We love you Thierry… (As Sp*rs bid for Huntelaar, Sunderland agree fee for Chamakh and Everton make an offer for Cana)

The summer of highs and lows continues… one minute we’re on the high of a new signing such as Thomas Vermaelen, and then suddenly we’re on a low when Adebayor leaves and we find out there is no intention to sign a replacement. But then seeing Rosicky in action after so long gives us another high! But then suddenly… Nasri is out for 2 – 3 months with a broken leg, but then we hear that Eduardo is back…

High, low, high, low, high… it’s all so emotional down at the Grove…

Time for another low… The collapse of the Huntelaar move to Stuttgart has followed our worst nightmare, yes the reason for the collapse is a late bid for the striker by none other than our oldest rivals in Sp*rs… with their manager saying this:

“The lad is a very good goalscorer and I’m still interested in him. I know of Stuttgart’s involvement but I’m hoping we will still be able to do something. There’s a lot of talk about who I may or may not be after but Huntelaar is the one I like.”

Apparently they have made a bid – believed to be in the region of £18m to match that of Stuttgart. Terms have already been agreed with the striker too and it’s a conversation that has supposedly happened in the last 4 days after the striker’s agent contacted various clubs to ensure a move to a top four club or if not, then a move to the Premiership could materialise before signing on the dotted line. Sp*rs confirmed their interest and all seems to point in their direction now.

Which of course, makes me think… who has the best strikeforce out of the top teams?

Arsenal, first choice: Robin Van Persie and Eduardo

Arsenal, second choice: Carlos Vela and Niklas Bendtner

(Arshavin considered as a winger)

Chelsea, first choice: Drogba and Anelka

Chelsea, second choice: Kalou and Sturridge

Liverpool, first choice: Torres and Gerrard

Liverpool, second choice: Kuyt and Ngog

Man United, first choice: Berbatov and Rooney

Man United, second choice: Owen and Obertan

Food for through, no doubt… I’ll let you mull over that… yes, I’ve missed out Man City and Sp*rs on purpose, as they’re not top four, but Ade, Tevez, Roque, Defoe are all decent players too… who has the strongest line up and who has the strongest backup?

Personally, Eddie and VP up front is definitely a very good line up!

Transfer news circulating the world of Arsenal, also sees Chamakh really considering a move to Sunderland – the club having agreed a fee – although not sure if there are any complications in the player’s minimum release clause as it seems a little difficult – early reports suggesting the player was available for about £7m… but not exactly sure now – if there is a clause, then why are there so many murmurs from Bordeaux?

We’ve seen a lot of players, including Melo go to other clubs, when we all thought they’d join us and Chamakh may end up joining Sunderland, Huntelaar to Sp*rs and now we hear that Everton have made a bid for another target Lorik

Cana. We either have something special in store, or are basically dragging our feet big time, or of course much faith in the existing players, which from a cost perspective is probably what Arsene is thinking!

Okay, onto the main part of this article, and our very lovable legend Thierry Henry has been in the press and been talking about our chances this season. Despite the loss of Ade and the injury to Nasri, he thinks we’ve got a great chance to win the league and if you look at our first choice line up, you’d have to say there is something special going on here:


Sagna – Vermaelen – Gallas – Clichy

Rosicky – Denilson – Cesc – Arshavin

Robin Van Persie – Eduardo

The attacking foursome of RVP, Eduardo, Arshavin and Rosicky is mouthwatering. Very much different to the attacking quartet of Bendtner, Adebayor, Diaby on the left and Denilson on the right, which I believe we did field once or twice last season…

Let’s take a listen to what Thierry had to say:

“It’s not going to be easy without Adebayor, obviously, and what happened with Nasri was unlucky, but I still believe they can win the League. That is always my feeling about my old club. It won’t be easy because there are teams who are doing it every time, but you never know. I remember when I left everyone was saying it wouldn’t be the same, but they ended up having a great season and nearly won the League.

“It can happen this year. I know eve rybody is saying this and that but in my heart I will always talk like that. Arsene and Arse nal have proven so many times they can win without spending a lot of money. People talk about the top four but the only thing that matters to me is who is going to be top and I know that’s how Arsene sees it as well.”

