It’s so obvious Adebayor wants to leave…

I, like many Arsenal fans, sit on the fence when it comes to Adebayor. Do I think he is a untalented, lucky, ungrateful so and so – no, I do not. The player is obviously talented – he has all the attributes required of a modern day footballer. He has pace, has trickery, has guile, has determined and has a high work-rate. He has the ability to create something out of nothing – such as the goal against Sp*rs last year and the goal against Villareal this.

Now, replace “has” in the previous paragraph with “had”, and you have the Adebayor than so publicly disappointed this season. An Adebayor who threw his toys out of the pram and demanded a pay rise and / or to leave the club despite only have one high scoring season. Having been linked with Milan and Barcelona last season – even though neither club actually made a bid for the Togan International – he publicly courted the clubs and was frivolous in his statements. One minute staying, one minute going and throwing the loyalty and patience shown by the club and manager back in their faces.

Some may say this critism or any criticism is harsh – the player himself says the stories are fabricated – but there is another element to the whole thing – and that’s the “agent” – the agent who met with Milan and Barcelona and confirmed to the clubs that the player was available and would like to move. The agent who made the statements last season that many attribute to Adebayor. Ade has been booed this season – why? because the fans feel betrayed – they feel cheated.

And it’s that very agent that as soon as the season has finished, is back in the news.

“I met the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger yesterday but we did not talk about selling him because at the moment there are no significant offers. The Milan directors have not contacted me. Yes, there are many other offers, but I repeat that at the moment there are no interesting offers for Emmanuel. What would I do if Milan called? I don’t like talking about hypotheses, it’s not right at this moment. Ade is an Arsenal player.”

But the difference is that Adebayor is one year into his three years of Article 13 – which implies the power is in the hands of the club. If we do sell Ade, it will be for a higher fee than we could have demanded last season – and if you think reports of £30m were correct last season, then you’ll be mistaken – in reality, Adebayor’s offers would have come in the region of £15m last season – but with the exchange rate in our favour for selling to Europe, a fee of £20m+ is more probable this year.

Do not get me wrong – deep down, I would like Adebayor to remain a player – if he wants to.

He has undoubted qualities – and if plays with his heart, with his work rate that got him there – if he plays with the focus that he’s once showed, then he can be a great asset for us, in what seems to be an injured prone squad. But the question is… if he wants to – because if he plays “anyway” when his heart is not in it, then we’ll have the player who let the Champions League semi-finals fly past him, the player who was offside more than any other player in Europe and the player who berates the fans and vice versa.

There is one tough decision, but it lies in the hands of two people – Arsene Wenger and Emmanuel Adebayor. The decision will define both of there futures. Sort it out and have the old Adebayor back and firing on all cylinders or end the relationship and part ways. Breaking up is hard to do, and sometimes the bit in between the break up and the relationship is the hardest.

The choice is yours.

  • RockSolid

    The player did come out and say he wants to stay at the end of the season – but sometimes you get the feeling that sometimes things are said for “reasons” whilst things happen in the background?!

  • zohaib

    I got this off of another fan-site, and I wonder how much of this is true.

    “To all those who say Bendtner is just another average bloke

    First three major years active, playing at least 12 games a season:

    Bendtner ———————- 38 goals
    Pato —————————38 goals
    Aguero ————————-22 goals
    Torres ————————-42 goals
    Rooney ————————-34 goals
    Ronaldo ————————20 goals
    Drogba ————————-15 goals
    Adebayor ———————–24 goals
    Ibrahimovic ——————–41 goals
    Adriano ————————33 goals
    Eto’o ————————–23 goals”

  • ariekubil

    as mush as i admire adebayor..i really don’t care if he really wants to leave arsenal next season.

    Every season, same all story with adebayor..last season he wants to move to Milan..where the loyalty? and he’s no D.Bergkamp….

  • Fabrez

    I’m like most fans with Ade too…split! But I’d like him to stay if he shows heart & determination to get back to banging those goals in. He says he wants to stay but prove it thru actions on the pitch come nxt season Ade…that’ll make u win doubters (like myself at times) over. It’s all up to him.

    And Zohaib, if those stats are true, I’m impressed with Bendtner! I do feel that he has the determination to come good. He’s got that arrogance that some good stikers possess and I like that about him. Every1 develops differently so we’ll have to wait & see… I’d just love to see his finishing improve and he’ll b on the right road!

  • Pete

    Zohaib mate, do you know those stats include the players loan spells to lower leagues? Even so, thats pretty impressive.

