Senderos and the new look 2010 defence…

Afternoon all, and it’s yet another sunny day down here in London – it really is quite summery!

So, it’s now week 3 of no real football and it’s starting to feel very weird not seeing Arsenal in action… nevertheless, we’re in the middle of many transfers and a bit of footy thanks to the Masters, The Confederations Cup and of course, the European Under 21 Championships, which kicks off tonight.

As you may or may not be aware, Philippe Senderos, will be returning to Arsenal after Milan decided not to take up the option of signing him permanently. At the end of the season, he declared he wanted to stay at the San Siro, but it looks like his wish will not be granted.

“I feel very good here and I would like to stay. I know that the decision does not depend on me, but on the two clubs. At the beginning it was a little difficult because of the injury I suffered and I wanted to show my qualities by starting well, but injuries are a part of football. I have worked extensively with the coach and I have always had the support of my peers and the club and this helped me a lot for the second part of the season where I played a little more.”

It’s been difficult for the Swiss defender, as it seems like Arsene has lost confidence in the stopper, having decided to play Alex Song at the latter part of the season before last, ahead of Senderos. The boss eventually loaning out the young defender to Milan – a step which confirmed that he was no longer in his plans. He spoke this weekend and said:

“It depends on Arsenal. I want to continue at Milan because I cannot see a place for me with the Gunners.”

But for all of these
statements, it looks like Philippe coming back to Arsenal is a serious possibility. The question, obviously, is whether he will get back into the team and what we’ll gain by taking Senderos back…?

Well it all depends on what the rest of the defence do… if we do have Senderos back and we do sign Vermaelen, then we will go into next season with the following players:

Kolo Toure, William Gallas, Philippe Senderos, Thomas Vermaelen, Johan Djourou, Mikael Silvestre and Alex Song

That’s 7 centre backs, which is more than any team really needs. Something of a theme in the comments recently is that quality is better than quantity. With Clichy, Gibbs and Traore all left backs, and Sagna and Eboue our right backs, there is congestion in the centre back department. Let’s take Alex Song out of the equation, that’s still 6 centre backs.

The question is who leaves. If Gallas and Silvestre go, then suddenly Senderos becomes a very important member of the back line – if they don’t, then suddenly he’s surplus to requirements… I’d expect with the arrival of Thomas Vermaelen that one of Silvestre or Gallas will be off, and I hope it’s the former United man rather than the former Chelsea man, who’s best football was seen last year.

So, let’s keep an eye on what happens…

In other news, Clichy has rejected the overtures from Real Madrid and categorically came out with this statement:

“I heard there is an interest from Real Madrid, but I have a contract with Arsenal which I intend to respect unless the club say otherwise. It is great to be linked with Real, but I want to win things with Arsenal.”

And in reality, that’s exactly which Gael is such a fans favourite – good on you Clichy, let’s win things!

More tomorrow…

  • TheSKAGooner

    Good stuff. It’s all rather like waiting for Jell-O to set regarding our defense at the moment, isn’t it? Nothing is quite firm – who’s staying/who’s going – hell, we’re not even sure what all the ingredients will be come August.

    Ahhh…the joys of Gunner cookery! :)

  • Pete

    Whats good is that if we keep most of our defenders, at least we’ll be able rest key players for important games, as well as compete in all four competitions. But if we manage to sell one or two (Silvestre and Senderos, preferably), then we can get better replacements.

    Loved seeing captain Cesc score for Spain yesterday :)

  • RockSolid

    Gunner cookery, lol… in, out, shake it all about… I’d prefer to have Gallas stay and Silvestre go, and I’d like to keep Toure and Senderos too – we need strength in depth!

  • Berth

    Senderos, another calamity player. Not that he is a bad player, but he couldn’t handle the pressure from the press and most of all the fans did not give him the backing he expected; I guess. Though slow in a way, he has the ability to dorminate ariel balls and could be an asset in that area. He deserves a second chance, after all Silvestre is no better.

  • RassHenry

    Ship out Silvestre & bring back Sanderos to the squad (good in the air & better back up than Silvestre). The rest remains with, 1 quality addition (Belgian player as rumoured), but i still prefer Micah Richards instead.

    First team :

    3.Sagna 18.Richards 5.Toure 22.Clichy

    Back-up :

    27.Ebue 20.Djourou/6.Sanderos/10.Gallas 40.Gibbs

    Cheers :)