Why we need Robin Van Persie to sign his contract…

Robin Van Persie is a special player.

The Dutchman is the type of player that typifies what Arsenal are all about, and amidst rumours that we may have a few bids coming in for him, my one and only message to Arsene is to sign him up and sign him up quick. RVP has been growing as a player and is ready to become of the world’s best.

In typical Arsene Wenger and Arsenal style, RVP was signed young and has been developed by Arsene to become the player he is now. As the boss says, strikers are at their peak between 27-30, so we’d be foolish to see the highly rated striker now – having put in all the hard work of grooming and developing him.

This season, RVP finished at our top striker – having scored 20 goals in 42 appearances in all competitions as well as having 15 assists – that’s a considerable involvement – despite injuries again this season. Next season I’d expect RVP to move on a gear and make a bigger impact. He’s not scored a free kick this season, so I think we’re due 10 next season!

News, mainly in the untrustworthy tabloids, is that Inter Milan are looking at the player and may try and tempt us with a bid of £15m – depending on what you read, figures go up to £25m. The Mirror and Telegraph say this:

In his bid to lead the Serie A champions to European glory next season, the former Chelsea manager wants to inject new blood into his squad and regards the 25-year-old as a crucial recruit. Van Persie, who is currently on international duty with Holland, has two years remaining on his contract with Arsenal, but talks of an extension have continued to stall.

Although, this is speculation, but we do know that Mourinho and Moratti (Inter Chief) are admirers of the striker.

One other thing to consider is the impact of such a big player leaving the squad and if it did happen, how the squad would react.

Personally, I can’t see Van Persie leaving – I just hope Arsene isn’t tempted by a potential £25m bid!

Time for a Youtube?

  • TheSKAGooner

    This is my only concern regarding any of the current squad leaving. Aside from RVP being my favorite Arsenal player, he’s REALLY important to the side. Cesc isn’t going anywhere, and if Ade leaves we have ample replacements or will bring in Dzeko. But I think it would be a major shock to the squad if van Persie were to leave.

    The contract needs to be sorted. Sharpish.

  • AJ

    Yeah, we really need to tie him up on a nice long contract, as you said, we’ve done all the work helping him grow, we definetly don’t want to see him leave. But Wenger has said his priority is to keep his current players before signing new ones, so it should get sorted soon hopefully. And imagine how good he would be with a injury free season? Thats why we should make sure he signs a new contract.

  • Fo

    Fabrez – would you consider Djourou as first choice next season?

    How would we work it if we had Djourou, Toure, Gallas and Vermelean (and Song and Silvestre)??

  • Debs

    Silvestre shouldn’t even be counted in that group, Fo! lol

  • Fo

    LOL, very true – if we do sign one or two defenders, then surely Silvestre is off!

  • Fo

    Watching this video reminded me of all the good stuff Van Persie has done and he must stay – the boy is brimming with skill – we need to add more quality players in and around our best and we will really kick on!

  • Berth

    From an honest point of view I have a sinking feeling that V.P might leave if a serious bid comes from Inter. His a masterpiece and a very rare one footed player whom I don’t understand how he did not get as many goals as I expected – May be the weight of the the team was too much for the lad to carry, or may be his been played out of position or could it be the threat of Edu is dawning on the lad. Whatever it is the lad should sign; But from the way Wenger has done in the past he might not hesitate to sell this lad – that part of Wenger which I hate might tell him that we have Vela and Edu so what’s the point keeping him (V.P).


    totally agree I would actually be devastated if he left…please arsene LOCK HIM DOWN!

    I remember reading on skysports.com that the financials are good enough for him its just a case of if the club matches his ambition…I think it could be a case of wait until july/aug see who the gaffers brought in etc

  • Arsefan101

    Arsene, sign him up – he’s a shining light in the team – a big player – someone who can change a game in a minute – RVP must stay!

  • Fabrez

    Hey Fo…i did mention Djourou in my last response on the last blog. Whether I’d actually have him as a 1st choice… I’d b soooooo tempted to. I would start the season with him to be honest. Djourou and Kolo. I think they work well together. They have a good understanding that will only get better and they really enjoy working as a pair too. Silvestre can go and I’d have Song as cover at CB but still use him as more of a DM role. If we get Vermaelen, I’d really try to get a DM instead of another CB. A ready made DM that can help the team and help Song develop as a defensive minded player.

    And of course, RvP…i’d love to see him stay at Arsenal… Personally, I can’t see him anywhere else! I think he’s meant to be an Arsenal man for years to come. His quality and Arsene’s experience and guidance will only help him to grow and hopefully the team and the Club will grow with him. We can’t repeat the errors of last season in letting important players go! That will just mean we’ll forever be in transition and other big sides will see us as a selling club. That causes a major loss of respect from other clubs toward us and a lack of trophies for more yrs! C’mon Arsene…

  • Johan

    Surely van Persie is worth heck of a lot more than £25m. Players like David Villa have had a £40m price tag on their heads at times and what Villa has that van Persie doesn’t, I’m not quite sure.