The Transfer Window Really Kicks Off

So, just as most of the players have returned to pre-season training and we’re in the middle of trying to organise our start to the season, we’ve suddenly(ish) been in talks with Man City about the transfer of Adebayor up north. Many newspapers and reports suggest that there is a stickyness over the fee – Man City apparently offering £20m and Arsenal holding out for £25m.

Just over 48 hours after City announced they were no longer pursuing Samuel Eto’o, it is understood that talks between Arsenal and City over Adebayor opened on Monday afternoon. Neither club has yet to comment on the speculation but it’s believed that City have offered £20m for the Togo striker.

Various sources also comment on AC Milan’s interest – and potentially the Italians may come in with an offer if they know Man City are in and a deal is in progress. Despite all these rumours, it is understood that a fee was initally agreed yesterday at £23.5m.

Determined to hold out for £25m, Arsenal are mindful of AC Milan’s interest in Adebayor and one complication in the proposed deal may be the player’s reputed preference for moving to Italy. Whether that would remain the case in view of the wages apparently on offer in Manchester remains to be seen.

The Daily Mail report that Adebayor expected to open talks on a five-year deal worth £170,000 a week and also go on to say that the deal could even be completed today if all goes well. A little premature in regards to completing today and I do expect Barcelona and AC Milan to revive their interests after their bids to purchase David Villa and Dzeko have fallen through respectively.

So over to Adebayor and will you miss him if he were to depart – would you miss the winner of the most offsides in Europe? Will you miss the 30 goal man of the season before last? Who can come in to replace him? Do we need anyone to replace him?

Our striking berth without Manu consists of player of the season, Robin Van Persie alongide a selection of Eduardo, Carlos Vela, Niklas Bendtner and Theo Walcott. The combination of Van Persie and Eduardo would look like our first choice and although they’ve not had too much game time together, it does look like an interesting combination – a la Bergkamp and Henry maybe? The back up roles for Carlos Vela and Niklas Bendtner also seem adequate – both staking their claim for a starting berth, with Bendtner beating Ade in the goalscoring charts and Vela’s cameo appearances, mainly in the cups, showing his ability to finish.

But is that enough? When you’re in four competitions – The Premier League, The Champions League, The FA Cup and The Carling Cup, that’s a lot of games… throw in an injury or two and suddenly we’re a little stretched – and I believe Arsene knows this – he did say he was interested in signing a striker only in the event of a departure – and for that comment he was talking about a certain Maroune Chamakh.

Chamakh hasn’t got the reputation that a player like Benezma has developed, nor does he has the goal scoring record that his former compatriot did, but he is highly rated by Arsene and could fill the numbers that would be needed for a long campaign. Players like Ade, Henry and Anelka weren’t very prolific either – until they played for Arsenal – so it’s clear that Arsene can work on this with someone. We’ve also been linked for Huntelaar amongst a few others, but I really feel that we will move for Chamakh if Ade does complete his move. The player would cost us in the region of £7m and that would allow us to pursue another target, namely the defensive midfielder that we’ve been missing this year and last.

It’s a little strange – in our Masters League game within Pro Evo on the PS, we’ve recently added Arshavin as well as a few attacking players – but found it very difficult to find a decent defensive midfielder – in fact, it’s our third season and we’ve failed to land a defensive midfielder in the last two transfer windows (four if you include the January transfer window too)… so kudos to Arsene if he does eventually get a quality DM in. Whilst Felipe Melo is a good player, in reality, he’s not world class, but amongst the only few available players. I don’t think Arsene rates Cana and I don’t think he rates Veloso in the £15 – £20m category either. A player like Matuidi is more Arsene’s style, and in all honesty, I can’t really think of too many decent players who aren’t already playing for top teams.

In other transfer news, all three ex-Arsenal defensive midfielders, Lassana Diarra, Patrick Vieira and Matthieu Flamini have been linked to Sp*rs… in all honesty I can’t see Paddy going there – but wouldn’t put it past the other two. Arsene – I know you don’t like taking back players, but wouldn’t Matty F be a good one?

And finally, it looks like Ivan Gazidis will be joined by another American, Tom Fox as his number 2… here’s a bit of background…

Multiple industry sources said last week the former NBA, Nike and Gatorade executive has accepted a job offer from Premier League power Arsenal where he will be the No. 2 executive to CEO Ivan Gazidis. Fox’s title is still to be determined, but it likely will be chief commercial officer, a position in which he will have responsibility for all revenue Fox would not comment. Sources said he will start the new job in August.

