Match Preview: Barnet vs Arsenal

It’s official, season 2009 / 2010 is about to start, as we kick off our pre-season schedule with our annual trip to League Two side Barnet. I’ve been itching to watch my team back in action, and by all omens, the squad will definitely be without Adebayor… (more on that later)

Barnet v Arsenal

Pre-season Friendly

Saturday, July 18, 2009, 15:00

Last season, we started this XI, so the omens are that it may just be a strongish XI that start this time…

Manuel Almunia

Bacary Sagna – Havard Nordtveit – Justin Hoyte – Gael Clichy

Aaron Ramsey – Denilson – Henri Lansbury – Armand Traore

Theo Walcott – Nicklas Bendtner

On the site, information about the squad has been released and the “group” is supposed to include the following players:

Almunia, Rosicky, Eduardo, Clichy, Mannone, Gallas, Djourou, Wilshere, Nasri, Denilson, Silvestre, Arshavin, Traore, Senderos and Vermaelen.

Although, I don’t expect them all to start especially Toure, Gallas and Arshavin, I do think we may see some big names. I think we’ll see the following line up:


Armand Traore – Senderos – Vermaelen – Clichy

Wilshere – Ramsey – Merida – Rosicky

Eduardo – Arshavin

Of course, I could be totally wrong, but we’ll find out Friday morning…

And now on to Adebayor… I would love to rant and rave a little on this, but at the moment, most sites seem to take the words right out of my mouth…

A good summation was published today on the site… 3 reasons why we’re better off without the Togan…

First, the money – £25m will buy a lower-profile striker (Marouane Chamakh for just £6m looks like a bargain), a long-awaited replacement for Matheiu Flamini, and perhaps even another centre-half. Even if only two out of three arrive at Arsenal, that’s still better than a hit-and-miss oft-offside striker whose level of effort in the Champions League semi-finals was bordering on criminal.

Secondly, suggestions that Adebayor is a deeply unpopular figure within the Arsenal dressing-room are too consistent to be dismissed. We saw some evidence with the on-pitch headbutt on Bendtner, but expect more revelations of off-pitch shenanigans when Adebayor completes his move north. Divisive figures can be tolerated only if they are truly legendary. It’s fair to say that the Togo striker is not in that category.

Thirdly, and a point so far overlooked, is Arshavin. He declared himself “baffled” at Wenger’s insistence on playing him on the left side of midfield (even prompting rumours of a double-quick exit) and it was telling that the Russian’s finest four-goal hour came in the absence of Adebayor. Arsenal will not see the very best of him until the build their side around his talent rather than Adebayor’s size.

For once it’s the summer and Arsenal fans can rejoice in a very profitable deal in more ways than one. Now it’s down to Arsene to prove he does ‘know’ how to take advantage.

More later…

  • oriahi lucky

    arsenal will continue to be my best club in the world becos of their perten of play and the way they discover young player may GOD bless arsenal fc for given the youth a chance to discover them self thanks to them once again

  • Fabrez

    Dev, Gavin Hoyte not Justin!


    apart from the ade/NB thing can someone put some links/give me examples of this about ade ‘being deeply unpopular’

  • els

    Well I don’t like him. And you can quote me.

    Semi Final Champs Laziness, I don’t tolorate.

  • JDD

    adebayor has apparently been granted a work permit.

  • Yemi

    I didn’t see gibbs mentioned anywhere.

    Just read this somewhere–

    Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor’s move to Manchester City moved a step closer as the Togo international successful passed a medical check at Eastlands, according to the BBC.

    The players big money move to City now depends on the granting of a work permit sometime today (Wednesday).

  • Yemi

    THIS JUST IN! Emmanuel Adebayor has apparently been granted a new work permit! That means one thing: he is on his way from Arsenal…

  • devday

    Yemi – Gibbs isn’t part of the squad as he played for England Under 21’s and therefore is having a longer holiday!

    CON-MAN, Re: Adebayor, here’s a more than adequate paragraph from the Telegraph:

    Adebayor represents everything I abhor about the modern-day footballer. Flash, brash and driven by cash, the 25 year-old has flattered to deceive ever since his breakthrough season in 2007-08 when he scored 30 goals. Adebayor was almost unstoppable that season, but my, didn’t he know it. His reward to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal for the faith they showed in him? A summer spent making clumsy passes at AC Milan and Barcelona. In the end he stayed at the Emirates, armed with a double-your-money new contract, yet he may as well have gone for all his effectiveness last season. He never won back the support of the Arsenal fans, and his general on-pitch demeanour made Dimitar Berbatov look like Usain Bolt on speed. Adebayor clearly didn’t want to be at Arsenal, and Arsenal certainly did not want Adebayor. A messy divorce appeared to be on the cards, until the generous Mark Hughes stepped in.

  • Mehedi

    Hey I know a Player who can replace ade
    Well he can replace any player
    he is dentinho from Corinthians.

