Walcott terrorises Andorra and I’m glad we didn’t sign Fergie…

Morning All,

It was a good evening yesterday as we had a dose of football and had the opportunity to see our beloved Theo play. Personally I thought he had a really good game. He was severely marked, sometimes having 2 or even 3 defenders on him, but his pace and trickery gave him some very good positions and he did well in the build up to most of the goals as well as taking players away from other players. I was also impressed by Wayne Rooney who seems like a demon possessed and Ashley Young had a good cameo – with the England team showing some strength and depth, a really good omen as the World Cup draws closer and closer. And WOA will be travelling to South Africa and setting up base in Johannsburg, so if you’re going to be there, so make sure you contact us and let us know – we’ll be organising a few Arsenal events and meeting up for games and all the shannigans that goes on before and after games.

Theo’s performance, albeit against a minnow, does show what a threat he can be – his hat-trick against Croatia in the same qualifying campaign again shows he can play as an out an out winger or in a front three. This season saw the player dogged by a few injuries but as he grows up, he is growing into one hell of a player. Well done Theo and I’ll be following you as you travel to Sweden next week for the England Under 21 tournament (not literally, I won’t be following you to Sweden!)…

News broke earlier, that many years ago, we, Arsenal, had potentially offered Alex Ferguson a chance to join us back in 1986 and instead we hastily appointed George Graham. Many people say that it was a bad thing for Arsenal that we didn’t sign Fergie up – but in reality I am quite glad – as George Graham – at the time led us to many a league and cup win and at the time was more highly rated. Of course the recent sucess that Ferguson has had implies our long term fortunes may have been different, but personally, I am very glad that the course of events meant that we ended up bringing Arsene to the club instead 10 years later.

Former United goalkeeper, Jim Leighton said:

“We were in Santa Fe before we went to Mexico and Fergie was offered the Arsenal job at the time and George Graham would have been his assistant. But he wanted to wait until the World Cup was finished before it was getting announced and Arsenal said that they wanted it straightaway. So he refused it and George Graham got the job. Who knows what could have happened to Arsenal and Man United if that had been the case and went ahead.He wanted to announce it when he got back to Aberdeen, to do it the right way. So credit to him, he wanted to do it the right way and not from a press conference in America.”

Hindsight / foresight are beatiful things but in the real world we don’t possess the latter – but I don’t think Ferguson could have done what Arsene has done in the way he has done it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not critising Fergie at all, I do believe his a good coach – but  I do think he has had better resources and was blessed with a group of kids coming through at the same time. He’s had the luxury of spending more than any other club in the league during his reign as United manager and no matter how good you are, that’s an attribute that can only contribute to success.

Arsene, however, has helped facilitate the move from Highbury to the Emirates in a very expensive real estate city, London, as well as play some of the most attractive football in years all within a very agressive budget. He’s also continually been finding the best young potential and turning them into house hold names. The move, the budgets, the type of football and the long term success has all be guarenteed by Arsene and he’s more than a football coach, he’s a professor of the modern game.

And finally, browsing the papers, we’ve been linked with another 10 players today and it’s probably all speculation – but the highly probable transfer is still the Vermaelen deal as all parties involved, except for Arsenal have pretty much confirmed it’s happening – the interesting rumours today is that Gallas may be off to either Milan or Juventus – I don’t know how much truth there is in that, but if you asked me mid season, I wanted the Frenchman out – but at the end of the season, having been replaced as captain, he’s actually been our best defender.

Have a good one… Til later…

  • zohaib

    Gallas and Adebayor for Pato …. yes or no guys ?

  • Steven

    Sounds like a good swap for me, as long as we get some good defensive cover in and don’t lose any more players over the summer

  • richiebacardi

    Breaking news about a certain Portugese footballer leaving a certain club

  • Debs

    Don’t know whether it’s great news for us, seeing as they’ll get 80million pounds, which they’ll probably use to get more players!

  • AJ

    Yeah 80mill for Ronaldo and Gallas and Adebayor for Pato, why not, Pato isn’t the finished article but he’s still damn good and atleast has the desire to go out there and prove himself. And I am glad we got Wenger, Ferguson would of been good no doubt, but would he of been able to do what Wenger does on the budgets Wenger gets? I doubt it.