Very interesting and a big sign that our Global merchandising will start to kick off very soon, and maybe one day our quiet Hungarian / Austrian training camp will end being the US tour that so many of our rivals are currently cashing in on… maybe not if Arsene has his way…

Til tomorrow..

  • devday

    Manchester City are on the verge of signing Emmanuel Adebayor for £25million after the Arsenal striker underwent a medical today.
    The Gunners have accepted City’s offer and the Togo star is now set to join Carlos Tevez, who has sealed his switch to Eastlands.
    Manager Mark Hughes has moved quickly to wrap up the deal and Adebayor is expected to sign a five-year deal worth £170,000 a week.

    Read more:

  • Debs

    lol Dev. That’s so Robinho’s body underneath Ade’s head! lol

    But really though, if Ade does go to City, it’d be a bit wierd seeing him play for another team, especially if he does really well. If he’s leaving, I’d rather he went to another country where we wouldn’t have to see him play week in week out, cos I’ sure he’ll not have another dodgy season this season.

  • AJ

    There is a DM that plays for Hertha Berlin, he is Serbian, quite highly rated, but young, can’t remember his name, but he could be a posibility. And yeah it would be extreamly wierd seeing Ade play for another team, but not something that would bother me, like the Viera to Spurs (not that I think it will happen). I have yet to be won of by Chamakh from what I know of him. And yes Flamini should be allowed back by Wenger if we could get him!

  • Pete

    Well at £20-25 million, it looks like City are about to do us a huge favor to pay that amount for Ade. Thats more than what we sold Henry for. Ade’s definately got ability, but can he win a starting place ahead of Santa Cruz, Tevez and Robinho? Consistancy has been his problem, and with the possibility of not being a regular starter, I doubt that problem will go away. Something tells me that, while better off financially, a move to City wont do his footballing career much good.

    I am glad that City and Arsenal are the ones who initiated this deal and not the player himself, so if he does leave, it’s been on Arsenal’s terms and hopefully it’ll be an amicable parting between player and club. In fairness to the guy, he has scored some fantastic goals for us, and had he managed to repeat his 07/08 form he could very well have become an Arsenal favorite, but it wasn’t to be. I must say though that if we had to loose a player this year I’d rather it be him instead of the likes of RvP or Cesc.

    As for transfers in, it does look like Matuidi and Chamakh will be Arsenal players by the start of the season. Having my heart set on Cana, I am a little disappointed that his signing is looking highly unlikely, but good luck to whoever it is we do bring in.

  • Pete

    My only concern at this stage is if City have a change of heart and decide to pull the plug on this deal. How would the Arsenal fans feel if we end up with Ade staying? How will the player himself feel? It’s be a pretty awkward situation to find ourselves in and be a problem for no one but us.

  • fan

    your right pete. We let go Henry for 14mil 2 years ago? And he is still a world class player. Barca got a steal on that one.

  • Yemi

    fan, barca didnt get a steal, we were not prudent by letting his contract run through. just like milan getting flamini for free. I dont mind flamini back….
    Ade’s going will only be fruitful to arsenal if we replace him with someone on the same level as he or better

  • Arsefan101

    Hughes on Adebayor move: “There is a deal to be done, possibly, but it’s not been concluded as we speak.”

  • devday

    Mark Huges Full Transcript:

    “I think there have been discussions between ourselves and Arsenal but as is my usual response to questions about players we haven’t yet signed, it’s not really the right time or place to discuss it,” said Hughes.

    “Yes, there has been contact. There is a deal to be done, possibly. But it’s not been concluded as we speak here. Until that actually happens it’s not really the time or the place.

    “There may well be opportunities that present themselves. Obviously there are areas of the team we’d still like to strengthen.

  • Yemi

    Arsefan101, where did u see this ? “Hughes on Adebayor move: “There is a deal to be done, possibly, but it’s not been concluded as we speak.””

  • hello

    Yemi – BBC

  • Yemi

    thanks hello

  • Yemi

    dev, the head is the head of ade, the body is the body of robinho (laffs)

  • Arsefan101

    On Sky Sports News!

