Adebayor signs for Man City for £25m…

It’s finally happened… Emmanuel Adebayor has signed for Man City for £25m.

“I am very happy, very pleased to be here. I signed for Man City because I think they are a team that needs players like this. We are here to achieve, we will take it from here and see what we can do. I have to fight for this club now, show that I want to bring trophies to this club. (The manager and the chairman said) that maybe in one or two years Man City could be one of the best teams in the world. This season I would love for us to be in the top four. We know it is not going to be easy.”

Swapping a top four club in the Champions League for a top ten team looking to get into the top four…?


  • Debs

    In all honesty, I am a bit sad that he’s left. I don’t like players leaving the club, but I guess last season showed that the relationship was not going to work, and maybe he’s better off without us, and we’re better off without him- time will tell. Good luck to him this season, and even better luck to us!

  • wllmhll

    good riddance. happy days are back again at the emirates.

  • manoo

    What a complete cock

  • faith

    Torres £60m+
    season 2008/2009: 17 goals 38 games (32 starts) 1 assist
    Midfield: Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano, Rieira, Kuyt

    Adebayor £25m:
    season 2008/2009: 16 goals 37 games(30 starts) 8 assists
    Midfield: denilson, song, diaby, nasri (Fabregas/AA/Walcott cameos post injury)

    Tevez: £25.5m
    season 2008/2009: 15 goals 51 games (34 starts)
    Midfield: Ronaldo, Fletcher, Carrick, Park


  • joel

    hurraaayyy!!! i am just glad he left … but what makes me happy is the 25m…. i hope we can buy some serious talent with that kind ov money … and keeping fingas crossed fr some trophies … hail arsenal !

  • AJ

    25mill for him, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Now Wenger, invest that money in established players, no young up coming people, just expiernce and desire!

  • AJ

    Is anyone else laughing about how even when he was an arsenal player, he would always say fight for the club, really? him? the guy who would stand there with his hands on his hips, don’t make me giggle.


    what a douche
    that said woulda preferred him to go italy or spain not england, and blatantly u can just tell it was for the money, any other player would of been motivated to fight harder this season

  • Mehedi

    From the look of it
    I saw the game today
    I think arshavin will play upfront
    with rosiciky replacing his place
    What do you guys think

  • Mehedi

    but i really really really really want to see eduardo more

    I think he is a great player

    At least he is better finisher than van persie

  • Mehedi

    Adebayor is not a bad player
    The only thing he is ,
    is lazy
    “CL semi > wow lazy like a hell”

  • devday

    No one is bigger than Arsenal, simple as…

  • jeffvip

    Some mixed feeling here, a bit sad for our main man leaving us but a bit excited feeling there will be some changes that maybe bring us to trophy this season…


    What a total bellend. I came to hate hate hate Ade in recent weeks – never forgiven him for last seasons strutting and courting of clubs and now hes got his wish and so have we.

    It just makes it worse that he is actually a good player when he tries. We’ve not offloaded a total carthorse, but he was just so lazy.

    Good riddance, exciting times ahead.

  • fan

    he’s only 25. good years are still to come for him.