In, out, shake it all about…

Afternoon All,

It’s that time of year when the squad gets shaken up, fringe players leave, promising youngsters sign new deals and we hopefully get a few additions to the first team squad. Well, today is that day. James Dunne, Rui Fonte, Abu Ogogo, Paul Rodgers, Rene Steer, Vincent van den Berg and Anton Blackwood have all been released as well as the mercurial Amaury Bischoff – who looks even more unfit now than when he joined – he sounds like the kind of player that will never make it, but this time last year, maybe worth a gamble… We also signed up four of our kids on long term deals – Luke Ayling, Craig Eastmond, James Shea and Cedric Evina have been handed professional contracts.

Back in the world of “will he / won’t he” – Felipe Melo has now signed an extension to his Fiorentina contract which will see him stay with the Italian team until 2013. Interesting news is that he has inserted a buy out clause into his contract. The buy out clause is reportedly set at £21m – a figure that is much higher than a team such as ourselves would be willing to pay.

“Fiorentina announces that its sporting director Pantaleo Corvino met in Milan with Felipe Melo’s agent and an agreement was reached to extend the player’s contract until 2013 with a buy-out clause also included.”

A lot of agent talk does circulate around the premise of attempting to renegotiate a players contract at their current club and we can see this
happening with the Yaya Toure, Samuel Eto’o, Felipe Melo and of course last season with want away Adebayor. Interesting that the buy out clause was announced today on the site, that is not normally the case – but maybe they’re looking to sell at their price or keep the player.

Elsewhere in the wonderful world of post-season, Cesc has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, Barcelona and now Milan, whilst Ade has been linked with a move to Inter or AC Milan too – Arshavin has been surprisingly linked with a move to Barcelona… it does get a little comical now and again, doesn’t it?

And finally, more rumours are linking us with Serdar Tasci – a young German defender who has earned rave reviews this season.

Press reports in Germany suggest Arsenal are in deep negotiations with Stuttgart in order to sign their star defender Serdar Tasci. The 22-year-old has also been tracked by Italian giants AC Milan and Juventus after a superb season which has seen him break into the German international side on a regular basis.

But the player saying:

“I have to admit I’m flattered that clubs like Arsenal, AC Milan and Juventus have had their eye on me in the past. But I’m not getting carried away with this. I’m focused on Stuttgart and looking to return to action following my knee injury.”

Mmmm, looks like I’m clutching at straws… Rumour truth rating… 3/10?

Til later…

* Hoping there is some actual news to report *

  • Mehedi

    Hey Guys i hope jack wilshere gets a chance to play in the first team next season. really impressed by him in the youth cup

    It seems like any more buy ain’t gonna happen.

  • Mehedi

    Hey Arshavin rumors is all over the web.

    If he said that.
    I will …… Him.

    I don’t think that’s true.
    After Benzema and ribery rumors, I don’t believe any Media.

  • fan

    Who do we go after now? If I had my wish, it would be Marcos Senna. But I’m afraid this is the lineup that we’ll go into the season.

  • Vazy

    i think we will make a couple of signings more, well at least a DM, wenger knows he needs one, if the ade deal goes thru with anyone, it will free up more cash for a striker + DM with the loose change we must still have and backup for another pos perhaps!(tho doubtful on the 3rd) though some sneaky Wenger transfers may have to happen for that, and with the media inventing a new story about us EVERY DAY its going to be hard for us.. but have faith in Wenger!

  • Vazy

    + would love Senna but thats massively unlikely unfortunately

  • Pete

    Honestly, I’m not too disappointed about Melo. As good as he may be, I’d much prefer Cana (repeating myself again, I sound like a geriatric lol). I think once the transfer window officially opens this week we’ll start to hear more concrete news.

  • fan

    I would also love Cana but if he comes to Prem league he will have to tone down his challenges. He plays like a maniac (which we need) but his fullblown challenges will have him sent off in the Prem.

  • Pete

    I hear what you’re saying Fan, but those clips on YouTube are a select few of Cana’s more rugged tackles. In actualy fact, he’s got a pretty good discipline record. But enough about that because we’re not officially linked to the guy at the moment.

    According to another Arsenal fan site, the Arshavin/Barcelona quotes in todays tabloids are old recycled ones from before he was an Arsenal player. Trust The Sun to make up something like that.

  • Pete

    The full, exact quote below was made last year at Euro 2008, 6-7 months before he signed for Arsenal. The only part that was printed today was literally the last line.

    “I have supported Barcelona all my life. Barcelona are my dream.

    I never thought I would have a genuine chance to play for the club. Let’s see how the situation unfolds. For now I can’t say anything for sure.

    At the moment I’m a player of team Russia and I’m only thinking about doing well in the semi-finals.”

    “If I have the chance to play for Barcelona, I’d be really happy.”


    shame to see rui n agogo leave, i thought they were pretty good, feel kinda bad for them I wonder what they’re gonna do next

    as for for arsenal, i hope arsene brings someone else in soon

  • Debs

    Someone was asking earlier if we’re getting a new third kit this season (not sure who it was). We are! Check it out on the website:
    I think I fancy getting myself one as well!

  • Yemi

    17 days to burnley, i hope i see 2 more signings before the pre-season kicks off. Bischoff has been released too ?
    I hope the signing of vermaleen was not just a flash in the pan and wenger is not bringing in more players. Well he is the boss and if he is not doing well for the business he would have been kicked out. I just hope that they will do something for the fans and take a business risk.
    I heard man u has jacked up there asking price for benzema, desperate times……

    Withe jersey for 3rd kit too.

    As they are releasing those young players, they should remember silvestre too. Come to think of him, nobody is asking for him. No offers from turkey, qatar, U.S.A or china ?

  • Yemi

    i meant white jersey for 3rd kit

  • Pete

    I quite like the third kit. Reminds me a little of the away kit 2 seasons ago.

    Transfer window has officially kicked off today, so rumours and speculation will be a plenty 😀

    Today the papers daily Arsenal bashing is focussing its attention back on Cesc, and how “he’s a target of Barcelona”. *YAWN*. Cant they at least be a bit more imaginative about their lies for once? Borming!!! lol

    Today we’ve been linked to Cana, according to the daily Express. Wenger has also given his reason for snubbing Real Madrid and opting to stay at Arsenal.

    Enjoy your day folks, make the most of this beautiful weather 😀

  • Pete

    SSN are saying that Benzima is off to Real Madrid. Transfer between the two clubs has been agreed, details of players contract still being negotiated.

  • Berth

    Men our third Jersey is the coolest – Now I know we have got style in fashion; hope we can replicate the fashion sense on the pitch by winning trophies.

  • zohaib

    The SkySports website says if Benzema makes his move to Real Madrid it will be RM’s fourth big-money signing of the summer. May I ask who is the third ?

    Kaka and Ronaldo we all know about. Why is it that the third escapes from my memory …

  • Steven

    The 3rd signing was Raul Albiol from Valencia, good young centre back/defensive midfielder