  • Debs

    If we got Fergie, we never would have got Arsene, so thank God we didn’t get Fergie!

  • Pete

    Good bit of businness from United, it has to be said. Probably see someone like Valencia or Ribery come in as a replacement.

    Speaking from a purely footballing perspective, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing the likes of Kaka, Ronaldo and anyone else Madrid buys playing alongside each other.

    I too am glad we didn’t end up with Fergie as manager. Arsene is just right for this club.

  • Debs

    Apparently, Real are interested in Cichy!

  • Fo

    For £80m, you’d easily replace Ronaldo. Real Madrid are paying over the odds – £30m for the player and £50m for the reputation and / or marketing aspect.

    Valencia will go to United for £15m and they’ll keep Nani and it really won’t too much of a difference. If they wanted to, they could go in for Ashley Young or keep Tevez and play him right side – good piece of business for United.

  • Arsefan101

    Perez is certainly bringing back the Galacticos…

    Real Madrid Next Season:
    Ramos – Pepe – Heinze – Metzleder – Marcelo
    M Diarra – L Diarra – Gago
    Robben – Kaka – Van Der Vaart – Snjeider – Ronaldo
    Van Nisterloy – Saviola – Raul – Higuan

    I’ve probably missed out some people here as well as any new signings.

    Doubt they’d come in for Clichy as Marcelo is awesome, and Heinze is backup. Barcelona may though!

  • zohaib

    I haven’t read that anywhere Debs, where’d you read that ?

    I don’t think he’ll want to leave. I think he’s one of the most passionate and loyal footballers we have. He’s one of our more experienced players and I can’t see him leaving at all. Plus, didn’t Wenger say we have to keep all our players first, then add where it’s needed.

    The media expect ManUtd to sign either Ribery, Benzema, Tevez or Villa. Although Bayern have made it clear they don’t want to sell Ribery. If they’re not prepared to pay what’s needed for Tevez, then they’ll lose two attacking players, which they’ll need to replace. Now they do have the youngster Macheda who came through the ranks towards the end of the season, and they have the striker on loan at Hull, Manucho, who they could bring back. They have wingers in Nani, Park, maybe Giggs, and Fletcher and Anderson who could play as wingers, and anyone else I’m forgetting, which is starting to look like not many wingers, so maybe they’ll get some wingers – Valencia from Wigan ? I don’t know who else is available. Those are the names the media’s been talking about. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • zohaib

    Fo – they can’t just ‘keep’ Tevez. They have to buy him first. And he costs around 30 million pounds too.

  • zohaib

    I forgot Danny Wellbeck as striker and Zoran Tosic the winger they bought in January if I remember correctly.

    So maybe just the one player then.

  • Debs

    I didn’t read it anywhere- it was one of those Sky Sports News reporters in Spain that mentioned it. But anyways, based on the way Real have been doing things, if it’s not in the newspapers, then it probably isn’t for real…
    But even though they, or anyone, did come for him, like you said, he’ll most likely stay. Top dude!

  • Toby

    Theo looked great in the game, he managed to stand strong and hold his own against a team that have the highest average fouls per game ratio.

    5 reasons why Clichy is not going to Madrid:

    1) He waited behind c*le for three years out of faith for Wenger and Arsenal.
    2) He is possibly one of our best players; Wenger would not lose his experience.
    3) He has never shown any hint of mistrusting or doubting the club
    4) He has been here longer than any other player (he joined the same year as Cesc).
    5) There have been no reports in any major websites or newspapers of the transfer.

    Also Barcelona have Abidal, who is chosen ahead of Clichy for France, so I doubt that Barca would fork out in the region of 15-18 million for a second choice left back.

    £80m is stupid money! Potentially bad news for us as for this money united could buy 5 Arshavin priced players!

    Did anyone else see the Jimmy Greaves half time interview for the Andorra game? Hilarious!

  • Debs

    Yeah Toby. If Clichy left, that would be a massive massive surprise! Can’t wait for him to be back next season as he missed most of the games at the end of the season.

    On another note, I just read the worst-ever Article. Paul Parker, hang your head in shame! I agree with the Gibbs part, but the Theo bit is absolute rubbish!



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