Action Packed Friday: Arshavin, Van Persie, Kroenke & Almunia

Afternoon all, and TGIF… Yes, thank God it’s Friday… the end of the working week, the time when a beverage or two comes in quite nicely at the end of the day and this Friday it’s an action packed one… so let’s forget the pre-amble today and get right into it…

Filipe Melo has “agreed in principle” a move to Serie A giants Juventus, with Marco Marchionni going the other way. Initially, the Italian winger had rejected the terms, but noises are that Fiorentina came back with a better offer and add about £15m, they are roughly matching the buy out clause that Melo has in his contract. Some quarters saying the public disclosure about Arsenal’s enquiry was used only and soley to solidify the agreement with Juventus.

Marco Marchionni is set to join Fiorentina from Juventus, paving the way for Felipe Melo to move in the opposite direction. Juventus are eager to sign Melo and it was reported earlier this week that they had offered cash plus Marchionni in order to meet the Fiorentina midfielder’s buy-out clause of £21.6million.

So, onto plan B or is that plan C or maybe plan D or maybe there is no plan… it’s quite clear (something that many people commented about yesterday) that we’re being cautious with our funds and not really duelling with the big boys over the players that we are interested in. In reality, we pretty much have the squad ready for the new season – we’ve recently added Arshavin to the squad, have the returns of Eduardo and Rosicky to look forward to and the two defensive additions in Vermaelen and the returning Senderos. But, where we haven’t strengthened is in the defensive midfield position – we haven’t get invested in a perfect partner for Cesc – something the captain has talked about and a position that Arsene himself has reiterated is one of the most important on the pitch.

Robin Van Persie may know something we don’t but he is very positive about the forthcoming season. He did say that he was concerned about not winning anything and would only sign if he knew the club were strengthen – and he has signed, so maybe we’re about to sign someone [little chuckle to myself0.

“There is ambition. I have spoken to both the boss and [chief executive] Ivan [Gazidis] about it. They have really worked to get a really good team for next year. The boss got some stick from some of the fans last season, but if you look at the reaction at the end of the last game, that was tremendous and is the way all of the fans should react. I trust him and my message to everyone is: be patient, trust the team and the people above. This team has lots of potential and it is really important we stay together and fight for the same thing.”

If rumours are to believed then Arsene may have to brace himself for a big bid for the captain and Spain international – Cesc Fabregas – and some people say that if the bid is > £40m, then it may be something we look at accepting. I really hope there is no bid – it would be a wretch to have to fill two midfield positions considering the pre-season has already started… but it worries me when you here this from Barcelona:

“Ribery was a player we were interested in at a logical price but Bayern don’t want to sell. If they are interested in selling, we are interested in buying but if not, then we will look to Fabregas. Compared to him there is no available alternative left in the market, so we will see what happens. But after last season we only need small adjustments – a left-back, a central defender, a midfielder and a forward.”

Small adjustments = a left back, a central defender, a midfielder and a forward – that is not small… if that is small, all we need is a tiny weeny adjustment in one defensive midfielder, thanks…

So back to the case for the DM… and we’re now, more than ever, linked with Goklan Inler… a player that we’ve been after for some time…

“I don’t know anything. I’m only thinking about Udinese and the rest I leave to my agent. I have four years left on my contract. I am an Udinese player and I want to give my best for this club.”

And it’s pretty much the same comment from the player – and it’s a sensible comment – there is no need to upset the Udinese fans unless of course, something materialises. With Melo pretty much out of the picture, the rumour mill will have to really focus on Matuidi, Cana and Inler until they move elsewhere or sign new contracts…

And finally, Arshavin has dismissed rumours of him wanting to go to Barcelona, Almunia has been tallking about more experience and Kroenke has upped his shares again…

Til tomorrow…

  • TheSKAGooner

    As was stated in another blog today, and a point which I happen to agree with…if there was ANY possibility of Cesc leaving, I do not think RVP signs his new contract. Remember, the key point in getting Robin to sign on was the Club showing him the ambition to move forward. Allowing Cesc to leave would certainly not back that up.

