2009 / 2010 League Fixtures Rehearsal Would Be a Difficult Start…

Today the FA and Sky ran a rehearsal of the 2009 / 2010 Premiership fixtures and if they were real, we’d have a rather tough start!

Looking at the first set of fixtures, this is what we would have:

August 15th – West Ham vs Arsenal

August 18th – Champions League Playoff Fixture

August 22nd – Arsenal vs Burnley

August 25th –¬†Champions League Playoff Fixture

August 29th – Arsenal vs Chelsea

September 12th – Bolton vs Arsenal

September 15th – Champions League Group Stage

September 19th – Liverpool vs Arsenal

September 26th – Arsenal vs Man City

September 29th – Champions League Group Stage

So, it seems that we’d kick off the season with West Ham away from home which of course is a London derby, swiftly followed by a ¬†Champions League game, which could be a game against the likes of Sporting Lisbon, Athletico Madrid or Celtic amongst others!

Then we’ll have newly promoted Burnley – newly promoted clubs always a threat! And then the return leg of the Champions League playoff, before taking on Chelsea at the Emirates – all of this in the last 2 weeks of August!

September is equally packed, with 5 games in 2 1/2 weeks which sees us take on Bolton and Liverpool away, sandwiched by another Champions League game and then high spending Man City at home before another CL game…

Of course, we’ll have to play every team twice throughout the season, but it is a tough start and if it were real, it would be some test at the beginning of the season…

The real fixtures are announced on Wednesday, so let’s see what happens!

  • RockSolid

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter who we play, it’ll be tough – having Burnley early on is good, especially at home and also Chelsea at home is good at a time when we have a few games and fresh legs!

  • Arsefan101

    Dude, that is a tough start – to have Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City in the first couple of prem fixtures isn’t the easiest – but as RockSolid says – it doesn’t matter who you play – ulimately you have to play everyone soon!

  • RassHenry

    It does’nt matter who we play & as far as i concern we need to win more games & of course don’t draw too many in order to push for title next season. If we are ready with needed quality in all position, i don’t think its impossible to win the league, tho. Hope & wish that, Arsene Wenger & the team will never dissapoint us.

    Cheers :)