    Regarding Ade, its a tricky one. On the one hand, getting a replacement lined up, someone who can play lone striker and can finish (Carew or Santa Cruz type), could be a wise thing to do, just in case things go pear-shaped between club and player. But it also has to be said that I’ve always had the impression Ade got on extremely well with Wenger and the other players in the squad, and they all like working together everyday, so does he really want to leave? Its a conundrum to us fans, but I guess if Wenger felt Ade’s heart wasn’t in it then he’s ship him out for the highest price.

  • Terence McGovern

    The transfer window is upon us once more. This annual merry-go-round of sloppy journalism and internet speculation is eclipsed only by the immoral level of spending money not owned on things not needed that would make Paris Hilton Blanche.

    It occurred to me yesterday that for the vast majority of football fans (Arsenal included) this period remains as much of a mystery as the derivative futures market. To put it more simply, they just don’t get it.

    Most football fans are a happy lot who believe that when the transfer window opens their football clubs can use their available money to buy in players to strengthen key areas of their team and squad whilst offloading players that are deemed either to be not of the required standard or past a certain age.

    If only it were that simple.

    The best place to begin with this for Arsenal fans is to examine the vast array of complaints expressed over the last few years with regard to transfers out of our club. Vieira left for Juventus and despite him not being the player that he once was fans were rending their robes and covering their faces in ash. (Metaphorically speaking of course….well in most cases)

    Henry departed for Barcelona and we all had that feeling that the supermodel girlfriend that we had assumed would marry us and live happily ever after had just packed her bags to move in with George Clooney. Alex Hleb and Mattieu Flamini soon followed and despite not quite having the same place in our hearts, they left us with the feeling that things just were not going to be the same.

    However all these feelings of rejection and disappointment encapsulate the sheer stupidity of the football fans throughout the world. Of course it was natural to be unhappy that great players were leaving our club for pastures they perceived as greener but let’s get real here.

    Arsenal fans complained that the manager should have done better and kept them. I have read dozens of sub-standard articles that preach the merits of these players and state that Arsene Wenger made the wrong choice.

    Here and now Arsenal supporters need to realise that choice NEVER came into it.

    The Webster ruling basically states that players under 28 when they signed their contract can buy out the remaining 3 years of their contract and that players over 28 can do so with the remaining 2 years of their contract. Did anybody ever wonder how players of Vieira’s and Henry’s standard only went for around £15 million? The answer is that they went for the remaining value of their contract. They dictated the fee not the club.

    Arsene Wenger was powerless in these situations because the player wanted to go. Personally I believe that if they want to go, there is no point in keeping them as they will not perform to their best. All you can do is spend the money wisely when you get paid for them. Henry wanted out of London ahead of his impending divorce and also a shot at the Champions League with Barcelona. Vieira wanted to put his previous Serie A failure to bed and probably more money.

    Hleb definitely wanted more money and without Henry, had no faith in the team. (Never the kind of guy to dig deep I guess). Flamini wanted a very serious contract off the back of one good year out of three. All of them had complete control over the decision to go or stay and all wanted to go. Wenger never had a chance with the exception of the case of Flamini and in all fairness I would have gone with Diarra ahead of him too. It was just unfortunate that the player turned out to be devoid of both loyalty and decency.

    This brings me to my reason for bothering to write this. It struck me yesterday that two stories doing the rounds were classic examples of the points that I am trying make.

    Firstly we have Gareth Barry leaving Aston Villa for Manchester City. Now I wont go into the history of his many attempts to transfer to a bigger club but the key point is that last year his valuation was £18 million and this year it was £12 million as he had 2 years and 1 year left on his contract respectively.

    This I believe is where Arsene Wenger shows his strength as a manager. Martin O’Neill could have sold Gareth Barry last year if he dropped his asking price to say £17 million but wanted to keep the player in spite of logic. If we assume Barry was on £50K a week at Villa then the cost of the player for the year was £2.5 million give or take…..except last year it wasn’t. It was £7.5 million when you take the loss of transfer fee into account. That is £150K a week that Barry cost the club in real terms and I’m fairly certain that most will agree that he isn’t worth that.

    Now Villa will have to replace his quality with only £12 million when they could have had £17 million and that £5 million could be the difference between an average player and a great one. Wenger would have taken the £17 million and bought 2 players of course but Martin O’Neill stuck his head in the sand and made a very bad call there. Players can indeed hold clubs to ransom in cases like this and the sensible solution is to get as much money as possible for the player and move on.

    THIS is why Wenger keeps the squad younger than most. THIS is why he ties players on long-term contracts . THIS is why he is quite happy to improve those contracts even after only 18 months in some cases.

