Transfer News Hots Up…

Morning All,

It was a strange day yesterday as the fixtures were announced, which sees us have a tough start and a tough end of January / beginning of February… but as they say, you’ve got to play everyone twice, so it is a matter of us dealing with what we have. It’s just a little bit tough when you play all three of your main rivals in a 10 day period, thanks Fixtures man!

Away from the news about the fixtures, there’s been a bit more news on the transfer front, and having all but signed Thomas Vermaelen, our attentions can be turned to other targets, namely the defensive midfield position and the striking berth… of course the striking area is somewhere where we are flourished with riches but of course, if someone goes, they must be replaced.

Apparently we’re back in and seriously back in for Chamakh, according to Philippe Auclair – some sort of journalist – although his name rings a bell (I suspect he is also related to some sort of footballing agency but I can’t remember)… and this is the news you may see on a few web sites…

Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh’s proposed move to Arsenal may be back on, according to France Football journalist Philippe Auclair. The 25-year-old, who has earned 50 caps for Morocco scoring 15 goals, netted 13 times in Ligue 1 to help secure a first league crown in 10 years for les Girondins.

So either we’ve had an offer for Emmanuel Adebayor or Robin Van Persie is not signing his contract, the latter would be a real blow – and I can’t seem to find any news from Arsenal or Dutch related sites to say anything about the subject. The link with Dzeko looks like a deal that will never happen with Chelsea, Man City and Milan – all very “rich” clubs and clubs we’d find it had to compete with a on financial level – all serious rivals for the Bosnian’s signature.

In the defensive midfield position, a position which does need strenghening, we’re supposedly looking at only one player to fill the void left by many many players departures over the last few seasons. Whilst I think Alex Song has come along tremendously over the last two seasons, I think he’s the only “real” defensive midfield with Denilson, Cesc, Nasri, Diaby and Ramsey all players who like to play in the attacking midfield role… of course, the player we’ve been linked with is Lorik Cana, and a recent posted by Pete in the comments read:

“I will talk with my family and my representatives. It will then depend on what I want to do. I believe that if I want to leave, everyone at this club will respect my decision. It is not certain that I will be terminating my contract though. I am in no rush. Of the possible destinations in the future, England and Germany are the two leagues that attract me the most.”

Actually, pardon me for forgetting, but we’ve also been linked with Felipe Melo (and Fiorentina may be interested in Senderos which would make a deal easier) and both players look very good and we could really do with either in the squad – I do believe we’re on our way to signing one of them… earlier in the season Cana said he wouldn’t move, but his recent statements show that he may be looking to do so now as interest hots up… And of course, there is one other player, Miguel Veloso – but it doesn’t look like we’re interested nor does it look like any of the major European teams are – with his only offer coming from Bolton – and they’re struggling to match the £17m fee.

It’s coming to the second half of June now, and it would make sense for any signings to be made in the next two weeks as our training starts in July, so we’ll have to stay tuned over the next week or two as if we are going to sign someone, it may happen soon…

In other news, Eboue dismissed reports that he wants to leave citing a good relationship with the manager and the fans (despite reports to the contrary) but said if a big club, like Inter Milan, came along and offered a fee for his services, he’d be interested in a move like that… interesting words, and I’d like him to stay as we do need the cover at right back and right mid (and left back and left mid) – did you know Eboue started off his career as a centre back – okay, let’s not go there!

And finally a word for Kieran Gibbs – I have to say you’ve seized your opportunity in a very similar way to how Clichy took over from Cole – congratulations on your efforts and may you continue in a similar vein next season… but it’s a position that all of a sudden looks very congested, with Clichy the #1 choice and Traore returning from his loan at Pompey – who knows what will happen next season? But I for one want to see more of Gibbs, I’m just not sure how Arsene will manage it all…

The player saying this over his chances:

“It’s hard to think at the time and put the blame on anyone else. I felt disappointed after that but I’m trying to forget about that now and this is the tournament I am in. I look at the season as a big success for me personally, I’ve got my experience in and played in some big games that I wanted to play in.

“On the other side, for the team, after what happened in the Champions League I felt disappointed, not for myself but for the team and the people I thought I had let down. I received a lot of support after that and that got me through it for the rest of the season. I think it showed a mental strength to come back from that, especially straight after. It will be difficult because when you play week-in week-out you get used to it and it would be different coming off the bench again. I’m still 19 and he (Clichy) is a world-class left-back. I’ve still got a lot to learn from him and I don’t think it will be too disappointing for me to continue learning from one of the best left-backs in the world. I enjoyed it at Norwich (during a loan spell in the 2007/08 campaign). Would I go again? I would go again if the manager wants me to, if he feels I need more experience before going back in at that level.”

