The World Is Going Mad as United Agree £80m Sale of Ronaldo to Real Madrid

Afternoon all, and in a slightly non-Arsenal mid-afternoon post, I’d like to comment a little on the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. For those of you unaware, here’s the statement.

“Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. At Cristiano’s request – who has again expressed his desire to leave – and after discussion with the player’s representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player. Matters are expected to be concluded by 30th June. The club will not comment until further notice.”

Okay, so United lose a player, but in reality – they gain £80m for a player who is very good – but not worth £80m… Arshavin’s transfer to Arsenal for £15m seems like a bargain now doesn’t it. United will be weaker, but with £80m, they can strengthen many times over. If push comes to shove, and then spend £40m  on one winger – be it a Ribery or the like, they’d still have £40m to whack on another striker and a defender. Anyone want to give us £80m for Adebayor?

The levels of money being spent my Real Madrid on the transfers of Ronaldo and Kaka are distorted the game – add in Chelsea and Man City and you’ve got two economies of football – one that a club like Arsenal are simply not in.

Barcelona chief, Johan Laporta said this of the recent Real Madrid deals:

“It’s an opportunity to try to show that the market is at different levels. To pay these quantities is exorbitant. It doesn’t fit in with the reality of the market and it’s too risky. It’s distorting it.”

And he’s hit the nail on the spot. It’s not reality. There are two ways of looking at this – firstly, at Real Madrid – how on earth are they affording these transfers? Their new president Perez said that they are paying within their means, but I don’t really think so. But the other way of looking at it, is that Man United are significantly worse off without Ronaldo than with Ronaldo. And being weaker will make us stronger by default. Without Tevez either, they will not be the same team as they were last season. The question is who they replace the two players with – and that will determine their future.

What will determine our future is what we do with our squad, the players that we bring in and the players that we sell.

Football is a funny old game, isn’t it?


    I’m not too bothered as too how they are going to replace him- thats a Man Utd problem and Im an arsenal fan

    what really bothers me is how a) they are ACTUALLY paying for him b) is he REALLY worth it? c) what does this do to the market?

  • zohaib

    I doubt it’ll weaken them. If they lose Tevez too, they still have Wellbeck, Macheda and Manucho, 3 of their younger strikers, who’ll be playing more next season, with Rooney and Berbatov. But there is a chance they’ll keep Tevez, now that they’ve generated an exaggerated amount from Real Madrid.

    They’ve got Park, Nani, Tosic, Fletcher and maybe Anderson and Giggs who could fill in on the wings. But this is probably the one place where they’ll need to bring someone in. Maybe Ribery, or Valencia, or Young …

  • Arsefan101

    Apparently the hierarchy said they needed the sale for the debt and news is that the following will happen:

    + £6m for sale of Campbell
    + £4m for sale of Manucho
    £30m for Tevez including signing on fee
    £20m for Valencia including signing on fee
    £40m to debt.

  • Fabrez

    Was always going to happen once Kaka joined them. How the hell do you break world transfer records in the space of days tho? Insane! Funny enuff, I don’t think i’d have the affection i do for Arsenal if we had that kind of money to spend at will. Of course I’d want to have some to spend (a bit more than we have at the moment), but not the amount that Real and Chelsea have. Buying success is kinda lame in my eyes!

  • Arsefan101

    Yes Fabrez, you are 100% correct – buying success is very lame – building it is much better – but how on earth can Real Madrid afford these transfers – where are they getting the money from?

  • devday

    Source: David Wilson, Bleacher Report:

    When Real Madrid’s new President Florentino Pérez announced his massive summer spending spree, the first thought I had was: How can Real Madrid afford to sign superstars like Kaka and Ronaldo? They are not owned by a Russian oligarch or Arab sheikh, so where does Real find the money to outspend everyone?

    The reason is Real’s massive revenue stream. Deloitte has named them the richest team in the word for the last four seasons (Manchester United is second) with revenues of €366m (£290m). One large source of revenue is gate receipts. Real have the third-highest average attendance in Europe.

    Another huge revenue stream is Real’s TV contract. In 2006, Madrid they signed a seven-year deal with MediaPro guaranteeing €1.1 billion for their domestic league TV rights. That works out at about £135 million a season from their domestic league rights, which is more than twice what United receive.

