We’ve found loads of Football on television this summer!

Evening All,

The end of the season has come quicker than it started and we’ve got a serious summer of lack of football… but never fear, I’ve done a little research and there’s quite a bit of footie on over the next few weeks and months…

Starting tomorrow with the England game and then on Sunday,  Masters tournament kicks off in Newcastle, eventually reaching London on the 20th June. The Under 21’s have a friendly on Monday and then kick off their European Championships the following Monday… getting confused? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Saturday 6th June, Kazakhstan vs England
  • Sunday 7th June, The Northern Masters
  • Monday 8th June, England vs Azerbaijan  (Under 21’s)
  • Wednesday 10th June, England vs Andorra
  • Saturday 13th June, The Midlands Masters
  • Sunday 14th June, South Africa vs Iraq (Confederations Cup)
  • Sunday 14th June, Spain vs New Zealand (Conferedations Cup)
  • Monday 15th June, Spain vs England (Under 21’s)
  • Monday 15th June, Brazil vs Egypt (Confederations Cup)
  • Monday 15th June, USA vs Italy (Conferedations Cup)
  • Wednesday 17th June, Spain vs Iraq (Confederations Cup)
  • Wednesday 17th June, South Africa vs New Zealand (Confederations Cup)
  • Thursday 18th June, Brazil vs USA (Confederations Cup)
  • Thursday 18th June, Italy vs Egypt (Confederations Cup)
  • Saturday 20th June, The London Masters
  • Sunday 20th June, Spain vs South Africa (Confederations Cup)
  • Sunday 20th June, New Zealand vs  Iraq (Conferedations Cup)
  • Monday 21st June, Italy vs Brazil (Confederations Cup)
  • Monday 21st June, USA vs Egypt (Conferedations Cup)
  • Saturday 27th June, The Mersey Masters
  • Saturday 4th July, The Scottish Masters
  • Saturday 11th July, The Central Masters
  • Saturday 18th July, The Yorkshire Masters
  • Saturday 18th July, Barnet vs Arsenal
  • Wednesday 29th July, Hannover vs Arsenal
  • Saturday 1st August, Arsenal vs Athletico Madrid
  • Saturday 2nd August, Arsenal vs Rangers

The Arsenal team for the Masters Cup has been announced and is the strongest it’s been:


Vince Bartram 

Nigel Winterburn 

David Hillier 

Jimmy Carter 

Ray Parlour 

Stefan Schwarz 

Paul Merson 

Michael Thomas 

It’s going to be an epic summer… and don’t forget you can get involved:

Awesome stuff… speak soon…

  • zohaib

    What happened to the Confederations Cup ?

  • devday

    Indeed, that’s a good point – I’ll need to update this article tomorrow soon!

  • devday

    Zohaib – now updated with the Confederations Cup!

  • Arsefan101

    Dev, I love this new “world” mode, I can really check out all of the comments completely – and how do you know all this stuff about Article 13 – you must be some sort of genius!

    Zohaib – Thanks for asking all those questions, I was completely bafflied myself!!

    Makes sense now!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Thanks for posting the list of upcoming footy as I wouldn’t have known about the England match yesterday.

    On another topic BBC are saying Inter are lining up a £25m bid for Rvp. What stage are we at with his contract… anyone know?

  • devday

    Apparently, there’s been no movement on his contract yet. It’s all a bit worrying.

  • AJ

    And apparently we’ve agreed to sign Thomas Vermaelen for £13 million on a 4 year contract, was in a dutch newspaper, but who knows if it’s real. And I hope they hurry up and sort out RVP’s contract, we can’t loose him, couldn’t imagine us finding a replacement half as good.

  • Myles

    Which Channel is the Confederation Cup going to be on?