And that’s a very humble view of his season and his future… with our injuries, I’m sure you’ll get a chance at left back and left mid – and I fully expect Gibbs to allow Clichy to have a rest when required (something that the Frenchman hasn’t really had the opportunity to do recently) as well as take centre stage in our Carling Cup and FA Cup runs – I’ve also been impressed with the players dribbling ability as he’s got quite a bit to offer going forward…

Okie dokie… happy Thursday and speak later…

  • TheSKAGooner

    I know this isn’t on the transfer radar at the moment, but don’t be too surprised to see us add Hangeland before or shortly after training begins. I know we’ve added Vermaelen, and I’m well chuffed for that. But I do think AW will go for Hangeland to partner him in the middle, with Clichy & Sagna out wide on the back line.

    The Melo deal looks like it’s taken a turn for the more positive with Fiorentina’s interest in Big Phil. Could be win-win for all considered if the links are as strong as they appear. Either Melo or Cana would be superb additions to the midfield, and lets not forget Thunderfoot Hitzlsperger from Stuttgart. A recent name added to the list of possibles at DM.

    Regarding the somewhat sudden rekindling of interest in Chamakh…yes, it does appear that either we’ve had a serious offer for Ade or RVP is not going to extend his contract. Frankly, with Ade getting tossed from the Togo squad the other day, and everything else surrounding him, I’m inclined to think it’s the offer for Ade that’s more likely. Well…ummm…OK, I have to fess up and say that I simply do not want RVP to leave and I am praying, saying the Rosary and burning candles in order to have Robin stay. So my thinking on this matter could be slightly biased.

  • Berth

    Chamakh is no better than Ade; Dev you keep sounding like this about Gibbs,well its ok but………

  • Berth

    I mean I don’t like the tune of your voice with the Gibbs/ Clichy thing DEV – You are sounding more like in 2 years time lets cash on Clichy and maintain Gibbs – now tell me why any experienced players would come to Arsenal when we obviously favour young lads. See, this your statement has a bigger implication than you realize Dev; it shows how rare and extremely difficult it will be to lure players from 27 + years except we do a swap deal or we buy a geriatric (LOL). In real sense the kids available are blindfolding the club. Am not against the youth thing, but what am worried about is bridging that gap (eg Arshavin) between Experience and youth.We can’t seem to resist that temptation of catching them young and selling them later (Thomas Vermaelen – 23).We need to start thinking big mates.

  • Demzz

    Umm i always thought it was about height in defence.. thinking about it! but going back to the future.. some of the hardest defenders was under 6 foot.. and a certain defender was 6 foot something a name rings a bell carlton palmer was one of the worst defenders ive seen in my life! bramble has gottern better and he is under 6 foot! we do need help in the air i wouldnt lie to you because we have conceeded alot of goals from the air.. but thinking about it.. we need a fast striker.. we have always had it in the past 15 seasons.. from ian wright, anelka, henry… these threw strikers was the ones dt can reach balls un reachable.. and ade reach dem balls.. or RVP.. we have a bergkamp.. yh RVP does have a brilliant touch and shot.. but he cant beat men.. we have good wingers nw.. from clichy sagna, theo ashavin and a brilliant centre with fab.. i saw a few videos of cana and he reminded so much of viera.. just didnt care once he won the ball.. i would love to see him here.. for strikers.. i aint seen no one dt has standed out more den torres! and back to the defenders.. hangleland is the best for us.. he helped fulham get were they was.. had the 5th best record in the prem after the big four.. with goals conseeding nw dts quality.. i talk 2 alot of arsenal fans.. and i no we all have dt doubt dt it might b another seasno of scraping 4th place.. i remember we said dt about the over season but we was 4 points from winning it.. if it wasent for eduardo.. we might of won it! emotions run wild at us gunners.. why we are cannons.. sometimes we just destruct!! but im gonna read up on this transfer news.. but just thinking of eduardo back to full best.. rosicky back.. which has everything we need, and maybe buying a new defence and a quick striker, dt has everything henry had den maybe i might have to fight for arsenal because i love to not because they called us by a bad name!!

  • CarlZA

    I’m also a huge fan of Gibbs. Very good going forward and for the left side you can slot him in anywhere (Defense/Mid). Clichy Mark 2.0 in the making.

    From last season Song and Gibbs came through very well. As for Eboue – what I like about him is a.) getting out of that slump he created himself (red card and that awful game) – the change of attitude was noteworthy and b.) his powerful runs, similar to Toure.

    The day Eboue wants to cut through midfield he can do so remarkably and the times he did it was during a phase of non penetrating football from the Arsenal. He comes in handy, problem is he fills an impact role and not starting 11 role.

