Is Dzeko Being Lined Up To Replace Adebayor?

Morning All.

Week #2 of the summer and life is considerably different without the Premiership to keep me occupied. Yesterday was a day of Masters Football (where Middlesborough won the Northern Masters) and then Peru vs Ecuador… the transfer news has also been relatively quiet, and in reality all I have is rumours, speculation and confusion – but at the moment there is a lot of it.

According to the tabloids, we’re about to sign Thomas Vermealan from Ajax, Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg, whilst shipping Adebayor off to Milan, Van Persie off to Inter, Cesc to Barcelona and Gallas off to PSG.

You’re probably going through the same thoughts as me, not knowing which story to believe, and personally, at this time of the year, I get very busy trying to get down to the truth and uncovering information, and that’s what leading me to believe that a striker may be going – and I think that striker is Adebayor. Based on the recent quotes here and here, I really think he really wants to go, with his agent saying as soon as an offer comes in, he’ll discuss it with Arsene.

Arsene’s recently been on Sky Sports News and he’s been speaking on various topics. When asked about Adebayor, he replied with:

“I would not like to comment on the future of Emmanuel Adebayor. Please respect that.”

That’s very unlike Arsene – normally he would talk about how it’s all speculation and that Adebayor will remain at the club. The fact that  he has chosen to not comment surely means something is happening…?

Recent comments from Wolfsburg have confirmed that we’re actively looking for a striker. Dzeko’s agent revealed this interesting peice of information.

“It is not realistic for Dzeko who is a leading player in Germany and due to perform in the Champions League to opt for an average club like Manchester City. Arsenal is the other case. We will discuss their offer seriously.”

Arsene said when the season finished that he wasn’t interested in adding to the striking berth – but also added that would be the case if no one left, so the fact that we’re apparently going in for Dzeko implies that someone is leaving. Which leads me to the question – is Dzeko being lined up to replace Adebayor?

The player is the Bundesliga’s top scorer this season with 26 goals – he’s also had 10 assists – and in only 32 matches. Of course, the player has only performed at this level this season, so queries will be raised to whether he can sustain it next season. The player is 23 years old and roughly the same height as Adebayor, but his finishing is amazing.

Take a look at his top 5 goals here:

Some really good goals there – but of course, if you took a compilation of Adebayor’s top 5 goals, then I’m sure that would be pretty impressive too. At least we know he’d be a good asset if he were to sign…

So, let’s see what happens today… Til later.

  • RockSolid

    Dzeko looks like a very good player – the rumours and murmurs are starting to sound like Adebayor finally be off this summer and if this kid comes in, it’ll be good business. Not sure how much he’d go for – might be expensive…!

  • Yemi

    I know for certain that Cesc is not leaving. It will be a big blow if RVP leaves, gallas will not be too missed if we get Vermaelen. Adebayor can leave if dzeko is coming so it is balanced. The only shock will be RVP.
    Lookind at the video, i fancy dzeko as a player who will make a go at goal like torres, or drogba no matter the tightness. Imagine him upfront with RVP, with arshavin and walcott on the wings. It will be left for walcott just to improve on his final ball and cross-ins. Not forgetting eduardo, bendtner, vela and simpson!!! Mouthwatering

  • Pete

    Looks good. I’m sure he’d develope even more with Arsene and the team. Could end up being a good find for us.

  • Berth

    I have been following the lad like a scout and I can tell what his strength and weaknesses are. His good in the air, shoots comfortably with both feet and is a big match player. On the down side his a little shot on aggression and will not be a good asset for a 4-5-1 formation – he thrives well on a 4-4-2 formation; but certainly a top player with quality; his last goal in that video footage shows he has confidence in his abilities (one of his greatest assets).

  • RassHenry

    Hope he turns out to be like Eduardo or Sagna signing not like another Sanderos or Silvestre.

  • AJ

    I would love if we sign him and even though he is young, he has proven himself in the last season with a huge amount of goals, which pretty much won his team the Bundesliga. And the fact he can play with both feet is great, not all strikers can do that. I also like the fact that his agent said “It is not realistic for Dzeko who is a leading player in Germany and due to perform in the Champions League to opt for an average club like Manchester City.” As for Adebayor leaving, doesn’t bother me much, he is a good player, when he wants to be, but after his 30 goal season he seems to think he can just turn up and do what he wants. Also have you heard the Toure to City rumour has started up again? Apparently its Richards and a small amount of money for Toure.


    good stats for a SEASON but i remember ade having a cracker 2 seasons ago, getting all big headed and playin shite last season
    that said, arsene is rarely wrong

  • Gooner Get Ya

    How much is this guy worth, any ideas?

  • devday

    Dzeko, I believe is in the £12m – £15m bracket, so only someone we’d buy if Ade or Van Persie were to leave…!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I have not heard of him before if I am honest but looks like a decent player on the video. Maybe worth signing if Ade does go. If Rvp goes though I would prefer someone like Goran Pandev to replace him.