Adebayor transfer may happen, as Walcott progression becomes evident…

Morning All,

It’s been around about a month since the season ended, and in all honesty, I have to admit it’s flown past. Since the end of the season, a lot has happened in the footballing world with the crazy transfers that we’ve already seen. Back home, of course, things have been quite stable – and we’ve strengthened in the department that we definitely need to do something with.

Arsene did say at the end of the season that we wouldn’t buy any attacking players “if nobody left” and based on reports from Wolfsburg and Bordeaux we have enquired for the strikers, Dzeko and Camakh respectively – of course, that raises the question why? And it’s becoming serious now – either we are selling Adebayor or Van Persie is off – the latter may happen if Arsene cannot get the striker to sign a new contract.

My gut feeling is that Adebayor will leave if any of the strikers do – simply based on the interview with the BBC in which the striker said that he can’t see how he will ever win over the fans. Subsequent to that, the player’s agent said that there were no offers to discuss, but if a big club did come in, he would speak to Arsene – a clear signal that his agent believes his future may lie elsewhere. In the Sun today – not that I should believe anything that the tabloids write, you’ll find a story regarding Ade and the link to Chelsea – apparently Ancelotti has been thwarted in his bids to sign Kaka, Pato, Dzeko and Tevez and is now focusing on getting Adebayor to the club – maybe this is just paper speculation based on the fact the Ancelotti has talked highly of Adebayor in the past.

More recently, AC Milan club owner, Silvio Berlusconi has revealed Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor could be signing for AC Milan… talking about possible transfer targets he said:

“There is a good chance we will get Adebayor.”

It’s a very brief statement, but it shows that there is interest – and of course, we know it’s two ways.

Back to the tabloids and this is what they had to say today:

“CHELSEA are poised to launch a £25million bid for Arsenal hitman Emmanuel Adebayor. The Blues, who failed to land the Togo striker last year, have been frustrated in their hunt for major names this summer. Brazilian star Kaka snubbed the Londoners in favour of Real Madrid – and Valencia hitman David Villa seems certain to do the same. That has left new Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti  still looking for a world-class target man, with Adebayor, 25, suddenly at the top of the Italian’s shopping list. The ex-AC Milan manager almost took the Emirates star to the San Siro last year.

News coming out from the rumour mill is that it’s a two horse race between the London and Milan clubs and our interest in other strikers all but confirms that there is something happening in that department.

One player who will greatly feature for us next season is of course Theo Walcott and he’s shown for the main and England U21 teams that he is getting better – and of course that he has pace to burn. I’ve been pleased with his performance last season and without him, we did lack some pace going forward last season – the thought of having the four players, Arshavin, Nasri, Walcott and the forgotten man Rosicky on the wings next season is mouth watering. But Theo – who will eventually be a striker – has more to learn and the summer games will do him good for next season and of course for England in next year’s World Cup – something that the young striker (who is still only 20) has talked about:

“It’s just good to be involved in the tournament and it’ll be a great experience for me, with the World Cup hopefully to come. I missed it a couple of years ago, so it’s nice to be involved this time and I think we have the potential to win it. It’d be great to bring a trophy back to England.”

And if the player continues in the same vein as he has been playing through next season, both Arsenal and England will benefit.

Finally, Eboue has dismissed a link with PSG saying he wants to stay at Arsenal, but again talking about his lack of first team football. Of course, there will be speculation, but if we can keep hold of him, then he will add to the squad depth – something that we need going into a tough season.

Okay, that’s it for now, have a great Sunday… til later…

  • zohaib

    I’m actually pleased there’s finally some more rumors about Adebayor leaving. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the striker department. Does Wenger finally play Walcott as a striker or does he use the funds he gets from selling Adebayor to get a costly defensive midfielder, or does he replace Adebayor with another striker … ?

  • TheSKAGooner

    I was a bit shocked by the Eboue to PSG thing, really. Not that they would be interested, but simply by the fact that we’ve been so linked with Sakho, I was thinking perhaps a swap was in the works. Eboue pretty much rubbished it though, at the very least stating he didn’t know anything about PSG’s interest and expressing his desire to stay at Arsenal.

    Regarding Ade…well, we knew interest was going to hot up on him once the mega deals started finalizing. Some teams were simply going to miss their mark and would cast an admiring eye at the big fella. On the chance that he might roar back with a monster season, I’d really prefer if Inter swooped for him instead of Chelsea if he does indeed move.