    Another advantage that Madrid has over its European competitors are the tax laws in Spain. Spain’s tax laws mean foreign players pay tax at about 23 percent for the first five years that they are in the country. So if Real wants to pay Kaka £8 million after tax, it would cost them about £10 million a year, whereas it would cost Manchester United £16 million (thanks to the new 50 percent top marginal rate in England).

    Over five years, that’s a difference of £30 million on just one player. Multiply that £30 million by three or four players and it is easy to see why Real can afford the salaries they can.

    Finally, there’s Real’s status as, effectively, a non-profit social trust. This means they do not need to generate £30 million a year just to service their debt (like United). Most of Madrid’s dent is held with local banks, many of whom are under political and social pressure not to tighten the screws. Real are too big and too important to fail or to come under the kind of debt pressures that affect traditional clubs. The club’s social, political, and economic significance dwarfs that of any other club in the world.

    In that sense, they play by a different set of rules.

    Add in Real’s history as being one of the most glamorous teams in the world, and it is easy to see why superstars continue to flock to the Bernabeu.

  • Berth

    Devday thanks for the Real information.And again the tax thing is a massive advantage, but that is UK for you.

  • Berth

    Dev is there any truth on the £16 million offer for Yaya by Arsenal?

  • Berth

    * In

  • Yemi

    Tax in the UK is killing. But that aside, a friend just brought to my notice now a simple formula and it is really insane !!!

    Ronaldo + £20m = Newcastle United…………..Life is never fair!!!

    Back to my darling team, any news in the market regarding transfers ?

  • Berth

    If Ronaldo’s deal happens – you lads know what will happen next; the hunt for Fabregas will be next.

  • Debs

    nah, I doubt if they’ll come for Fabregas. The only team that can come after Fabregas with real conviction of actually getting him, will be Barcelona. I think Fabregas would only leave Arsenal for Barcelona, if he was to leave now. But you never know what would happen if they came for him with for a totally mind-boggling sum. But I don’t see that happening, personally.

  • Arsefan101

    Guys – I heard Man United are seriously considering approaching us for the sale of Fabregas at a reported £45m sum, which sources say we will accept. I hope this isn’t true – would £45m tempt you?

  • AJ

    I wouldn’t ever sell him to anyone, but I also just read that Fabregas has stated he won’t be going to Real Madrid, so I doubt he would go to Man United. One of the things he said was “Here, I do not get involved at all. Since I am 18, they have been saying that – but I am still here.”

  • Debs

    That’s what I like to hear, AJ! Man U can stuff their 45m! If we were ever to dream of selling Fab, which I’m sure we won’t, it’ll be to a club far far far away where we know he’ll not be able to come back and haunt us! lol

  • JDD

    fabregas has said that he wants to stay and win things.he said he is going to stay for at least the rest of his current contract which i believe has 5 years sell fabregas the captain and future of arsenal to man utd would be an outrage.if this happend(which i know wenger would not allow to happen)whoever on the board that agrees with the sale should be shot

  • Gooner Get Ya

    just think Ronaldo has been sold for nearly as much as Newcastle are up for…madness really.

    Cesc is defo not going to the Manc’s AW wouldn’t sell him to our rivals…would he?!

  • zohaib

    According to an article on SkySports, Dzeko says he either wants to go to AC Milan or stay at Wolfsburg.

    I suppose that might put an end to rumors that we’re after him.

    I also read that Deco and Carvalho might be on their way out of Chelsea. Maybe Inter Milan or Real Madrid (for Carvalho) ?

    There might be an exodus from Real Madrid like Newcastle.

    And next season ManCity along with Portsmouth might be a threat to 4th spot, as Wenger recently stated. Everton, Aston Villa are already contenders. Wigan and Fulham had a good season but Steve Bruce’s left for Sunderland where it seems he’ll have a decent amount of money to spend in the market.

    We’ve really got to step our game up otherwise next season we might miss out on 4th spot, like we almost did this season !

  • zohaib

    Speaking of Real Madrid and Newcastle. Some of their players might be available. Who would we like from their teams ?

    I’ve heard some people say M. Diarra is good. Can anybody elaborate ? Is he what we need ?

  • devday

    M Diarra is a decent player, strong and aggressive, but also highly over-rated – Real Madrid paid £26m for the player, so unless his value cuts but £15m, I doubt he’ll come to us.

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