Some very good and heart warming points there, definitely. I won’t take too much away from what Thierry has said, because it’s a good honest view…

However, I will say a little something, which is that we’re not asking Arsene to spend loads of money, but after selling a £25m striker, buying a £7m one is a decent gamble / replacement, surely… I won’t carry on reiterating the same point!

Thierry does have a valid point – do you think if Arsene believed that spending £7m on a player would be a wise decision and help us to win the league and honestly think if we didn’t we wouldn’t win, then do you think he wouldn’t sign him? Does that sentence make any sense?

Thierry continues:

“It is vital Arsenal keep Cesc. Vital. He is the Arsenal captain and he is young and I’m sure he wants to give something back to the club. Knowing him, he will. But it is vital they keep Cesc.”

And I really hope that giving something back means winning a trophy!

I seem to have developed a habit of going off on a few tangents, so I’ll wrap it up for today!

Til tomorrow.

  • Pete

    Whats really surprising me is that most teams in the Prem haven’t made a lot of signings so far in the transfer window, not just us. Tottenham have spent an aweful lot of money in recent years and I’m wondering just how much they have to spend. With three of their defenders injured at the minute, you’d thinkn they’d be more worried about strengthening that area, so I’m wondering how likely signing Huntelaar is for them. Also, with no champions League on offer, would he go? A lot of questions flying around at the moment lol.

    Whats frustrating is that we have a realistin oppertunity to buy the likes of Cana and Chamakh (imo the best options available) right now, two players who’ll work their socks off and are proper experienced team players that could compliment the squad very well and maybe even help get us a trophy or two. Our inaction up til now is quite difficult to justify. There’s still time to buy players yes, but sooner is better imo because our transfer targets are also linked with other clubs. We seem to be playing a very risky waiting game and I done like it.

    As for the best attacking line up right now, I’d probably go with Liverpool. Torres and Gerrard are class, and Kuyt runs his socks off and is good back up. Though I’m curious to see how Owen does and United.

    And it’s still good to see Thierry show love for the Gunners 😀 Makes me miss him even more!

    Arsene, please make some signings soon!

  • Adeniyi

    Pete, I agree with you. And it makes me wonder Wenger ever goes to the market. Its a bit strange that the Wenger has not seen a need to move fast in the transfer market and get the players as soon as possible so that they can settle down quick. Must he always leave it late? I think he enjoys the whole euphoria of the transfer market. To be sincere I don’t expect a spectacular signing anytime soon and all we just have to do is wait and trust Wenger…..as we all say.. ARSENE KNOWS.
    But Arsenal still needs an established striker, DM and CB.

  • devday

    It does seem quizzical that Arsene doesn’t sign these players early on – are these players just not good enough? Are us fans just getting desperate for signings and thus believing the media about the likes of Cana and Chamakh?

    I think Melo was a serious one – and looks like the best of the bunch – if the Adebayor transfer happened earlier and Melo was not as expensive as he ended up being it could have been a goer…

    The question on Arsene’s mind is… is Chamakh better than Eduardo or Van Persie? Is Cana better than Denilson, Song or Diaby?

    A tough one, but Arsene has to make it. Even if we don’t sign a striker or a defensive midfielder – I think one more signing is required – for a moral point of view…

  • Kodjo

    I think wenger’s strategy of waiting is good but risky game. if you look around except for few clubs the majority are not really spending money and stupid money at that. real madrid for e.g. are having problems off loading their players. inspite of what folks might think i believe it’s a buyers market…and time will prove that. i also believe wenger is playing the waiting game to get an experienced midfielder like mamadou diarra for cheap at the last minute. diarra has more than what cana or melo can offer. power, pace, experience, good header of the ball, strong in the tackle, set up attacks etc. any midfielder that wenger buys is almost guaranteed to play and that is a solid bargaining chip.

  • Kodjo

    there are other aspects of players that must be considered other than playing ability. personality type, whether the team chemistry is complemented and what the other players can learn from a new player. rvp had bergkamp, kolo had sol and keown,cesc had viera, almunia had to live with the nutter, denilson had gilberto briefly and so on. in light of this, a player like mamadou diarra has more to offer arsenal than melo or cana. i must admit that sometimes industry and talent can make up for the lack of experience and the extra stuff that i am refering to, but there actually far and few players around with that…

    at this point diaby, denilson and song need an experienced player on the defensive side to help them along

    wenger took a gamble on ade and we’ve all seen what has transpired. issues in the dressing room, issues with the national team of togo, issues at monaco etc.

    guys take heart arsene knows…i hope

  • sam

    Apart from Real Madrid & Man City, it’s been an awefully quiet summer. Hasn’t it?

