Speak to Mr Wenger…

As Nestle says… “Smarties have the answer”…

Well, down at the Emirates only Arsene has the answer, according to Adebayor’s agent anyway…

The Togan is pushing for a move, and his agent has been talkative recently, but you feel that his agent doesn’t really know anything and additionally may have been told off by the Arsenal supremos as he’s stance has certainly changed…

You will have to ask Mr Wenger if there has been an offer from Milan, or any other clubs, to Arsenal because I have heard nothing about any contact or any offer that has been made, so I don’t know what the situation is. Speak to Mr Wenger.

Only Wenger has the answer…

Unless of course your the Milan lawyer, who did report this:

“Is the deal for Luis Fabiano going well? It’s possible, even though many hypothesised transfers don’t always end up being concluded. I don’t know about Huntelaar, while Adebayor is a name which does not make me enthusiastic. In any case Galliani is the one who deals with these things and you should ask him.”

It doesn’t make me enthusiastic either…

Back to “Only Wenger has the answer…”

And it’s a strange one, because it’s so true in all aspects… from singings to formations – we always try and guess what Arsene would and should do, but only the gaffer himself knows the “down low” on the goings on… it’s a bit weird because I’m sure Arsene would tell all real fans of what he is intending to do, his thoughts, formations, signings, etc, but of course, how could he with the media mogul around and how could he considering we all like to talk / gossip and discuss everything Arsenal… it’s like a husband not being able to tell his wife something because she has too many friends and likes to gossip, but it feels very frustrating as a fan not knowing what on earth is going on…

We do speculate of course, and our speculation is based on the facts that we know, the feeling we have based on the style of the manager and the further view of the media. As a result, it’s a mix of guessing and calculated estimation. It’s obvious that Arsene and the team require a defensive midfielder and a defender – but of course, the media takes this and links us with every single defensive midfielder and defender available. Pretty much the same thing as we do, but in a more public format…!

We know from the annual financial reports how much we have in the bank and based on our spending, wages, prize money and sponsorship contracts, we can guestimate the transfer budget that we’re likely to spend… if you did read this back in April, a little bit of investigative journalism explains the truth about the transfer budget.

Having spent £8.4m on Thomas Vermaelen, we do have £5.6m left out of the current budget. Players such as Senderos, Silvestre, Traore, Adebayor and maybe a few little sales as well could well increase this budget – and of course, Arsene and the board can also consider if they wish to delve into money reserved for next season too. There are question marks over the income generated from the Highbury flats and it’s something that we’ll find out more about soon as the May 2009 report is released.

Ivan Gazidis, has also been talking about money and all things related to the club. He’s been speaking initially on a salary cap and when you hear about the current figures, you really begin to think about the amount of money being thrown at these players – with Cristiano Ronaldo on a reported £560k a week deriving from a £180k basic and then image rights. That’s an amazing amount of money and a reason why it will be hard to compete with teams operating at that level.

I think it is worth our while to investigate whether there are elements of the salary cap system, which they have in US NFL and baseball, which would benefit football. Clubs have a duty to provide more stability in our business models and some form of wage restraint is one element worth looking at. There are many different ways in which it could work.

But in reality, a club like Real Madrid will always find a way round this sort of thing. At least Gazidis adheres to our long term sustainability ideology.

I am sure that our fans do not believe Arsenal is better served by abandoning its self-sustaining model and putting itself in the hands of owners upon whom it is dependent. They want success, and our challenge is to provide it in a model that preserves the traditions and values of Arsenal football club.

One idea currently being discussed is a new shares option. By which, the club will issue new shares and thus raise additional capital with this – it’s something which the club are looking into, but I’m not sure exactly how it works…

I am open-minded and we have commissioned Rothschild to advise the board. We have to be sure it can make a real and lasting contribution to the club.

It seems busy in the world of Ivan Gazidis – do you get the feeling that Arsene may have been too sidetracked the year or so before he joined us and maybe now Arsene has more time to focus on the pitch?

Time to go, speak soon…

  • Pete

    Its good that Wenger keeps his cards close to his chest. He’s the one in the managers position and its good to know that the buck stops with him and him alone. Hopefully todays board meeting went well too.

    Ivan Gazidis has done a decent job so far too. I think he helps shoulder much of the responsibility that Arsene usually had to deal with outside of the dressing room.