  • Pete

    Just read that the Vermaelen signing is VERY close. Here’s a few words from the man himself:

    “The signature is not there yet, but everything is in order. On Friday I will fly to London to undergo a medical. Then I hope to sign. I feel so proud. Arsenal is a fantastic club, and as a child I watched them play. On Friday, if I go to Emirates Stadium I will be seriously impressed. This will be a big change in my life, next year I will suddenly be facing the best strikers in the world. This does not scare me, I will give everything my body has. This is one of the best days of my life.”

    Sounds like a top lad. Welcome to Arsenal Thomas 😀 Make us proud mate!

  • AJ

    Im hoping we do land Vermaelen and if we could add another defender on top of that, it would be great. As for Adebayor, lets hope he is going, but I’m not that convinced by Chamakh as a replacement, something just doesn’t sit right with me and 13 goals in one season is less than Adebayor got and in a league that I believe is of lower quality than ours.

  • IhateAdebayor

    Adebayor must go. But I think we’ll have to pay a club to take him away. He is absolutely useless. He loses the ball so many times after the rest of the team work so hard to get it to him. He cant even dribble. and he’s tall for nothing, cant head to save his life!

  • Debs

    IhateAdebayor, I’m sure you weren’t saying all that last season when he had a stormer!
    Granted, he’s had a pretty shit season the season that just ended, but it’s just ridiculous how easy it is for people to change their tone from praise to disgust over the course of 2 seasons. Amazing!

  • CarlZA

    My disliking in Ade comes from his slack attitude. Had he been trying his utmost best, like Bendtner, then I would’ve seen him in another light. Plus his contradicting notions on leaving/staying ain’t on.

  • Debs

    There’s nothing wrong with disliking him, to be honest, he’s not really my cup of tea, but saying that he’s absolutely useless, is way too much exaggeration and is an unfair statement to make.

  • Fabrez

    Chamakh…not really impressed by him personally. He should have more goals…49 in 189 appearances for Bordeaux doesn’t shout “Arsenal” to me. At age 25 he needs to be hittin the back of the net a bit more to come to the Emirates imo.

    Adebayor…to be honest, we can say whatever we like…keep him/sell him. If the guy honestly loves the Club as he claims he does, I’d expect him to be honest with himself and consider the fact that he has a brilliant contract and honour it. It’s all about what’s in his head…the mental aspect. He can win fans over again…but he needs to show it. He needs to show real commitment to the cause…play his heart out…and the fans will warm to him again. It’s like a couple…sum1 cheats and the cheater (Ade) gets the chance to stay with his/her partner (the Club/fans) but isn’t showing the commitment that the relationship deserves. It makes you wonder if it’s worth it bcuz the wronged individual knows the 1 that cheated is capable of doing better ( Ade’s 07/08 season). Of course when you are presented with a half-hearted effort ( Ade’s 08/09 season), u think twice.
    I’m not one for numerous ins and outs so come on Ade…pull ur socks up and show us that u want it to work.

    I’m still anxious about RvP not signing yet!! C’mon RvP!

    And Kieran…while he’s been a revelation, still has loads to learn from Clichy and isn’t at Clichy’s level yet. I’m glad he’s humble enough and smart enough to appreciate that. He’s a grounded lad and that’s good to see.

  • Pete

    Melo is in the Brazil side in todays Confed cup game, alongside former Gunner Gilberto. They’re beating USA 2-0 at the moment :-)

