Could the Melo transfer still be on the cards?

Despite rumours that Melo had agreed to move to Juventus, his current club Fiorentina have publicly announced that they are in negotiations with none other than our beloved Arsenal.

A statement was released on the official Fiorentina site regarding the transfer of Melo…

“Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino, in denying the transfer rumours of the past few hours, which sees Felipe Melo definitely at other clubs and reporting potential meetings to finalise the transfer of the player, underlines the following:

“In case the footballer has already reached an agreement with any club, the release clause fixed with the player himself is €25million. We would not contemplate any exchange, unless it is to the liking of Fiorentina.

“Arsenal is the only club to have come close to the sum established by the release clause.

“Fiorentina in turn proposed to the aforementioned club a reduction in the amount set by the release clause by including right-back (Emmanuel) Eboue in the deal.”

In the recent couple of days, I really thought the Melo deal was dead – hearing that the player had signed a new contract and also amongst rumours that Juventus were close to signing – some of the Italian media publishing stories that the Old Lady had already signed the player.

But now, it seems like we are in pole position – being the closest club to offer what the Italian club are asking for and in this recent statement, it seems like Fiorentina are interested in and want to trade Eboue as part of the deal. Of course, a deal could now be resurrected depending on whether we want to let Eboue go and depending on whether the player wants to leave. Of course, the right back has mentioned that he’s not happy with a bit part role and would leave if the right offer came in – so there is a possibility that this could happen. Would you be happy with £15m + Eboue? How much is Eboue valued as? Or what about £10m, Eboue and Senderos? Too much for Melo, or a perfect solution financially and the fact we would lose two players whose futures don’t really look too rosy at the Emirates.

If this was to happen, and happen in the next few days, we’d go into pre-season training with a new defensive midfielder of the highest quality and of course, a new defender in Senderos – that would potentially leave us short for cover at right back – but that is a position that Toure and Djourou have and can play, so that could be what is in Arsene’s mind.

More on that story later today… more later…

  • Steve

    It’s good to see this is still a possibilty although I’m sure Wenger would prefer as little publicity as possible, helps keep the pressure down and puts Arsenal in a stronger bargaining position as they can more credibly threaten to walk away from the deal.

    I think Melo would be great for us, he’s strong, holds the ball well and can play a whole range of passes.

    Eboue has been inconsistent, having some really promising games, some distinctly average games and one much publicised terrible game. Think he still has a place in the squad, but surely it’s a good deal to trade a squad player & a little cashfor a first team player.

    Only issue is cover at right back. Sagna has been immense but he will be unavailable for some games. Is Gavin Hoyte ready to take a step up and cover when needed?

  • Vazy

    i think it may be too much for melo myself, would love to have him at arsenal though, but to lose out cover for RB which in turn affects our cover for DC as one of them will have to play there.
    been looking around for cana news though, and it looks like Sp*rs are interested, but were more likely to get him than them, though today just been reading that the scoucers are after him now too, because then they can sell alonso to real and get cana as a cheaper replacement.. bah!

    im properly hating this transfer season, i just want it to be over with us with a suitable DM (and another cover player perhaps! or even a ST swap if needed), far too anxious about who we’re likely to be going for!

    also may not be commenting as much over the next while due to moving and no internet! ARGH!

  • AJ

    In other transfer news I’ve just read a crazy rumour that AC Milan are going to offer 20mill plus Flamini for Adebayor, now if this is true and actually happened, I would be one of the happiest people around, but who would actually believe that?

  • fan

    I doubt Flamini would want to come back after only 1 season at Milan. After alot of Arsenal fans hate him after what he did.

  • zohaib

    I don’t think any sane Arsenal fan would hate Flamini. Specially because we all know now what we lost when we lost him. The DM position has been vacant since he left. We haven’t really replaced him.

    People forget that he was actually out of contract when he left. So it’s not like he bought his contract out or something of that sort. He was a free man and he chose to leave to a bigger club. No harm in that. We made the mistake of letting both Diarra and Flamini leave in the same season and then not replace them and Gilberto.

    It’s really our own fault. Not Flamini’s.

    Even though I think there are better players than him, that I’d like to see playing for us, you can’t take away his last season for us. He was effective. And that’s what we need. It’s not a guarantee that he’ll again have the same effect if he does come back, but it doesn’t look like there are too many options for us to choose from at the moment.

  • tom G

    spot on Zohaib. If there’s any truth in the rumour, and I doubt there is, I’d be happy to see Flamini back. We’ve missed him and he had a great partnership with Cesc, a fantastic engine, a real passion for the game and scored some useful goals. I’d have him any day.

  • JDD

    melo news:

    fiorentina are also interested in gallas(aswell as eboue & senderos)could he be involved in a part exchange deal.

  • AJ

    Personally I’d love to have Flamini back, I was really sad to see him go.

  • Yemi

    How much will it cost us to get flamini of diarra back ?

  • Pete

    Well Diarra cost Madrid in the region of £20 million, so you could expect a similar asking price if they were to sell him, maybe slightly less. Flamini is a big more difficult to value because he’s been signed for free by Milan. I guess he’s worth as much as someone is willing to pay for him.

  • arsenal GIF

    i dont think melo will be arsenal player…may be AW need to find another person that better than MELO