  • Yemi

    For me, i think arsene wenger is just playing the waiting game so he can get a cheap price for who he wants to get. We have come to see that arsene won’t go for any player with so much media hype and competition. These woulod increase asking price (see what happened with melo). At the moment there is so much media noise about cana, huntelaar & chamakh in relation to arsenal so i beleive its no-no for wenger until maybe later when noone gets them and the players are desperate to leave. Then he will get them at complete knock
    down prices (remember arshavin)

    @kodjo: I certainly agree with you that Song, denilson, diaby need mentors, M. Diarra would be a good one and a possibility since there is no media hype therein.

    On a another note, why in the world would barca offer cash + etoo + hleb for ibrahimovic ? If we need a striker, we can get him (etoo), pay cahs and barca can use the cash + hleb to get ibrahimovic.( I think his wage demands would be the stumbling block.

  • Yemi

    Dev, on your attcaking line up, i would arrange them in the order i beleve they should stand starting with the first choices.

    Liverpool, first choice: Torres (speed, skill) and Gerrard (strenght, motivated)

    Chelsea, first choice: Drogba (strenght, goal sense) and Anelka (intelligence)

    Arsenal, first choice: Robin Van Persie and Eduardo (skill, intelligence, goal sense)

    Man United, first choice: Berbatov (goal sense) and Rooney (motivated)

    Arsenal, second choice: Carlos Vela and Niklas Bendtner

    Chelsea, second choice: Kalou and Sturridge

    Liverpool, second choice: Kuyt and Ngog

    Man United, second choice: Owen and Obertan

    I beleive our second second choices are much better than other teams considering owen as injury prone)

  • Yemi

    I willalso arrange them how i beleive they should stand on a 1 – 10 scale as strikers.

    Liverpool: Torres (speed, skill)
    Arsenal : Eduardo (skill, intelligence, goal sense)
    Chelsea : Drogba (strenght, goal sense)
    Liverpool : Gerrard (strenght, motivated)
    Arsenal : Robin Van Persie (strenght, skill)
    Man United: Berbatov (goal sense)
    Man United: Rooney (motivated)
    Chelsea : and Anelka (intelligence)

    Man United : Owen
    Liverpool : Kuyt
    Chelsea : Kalou
    Arsenal : Carlos Vela
    Arsenal : Niklas Bendtner

    Sturridge, Ngog, Obertan. I don’t know much about them although i have seen Ngog a couple of times as a sub for liverpool but i have not seen his impact so i rate them same.

    For nicky B and carlos vela, that was a hard decision. Vela more skillful but nick has seen more playing time and would probably be the more effective of the two. I think he is stronger too.
    My own views only…

    I beleive our second second choices are much better than other teams considering owen as injury prone)

  • Pete

    This is from todays Sun, so take it with a pinch of salt.

    ARSENAL are poised to make a move for Marseille captain Lorik Cana.

    The Albanian midfielder, 25, missed out on a trial with the Gunners earlier in his career after being refused a visa.

    Cana said: “I would only leave Marseille for a big foreign club who have the potential to challenge for major silverware.”

  • Vazy

    just read on the Transfer clock watch part of sky sports news

    “7.25 According to reports in France, Marseille midfielder Lorik Cana, who has been linked with Arsenal and Everton, is set to sign a four-year contract with Sunderland.”

    “8.20 Sunderland boss Steve Bruce is hoping the club will hold talks over a deal for Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh over the weekend.”

    seem sunderland are just looking for who we want.. and offering.. or apparently offering

    “9.48 Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has admitted that striking a deal for Real Madrid striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar will be difficult due to the Dutchman’s wage demands.”

    if the Sp*rs are going to have trouble with wage demands… what the hell kind of chance do we have of meeting them?

  • Pete

    Steve Bruce usually makes some very good signings for whatever club he’s working for, so if he’s interested in those two it just goes to show that they’re probably good enough for us too. He gets on well with Wenger too.

  • Pete

    According to his agent, apparently Eboue is being sought after too by Fiorentina and a few Spanish clubs.