  • devday

    The work permit hearing is all set in Manchester tomorrow – absolutely no doubt it will go through as he’s already in the UK and has definitely played over 70% of games for his country…

  • AJ

    Rosicky has been included in the pre-season squad. Thats great news!

  • Yemi

    good news AJ. That boy has been missed


    Quite a nice bit of satire here, which pretty much sums everything up for me, from Ade to Man City.


    ARSENAL fans staged a candlelight vigil at the Emirates stadium last night praying that Manchester City’s bid for Emmanuel Adebayor is successful.

    Candles were lit in front of a hastily erected shrine depicting the striker in a taxi heading up the M6, while others released white doves clutching ceremonial transfer cheques.

    Adebayor fell out of favour with Arsenal fans after sitting in a deckchair and reading a book on the halfway line during a Champion’s League match.

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said: “City are keen to sign Ade, as well as the tea lady and a really nasty painting of Ray Parlour in the board room.

    “I offered them a brace of cheap Ivory Coastians and as many Frenchmen as they could fit in their van. The next thing I heard was the ‘beep-beep’ of a forklift backing up with all the money.”

    City will pay by the hundred-weight for the players, with Wenger offloading whatever leftovers are hanging around the changing room, and Tomas Rosicky.

    He added: “I’ve completely forgotten what we originally bought him for. Does he clean the bogs?”

    City are expected to field a 1-1-8 formation with Adebayor playing in the inside-wide-right-secondary-holding striker position until someone explains to Mark Hughes what midfield is.

    Wayne Hayes, secretary of the Arsenal Supporters’ Club, said: “Arsene brought us success, beautiful football and the glorious Thierry Henry. But if the Adebayor deal falls through, I swear I’ll rip his cock out through his nose.”

    Meanwhile, as Chelsea captain John Terry ponders a move to Man City, his agent said: “John’s a winner which means we’ll need enough money so he can buy a solid gold Aston Martin and then pretend he won it by playing football.”

  • tom G

    ha, nice one Kieran! lol

  • Berth

    A good piece of info from Wikepedia about Chamakh – Playing Style

    A tall and elegant player with good close control and an impressive understanding of the game, Chamakh is known for his aerial ability, link-up play, and workrate. At six feet 2 inches, he is very strong in the air and works tirelessly for the team, holding up possession and bringing midfielders into play. Although his strike-rate arguably does not reflect that of the most clinical striker, his contribution to the team’s play is invaluable.

  • zohaib

    I don’t know Berth. He seems to be just a better version of Adebayor. I’m not sure that’s what we need. We don’t necessarily need a striker who can pass it around to his midfield and bring them into play. We need a striker who scores goals. Somehow, Arsene seems to have forgotten that.

  • zohaib

    If we want a replacement for Adebayor who has height and aerial ability, it should be Huntelaar, Hulk, Zaki. And if height and aerial ability isn’t a priority, throw in Martins, Forlan, Aguerro (we might not have that kind of money though), or even Benjani if nobody else is available or if we need someone who might not play regularly and still be content.

    But again, let’s first get ourselves a DM.


    Zohaib, what do you think of Forlan? He’s been on fire in Spain but as poor at United, I can’t decide if I rate him or not. Most of his great goals have come against weaker opposition… I really like him though and his attitude as well…

  • Berth

    Kieran; Forlan hasn’t got the X factor in him.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Forgive me for asking zohaib but who is “Hulk”?

    I would prefer Huntelaar, especially now Real have spent mega bucks they might consider selling him…but for how much?

  • els

    Hunterlaar seems to be available at £15m so if we did re invest all the adebayor money we could get him and still have at least £10-12m for a DM. I would rather offer £20m for yaya toure and get chamahk with the remainder as I think it’s a priority we get the better quality player in Midfield. Chamahk looks like he could be great but needs time to adapt (a typical Wenger signing) all of us who doubt chamahk should leave it to the prof he knows what he’s doing.

  • Pete

    Huntelaar does work well with RvP in the Holland national team and is the bicycle-kick king too 😀 Maybe with the extra cash from the Ade deal, Arsene may reconsider his options.

  • Pete

    Sorry to keep on about it lol, but with Huntelaar and Cana in the side we’d probably stand a better chance of winning something than with Chamakh and Matuidi.