  • Pete

    Forgot to mention he scored the first goal in the game too 😀

  • parsi

    It is farcical that whilst the rest of us are going through a recession and struggling to make ends meet, football transfer fees and wages are going through the roof. I read an article the other day which said football clubs’ takings have gone up 26% over the past year and wages up by an average of 23% (or may have been vice-versa, can’t remember). This is a ridiculous state of affairs. However, it is up to us as the fans to do something about it. The number of times I read people on here having snidey little digs at each other for not going to the game is ridiculous. The point is, the premiership “Sugar Daddies” (Man City included) are not in it for the good of the club. Whilst they will shell out an initial outlay to improve the team, eventually they are businessmen and are going to want to see a profit. The whole thing creates a vicious circle. The top players keep demanding more and more money, which results in the clubs paying it to keep themselves at the top or to catch up. This leads to demands getting higher year on year. The clubs have to make the money back from somewhere, so there goes another couple of quid on ticket prices, 50p on your half-time pint. Whilst the fans keep paying it, the clubs will keep increasing prices and whilst the clubs keep paying more, players will keep demanding more. That’s the market economy for you. The only way we can do anything about it is to refuse to pay these prices until they get the message. A lot of people say “what’s a couple of quid more, it’s one less pint before the game”. Some people are at the stage where they can’t afford to buy a pint before the game. Soon it will be they can’t afford to go full stop. But clubs and players will keep on and on pushing that barrier. It’s simple elasticity of demand. Players will keep demanding bigger sums until the clubs simply are not…. willing to pay those sums anymore. Hence clubs will keep increasing their prices until it gets to the stage that the fans aren’t willing to go anymore. Using subtle tricks like Glazer’s mandatory cup ticket scheme along the way. At that point, we’ll have reached the stage where the working man is priced out and most of the tickets go to corporate idiots with more money than sense anyway. Unfortunately, the football fan as a captive audience is sowing the seeds of his own downfall. If we don’t like how this thing is going, it’s up to us to stop it by saying enough is enough. I have been offered a season ticket at O.T. but am not prepared to commit such a large sum of money with probably more to follow. I go to about 8-9 games a season usually, always ensuring it is within my means and never buy anything from the ground/megastore except the very occasional half time beer. I will cheer the team to the rafters when I am there, however, am not willing to have the p*** taken out of me. Unfortunately, it’s one of those strange contradictions that the real fans, the ones who have the most right to moan about the players and clubs taking it over wages and salaries, are the ones who are basically helping to perpetuate it. /RANT as I’m starting to do a Rafa now.

  • Yemi

    It’s so quiet in the transfer market for arsenal as usual apart from Vermaelen talk. i hope it is not one of those summers where we show loyalty to the young players and buy nobody.

  • nick

    I have never left a reply on thsi blog but greatly enjoy reading it everyday. I saw this text on another site and thought i would share it. God i wish next season was NOW!!! Enjoy and thanks for keeping me entertained during boring working hours!!!

    While we never know if the Professor will decide to bring in players, we do know eight words that will come out of his mouth before the start of next season, Eduardo and Rosicky will be like new signings. Some fans, who want him to spend galactic amounts of money, will mock this, but he couldn’t be more right. Neither has played in the Premiership since early 2008, but both returned to full training during the latter portions of last season and they will be ready to go come August, barring any new setbacks. Both are world class players that will boost the attacking talent at the club tenfold.

    Picture this: its five past 3 o`clock on a Saturday afternoon in a sunny North London. The lush Emirates pitch is in immaculate condition like always and Arsenal is beginning an attack on their opponent`s goal. Sagna passes the ball inside to Cesc, who continues the switch of play by swinging it over to Arshavin on the left flank. There goes the blur of Gael Clichy bombing down the touchline, overlapping the artistic Russian. Andrey slots the ball between two defenders into the path of Clichy, who looks up and spots Eduardo in the box waiting to pounce. Instead, Gael plays a low ball into the feet of van Persie, who swivels around a helpless defender and chips the ball back post onto the onrushing Rosicky, who has ghosted past his marker to steal the ball right off of the toes of his opponent. The back of the net ripples violently and the home crowd erupts in jubilation.

    This thought of an attacking lineup consisting of Sagna, Clichy, Fabregas, Arshavin, Rosicky, van Persie, and Eduardo gives me shivers. Add in the depth of Nasri, Walcott, Vela, Denilson and Bendtner, and you have on offense who matches any other in Europe. Arsenal aren`t far off from having another great Wenger team, and I don`t think I`m the only one who senses that Arsene will put together those final puzzle pieces in the coming weeks.

  • Berth

    Can you dig that!!! Nick your are not far from the truth.Parsi spot on.

  • JDD

    i would like to see adebayor stay unles he wants to go and unfortunately i think he does.the player we shud get to replace him is luis fabiano,huntelaar or santa cruz.

    i heard that real madrid offered 35mil + sneijder + van der vaart for ribery and bayern munich rejected.i think we should make offers for both these players,sneijder and van der vaart,they are both top class players and even though we have a lot of attacking options these would be great additions to the squad.even the addition of 1 of them should happen. van der vaart is valued at 8mil and sneijder probly 15mil-20mil i dont think this is out of our price range.

  • Yemi

    Nick, i didn’t see Cesc mentioned anywhere !!!

  • Yemi

    Champions league qualification rounds and who we might meet along the line.

    Arsenal could face the following: Stuttgart, Fiorentina, Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Anderlecht, Sparta Prague, Dinamo Bucharest, FC Twente, Dinamo Moscow, Sivasspor.

  • Karl

    i’d prefer Arsene to sign Dzeko, rather than Chamakh, as a replacement for Ade if/when he leaves. having a look at them both on youtube Dzeko looks much better and his stats support it, he has scored 11 more goals in 66 less games, and he is younger so he has more room for improvement.