    On a side note, Setanta’s Live Blog were reporting earlier today that Fulham are looking to add to their back line. Apparently the player in question would slot in at Hangelands spot. It’s been my thinking since the end of the season that the reported 8m bid to Fulham was all press mish-mash, but that there was genuine interest on our part for him. As with the Vermaelen deal, where the club didn’t make a peep, although the press certainly did, I have a sneaking suspicion that Arsenal and Fulham have quietly been working on a deal for some time to bring Hangeland to the Emirates. My feeling’s not based on anything specific or insider knowledge, but just having some understanding of how we go about these things. It could be nothing though, regarding Fulham’s proposed move and our move for Hangeland. Could just be in my head wanting to see Hangeland and Vermaelen partner in the middle for us.

  • Berth

    TheSKAGooner; its understandable to have such dreams,but getting an extra defender at this point does not really make sense. What we need to sort out is clear to see; focusing on the Ade issue and looking for a DMF position; unless Wenger wants to convert Vermaelen to a DMFielder.

  • AJ

    SKAGooner, I could see Hangeland joining and would be happy with it, especially if we saw Gallas leave along with Senderos and I can see where you’re coming from by saying how we operate when it comes to transfers and not commenting on anything and Berth I disagree about getting another defender not making sense, I think if we could it would be in our best intrests because if Toure stays, we loose him for the African Nations Cup, Silvestre is getting old and spent a fair amount of time injured and Gallas is most probabaly on his way out. But the Ade issue is important, I personally hope he does go, no doubt he is a talented player, but he is too arrogant, however, there is time for him to change my opinion if he stays next season and plays like he did in his 30 goal season.

  • Arsefan101

    SKA, I think you’re right – I do remember a previous article discussing the fact that le boss wanted to bring in two defenders this summer – and if the Hangeland rumour is true, that would make a lot of sense – but should be also be selling some defenders? Also, should we not be looking at other positions? Isn’t one defender enough – maybe le boss think he needs a complete reshuffle…?

  • TheSKAGooner

    Berth, Arsefan…

    I’m not advocating adding Hangeland at the expense of neglecting the needs at DM. Not at all, and apologize if my comments came across that way. :)

    Certainly, with the addition of Vermaelen our focus should now turn to DM. It’s imperative not only for the strength of the squad but to help Cesc feel like we’re giving him the back cover he needs so as to play at his optimum in the attack.

    Frankly, wile adding Hangeland would be nice, and I do honestly have a feeling that something is going on behind the scenes…again…just a gut feeling…I would be more than happy if we added ONLY Vermaelen at the back line but kept everyone else, save for Senderos and Sylvestre. Our weakness at the back wasn’t so much lack of talent at the end of the season as it was lack of depth due to injury. It was constantly a makeshift defensive set, forcing AW to go with the dreaded 4-5-1 lineup to cover for having to play an injury weakened back 4. Keeping Gallas and Toure would be fantastic IMO, because it gives us REAL first team options at the back, allows Vermaelen time to adapt to the Premiership (if he needs it), continues to give Djourou and Song opportunities and we’re already set on the wings with Clichy/Gibbs (if he doesn’t go out on loan) and Sagna.

    So, again, didn’t mean to frighten anyone with my mention of Hangeland.

  • Berth

    Spot on TheSKAGooner.

  • Derek

    I think it is so important that we keep RVP. HE is such a class player and he and Bendtner have the ability to be fantastic. I think he will stay for the season, but if we do not win something he and maybe Fabregas will at least consider leaving. RVP said that money is not the issue with the contract, he wants to make sure that the club matches his ambition. sell Adebayor, by Dzeko or Aguero, sell Senderos to Fiorentina and get Melo in return. Also at least attempt to sign Lorik Cana. and keep Toure and Eboue. With a squad like that the FA cup at least ought to be a possibilty.

  • Arsefan101

    Cheers for the reply SKA – you’re right – last season we had Gallas, Toure, Djourou and Silvestre and a lot of injuries… this season we have those four plus Senderos and Vermaelen. If we do move 2 on, we’ll have the same numbers – and have an even bigger problem when Toure / Eboue go to the ACN – so I don’t think we should sell 2, I think just one… who?

  • zohaib

    Arsefan101, you forgot that Adebayor and Song also go to the ACN …

  • JDD

    i hope we do get felipe melo i saw him playing for brail against italy and he looks like a class player and i can see why hes been compared to gilberto silva.

    this could be just pure lies but i heard we may be in the hunt for carlos tevez apparently if adebayor leaves wenger will use the money to buy tevez and tevez would join us over the other clubs interested.i remember we were close to signing the summer west hame bought him.