Van Persie’s Delighted, Cesc Is Injured & A Little About Walcott…

Morning All…

We’re now in week two, day two of the post season blues and so far we’ve seen Barry transfer to Man City, Newcastle go up for sale, Kaka move to Real Madrid for a world record fee… Setanta may be on the verge of collapse and we’ve nearly signed someone… now that’s a hell of a week and two days.

The Tomas Vermaelen story did break last week and it took most of us a week to believe the story and only when the player himself starting talking about it – and now it seems like a done deal. Of course, the last thing said was that the player was in talks – but hopefully that will all be agreed very soon. Talk amongst the top players is that the player is a) very good and b) about 6 foot 1!

Van Persie’s took some time out and commented on the potential new arrival:

“It’s a good thing.There’s nothing wrong with the qualities of Vermaelen. He can play as a left-back or a central defender and we need this type of player. The guys that we now have on those positions are already somewhat older. He [Steve Rowley] doesn’t do such a thing out of the blue. He needs to see a player 30 to 40 times before a decision is made.”

Van Persie may remember the player as he was instrumental in keeping VP quiet in the Amsterdam tournament. Our Dutch striker is happy and confident about the signing which makes me very happy too. There is another positive underlying this statement as VP talks about us “needing this type of player” and this indicates that there still is a “we” to the him and Arsenal – I’m pretty confident he’s going to sign his contract too – maybe waiting to see who Arsene signing so he can be sure we’re going to challenge…

Onto some random news which is interesting, but not really too damning just yet is that Cesc has suffered an injury whilst on International duty playing for Spain against Azerbaijan (and they hit them for six)… inital reports are that it’s not serious – but I hope as a precaution they leave him out of the Confederations Cup and he gets some rest… we’ll see…

And finally, the debate of Theo Walcott continues – both Stuart Pearce and Fabio Capello talking about him in their press conferences yesterday.

“My first conversation was with Theo,” said Pearce. “I told him that I would like him at the Under-21s but that I wouldn’t like to say to Fabio to leave him out of the seniors so we could have him. He thanked me for that. I said that in a perfect scenario, I would like to see him represent both and he was in agreement. Theo thinks the Under-21 tournament will be fantastic for him, as he’s never actually played in a major tournament at any age group. I spoke with Arsène after that and I just told him my plans for Theo. Credit to him, he didn’t agree. I did say to him that I’d spoken to Theo. I have got an utmost respect for Arsène and I understand his point of view but we beg to differ a little bit and the most important driver in the whole conversation was the fact that Theo wants to be part of both squads.”

It’s kind of covering old ground – yes, we understand he hasn’t played too much this season, yes we’re aware that he can play for both teams – but the worrying thing is that he may be injured – as television pictures show his right ankle tied in bandage – and if that is the case, for goodness sake don’t break him. If not, then I kind of agree with Stuart Pearce, play him and let him get the experience he needs…

That’s it for now… more soon…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Interesting comments regarding Theo. Apparently Arsene tried on 3 seperate occasions to deny Theo from going. Hopfully le boss won’t be proven right. On another issue regarding Theo, I was listening to talk sport the other day and Ian Wright was spitting feathers about Theo playing out of position on the wing and getting substituted at half time. I am starting to wonder myself if playing him on the wing is really helping his career progression. Let’s be honest and admit that other than his speed he has no other attributes to play as a winger. Which leads me to question when are we going to start playing him upfront…?


    hit the nail on the head with that last sentence^^^

    that said please fabio just leave him ok…who have we got andorra? come one…just let him stay with the U21’s

  • Yemi

    I guess walcott is not being played upfront yet cos of his stature. The young lad knows this and i think thats why he started building up some muscles in the gym. Imagine walcott upfront, taking a through pass form fabregas and sprinting off, no defender will be able to catch him, unless he is hacked down. That will lead to more free-kiccks. It certainly is inviting

  • Arsefan101

    I think Theo Walcott will eventually play up front, and of course, I’m sure you do too. As soon as he’s physically built up a bit more, he’ll be the Henry of the next decade… exciting times ahead!!

    (Oh yeah – RVP – sign your contract!!)

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Why does he have to build himself up…this is the bit i don’t understand? I don’t remember Owen being a power house and he played upfront for England at 17? This is why i am thinking we are making a bad mistake playing him out of position. 1) His confidence will be knocked everytime he is subbed off (especially at half time), 2)He will have to relearn his orignal role i.e. striker in the sense of his positioning, hold up play etc.

  • Pete

    Think it’s mainly been his finishing and, especially, him being prone to injury thats kept Theo on the wings. He’d probably have gotten hurt more often playing against two centrebacks each game than just a leftback.

    But he does play like a typical striker. He’s not a winger in the Beckham mold, he goes on amazing runs whilst keeping the ball and has scored/assisted in some great goals for both club and country, so perhaps for now it’s been the best place on the pitch for him up til now. But as you’ve said, I don’t think that’ll be his permanent position. He probably needs to start dropping in to a more central position and start taking chances on goal more often.

  • Fabrez

    Good on RvP for his positive vibes…look as if he’ll b with us nxt season. And sad about Cesc…but maybe it can be a good thing if he doesn’t play much of the Confed Cup in terms of not being tired-out come nxt season…

    As for Theo…love his attitude seeing that he wants to play at both levels. To be positive about the decision made, he should bring somne solid experience back to Arsenal and be better for it. In terms of his positioning, i trust Arsene to play Theo in the centre when the time is right. I think that time is soon bcuz we saw Arsene use him thru the centre once or twice last season. He got the timing right with Henry so I not worried about that with Theo. The good thing is…we have players who can play on the wing when Theo shifts to the centre…like Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin.

  • Fabrez

    Well said Pete…I alsmost said the same thing about Theo not being a Beckham-like winger. He’s almost like a 3rd striker when he gets into games as he cuts inside and contributes there quite well.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    But Beckham is not a winger either? he is a RM/CM. IMO a winger has pace, the ability to go past people and has a mean cross/shot…someone like Ronaldo I would class as a true winger.

    I am not doubting Theo’s ability the guy is a class player but AW said he will play on the wing for a couple of seasons and then move him in up top playing through the middle. I seems to me that his current position is not his best and it will start affecting his career. It is already affecting his England career as he keeps being replaced? I am just worried that he will be stuck out on the wing for both club and country and not fulfill his true potential. We all know how well Heskey worked with Owen…maybe we should try it once we have qualified 😉

  • manoo

    Does Anyone know when the Vermaelen deal will be completed.

  • Debs

    I’d say Walcott had a good game, and an important plus- no injury worries! I just hope the same can be said about Fabregas though!

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