  • Leeroy.N

    Steve Bruce always seems to get people who Wenger look at, or Wenger himself will ofer the player to him (take Wilson Palacious for example). We seem to miss out on some good quality players or half decent ones at the time if given the time to break into the squad(we had Yaya Toure on trial in 2005) or wait for their chance (Lassana Diarra couldn’t wait after lasting 6 months coming off the bench). This waiting game Wenger plays is just painful to watch but I love how it is done. I trust him and his judgement when it comes to players, he rarely lets us down in his decision to bring a player in. I understand his motive to be well thought out and careful about a player who he brings in. But theres a need for urgency when you want the player to come in and gel with the squad. Without a doubt squad harmony is a great factor to win and succeed, but the desire and passion to win whether you are best friends or not with your team mates is equally important. All teams and players have difficulties in the dressing room and differences of opinions, but players who can see past it because there is a bigger goal to be won seem to get better results from it.

  • manoo

    I really hope we dont get that chamkh guy. He scored hardly any goals in last years french league which isnt a very good one. I’d much prefer huntelar or gignac. We are gonna be left with no players available to get at this rate wih sunderland apparently favourites to sign all our targets. But what is being said about wengers wating game is true- the prices will fall as the players become more desperate to leave, but we do need to make sure that we actually put a bid in before our targets have already gone. Huntalar for bout 15 mil, i think would be much better than chamkh for 8mil. And the qouted price for cana is bout 6-8mil. We could easily afford both players now with the Ade money.
    ONe last point- everyone else , cashley cole, lis sayin we are gonna be the ones knocked out of the top 4 by city. But if you look at the squads, we are the least likely out of the 4. Liverpool are ridiculously overrated, theyve had 1 good season in da prem. Man utd lost ronaldo and tevez, kinda messes up there 433 formation thing, and most of chelseas players are nearing 40, and ancelotti aint gonna help that situtaion. Theyll probably sack him soon anyway.
    Anyway, lets wait and see what wengers got planned for us.

  • Leeroy.N

    MANOO – I have always believed us coming in the Top 4 isn’t that difficult for us. We seem to be able to get in there with ease no matter what happens to us. We were written off so many times last season, people claiming us not being good enough to reach the Top 4, but we end up going in the 10 points clear. So that basis to reach there is in place.. we have to push now to challenge for that title and or any otehr competitions we enter. I mean the team do play amazing football and we have started to learn how to grind out results. I just fear for the teams who work that little bit harder and put in that little bit extra effort to win those matches could put us in jeopardy. Teams such as Everton and Villa seem to go on decent runs for a while and then dip. Man City have a chance to claim a europe spot, but only if they try to out-score who they are playing. They have no defensive mind to their game. I would push for us to be that little bit meaner, that little bit harder and quicker. I’ve said before, If we put that same effort in the games we lost.. we could draw, and those games we tend to draw.. we could turn and make them wins. Despite our injury problems, we managed to rack up a decent spell of results (draws and wins) without many key players and go on a run, the mentality to get those results was there. It just needs to be harnessed and made into a bible for the players to follow. Cashley is just jumping on the bandwagon.. probably pissed off that John Terry is stealing all the lime-light and they are destined to fail this season.

  • mesol

    If wenger didnt find a replacement for Ade, its not a right decision. Pls get out wenger..your time as passed..give a chance for a new manager…thats what Arsenal need…If you not leave, I will not support Arsenal, until you go away..Very sorry to say that..For Arsenal fans, see Barcelona as example..they sacked Rijkard just because a little bit poor performance..see they performed now..Arsenal is not just wenger..he was once a great manager for Arsenal..and I appreciate for what he did for Arsenal.. this is the time for move on..

  • Nicky

    Mesol how can you say you will not support Arsenal is AW stays.it should be your club through thick and thin.We have had much worse times than this in the past. AW knows and I have faith in him. Just because we don’t always broadcast what is going on in our negotiations like some teams, doesn’t mean we are not in for players.We should believe in our team. OK we do need a DM, perhaps another striker, but as Thierry says we can do it with a little effort.

    Sorry to Ade leaving with such little grace, blaming fans etc for his actions.

  • Leeroy.N

    MESOL – The question is who would you try to replace him with? I would never call for Arsene Wenger to resign. But it’s something some fans somewhere are askin, who do you think could replace him? Who do you think could take that team as it is and stir them upto the challenge of ensuring Top 4 and challenging far in all competitions? Giving the youngsters he has the chances? Not just doing what people demand you should do with a squad and players and formations (as much as they baffle me sometimes)and doing what you feel. I’m fresh out.. lol, I wouldn’t even like to try. HAHA!

