bayo

    the players coming in are gignac and matuidi.the 2 for 20million pounds

  • Pete

    Nice article Dev! Very supportive and, as you’ve highlighted how good a job Wenger has done, rightly so! I don’t think it’s just down to luck that we received so much money for Ade and Kolo. We’re most likely better off without having two players in the squad who don’t want to be at the club. When you look at other managers, not many of them sell on their key players for such huge profit. That money will only go towards strengthening the squad, if and when we find the right players.

    Regarding transfer targets, although Huntelaar has a better goal scoring tally, I cant help but feel Chamakh would work harder for the team and is better suited to the Premier League imo. He’s a proper team player whose strengths will only benefit the squad, and not just seek individual glory, ala Ronaldo. Matuidi is probably in a similar vein.

    I have to admit that the prospect of seeing more of Song and Denilson is much more appealing this season than it was at the beginning of last year. And with the possibility of Matuidi and Vieria joining, it only gets better.

    The thing is I think Wenger could actually spend beyond his means buy players for crazy money if he wanted to, but he chooses not to go down that route, and I respect that kind of responcibility more than I do shelling out £30 million on a player. Berth right in a way to expect trophies. We all want Arsenal to win silverware. But at the same time we have to recognise that other clubs are going about their footballing business in a totally different way, which does give them an unfair advantage when it comes to spending on transfers. But we do incredibly well for a club that spends far less than most, if not all of the top teams, and we’re still regarded as one of the worlds best. Anyone with perspective knows how good we actually are.

  • Adeniyi

    I’m sure Wenger has got a plan for the transfer market. I trust he will do wats best for the team

  • AJ

    I never said I believed the article, just said IF it happened it would be nice, I´ve always said on here that I don´t beleive Wenger will spend big ever, he prefers to get bargains, and I don´t see him using that much of the 40+ mill we have. All I said was if we did sign De Rossi I would be very happy.

  • Kenneth

    Someone should advise wenger on Huntelaar, the lad refused possible suitors because he wants to play for Arsenal. If Spurs get Huntelaar… Its going to spell doom for us.

    Huntelaar is better that Maroune Chmak and the price differential is not much…I wont forgive wenger on this… The same thing happen with Ribery, we were suppose to buy him for 18m or less and we allowed it pass, now he is worth over £80m. Obviously, he would have done better with Arsenal and possible win us something.. This over prudence is making me mad.

  • Yemi

    @kenneth: no player is worth 80m, it is just the timing that matterr. Remember arshavin was rated above what we actually got him for.

  • kenneth

    Yemi, we dont need a striker that will squander good chances in front of goal just like adebayor did all through last season. Huntelaar is a proven talent and will sure be a great player with arsenal.
    I dont see the essence of chimak the possibility of him coming to arsenal is increasing. if we want to win a trophy then we are going to need a striker to kill off games at the right moments.
    Alot of goals adebayor and bendtner missed that came back to hunts us on several occassion. the level of shrewdness with Arsene wenger is crazy.

  • Berth

    Kenneth try to get Yemi’s point – Not that he would not fancy Hunteelar, but he feels that the he might be a player who may struggle in a 4-5-1 formation which encourages holding the ball and linking up the attack; am sure Chamakh is better in that aspect. I personally will prefer Hunteelar, but in premiership there is more to playing as a central striker than scoring goals -Drogba will tell you more about that. Hunteelar may be better in a 4-4-2 formation, but will struggle in a 4-5-1 (Just my opinion )

  • Berth

    But Hunteelar is a real goal scorer

  • kenneth

    I get your point berth and that of yemi tooo.
    I will leave the judgement to Professor Wenger. Its high time we go back to being not just the invincible but the visible that is unstoppable.

  • Fabrez

    Taken from Arsenal’s official website…wow! Looks like there is a strong possibility for a Paddy return!

    Wenger – We are ‘legend’ Vieira’s No 1 choice

    By Richard Clarke

    Arsène Wenger says that a return to Arsenal would be Patrick Vieira’s “first-choice” if he came back to England but the manager would not confirm if he is actually interested in re-signing the midfielder.

    The 33-year-old has been strongly linked with a move to North London in recent weeks. If you are prepared to believe the English newspapers both Arsenal and Tottenham are keeping close tabs on the Inter star.

    Speaking at his pre-Emirates Cup press conference, Wenger admitted he has been in contact with his former captain but would not reveal if that was with a view to bringing him back.

    “I speak to Patrick,” he said. “I speak to many players who have been here because I keep good connections with them.

    “He has gone through a difficult period in the last season and I am aware that he wants to come here.

    “I think Patrick is a legend here and he would always like to come back to this Club. That would be his first choice.

    “He is a professional footballer with emotion and you always like the club where you’ve spent time. But as a professional as well, you always give 100 per cent for whichever club you sign for.”

    If Wenger did bring back Vieira it would be unprecedented; the manager has never re-signed a player he has sold from Arsenal. The manager explained why it is not a straightforward evaluation.

    “At the moment we need to look at the level of experience in our squad to make this kind of decision,” he said.

    “There is a football decision and then there’s the psychological impact of a player of that stature coming in.

    “We are nowhere near to making a decision like that. But it is a possibility. We don’t rule it out and we don’t say we will do it. That’s my decision at the moment.”

  • Debs

    Reading that, Fabrez, just made me smile. It’s so typical Wenger! Wasn’t into football when Patrick was at the club, but I can already feel the impact his presence at the club would bring, if he did actually come! lol
    Can’t wait for the Emirates Cup tomorrow! I’m going as well, so I’m doubly excited!

  • Fabrez

    Agreed debs!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    AW will go for ever bangera or inler for dm of he decides to s

  • bayo

    MAKELELE SAYS>about blaise matuidi to arsenal,he is a good player and he is a mixture of 2 dynamic players and he said i think he is going to arsenal possibly.I bel some truth in the matuidi story now cus makelele is very close to him and he must have talked to him for sure,so lets stop guessing who the dm is going to be its going to be VIERA MATUIDI come net week

  • syah

    cant wait for the match later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully they would play like they did in the first half of the last game but in both halves.

  • dave

    lets just wait and see in wenger we have had some of the best ever football ever give him time he will bring players at his price he will not spend if he sees nothing of his value