Gibbs Hits Two, Vermaelen Speaks & Richards Is Linked…

Morning All,

Yesterday was a busy day at the office, but also a little busy in the world which is the post season rumour mill…

The biggest sign that we may be signing Thomas Vermaelen was handed to us today by the player himself as he said:

“Moving to Arsenal is the right path for me. It is a great sporting challenge and I will also be financially better off. I think everything is going to be OK. In the coming days there will be more talks.”

And that backs up the recent discussions on the player and his impending transfer. Now that the player has pretty much said he is on the verge of a move, we can take a closer look at him. He started off at Ajax and has been there for the last 6 years, graduating through the academy. He’s had a loan spell with RKC Waalwijk about four years ago before establishing himself as the main centre back in the Ajax squad. He went on to become captain and despite his young age has a lot of experience, considering his captaincy and role for Ajax, not to forget his 21 caps for Belgium.

Of course, at £10m, the player will represent a lot of our transfer budget (originally £13.9m) although the transfer of Philippe Senderos may increase our budget again. With Milan receiving a world record for the transfer of Kaka – another transfer completed yesterday – the Italian team will have a whopping £56m to spend on players – £6m for Senderos and another £20m+ for Adebayor could now be on the cards.

But back to all things yesterday… Kieran Gibbs scored two goals yesterday and set one up and was also named man of the match (on his debut) as England crushed Azerbajan 7-0. The young left back has been very impressive this season and really taken the mantle and his opportunity to press ahead and one day he will become an Arsenal regular as well as a fixture in the England Under 21’s and then England’s first team. I wouldn’t be surprised if the young Englishman ended up going to the World Cup next summer… maybe I’m jumping ahead a little, but he really looks a good player.

Back to player transfers and apparently, Man City are looking to offload Micah Richards – and potentially a swap deal for Kolo Toure. Even though Kolo’s not had the best season, I’d still like him to stay at Arsenal – he genuinely loves the club and in this day and age, it’s important to have players who really want to play for your club. But the potential signing of Micah Richards is very interesting – I’m not sure why Man City would want to sell him – young and English, experienced International – but apprently Hughes doesn’t rate him. Maybe all paper talk? Who knows?

And finally, our CEO, Ivan Gazidis has been in the newspapers again re-iterating what he has been saying since his arrival. He’s basically outlined the season in a paragraph and also explained how he’s looking into the future…

“I arrived halfway through the campaign and obviously the first half was very difficult, losing five out of our first 14 games in the Premier League. We were struggling for consistency but then there was the period in the middle of the season when the team found that consistency. There were times when we were having trouble being really fluid and then of course the consistency came, the players started coming back from injury and everything began to look possible. We had a terrific run in the FA Cup and the Champions League and we were on the cusp of doing something very special with a young squad this year. Then unfortunately at the end we feel like we missed out on the prizes that we were aiming for. That’s a disappointment for us but there’s a lot to build on from the campaign. And as we look forward to next season we’re very optimistic.”

With Arsene definitely active in the transfer market, as it looks like we’ve all but signed Vermaelen and also interested in a whole host of other players, there is a case for optimism for next season – and to top it all off, we should have a fit Eduardo and a fit Rosicky to come back as well as all our young players will have a year of so’s experience.

News of another possible transfer target – Edin Dzeko – is holding a press conference later today to announce his move – rumours are that it’s Milan – and if that is the case, then I doubt they’ll be in for Adebayor…

More later mes amigos, more later…

  • RockSolid

    Congratulations goes to Kieran Gibbs – who is having a sensational season and continued it yesterday. Looks like we have our first signing of the season in Vermaelen. Looks like decent signing – more of the same Arsene!

  • devday

    Gibbs was awesome yesterday – just watching the game again on Setanta! He’ll be pushing Clichy all the way!

  • Fo

    I do like Vermaelen – I think he’s a proper defender – will be a good addition!

  • gunning 4eva

    Vermaelen deal is a good one. Ajax has always been the best in holland to make great players, so bringing in their captain is a good idea.
    Have u heard, suddenly milan are ahead of us in the Dzeko deal! i don’t understand, they were after Adebayor. And if we can’t bring Dzeko and ade goes, who do u think we should bring? As it seems Eboue and Sanderos may also be sold and then we will have at least 30m from these 2 and Ade. I think we should go for Benzema. what about you? Although he may cost more.

  • Debs

    Gibbs for England’s first team!!!!! 😉 Are you watching Ashley Cole?

  • Berth

    Looks like the Dzeko deal will be going to Ac Milan; That being the case I will be very unsettled considering I do not want to stand the pain of another Adebayor outing next season.

  • Pete

    Well done to young Gibbsy! After stepping up to the plate for us, it’s good to see him put in a Man of the Match performance internationally. Good on him.

    Vermaelen sees like an important player for Ajax, and thats just the right sort of character to look for. Perhaps he’s being brought in as a long-term replacement for Gallas?

    This Kaka transfer could have an interesting domino effect on where other players end up this summer. Hopefully it wont affect our transfer targets too much, and help us even make some money off Senderos and maybe even Adebayor.

  • manoo

    Well played Gibbs. Lets wait for conformation of the vermalen deal first. Also, who else, if any do you think arsene will go for. I was thinking Cana, and maybe yaya, but hes a bit pricey. Apparently yaya wont sign a new contract with barca.

  • AJ

    Yeah manoo, his agent has said he feels undervalued and is earning a very low salary, but his agent said he won’t be joining us as he has had better offers from other clubs, who knows what’s going on.


    looks like another season of ade
    guess hes not really as good as he thinks he is

  • devday

    It’s funny how Ade is desperately trying to move, but no-one actually wants him!

  • Fabrez

    Well done Gibbs! Heard Robin talking up Vermaelen so maybe RvP is staying after all? I’d like to think so! Maybe that’s the “ambition” he wants to see.

    And Ade is just sad…he says he wants to stay with Arsenal and is actually trying to put himself out on the market at the same time. But u r right dev, it really isn’t working for him!

  • Yemi

    Thumbs up to Gibbs. The performance will surely boost his confidence the more. Sorry Ade, He syas he is going nowhere but please show it on the pitch. He should show the commitment. For a player like rooney, you can say certainly he is going nowhere cos of his commitment and sadness when the team does not perform, so Ade should follow suit. I hope Jay simpson is drafted into the squad this season.

    Hey dev!!! i see you have put the notification via e-mail on this site. Now i dont need to refresh my page to know if there is a follow up comment. Thanks a million

  • Berth

    Why is everyone looking over Arsenals’ shoulders; first the media bending the Dzeko move from Arsenal to AC Milan and now Yaya Toure’s agent vomiting words that yaya got a better offer elsewhere – my emotions is really running out of Patience;I might kill someone!!!

  • Arsefan101

    Interestingly Yaya has said that he may leave Barcelona but not to go to Arsenal – do you think Barcelona may sell to Man City – if they get Mascherano???

    The transfer world is really starting to kick off!