    Good to see Ramsey and Wiltshire sign new contracts too 😀 Things seem to be happening with one player or another at the club (players renewing contracts, players being released etc), and its all been done on the quiet too.


    once again great blog, im a huge nfl fan and i to be honest would agree with some sort of salary cap, its hard though because as you said real could find there way around this and technically its their money so they can spend it as they please, i didnt know ronaldo’s deal was worth £180k per week

    as for investing in arsenal, i dont know what the deal is but id like to think eventually usmanov or kroneke will invest…id prefer kroneke as at least he has some sports knowledge

  • http://www.saniamaja.zoomshare.com Amajanarsenal

    Mr wenger, you are a good manager, why letting others dominating europe, please boost your team, i want to enjoy football like the way i did in 2003/2004.

  • Yemi

    Its all quiet in the woa, i guess guys are tired of helping the media spread their stinking news abt arsenal.

    On another note, any news abt cana/inler ? ade/silvestre/gallas/toure/senderos ?

  • Pete


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is confident Emmanuel Adebayor is not set to join AC Milan, but accepts the striker could leave if he is not committed to the Premier League outfit.

    The Togo international has long been linked with a move to the San Siro, with rumours that the Gunners could accept a big-money offer to create transfer funds.

    With Arsenal having failed to win a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup, it has also been speculated that Adebayor is keen to move in order to find success elsewhere.

    But Wenger believes the 25-year-old, who joined Arsenal in 2006, will remain at the Emirates Stadium for the new campaign.

    “If he does not want to stay, he will leave but I think that he will be still at Arsenal this season,” the Frenchman told RMC.

    Wenger has also admitted that he would consider Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh as a possible Adebayor replacement.

    Asked if the Morocco international is of interest, he said: “Yes, but only in the event of a departure.”

    Wenger has also confirmed that he was tracking Karim Benzema before big-spending Real Madrid had a €35million (£30m) offer accepted for the Lyon striker.

    When asked which French players he admired, Wenger said: “There is one who interested me but he (Karim Benzema) left for Madrid.

    “I did not make of approach because I would never have thought that Lyon would sell this year.”

  • Yemi

    interesting read pete, it seems ade wants out after all. The boss was not so assured in saying he will be at the emirates next season. I think the guy wants to leave but nobody wants him.

  • zohaib

    So, if Ade leaves, then we bring in Chamakh …

    I don’t believe the line about Wenger saying he was interested in Benzema but never even made an approach because he just assumed Lyon wouldn’t sell. He couldn’t be that naive.

    What’s the info on Chamakh. How old is he and is he two-footed or what’s his preferred foot if he’s not two-footed.

  • zohaib

    There’s also another article on SkySports talking about Laporta being interested in Cesc. The one where he says he’s interested in Cesc, Guardiola’s interested and the sporting director’s interested:

    “Cesc Fabregas has the Barcelona DNA in his body and we know that he wants to play for this club,” Laporta told Cadena Cope.

    “At the moment he is the leader at Arsenal and a very important player for them. But Cesc is wanted by me, by the coach Pep Guardiola and by the sport director Txiki Begiristain.

    “We are concentrating all of our efforts on it, but at the same time we have a lot of respect for Arsenal.

    “We have positive relations with Arsenal so it will not be an easy topic to talk to them about.”

  • Berth

    The Cesc story will never die – I have a gut feeling that it will eventually happen, because it looks like Cesc is so much interested. What I do have to say is that Wenger should start building his team on players like Arshavin, Nasri and possibly Rosciky – its quiet important

  • Pete

    Cesc wont be at Barca as long as Xavi and Iniesta are there. He wont get any games whilst those two are playing, so he’s better off being at Arsenal. Thing that winds me up is people cant seem to grasp the idea that a player can actually love love more than one club. He spent his childhood at Barca, so obviously he’ls going to be fond of them. And he became the player he is at Arsenal, as well as grew up here.

    Regarding Ade, am I the only one who’d prefer him to stay rather than replace him with Chamakh? I think Arsene should agree with him to play for one more season, make him promise to give 100% as a player, get him playing well and agree to sell him in 12 months time if he still wants to leave. That way, come next summer there’ll be better offers from better clubs, we get a better price for him and he gets a better deal else where.

    With a better balanced squad, which includes a proper defending midfielder, he could very well score even more goals than last season.

  • Pete

    Off topic, but it loks like Owen is going to be a United player by the end of today.

  • Debs

    I think that’s a bit of good business for United, Pete, seeing as they’ll be getting him on a free, as long as they don’t count him as a new signing, and still go about signing replacements for Tevez and Ronaldo. But I’m sure if we even as much as contemplated signing him, we’d have been massively criticised by the media.

  • AJ

    Pete I am hoping that Ade does go, but I agree with you Chamakh doesn’t appear that he would be any better.