  • zohaib

    Funny you ask Kieran. Just today I was watching highlights of a match b/w ManUtd and Everton when Everton had Rooney and Ronaldo had his hair streaked golden, and Forlan was playing for ManUtd(btw Rooney made one of his usual insane tackles, but this time on Ronaldo – made me chuckle).
    And I saw that not only was Forlan good with the ball at his feet (and both feet at that), but he was also quite a threat in the air.

    I think he’s a pretty good striker. He seems to have an all round game. I think he’s got a good attitude but I haven’t followed him as closely as I would’ve liked.

    The only thing is, how much he’d cost and why he’d want to come back to England. I’m not sure how much he’s earning presently but I have a feeling his wages would be too high for us. And specially with the new tax rules, players would want to choose Spain over England too.

  • Arsefan101

    Huntelaar is going to Stuttgart – definitely a good replacement for Adebayor – his finishing is superb and he’s got his prime years ahead of him – watch this space – think Arsene may be speaking to Real Madrid!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    As you say els if we land Huntelaar for 15m then we would have 15m for a DM as we still have around 5m left in original transfer kitty. Surely AW can work with that sort of cash? I will be mega pissed off if we don’t reinvest the cash from Ade’s sale though.

  • Arsefan101

    By Avenell Dave

    Dear Mr Wenger,

    Do you remember how us Gooners felt last summer when at 00.01 on September 1 it finally dawned on us all that you weren’t going to sign any more players?

    Having lost Alex Hleb, Mathieu Flamini and Gilberto Silva and let Phil Senderos go out on loan, we got not a lot back in return.

    Sure, Samir Nasri is a talent who will only get better – and the same goes for Aaron Ramsey but the less said about Mikael Silvestre, the better.

    I’ve heard plenty of rumours that we were very close to signing a few players, Xavi Alonso being one of them before the Gareth Barry move broke down.

    Nearly is not good enough – at least, not two seasons in a row.

    You left it six months too late to sign the blue riband player that would excite the fans and give us something truly, immediately world class.

    Most of us kind of hoped the impact Andrey Arshavin had on our run-in last season would remind you that all the promise in the world is no substitute for pure class.

    The departure of Emmanuel Adebayor is something we all welcome because he was a negative player for the fans and probably in the dressing room as well. Congratulations on agreeing such a hefty sum for his registration.

    But having shelled out for hugely expensive season tickets and recalling how indifferent we could be at times last season, we need new faces to galvanise this team.

    We are crying out for a defensive midfielder, and when we see that Lorik Cana is off to Hamburg or Everton, that Gokhan Inler doesn’t want to join us and that Felipe Melo is to join Juventus, it makes us wonder what on earth is going on?

    Why are we not ahead of the game, signing players before the bidding auction begins?

    Why are we linked with a move for Marouane Chamakh just because he has a £7m buyout clause when he has more footage of spectacular misses than of great goals on YouTube, has a record of almost one in four and will hardly see the team improve?

    Why are we not snapping up talent such as the unwanted Dutchmen at Real Madrid who would truly enhance the team and make us stronger than we were last season?

    Would Klass Huntelaar really prefer Stuttgart to Arsenal? I doubt it – and his record suggests he could score goals at the very top level.

    Project Youth is all well and good and I salute your dedication, but we cannot presume every player will continue to progress the more playing time they have. Some players have a limit and sadly, at Arsenal, we have some squad members who are simply not going to be world beaters.

    Don’t agree with me? Have a think about how many of our team our biggest rivals would seriously consider signing. RvP, Theo Walcott, (on reputation if not performance), Cesc Fabregas of course and Arshavin is probably the sum of it, although I concede Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna may be of interest as well.

    A couple of world class new faces would lift the fans, would lift the team and help the youngsters grow into the players you believe they should become.

    Carry on with what we’ve got and even your staunchest supporters are going to scratch their heads wondering what on earth is going on.

    And instead of entering the new season on a wave of optimism, the doubters will grow and you will find yourself ‘swimming against the stream’ once more with no one to blame than yourself.

    Get your chequebook out Mr Wenger – you know it makes sense.

  • els

    Having watched frustrating transfer windows as an Arsenal fan don’t you get the impression we’ll only sign one more player?

    Hope i’m wrong.

  • devday

    Guys – Huntelaar’s agent said this:

    “The German club has reached an agreement with Real, but not with us. We have to talk. The player needs to evaluate not only the economic aspect, but also the sporting one”

    Should be pretty straightforward to sign him if we want to – but at £17m I don’t think we do!