    Regarding the Board and Rights issue, I am beginning to wonder if Kroenke has a deal with the board in the manner of “OK, we’ll ditch the Rights issue if you agree to buy the club at a specified time…”. Kroenke bought a further 160 shares today, taking him to 28.58% holdings. He can’t go past 30% until September, but once he does, it’s required that he launch a takeover bid. If the Board is comfortable with him, I can see such an agreement coming into place. I’d prefer not to have a single owner, but if it’s to be anyone, better Kroenke than Usmanov.

    Finally, good on Shava. He’s going to have an absolutely massive season for us.

  • AJ

    I’m getting rather annoyed with hearing “Be patient” from players and staff alike, we’ve been patient and we’re still being patient, so stop bloody telling us, especially after so long without a frigging trophy.

  • els

    AJ it’s gunna be alright mate. Theo has vowed to bring us a trophy for being patient.

  • Yemi

    Saw this:
    “Barcelona are willing to include Alexander Hleb or Eidur Gudjohnsen in their offer for cesc”

    “Real Madrid chief Miguel Pardeza has denied reports they’re interested in Cesc.”

  • TheSKAGooner

    I truly hope Barca offer Hleb & Gudjohnsen. We’ll be able to hear Arsene laughing around the world at Laporta over that offer.

  • els

    offer us yaya and that £40m and it’d make me think about it.

  • JDD

    how comes when bayern say ribery is not for sale barcelona leave him but when we say fabregas is not for sale they dont seem to get it? they keep coming back cant be because fabregas supposedly said he would leave(i think those reports are bullshit)because ribery said he wanted to leave bayern.

    also just wondering if anyone else thinks we could do with a new goaly? i know almunia did well last season but he doesnt look like a world class goaly to me.all of the top 4’s goalies are much better.i do like almunia though,maybe the addition of a another good goaly ,that would give him competion for a starting place, might make him play better.

  • TheSKAGooner

    @ JDD –

    Barca do it because to them & all their fans Cesc actually “belongs” to them and it infuriates them that he’s at Arsenal. Cesc is Spanish and a Catalan, and to Barca that automatically translates into him being held hostage by Arsenal and preventing him from playing at his “rightful club”. Also, it doesn’t hurt Barca’s efforts to have journos like Anthony Kastrinakis at the Sun on their payroll to help with the tapping up (disclaimer…I can neither confirm nor deny that Kastrinakis is actually on Barca’s payroll or receiving any kind of remuneration…hehe…).

    It’s complete tosh, of course, but football fans are not the most rational people sometimes. 😉

  • Berth

    Good comment TheSKAGooner; absolutely love it

  • Yemi

    @JDD, a goalie is always as good as the defense he has. if you have a good defense, then you are a good goalie cause u have a good cover. Remember last season when chelsea had defensive worries and peter cech began to look like a skool boy goalie ? or wn vidic and rio where out. The record van der saar had set disappered into thin air. Although some goals are due to bad judgement in case of goal keeper (like fabianski last season), most of the time it is due to the fact that the poacher has gone past the defenders. I also don’t think reina or cech are that much better than aluminia, and i certainly dont think valdez is better than him either.

    @TheSKAGooner, i agree with you, more so we got him from barca youth academy so we are the criminal for identifying the talent right under their noses and snapping him before the could even recognise him…….(funny)

  • zohaib

    Yep, Pete, hopefully we can at least get Cana. It’s starting to look more possible, as you said, with M’bia and Gonzalez moving there. I’ve forgotten how old he is. Anybody have any idea ?

  • Pete

    Cheers mate 😀

    Yeah, Cana is about 25, so got plenty of good footbaling years left in him. Matuidi is even youunger too, about 23 I think. My guess is it’ll be either of those two coming in this transfer window.

  • Xose

    Hi Everybody… I am a Celta Vigo supporter. Spanish media has reported that Pedro Botelho will sign a loan with Celta for the next season.. Could you tell me something about this player?

    It is also told that a striker will joing Botelho, on loan too, from Arsenal. Any idea who could be this striker? Thanks.