  • Berth

    Naahh – Please no Chamakh here. His way off our league

  • els

    Pete, isn’t adebayor out of contract next season? or at best only have 1 season left. If thats the case we will only get a few mill for him. I would love to keep ade from 2 seasons ago, but the fact he signed a massive contract that broke our structure then got LAZY dosn’t make me wnat to keep him at all.

    Arsenal are full of players that don’t want to be here, or view it as they are doing the club a favour. Sure we hav’nt won anything in 4 seasons now, but what’s happend to the die hard’s.

    Where is our ‘Mr Arsenal’, we need to treat these potential players better and let the transfer rumour laden players go if they want. We should have tret Upson, campbell, flamini, gilberto even cole better kept hold of them BREAK THE BANK FOR THOSE PLAYERS, keeping that die for the team dynamic. And in time you would win trophies then the players who always get lined up for a move in the summer would stay. I think we suffered greatly when D. Dein left as Wenger just couldn’t tie up certain players contracts.

    Sorry got off the subject but had a good rant, thanks for listening.

  • Pete

    Els – unless I’m mistaken, to my understanding Ade signed a long term contract last year (along with the pay-rise), so I think he’s got at least another 2-3 seasons left to run the contract down. Thing is, I don’t think another big club is seriously wanting him at the minute, so he’ll have to prove himself all over again this season if he is wanting to move on. Might as well keep him for another season if the only one we’ll replace him with is Chamakh. I’d be happy for Dzeko to come in, but he’s not available.

    AJ – thats fair enough mate. We’d have to replace him with someone if he is sold though. Huntelar is probably my preference of available strikers at the moment, but we’ve not been linked with him so far. Be pretty good to see him pairing up with RvP on a weekly basis though.

    Debs – couldn’t be more spot on mate! 😀

  • Pete

    First Ramsey, then Wilshite, and now Gibbs has signed an improved long-term contract 😀 A busy week so far at the Emirates, getting rid of players earlier in the week, and then locking down young key players with each day. Hopefully next week we’ll be hearing more news regardning the first team.

  • Pete

    Bugger, I meant Wilshire!!!! Bloody keyboard!!!!

  • Debs

    Wilshite, you know, Pete. lol :)

  • Pete

    Sorry man, that was a genuine mistake lol. Jack’s a top lad! 😀

  • Debs

    yeah I know- just messing! :)

  • Francis

    with m’bia heading for l’om it appears that lorik cana is heading out maybe to arsenal …at least i am hoping. this will be good news for the fans and players alike…finally we may get some steel in the middle of the park

  • zohaib

    But what’s not good news is, AC Milan have gone for Luis Fabiano instead of our Adebayor. Fabiano’s agent’s been talking of how his player’s publicly stated he wants to go to Milan and that the two clubs are in talks. His buy out clause is around 25 million pounds and I’m pretty certain they’ll get him. I don’t think Sevilla are going to stand in his way. His agent seems pretty confident the deal will be done in the next couple of weeks.

    Maybe that’s why there were articles of Wenger expecting Adebayor to stay, circulating yesterday.

    Not good. If Milan don’t want him, maybe Barcelona could … ? Hopefully. If Eto’ leaves for ManCity, they might be looking for a striker although they’ve been linked with Villa. Darn.

    Who else needs a striker… Sevilla might if they sell Fabiano to Milan. But I wonder how much they’d be willing to give us for Ade. Inter Milan don’t look like they need one, since Ibrahimovich seems to be staying. But there was talk of Lyon getting Trezeguet because Benzema’s most probably leaving for Madrid. I don’t kno how many strikers they have but maybe Juventus might need one if Trezeguet leaves. Again, not sure how much they’d want Ade.

  • Pete

    Apparently RvP has signed a new deal keeping him with us til 2014, according to The Independant. Seems like this week has been focused on getting key players to extend their contracts.

    Also, Wenger has told Ade he can leave if he wants to.

  • Francis

    it appears as though zohaib wants ade out of the door. i dont know if it is a good thing …it could work both ways…either he buckles up and works hard to be the playa we know he can be …or sell him off and get a fresh and hungry playa for the team. listening to ade i get the impression that he thinks he’s too good for arsenal…after a season of scoring 30 goals…all in all he has brought al of this on himself…he should take a good look in the mirror

  • AJ

    Felipe Melo update, Fiorentina have announced that they are in negotiations with us in regards to us buying Melo with Eboue going in the opposite direction!

  • http://www.saniamaja.zoomshare.com amajanarsenal

    Mr. you always like to rest players or send them to injury list table, this will not work, give them injection and send them on the pitch because they are to be paid.