Chamakh may join as life after Ade starts…

So, life after Adebayor starts today and it’s been a momentous couple of days which has seen the Togan International, who signed for us about 3 years ago for £7m sold to Man City for a whopping £25m. Personally I’ve been caught in two emotions regarding the player – in one way I didn’t want him to leave and am sad to see him go, in my eyes, he was an Arsenal player and couldn’t really see him playing for another English team – but at the same time, the second emotion is one of gladness to see a player who didn’t want to play for the club, didn’t like the fans, couldn’t stay onside to save his life and of course was sold for 3.5 times his initial purchase price.

I would be concerned if we didn’t sign anyone now having needed a defensive midfielder before the season started and having lost our “star striker”. The return of Eduardo may prove an adequate replacement – when fit and if stays fit, but we are going into 4 competitions and should go in to all competitions with a will to win, which means a decent strikeforce and back up strikeforce… Arsene did speak about the forward positions saying:

“We’re not on the verge of signing anybody, but I’m able to spend the money if we find the right players,” he said. “We’re not in a hurry because we have a big squad. We’ll see in pre-season if we need to make any additions.

“If we need to add something we will. Chamakh is one of the players we’ve followed and if we need to go for a striker he’s a possibility,” said Wenger. “We’re keeping an eye on him.

“We have Rosicky and Eduardo back, so we’ve lost a big striker but have gained two offensive players who were absent last season. We also have Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin, Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott who can play striker,” he said. “We have top players we can use as strikers.”

Strange to see he didn’t mention Carlos Vela – it may have been a simple slip of the tongue or may indicate that Vela is seen by Arsene as a left winger. Whether a change of formation is on the cards may be something to think about too. If Sanchez Watt or Jay Simpson do step up this season then we have a better compliment but my feeling is that we should go for Chamakh, simply because at the price he is at, he is a simple gamble, a decent player and I’d prefer a slightly larger squad than if we didn’t sign anyone…

The player today saying:

“If it happens with them it’s great, otherwise it does not bother me to play for Sunderland or Blackburn.”

It should do – but hey, you’re being diplomatic, so it’s understandable…

More later today… its 0545 in London, 0045 in Boston, I’ll catch some ZZZs, the wedding is tomorrow but may be able to post pre-wedding…

  • Tom G

    thanks Devday, have a great day..

  • Pete

    Cheers Dev :-)

    Apparently Adebayor “turned down offers from Barcelona and Milan”. Yeah, right! LOL!!!

    In all seriousness though, I’m glad that this is all behind us and no longer our problem. At £25 million, there is a feeling that City have done us a huge favor in paying that kind of money, and its a masterful bit of business from Arsene. I do think he’s a decent player with good years ahead of him, and while he deserved criticism last season I do feel it went overboard, but the problems were very evident. If he struggles to get motivated in a semi-final Champions League game, then how much more will he struggle in a team not playing in Europe, not guarenteed a starting place and in a squad whose main purpose for playing there is money?

    Anyway, as said before, he’s no longer our problem :)

    I would like to see someone else brought in as a replacement to show our intent to compete in all competitions. It’s interesting that Wenger said “Chamakh is one of the players we’ve followed”. Wonder who else we’ve been considering.

  • AJ

    I think if we can, we ought to bring in two people, striker and DM, then the squad is complete, but I’m over the moon Adebayor is no longer our problem and that we got the price we wanted. Lets hope Wenger is already moving on securing the players we all know we need.

  • joel

    gooooooooood byeeeee!! ade !! hahaha haha !!!
    I was in gutt wrenching trance all these days, felt like my brain was chewing a ball of potent tabacco . logging in to find out at 3 am to see if ade left and more importantly that the 25M came in .
    Arsen can buy chamkah if he likes we trust him , he knows best. Bringing in a class DM should be our focus and it frustrates me as to why arsen has not gone hunting or resleased a statment about it as yet. He was quick to comment on chamakh but notting about a DM.
    I hope he is keeping it a secret because he has his eye set on some one big ,just does not want to hamper his chances of getting this player by anouncing anything, cause the world knows if wenger wants a player he is got to be good, cheap and top flight in a few years.
    Personaly i would like Cana to come in or Hageland frm Fulham … and Huntelaar as striker!

