Sunday Roundup

It’s been a busy weekend down here for me… so I’ve only got a little time on a Sunday night to do a little round up of what’s been going on in the world of Arsnal.

So, let’s kick it off and it seems like there is quite a bit of interest in our young defender Philippe Senderos with both Aston Villa and Sunderland interested in the Swiss international player. And I think it makes sense for clubs such as the two aforementioned club to sign a player like Senderos – he is a very good player and sometimes players like Senderos – which we’ve seen in Upson – can’t sometimes handlet he pressure of a big club as their every move is in the spotlight. Senderos is a player that seems to make one mistake a game and it always seems to be punished. At £7m, it would be a good move for both Arsenal and the buying club.

In this day and age, where big money is being thrown around so lightly, we’ve recently got wind of quite a few coming in for Robin Van Persie – all before he signed his contract – from the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Juventus and Inter Milan – believed to be around £30m upwards – and Arsene and Arsenal had turned down all of the offers. If we were really a selling club, we may have looked to cash in, but with our sustainable business model, keeping our players is paramount and adding a player if possible is Arsene’s progative. But, it really does look like we’re going into the season very much equipped with a squad to win a trophy. Albeit, a defensive midfielder could be useful.

RVP said he would only sign if he thought the club was going in the right direction and he believes his questions have been answered…

“I made a list. I wrote on one side what I had. And I wrote down what was lacking. At Arsenal, Arsene Wenger values my contribution to the team, my fellow players show the same appreciation and everyone who works in the club is wonderful and so warm to me. Apart from all that I have a great connection with the supporters. I find it fascinating how they show their love for me as a player. My heart says that I cannot play in the shirt of another club for the next four years. Money has never been an issue in my career. When I signed my first contract at Arsenal, I was not on big money at all. Now the club have shown their appreciation. But it is not the money-side why I signed a new deal. All I want to feel is a bit of respect and a good relationship with everyone at the club. And that’s what I have here.”

Interesting stuff and based on this, I really believe that RVP feels there is a squad capable of winning trophies and of course, that instills faith and hope into the forthcoming season.

And finally, David Bentley has been attacked in a restaurant – supposed by an Arsenal fan. He was apparently having dinner when he was punched in the face… his agent saying

“David is pretty shaken. He was in the restaurant with his best friend and their respective partners. A guy walked over and started talking gibberish to him, then he just took a swing and punched him. David’s fiancée, who is seven months pregnant, had just been to the loo and saw the whole thing. Obviously, she was very upset about it.

I don’t condone violence in any way, but the former Arsenal player has domme everything possible to mate himself a hate figure amongst Arsenal fans.

More tomorrow…

  • AJ

    I don’t condone it either before people think I do, but I had to laugh when I read it. I’m hoping we do make that DM signing that we all know is vital and I’m pleased that the club did turn down the offers for RVP, because if he had of gone, 1 we would of lost a quality player and 2, that would of opened the floodgates for people like Cesc to leave as well. I was also wondering if the best commentator for last month is going to be announced soon? Be interesting to see who won it, had some good debates recently.

  • Pete

    As much of a hate figure a player may become, they don’t deserve to be assaulted like that. Reading that story has actually made me feel bad for Bentley and the people he was with. Just because we might not like a player doesn’t mean we’re not to recognise that that was wrong and I hope to God that it wasn’t an Arsenal fan that did it. We don’t want thugs at Arsenal.

  • Yemi
  • els

    He had his pregnant girlfriend with him, it’s all just wrong.

    But regarding a DM i’m really starting to think we’d be better keeping our money. Who are we linked with, they don’t seem like the players who are coming in to take a first team place. I’ve been saying this for a week now. I know nobody had expected petit or viera to be the players they were, but it’s a different game now. If there’s a petit or viera out there, they will have already been spotted.

    And also Diaby is supposedly training his ass off and song had a better season than flamini’s seasons leading upto his appointment of DM.

    I know we have to make signings to show our intentions to the likes of rvp, fab, toure, arshavin but not at them moment when all thats available are the players the mega clubs don’t want.

    We need to get our hands on one of those players but for less than 10m? never gunna happen. I really really hope i’m made to eat my words though.

  • Ogwu Anthony

    D.B might be hated by arsenal fans but i don’t think dat should warrant a physical confrontation of any sort.For d case of a D.M,it cannot be over emphasized “WE NEED A D.M PRONTO”.There were signs of improvement in song n denilson but those days of waiting 4signs 2actualise r gone.Wenger get us a D.M!


    1st of all I gotta agree with you guys, No player deserves that, no matter what they’ve done, personally, i dont like DB just because of the cheek when he said that he’d ‘always been a spurs fan’ when he signed for them…that said, hope him and the missus is ok and that he recovers

    as for the DM, wonder what Arsene has planned?

  • els

    CON-MAN hopefully the prof has a one of his tricks up his sleeve. Either that or next we’ll know is they’ll be starting the new season and nothing will be said (which may be the best option imo).

  • els

    according to a gossipy football website…

    BREAKING NEWS: Manchester City In Talks With Arsenal For Emmanuel Adebayor – Report
    The Gunners’ Togolese striker could be set to join the revolution at Eastlands it appears…

    They are bandying about £20m, why don’t we ask for 10m plus vincent kompany I say, as arsene has been an admirer since he played in his native belgium.

    It’s probably a load of nonsenes anyway.

  • Yemi

    i am seriously beginning to doubt if any new signings will happen again this summer. maybe one or 2 leaving (silvestre, senderos), No DM, i doubt ade is going anywhere, and where is Jay simpson ? isn’t he back from loan ? i have not heard anything said about him

  • Yemi

    Els, I’ll like to see ade very far from the premiershiship!!! not a rival premiership club. Maybe italy or spain but definitely not england. These players have a way of coming back to haunt us in a way.

  • els

    That’s true you can guarantee if we sell ade to man c he’ll be ade of 2 seasons ago and put 5 past us in the season.