  • joel sequeira

    hey i seen a few vedios of chamahka he is not the best in the world but trust me he can be under wenger. Does not have a good record but thts bcoz one man cant score all the goals he needs good support and trust me with his work rate and intent infront of goal he will be scoring a lot more.
    he is very fit has good tech and goes for every thing and any thing ! gets a lot more of the midfield involved so will bring in likes of fab and co to more attacking positions . all in all if he is in i just say he is a fair buy … rest i leave in the hands of the great mentor arsen …

  • AJ

    Just read Adebayor is having second thoughts about his move to City! If it breaks down I’m going to cry, and seeing as I turn 18 on friday him leaving was going to be a great birthday present, but if he stays… :(

  • Mehedi

    Just saw Chamakh on youtube, he suckssssssss, bad

  • Francis

    chamakh is brilliant player full of potential which i think wenger can unlock. has better technique, quick feet, good header of the ball and strong. his goal scoring ratio is on the low side however so was henry, anelka and ade before they joined arsenal.

    chamakh will prove to be a bargain buy…

  • Demzz

    to francis.. BUT i hear you say there stats was on a low side, but when they came in they was much younger then chamakh.. he is 25 and maybe give him another yr or so to get to a well known force in the team but after we work hard on making him a gunner we have to look to the transfer window again!! dts why i think wnger wont sell brentnar thinking of the future for a young danish who scored around 13 goals last season and he wasent even playing to the potential wenger says he has.. he might b the replacement we need. yh i no everyone hates him because he makes shit mistakes.. but henry made mistakes when he came.. i mean many.. helb made mistakes, rvp has mistakern joints lol.. i can go on n on n on.. give a player we have a chance… and see what happens.. we aint fortune tellers.. i love arsenal devoplment to the game! its what makes football what it is.. not the money and large transfers.. but showing you if football is done right.. then who wants to b wrong.. MAN CITY!! lol..

    anyways.. i was actually excited to hear flamini coming back.. but there aint no footballers out dere who love playing football because its dere dream once they get to there heads.. WOOW im actually quality.. everyone seeing im a special player im gonna get a big money transfer and lose that ego because they are at a club with many egos and course u lose.. look at helb.. look at flamini.. only person i think had there time and shined and nw left is henry.. a legend.. and still playing good football.. but he aint the gunner henry any more!

    if we can find a player with pace and young and cheap and has strength and energy to burn and a vision to learn!! under 22 23 maybe.. hunterlar.. but.. im getting feed up of waiting 4 news on signings.. im gonna kick back and wait 4 august the 16 is it.. i dont even no.. to come and see who we play against the toffees.. and bye bye adeboyor.. if only u didnt say that stupied Saying i quote “ill play like henry when i get payed like henry” u just got cannoned by the gunners hope man city bring you joy.. but nw i hear u dont wanna go.. 4 some reason u just relised in your home town, man city is un heard of and u may seem greedy!! Well actions speak louder den words.. and alot of football agents speak alot of bull shit! hence why football aint the same no more.. still bring fire 2 my cold heart! but just aint entertaining like the days of the INVINCIBLES.. damn those was the days.. moving on.. come on barnet.. give us a game i wanna see what our future holds!!

  • Yemi

    guys, i think we should pick a striker from any of the following and it wont be way off our budget — Zaki, hutelaar (i hope) and maybe even pavyluchenko. I know pavy is in spurs but he seems to be out of favor and could be lured away (my toughts)

  • Yemi

    Arjen Robben and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar could be winging their way to Spurs

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Why is Ade being such a dick…just go already!!!

    Huntelaar gossip:

    Tottenham could beat Stuttgart to the signing of Real Madrid striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, who is stalling on a £15.5m move to Germany in the hope of joining the Premier League side. Bloody sp*rs

  • Debs

    I’m not too sure about Zaki, from Steve Bruce’s experience with him last season. He might turn out to be another Ade- someone who lacks commitment. Bruce had really harsh words for him last season, and I don’t think we need someone who’ll not be committed to the cause. We might as well just let Ade stay!

  • els

    Argh all this speculation is driving me mad. And I just can’t see it being any different from past seasons. Will we get anybody?

    Someone said yesterday that they dreaded the ade deal falling through, I think that would be terrible we’ve gone to far down the road. He should be pushed.

    If he has almost £30m after this deal why is he quibling over a £1m (Silvestre’s value?) in the chamahk deal for £7m. Hopefully this means he wants the remainder to purchase a first class DM. But I bet that dosn’t happen, we’ll buy 1 player on the cheap and then the rest of the cash will disapear and come January we still won’t have money to buy players.

    I’m getting so negative, sorry.

  • Yemi

    Els, you are not getting negative, its just the fact and the experince we’ve come to know so well after so many seasons. One summer we have 70m but we but nobody, next summer we have 14m

  • zohaib

    I think what’s happened with the Ade deal to ManCity is that he was granted a work permit, but the same day news came that Fabiano’s deal to AC Milan was at a ‘dead end’ according to Milan. Maybe Ade heard that and started having second thoughts because he’d like to go to AC Milan instead of ManCity. Maybe he’s trying or hoping to attract Milan’s attention (YET AGAIN). lol. This guy is just sad.