  • Yemi

    just watching…….
    I hope we can steal huntelaar even if ade does not go. They should raise money from whereever possible even if it means buying the player on part payment…. At least we have heard that clubs owe other clubs on the players they bought. a classic example was keane, liverpool were still owing spurs on the purchase of the player by the the time they were selling back to spurs, only the balance was paid.

    I dont know much about all the DM’s we’ve been linked with but the boss should please sign someone and give us hope as fans..
    I for one am getting very impatient after so many years. We need to buy buy buy at least 2 more quality players whether ade leaves or not (i am sure he won’t put his heart into it and the fans wont even give him a chance).

  • AJ

    Lets hope we can pinch Huntelaar, that would be a great signing, I’m not convinced by Chamakh and after Forlan failing to really make it at United I’m asking whether that would change if we signed him? Plus as someone mentioned, Huntelaar and RVP would be deadly, my only concern is they’re not the paciest of players. And Arsefan, I’m glad you posted that letter, I agree with much of it and one of the things that has really pissed me off this window is Chelsea going ater a “Marquee” siging, I wish we did that, not just for a big name, but a big name and big talent and its always nice when you sign someone with a massaive reputation, rather than having to google them to find out their past.

  • Yemi

    Just saw this–
    Barcelona are ready to turn to Atletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan after being frustrated in their bid for David Villa.

  • Yemi

    and this–

    Arsenal may pull back from talks for Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh.

    The London Evening Standard says Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is lining up a replacement for Emmanuel Adebayor, who could seal his £25million move to Manchester City today.

    The Arsenal manager’s first choice is Chamakh, who is entering the final year of his contract but Standard Sport understands the French club may complicate the transfer by demanding Silvestre moves the other way.

    That could scupper the move as it is thought Wenger is reluctant to let Silvestre, 31, leave even though he has six centre-backs – including £10m signing Thomas Vermaelen – plus the versatile Alex Song.

  • devday

    Barcelona? Why not take Ade for £10m + Yaya swap???

  • AJ

    Just seen this article:, as it says, apparently we may go after Huntelaar and also I’ve read that Bordeaux are playing hardball and want Silvestre in the deal for Chamakh and that Wenger is reluctant to let him go. If we get Huntelaar and our DM, we are going to be immense. Also is Huntelaar right or left footed?

  • Gooner Get Ya

    The more I think of it, the more I am convinced that we need to sign Huntelaar especially if the other choice is Chamakh. His goal scoring record is quite impressive.

    Senior career1
    Years Club Apps (Gls)
    2002–2004 PSV 1 (0)
    2003 De Graafschap (loan) 9 (0)
    2003–2004 AGOVV (loan) 35 (26)
    2004–2005 Heerenveen 46 (33)
    2005–2008 Ajax 92 (76)
    2008– Real Madrid 20 (8)

    National team
    2004–2006 Netherlands U-21 22 (18)
    2006– Netherlands 23 (13)

    Compared to Chamakh

    Senior career
    Years Club App (Gls)
    2002– Bordeaux 192 (46)

    National team
    2003– Morocco 50 (15)

    I rest my case…Huntelaar wins hands down imo.

  • hello

    wow… I had no idea Huntelaar’s stats were that good…

    Excluding Real and Holland he has not played at the highest level, but the earlier sats remind me of Eduardo’s prolific career!!

    I think I am slowly being convinced by the Huntelaar idea…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    in addition Huntelaar’s senior career = total of 203 apps with 143 goals…just added them up (senior career stats are domestic league only).

    In conclusion we must buy this guy instead of Chamakh…please AW I am begging you.

  • Yemi

    Just saw this too–

    Arsenal target Marouane Chamakh has welcomed interest from Sunderland.

    “I have good contacts from clubs and the possibility to join a Premier League club,” Bordeaux striker Chamakh told Le Parisien.

    “Sunderland is a big club and the fanbase is almost as big as anything.

    “I will take my time because there is some very interesting interest and I have to make the best choice.”

  • zohaib

    Yea, just read that myself Yemi. I have a feeling we’re not really interested in Chamakh. And that Wenger created a smoke-screen to get the press off his back. Hopefully this means we’re interested in a better striker, if at all a striker. Or ideally, we’re looking for a DM.