Cesc confirms commitment to Arsenal…

In a day which saw United accept a world record bid for their prize possession, Cristiano Ronaldo, the world of modern day football took another twist. Reports shows that Real Madrid are amongst the richest club in the world, if not the richest club in the world, and in a quietish couple of years and sensible spending, they apparently saved up quite a lot of money. Looking at their income and Man United’s – the difference is that all of their profit can be spent on transfers including player transfers out such as Robinho and others. Real Madrid have a few advantages over most clubs – being the darling club of the wealthy Spanish presidency as well as having high value television deals and most importantly a share of their player’s image rights.

All of this contributes to a lot of money coming into their club with the only expenditures being the wages. In times of trouble, the Spanish government have often bailed them out with the recent purchase of a training ground for a whopping £200m. The tax levels of high earners also comes into play which means the real terms of wages is significantly lowered comparably to English teams. Couple that with the fact that the club’s debt are held with non aggressive and often lax creditors, it’s understandable to see how this money has become available.

See yesterday’s comments for some more general impasse on this, an excerpt being:

Finally, there’s Real’s status as, effectively, a non-profit social trust. This means they do not need to generate £30 million a year just to service their debt (like United). Most of Madrid’s dent is held with local banks, many of whom are under political and social pressure not to tighten the screws. Real are too big and too important to fail or to come under the kind of debt pressures that affect traditional clubs. The club’s social, political, and economic significance dwarfs that of any other club in the world.

The problem that United face will be to replace him and with £80m that may not be too difficult. Tevez has this morning being linked as the next Real Madrid signing and if this were to happen, it would significantly dent United plans.

The worry as an Arsenal fan, after seeing Ronaldo and Kaka move from their respective clubs is obviously the future of Cesc Fabregas – another player whom Real Madrid and their presidency have publicly coveted and an offer of £45m is thought to be enough to sway the club’s hand in this economic time. But Arsenal plan to build the future around the Spaniard and neither the club nor the player wants to move.

Cesc Fabregas came out yesterday and said:

“Of course I see my future at Arsenal. I have a very long contract with the club. I would have never signed that if I did not think I was capable of making it (to the end of the contract). The boss knows that I really want to stay here. What you cannot stop is what people say about you. The press can write or say whatever they want. Here, I do not get involved at all. Since I am 18, they have been saying that – but I am still here. I just say what I feel – and what I feel is that I hope I can be at Arsenal for many years and lift trophies which they have never lifted before, like the Champions League, to lift the Premier League, FA Cups. I am really looking forward to it because I am sure the future is bright here.”

And I believe there is no greater statement than that in relaying to the fans the desire to stay and move forward with the club – and am grateful that amongst all the current transfers, Cesc has spoken about this. Once our debt is paid off, we’ll be able to compete at the level higher than any other club – we will have no debt and thus our high revenues will ensure that we can compete at the highest level for years to come. Cesc is right – the future is bright, the future is red and white.

Til later, mes amigos, til later.

  • gunning 4eva

    “we will have no debt”- when can we expect that to happen?

  • gunning 4eva

    if we do sell fabregas, we are selling our star player who actually generates an important percentage of cash we generate each year. and given he’s our no. 1 and also captain, it will be the worst decision we’ll ever take.

    I think if madrid comes up with an offer, we fans will have to step up and do the exact thing milan fans did last year to prevent the selling of kaka

  • arsenal fan

    Arsenal is a better place for fabregas future sucess.if he want to lose his place bon voyage.but i know he know well than i think.it is not useful for Arsenal and for fabregas transfering to madrid.
    but Madrid is a better place for who need to win.Arsenal is a looser.

  • h.h

    do not ever think to sell fabregas.we have to had some player more like alonso.Arsenal will be empty than it is.if it is happened that will be a greate mistak.We are still losing our terapy cances in a silly mistake .so we have to recover our mistakes for our future terapy.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    How much debt have we got left some 300+ Million? that is going to be a long time to pay off before we can start becoming this ultimate force in English football!!

    It would help if we started winning trophies thus bringing in prize monies to pay this debt off as quickly as possible. So I say add to the debt a little to buy the players needed to help us start bringing in the money, otherwise we may start losing out to teams like Man City, Aston Villa, Everton and maybe even Portsmouth to a top 4 finish and miss the biggest prize of all.

  • Arsefan101

    The difference between the top prize money is not that much – 4th in the league and 2 semi-finals is about £10 -£15m less. But if we spend £100m, it doesn’t guarantee success and also is more than the £10m – £15m extra we’d make.

    What we need to do is to balance the books, which is what we are doing – we do have money and we can service the debt – it’s not a problem – we have £15m to spend this season and in reality we don’t need too much more.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    You have missed my point Arsefan101…I am worried if we dont invest a little (100m is not a little by the way) now, we will not even make the CL next season thus missing out on the big money tournament. That would not help us pay off the debt.

    I am Looking at Man City in particular as a true treat to our top 4 finish if they land their transfer targets…and lets be honest they will eventually be on par with Chelsea in regards to player quality. Chelsea basically bought their way into the top 4 and if the blue side of Manchester do the same, one team will drop out the top slots and without some investment I fear it may be us.

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  • manoo

    It is more likely to be ‘pool than us who fall out of the top 4. Last season was the only season in prem since wenger when they finished a long way ahead of us. What about every other season since then. We’ve finished higher than them every other year except 05/06 when we finished below dem on goal dif. We will do much better next year, considering walcott, fab, gallas, eduardo, rosicky, van persie, clichy, were all injured 4 long periods last year. If everyone is fit we will a very good squad with depth. However we still need some consistent quality, as that is something missing. We cant cut every team open like we used to every week. Also we need a Cana to destroy opposition midfielders. Denilson and song were class last year in DM, but its not their prime position, theyre not the right players for that position. Wot do you think? Also when is vermaelen coming? Fabianski just signed a new long term contract BTW. and dennis bergkamp apperntly says we need 4/5 new players, one of who is yaya, whose agent says we cant afford. Agents are p***ks

  • Yemi

    Manoo, you have so much if’s and if’s but i ask, if we have injuries like last season, don’t you think that will spell doom ? especially if we don’t strenghten the weak links in our team. C, DM and some backup for RB.

  • rapudo

    whether cesc stays or goes all depends on him. and no, arsenal can not claim to be the best place for cesc. arsenal needs him more than he needs arsenal. i hope he stays on to win a t ehtrophies that he so deserves.