    What’s funnier is there’s news that Adriano might fancy a return to Italy and AC Milan. LOL. So maybe Milan still would prefer somebody else to Ade. Doesn’t that give you a hint Ade ? 😉

  • Debs

    I guess Ade’s holding out for Milan, but if they don’t come after him, he’ll sign for City, which can only mean he’ll not be here next season. It’s simply a matter of which club he goes to.

    And it seems someone isn’t happy at Barca, after all!

  • zohaib

    Hope so Debs ! Fingers crossed. lol

  • Yemi

    bad tactics that brought barca the la liga, CL and other silverware

  • Yemi
  • Debs

    The dude’s just having a moan. Poor him. Shoulda stayed here. I’m sure he’s still ruing that decision. But well, he made his bed…

  • AJ

    I’m glad Hleb has gone and I don’t want him back, never like dhim, Adebayour needs to just piss off plain and simple and Wenger needs to bloody sign someone.

  • afrigun

    Ade has always had a discipline/commitment problem, which has held him back from achieving his potential. Another Anelka?

  • hello

    I know its probably been brought up before but forget all this Zaki, Hulk, Pavyluchenko and all that rubbish… Huntelaar’s a decent option…

    but what about ETO’O!!

    “13.06 Pep Guardiola has allowed Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o an extra week off in a bid to find himself a new club with David Villa and Diego Forlan touted as possible replacements.” (Sky Sports)

    Goals, Pace, Commitment, Height, he’s the whole package!! (although will be missing for African Nations)

  • Yemi

    Hello, can we afford him ? even if we can afford his transfer fees, what happens his wages ?

  • els

    hello don’t you think eto’o could also fill in well for the adebayor terrible attitude also. I remember when the Arsenal dressing room was so tight and the envy of the league, it went hand in hand with an invincible season.

    I think great dressing room atmosphere has a massive impact on the pitch, so I’d say no to eto’o.

    And that rhymed, so there!

  • els

    Let’s BUY VIEIRA! give the lads we have in, a season to establish themselves in the DM pos, maybe matuidi or another player could come in and be given that extra time.

    Then Vieira can go into coaching here take over from Pat, become asst manager, I could bump into him accidently and “hey aren’t you big pat” “Yes” “Oh Pat you the man” and a beautiful bromance can start. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Just a thought.

  • hello

    Ahhh wages!! …i forgot the rumours of his alleged ridiculous wage demands… i new there was a catch…

    Well if these are just rumours though it sounds like Pep wants to get rid… so i would say between £15m-£18m could land him…

    This would leave between £10m-£12m for a DM (add to that Senderos/NB/eboue in some sort of swap deal)

    What dya reckon??

  • els

    If you are playing that game then for me…

    Make sure ade goes for £25m
    Senderos to sunderland or Villa put preferablly abroad for £7m
    I think we’d have around £37m

    Hunterlaar in £17m
    Vieira £3m
    Lorik Cana £6m
    Haageland £7m

    What’s left can go towards wages.

    Maybe we could sell Silvestre, Eboue but personally i’d keep them as after all we always scream out for experience and that is them.

  • hello

    I’d be happy with that els!!

    Vieira, Cana and Haageland would make me very happy!! (and huntelaar of course)

  • els

    There’s something to be said for ‘keeping the squad together’ but getting an eto’o or hunterlaar, with some quality. wins you trophies.

    But I don’t think transfer deals are as easy as we just made them, hey maybe we should have a hostile takeover of the Arse, you don’t have a few spare billion and 29.9% in shares do you?????

    No me either.

  • hello


    i’ve got £3.85 in my pocket and got a few shares in ‘flirtomatic’!!

  • hello


    Perhaps we could kidnap the players and deliver them to Goodison Park at 3:00pm on the 15th… fully kitted and ready to go!!

  • els

    It’s a plan!!! i’ve got some change but i need it for the bus,however i play sportdaq, and im quite the mover shaker.


  • Yemi

    Saw this on another site

    Barcelona have given want-away striker Samuel Eto’o an extra week off.

    Sport says Barca coach Pep Guardiola doesn’t want Eto’o involved in preseason training and is happy to keep the Cameroon international away from his squad for at least another seven days.

    Barca management hope during that time Eto’o’s minders can find the player a new club after talks with Manchester City fell through last week.

    AC Milan now appears the most likely destination for Eto’o – 12 months on after Ronaldinho moved to the Rossoneri in a similar arrangement.

  • hello

    Thats what i was saying Yemi…

    I think my preference would be:

    1. ETO’O
    2. Huntelaar
    3. Chamakh
    4. My Grandma
    5. Bendtner

  • victor edemirukewa

    what is prof waiting for? Please go to the market or else if he fails this time arround i as a fan will never forgive him. Prof you have done enough damage to my health. We need titles.

  • victor edemirukewa

    Please Prof, sell the likes of Diaby,bendner & Djorou. Is there any other backyard bussiness with them?