  • Yemi

    @mesol : I don’t think i agree with you. Even if you bring fergi, or mourinho, or benitez or guardiola or rjikaard or even the best coach in the world, if there is no money to spend or even if there is money and the board does not aprove it, you will use what you have…. How many years has wenger been in arsenal ? compare with fergi. Do you think it is a great thing changing managers? ask chelsea. Becos barca was succesful does not mean every club will be successful, how many coaches did madrid use last season? Wenger is not much of the problem although i agree he has a blame part, but the board are more biz minded than winning throphies. let the books be balanced till we pay off the debt from moving to emirates.
    They will not go into more debt until something bad happens (like not qualifying for CL, not finishing in top 4, key players leaving etc.)
    So i think there should be a forum where fans will be able to bare their minds to these administrators…

  • Leeroy.N

    Nicky – Yea I thought that waas a pretty weak and lame excuse. He has a duty to perform for the fans. He also needs to remember how much he flirted with questions and answers. If he would have just said “No I want to stay” then he probably would’t have gotten so much heat from some fans. But I just think he’s taking a few cheap shots (like Lassana Diarra) because his own motives for leaving a frail and meaningless. But back to the AW slating. He IS one of the best managers to grace football without any doubt. Doubters and haters will always be looking for a reason to jump on the bandwagon because of the frustration of lack of silverware. I will always have and show faith in him, no matter what. I trust he will get someone or some players in who will make that difference for us. It just kills waiting and wondering.

  • Pete

    Good to see there’s still a lot of respect for Wenger, getting rid of him is the worst mistake the club could make rightn now imo. He’s the reason why the likes of Cesc, RvP, Arshavin etc are there. We’d loose pretty much all of our best players if the manager was sacked, and in all honesty, no other top 4 manager could do as well as him with the little money he has available.

    Also, I doubt that most of our best players would agree to stay if we weren’t intending to sign anyone either, so I guess its a waiting game for the time being.

  • Adeniyi

    I have always respected Wenger for his shrewd way of getting players. On paper the crop of talents in arsenal will be any manager’s dream but to be realistic what is missing is that zeal and determination to win things. I can’t really blame wenger. If wenger goes to manages a club like real that’s got money to spend .. he will definitely buy I reckon he wont be as shrewd as this. Its very unfortunate the present players in the club have not tasted cup victories in recent times and there is a need to start winning something even if its the carling cup that Wenger does not seem to take seriously. One thing is sure .. two or three big name experienced signings (Striker and DM)will really go a long way to motivate the present crop of young talented footballers we have. All I want is The board should have a rethink and beckon on Le Prof to get the experience and rigidity that is lacking in the team.

  • Leeroy.N

    People love and respect AW because he produces something out of nothing and alot out of a little. Other than the strange team selection at times and the formations, 90% of the results have to come from and down to who is on the pitch. We see players questioning about playing out of position and in formations they’re not used to. But there is always some method to his madness LOL. The League Cup and F.A. do seem to be at the back of his mind at times, but we have offloaded a couple of young fringe players who didnt quite make the cut. So I can see a healthy mix of first team regulars being part of them this season. Which will be good. The mix of First Team, Reserve and Under 18’s will do wonder for the squad its self. I look at the results against Wigan and Sheffield Utd and it shows what the young squad is capable of. Kibbs is a perfect example, having to play in seriously big games and yes he had his flaws and made mistakes, which made him lower his head. But he came back and played and kept on playing and impressed. A big season for him, Traore, Barazite, Simpson, Ramsey and Wilshere (who i hope to see more of this season). Come on you Gunners!!!

  • Taliban

    personally i feel wenger is goin nuts..How can u have d chance to but hunteelar and not take it? he is a proven 20 goal a season striker..No current strike in arsenal will score 20 league goals even if dey stayed fit till next year may..

  • AJ

    I can´t believe I´ve just read that Cana has signed for Sunderland and its really beginning to fuck me off that we are seeing players we are rumoured to be interested in and need siging for other clubs while we have just sold Adebayor for 25mill, lost Nasri to injury and our frontline is rather injury prone and that Wenger says we don´t need to buy.