  • manoo

    wot about Demba Ba from hoffenheim, appareently hes an altenative to chamakh. Does anyone know nethink bout him? I heard he a decent goal to game ratio, but thats it.

  • wllmhll

    is chamakh any good really? saw some of his video compilations. not bad, but not great. partnering huntelaar with rvp sounds a better option.

  • Berth

    Demba ba is a crab player; just the same with Chamakh, except that Chamakh is a better all round project.

  • Berth

    *Player – thinking about my project mates.

  • Berth

    Dzeko again!!!

  • AJ

    Just heard we’re going to go for Martins, but thats rumours I reckon, plus a club aren’t going to sell players until they have sort out who their manager is.


    @ joel, id like hangeland and huntelaar, but seein as we need a DM more a CB, IF we signed hangeland, wat abt moving toure permenantly to DM? hes played CB so he knows how to be defensive/track back plus hes got a good eye for roaming forward…toure is very versatile and it could be a viable option

  • devday

    News coming out of some quarters is that we’re linked with Shaktar Donestk’s defensive midfielder Fernandinho – although an attacking midfielder by nature, his stature, his tackling, passing and shooting mean that he could be an able partner for Cesc – I am trying to find out more as we speak.

  • JDD

    fernandinho is an attakin midfielder.hes a good player and hes only 25 i think he would be a good addition he could be the adebayor replacement.putting him left wing and arshaivn up front.

    i think we should offer 35mil for sneijder and huntelaar real madrid are for some bizarre reason looking to offload both of these players and i think they would accept 35mil.imagine fabregas and sneijder in the middle and huntelaar and van persie up front.i know there would be no defensive mid but who needs one when you’ve got attaking players of that quility.along with 2 of arshavin,nasri,rosicky & walcott

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Toulouse striker Andre-Pierre Gignac has emerged as a target for Arsenal as Gunners boss Arsene Wenger looks to replace forward Emmanuel Adebayor, who has moved to Manchester City

    I have never heard of this guy before, stats are as follows:

    Age 23
    Height 6ft 1 1/2

    Senior career
    Years Club App (Gls)*
    2004–2005 – Lorient 51 (11)
    2005–2006 – Pau (loan)18 (8)
    2007 – Toulouse 65 (36)

    National team
    2009– France 3 (0)

  • Yemi

    Gooner, i saw that too and it was the first time i’ve ever heard of the guy. But i heard he was the highest goal scorer in the french league last season (how true is that ?)

  • Berth

    I will rather have Gignac than Chamakh. i ve seen he guy play before for France; he is creative, score goals,has aggression and strength but has potential of growing fat – I mean his pace is not that great. Also was the highest goal scorer in the french league last season. How about that mates.

  • Berth
  • Yemi

    i have never seen any arsenal player get fat….. He would be kept in check i think

  • els

    he’s FAT! I dunno that sounds a bit bad, actually dosn’t stop lampard and he’s a bloody good player.

    Actually Gignac looks good on paper, but if he isn’t fast can you imagine Wenger signing him?

    Let’s concentrate on a Defensive Midfielder first.
    I think behind the scenes Yaya is being cued up. (OOh please please).

    Also Chamakh it’s publically known Wenger want’s him, that seems strange to me, as Arsene never let’s on who he wants, do you think he’s using him as a decoy? Or is it the fact that he knows no bugger else want’s him and he has a buy out?

  • hello


    Nasri got a little porky around christmas i swear!!.

  • Yemi

    Its understandable when a player has been out on injury.
    @hello: i never noticed.
    Is the market still very bleak regarding arsenal ? i heard le boss said he had to be cautious in spending cos the economic situation might come to haunt clubs in 8-9months time so he prefers to be prepered. if he does not buy, the economic sitiuation will be bad so he should start buying.

    Also heard the boss is hoping to get martins for around 7million. Also the guy from toulouse, gignac or wots his name again ?