    The value of the contract may well be the price he can achieve for the player when push comes to shove.

    It is Arsene Wenger’s genuine understanding of the transfer system and contract dynamics that has made the club so profitable. His decisions will not always be popular but he will always make them based upon cold hard fact and cash unfettered by pointless emotion or delusions of sentimentality. It should be remembered that his habit of dictating sell-on clauses is clever in the extreme. When players are ungrateful to our club they will no doubt be the same with the next one. Bentley and Diarra have netted us almost £15 million from their subsequent sales which basically paid for Arshavin. When you consider this Wenger deserves a round of applause.

    The second story which also has bearing on the need for fans’ realism and pragmatism during the transfer window is the tabloid rumour about Fabregas to Barcelona for £40 million.

    NEVER!!! cry some fans. Inevitable in my opinion.

    We have been quite lucky to get Cesc. A world class player who despite his tender age has been with us for some time. Now I don’t think that he is leaving this Summer or even the Summer after that, but leave he will and no mistake.

    We have a few things in our favour at the moment in regard to this situation. Firstly Wenger has very cleverly tied Cesc up on a contract far too long to be bought out which puts us in the driver’s seat so to speak. Then there is the undeniable fact that Fabregas would probably have to spend a fair amount of time on the Barcelona bench given what they already have in the midfield dept. This would be unappealing to Cesc so we have little to worry about there. In fairness the £40 million tag was at least realistic.

    The thing is that it WILL happen in a few years. It is a natural imperative for Cesc to return home. He is Catalan. Nou Camp is his home. It is THAT simple. I believe however, that he has plenty of unfinished business at Arsenal first and that he will remain loyal to the core to us until the time to return home arrives in a natural way. What we DO know is that Barcelona is the only club that he would ever leave us for and we cannot begrudge him that.

    So this summer, if you find that you are unhappy with the business that Arsenal are doing, try to remember that sometimes Arsene has no choice in the matter and that many of the actions that he takes are to safeguard the future transfer values of players that he knows will leave at various stages over the next 3-5 years. It is actions like these that guarantee the future of the club by protecting revenue streams. He has been the only premiership manager to do this in a consistently successful manner. Say what you like about the man but he will never waste money.

    He thinks with his head so that you can think with your heart.

    Unlike football fans he understands future markets.

  • JDD

    iv heard some strong transfer claims lately

    edin dzeko-were in negotiations
    obafemi martins-weve aquired about his availability

    surely this means one of are strikers is leaving9most probably adebayor)because wenger said hes not interested in adding to the attack but if someone leaves he has to.

    weve also been linked with

    vermaelen-were in negotiations
    zapata-he claims were interested in him
    yaya toure

  • Yemi

    Terence, quite an educative piece.thanks

  • zohaib

    Woah Terence, mate, that’s some article ! Good on you mate. Cheers for the enlightening words.

    I have a question for you. Can a 20 year old also buy out the ‘remaining’ three years of his contract ?

    From what you wrote about the Webster, it wasn’t very clear to me at first. But after some thinking I realized that it’s actually the LAST three years of the contract, for a player under 28, and the LAST two years for a player over 28. Now you’ll have to excuse me for being picky, but I guess ‘remaining’ isn’t a very clear translation. This means that if somebody under 28 has signed a 4 year contract, he’ll be able to buy his contract out after the first year, since he’ll have 3 years remaining. Similarly if a player under 28 has signed a 5 year contract, he’ll be buy himself out of it, after 2 years. And so on. That should simplify it even further.

  • zohaib

    “But the difference is that Adebayor is one year into his three years of Article 13 – which implies the power is in the hands of the club. If we do sell Ade, it will be for a higher fee than we could have demanded last season – and if you think reports of £30m were correct last season, then you’ll be mistaken – in reality, Adebayor’s offers would have come in the region of £15m last season – but with the exchange rate in our favour for selling to Europe, a fee of £20m+ is more probable this year.”

    Dev, isn’t this the opposite of what Terence just said ? Firstly, are we talking about the same thing ? Is Article 13 the Webster Clause ? And if Terence is correct, shouldn’t the power be in the hands of Adebayor if he’s one year into the three years of his current contract ?

  • Berth

    Zohaib, Zohaib !!! Your football brain is quiet amazing; could there be a way of exploiting your brain to make money out of it.