  • tom G

    I just think all the doubters out there are going to have to eat their words next season, even if we don’t buy, which clearly we would all prefer. Anyone calling for AW’s head, in my opinion, must be mad, for all the reasons Yemi, Pete and Leroy have given, and more. Just been watching Song from the end of last season – don’t forget he was keeping Denilson out of the team, statistically one of the best midfielders in the prem all season (read that somewhere, lol, don’t ask me where!). He’s not a big name, and maybe he lacks experience, but he is a great player. Eduardo – a great player, Rosicky – a great player. Arshavin – will only get even better, Van Persie – ready to be an Arsenal great. Bendtner – must be one of the most improved players. Vela, for f’s sake. Defenders coming good – Djourou growing up, Vermaelen looking class. The experience of a CL semi. Then the youngsters coming through, Ramsey, Wilshere, Simpson, don’t forget Barazite, Merida, Watt. Maybe you’ll all bite my head off, and yes, I’ve been among those calling for an experienced DM. But I just feel bloody excited about what we can do next season, even without a new signing. And to think AW will do it in the way he will do it, makes me proud to be gooner.

  • tom G

    keep the faith, boys (and Debs, lol)

  • Debs

    Lol Tom G!
    But I guess now, we’ve just got to hope Cana’s not as good as we thought, and is totally overrated! lol

  • Pete

    Absolutely gutted about the Cana news! But faily play to Sunderland and Steven Bruce. Bit of a surprise, I must say, what with no Champions League on offer.

    At least we’ll still see him in the Prem next season lol

  • Debs

    I’m gutted we didn’t sign him, but I’m actually excited to see how he does in the PL! And if he’s something special, you never know, we could always get him from Sunderland in January! Wenger and Brucie are pals, aren’t they? And contracts nowadays mean nowt! Plus we’ll have CL to offer. So in a way, I’ll try and view it as a means of getting to see him in action firsthand. As long as, ofcourse, he doesn’t break any of our players’ legs! :-)

  • mesol

    Guys,why u all always defends wenger?Ur all are afraid to make a changes. I would rather see Arsenal down with new manager than Arsenal still with wenger. AS I said before, Arsenal is not only wenger…there are many other good managers in the world..as before I fancy Vicente del Bosque..but now he’s with Spain team..also dutch manager Dick Advocaat, Van Gaal or even Alan Pardew ( I like him when he managed West Ham). Pls dont afraid to make a changes

  • Mehedi

    Mesol Don’t ever consider yourself arsenal fan

    Don’t ever watch a arsenal game ever again.
    Got that.
    And don’t ever write any comment here
    It’s only for arsenal fan

  • Mehedi

    Mesol if i ever see you face to face you are a dead man

  • Mehedi

    mannnnnnn I am really pissed!

    first adebayor, than you.

  • Leeroy.N

    Wow… I go away for a few hours of work and it’s ALL happening! HAHA!! As an Arsenal fan I will NEVER lose faith in AW and would love to see him manage til the end of my days. MESOL – I get what you are saying, but I think you’re wrong about it on SO many levels. But anyway.. Wenger and Bruce must be serious pals. I’m telling you. Wenger helps him out with signings ALL the time. This Cana deal has pissed me off a little, But then I have to go back and remember that I trust Wenger and his judgement about players. He may have seen something in Cana he didn’t like, maybe in the way he played or conducted himself. Whatever it was, he decided not to get him. So for the REAL Arsenal and Wenger fans.. “Keep the faith, it’ll be worth the wait!”

    Gooner til I die!

  • Berth

    Cana – hmmmmmmmmm!!! am trying hard to get into Wenger’s mind but I just can’t get through.If Bruce got Cana for 5 million it then means we never bided for the guy or that Wenger does not think buying A DMF is important. I won’t say am mad about the whole situation, I won’t say his gone crazy either; but I will say lets be patient a little longer. Mesol try to be calm, we all felt like that once.

  • Berth

    Seems like Ade’s sell is encouraging bees to hunt the honey; Arsenal – Fiorentina for Ebuoe and Toure for Man city; well lets not forget what Dein said about the Arsenal situation, that we might sell players to buy – that in a way will be okay with me if we sell players we really can survive without; but more importantly is replacing the positions we are deficient.

    The situation is pretty tight; being patient, meticulous and very intelligent will be key.

  • bayo