  • fan

    Is kinda of f*cked up what arsene is doing to Chamakh. First he was saying how he would be the replacement, mentioning him in all he interviews and now that Ade left, he is saying we don’t need anyone, just dangling this kid out there, getting his hopes up for nothing really. I feel for the kid. Huntelaar is joining the german culb Stugart for 20m. I would rather sign a DM for that kind of money.

  • Yemi

    @fan : did the boss say we don’t need a replacement ? i’d be surprised. Probably he want to bring his younger boys (jay and the rest) up. Hnnnmmm.

  • els

    Yeah I think 20m is too much for us when we need that DM, wenger now seems to be airing on not needing to replace ade (I agree). So hopefully lets spend on a midfielder.

    fan thats just football aint it.

    Im sure it happens a lot. And we only see whats reported to us, who knows whats going on.

  • els

    Martins 12m anybody?

    I know a few Newcastle fans, and from what I gather he is the NUFC Ade, talented but lazy, I’ve seen him play and think maybe he has great potential but i’d rather sign someone who’s tryer.

    He may make the step up perfect but 12m seems like a big risk for Wenger, anywhooo he knows best, no arguement here.

    Just need to see who, if anyone we get now?

    Total cliche but Rosicky back really is like signing a world class player. Imagine how much a fit Rosicky would go for now in this market £30m+ i’d say.

  • Pete


    Arsène Wenger has admitted publically for the first time that he is “keeping an eye” on Marouane Chamakh.

    The media have linked Arsenal with the 25-year-old Bordeaux striker for much of the summer but there has been no official word until now.

    With Emmanuel Adebayor about to finalise the formalities of his move to Manchester City, there may be room for another forward at Emirates Stadium.

    However, after the 2-2 draw at Barnet on Saturday, Wenger would not confirm he would be definitely adding another front man. Yet if he does require attacking re-enforcements then Chamakh would be in his sights.

    “We keep an eye on him,” said Wenger. “He is one of the players that we will follow and if we went for a striker then he would be one of the possibilities.

  • Pete

    Alexander Hleb has confessed that his move from Arsenal to Barcelona last year was a mistake he now regrets.

    The 28-year-old confirmed he is unhappy in Catalonia despite his team’s successes in the Spainish league and Europe last season.

    ‘When you mostly sit on the bench, winning titles brings very little joy, while getting to the last eight of the Champions League with Arsenal was unforgettable,’ said the Belarus winger.

    I regret my move from London, but unfortunately nothing can be done about it now.’

    While Hleb feels he has been poorly treated by Nou Camp boss Pep Guardiola, he showered praise on former manager Arsene Wenger.

    ‘For me, Wenger was like a father. I consider him one of the best managers in the world.

    ‘For such a boss one wants to die on the pitch. Arsene managed to create a smashing team with a wonderful atmosphere inside of it.

    ‘I have no doubts that if Arsenal had the same budget as Barcelona, the Gunners would be among the three best clubs on the planet.’

    Hleb is prepared to stick it out at Barca until the new year, but he has been offered to Inter Milan as part of the swap deal that should see Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic go in the opposite direction.

  • AJ

    I think if Wenger doesn’t buy a DM or new striker, its just taking the mickey, I was reading a article on prospective players we could sign, but most would say things like “only if Wenger would spend alot and we all know thats unlikely” or “Arsenal fans can only dream as Wenger is known not to spend big”, it’s rather depressing reading those articles, and yes we spent 17mill on Arshavin, but this team isn’t complete and if Vermaelen turned out to be our only signing of the summer I would feel to an extent, cheated.

  • Yemi

    Els, martins is nowhere near lazy !!! He is actually a workaholic but i think 12m is too much. his buyout was 13m last season so he should be less by now

  • Berth

    AJ; cheated is an understatement; I will feel betrayed

  • Yemi

    For the boss to say he is keeping an eye on chamakh, its either it a done deal or its a no go area. or maybe a strategy for the boss to reduce the price


    lol @ hleb…what a douche…

  • dragg

    le professuer knows wats best but we do need a dm badly
    not toure not song,we dont even need an all round midfielder,we dont need a creative one we have too many of dat,we need a tough strong tackler with lots of ballz someone like patrick v…..wt happened to inler,ledesma,even the traitor fla-money…wenger do sumtin b4 faithful fans like me loose it..