  • devday

    Zohaib, last season Ade was 2 years into the required 3 years, and if he didn’t sign a new contract last season, then this summer, he could have been bought this summer for £40,000 x 2 years = approx £4m. But now, he is only 1 year into a the 3 year period having signed up again last season. Apparently, he has signed either a 5 or 6 year contract (can’t remember off the top of my head), so right now, his contract is worth £80,000 x 4 years, which is approximately £16.6m. So had he not signed, he would be worth £4m now and could have invoked the clause, but now he is worth £16.6m and can’t activate the clause for another two years.

    We are totally in control of this whole thing.

  • Berth

    Zohaib, You could as well apply for a job as a member of Arsenal coaching staffs; may be your talent might not be far away fro there.

  • zohaib

    Ok Dev, now it’s clear to me that your interpretation and Terence’s interpretation are different. And I’m not sure who’s correct.

    From what I understood of Terence’s comments, it seemed that a player under 28 has to have at least 3 years REMAINING on his contract to apply the clause. But from what you’re saying, it seems a player under 28 has to HAVE PLAYED for at least 3 years at the club, before he can apply the clause.

    If I analysed both the interpretations correctly, it looks like your interpretation is the correct one. So Terence was wrong ? So much for the impressive writing ….. aaaee Bummer !

    Can you confirm ? Cheers.

    And another question – why 40,000 x 2 years ? Is 40k his salary for a year ? Or did you mean 40k PER WEEK for two years. No wonder I couldn’t figure out how 40,000 x 2 became 4 million quid ! Thanks for confusing me mate.

    Anyway, if so, why is it that that is the amount of money a club receives from a player who wants to invoke the clause ? Hasn’t he already paid the club by means of his football for those 2 years, for which the club has paid him a salary of 40k per week ? Doesn’t this mean that, if he wants to leave, all the salary that he got while playing for them, he’ll have to give it all back. So this would mean he’s earned zilch for the amount of years he’s been at the club !

    How’s that possible ?! Or am I getting confused yet again ?

  • zohaib

    Berth ! You’re far too kind, friend. Thanks !

  • zohaib

    Lol, Berth you gave me a great idea mate. I’ll see if I can put my brain to any good use, and I’ll let you know if I’ve made some money out of it !

  • Berth

    On a fairer note – you are gifted and intelligent in a way I find unique.My football brain is very unbelievable; yet I find your ideas and opinions very new,fresh and refining.

  • kodjo

    It is obvious that cash reigns. if adebayor can be sold and a player obtained at the same or higher level he will be gone. its always cash first.. the sporting aspect can always follow later. Arsene has been an adept at this.

  • devday

    Hey Guys,

    Zohaib – yes, my synopsis is correct. When I referred to £40k, I was referred to Ade wages pre new contract. If he hadn’t signed it, he’d be able to invoke Article 13 (also known as the Webster clause), in which case, he’d have 2 years remaining at his previous wage of £40k, which would have been £40k x 52 weeks x 2 years, which is £40k x 104 = just over £4m.

    However, considering he did sign his new contract, which doubled his wages, he’s now on £80k. He has four years (or five) left on his contract – thus he has to wait two years if he wants to buy out his contract.

    A players general value is normally at minimum the value of his contract x the number of years on his contract, and because he signed a new one last year, his value is now £80k x 52 weeks x 4 years, which is approximately £16.6m.

    As a result, we are in a much stronger position if we wish to sell him had he not signed.

    What Terenece says is basically the same, but he has applied it to other players, such as Vieira and Henry.

    Hopefully from the above overview you can see why we are in a much stronger position since Ade signed his contract – well, we would be if he actually performed on the pitch!

  • Arsefan101

    The fact that we’ve been linked with / scouting a few strikers does indicate that Adebayor may be leaving – as Arsene said he wouldn’t be looking at strikers if Ade stayed.

  • SubVee

    Y’know why I love this blog et al so much, cos of the respect on here. Real Arsenal fans talking about the important things.
    Thanks guys and keep up the good work… and give Zohaib some kinda job on here!

  • zohaib

    Cheers mate ! Thanks for clearing that up.

    Don’t you think the way that the Article 13 works, a player will have to give back all he’s earned to buy himself out of his contract, which would mean he’s earned nothing for the time he’s been at the club ? It doesn’t strike me as something very fair … What do you say ?

  • devday

    Zohaib, the club who wants to buy the player will normally pay the fee that is required for the player to buy themselves out of a contract – that’s the only reason they would!

  • Pete

    Anyone watching the Kazakstan v England game today?

    Come on Theo!!!! 😀

  • zohaib

    Lol, yeah that would make sense ! Thanks.

    Yea Pete, I’m definitely going to be watching if one of Theo, Gerrard or Almunia 😉 is playing.

  • zohaib

    Anyone have any idea when Joe Cole’s coming back ?