Transfer Rumour Reality Check

Morning all.

No doubt, in the last few days, you’ve most probably been bombarded with so many stories about this player and that player that either you’re in a complete frenzy about who is going to join – or you’re ignoring all the speculation and waiting for the real stuff – or if you’re like me, you’re somewhere in between.

So, let’s have a look at the truth is behind the rumours.

We know that Arsene believes he has enough attacking talent – he has stressed many times that he’s happy with the strikers and also that he’s not in the market for a striker. In the attacking positions, we do have a plethora of players in Van Persie, Eduardo, Adebayor, Bendtner, Arshavin, Walcott, Vela, Nasri and Cesc as well as the long forgotten Rosicky and talents such as Simpson and Wilshere.

Looking at the squad and Arsene’s comments, it’s clear to everyone that he’s going to buy a defender or defensive midfielder or both. Or maybe just one.

So, it’s time to take a look at the rumours and rate them in terms of really whether there is any substance in them.

Lorik Cana, 25

Cana is an experienced defensive midfielder – likened to Essien and many years of top flight football and Champions League experience with Marseille.

Marseille, £12m, 8 out of 10

Brede Hangeland, 27

An ideal candidate to join the Arsenal, has height and strength. Has been talking about signing a new contract with Fulam and if you consider they’ve made Europe, he may not want to move.

Fulham, £8m – £10m, 6 out of 10

Miguel Veloso, 23

Highly rated Portuguse International and has only one year left on his contract – but at 23 he is quite young and maybe not what Arsene is looking for, especially at £15m – a price which Bolton offered last summer.

Sporting, £15m, 6 out of 10

Thomas Vermaelen, 23

Ajax’s main centre back, highly rated but inexperienced. Arsene may be tempted as he is believed to be available for about £5m – £6m, but does he have the experience we need in central defence

Ajax, £5m – £6m, 5 out of 10

Marouane Chamakh, 25

We’ve been heavily linked with the striker as a replacement for Adebayor – but Chamakh says he’s not leaving Bordeaux and Arsene say he’s not signing a striker.

Bordeaux, £9m, 5 out of 10

Sebastien Bassong, 22

We’ve been linked with Newcastle’s central defender quite a lot so far – but why would Arsene go for Bassong, who got relegated when Djourou is a better and more experienced defender.

Newcastle, £8m, 4 out of 10

Xabi Alonso, 27

A player who Arsene has been interested in before – apparently we were close to signing him last season – he’s one of Cesc’s best mates – but Rafa Benetiz has recently said he’s not for sale.

Liverpool, £20m, 3 out of 10

Ricardo Oliveira, 29

Again, another Adebayor replacement – but flopped at Milan and been relegated twice with Betis – although a decent player at a low price, I can’t see Arsene going in for him.

Real Betis, £5m, 1 out of 10

I’m sure there will be more rumours by the time you read this, but this is kind of a summation of what I’m hearing. There is a lot of hype around Lorik Cana, mostly based on his You Tube videos, and I thought I’d kindly bring one to you:

In the first half of this video, he looks like he will be sent off in every game – but if you wait until the second half, then his tackling become immense.

Who do you think Arsene will sign?

  • Cappz

    Looking at those stats on the Xabi & Cesc post, it’s obvious that Denilson was a better player last season and will naturally be even better this season! But is there someone even better?

    The Cana dude looks like he’ll get 2 red cards per game in the premier league – may have an attitude problem!!

  • jeffvip

    This dude seems like a very good DM at the first place… If a DM who looks like he will get 2 red cards per game, IMO he is a very good DM. Do his job well

  • Narion

    Cana looks like he may have an attitude, but you could have said that about Viera when he was in his prime and this guy looks like an even better tackler.

  • Pete

    Hear what you’re saying about Cana, but apparently he’s only been red carded once in the last in 3 years, which surprised me because that video suggests otherwise. Also, he was only yellow carded 7 times in all competitions last season, so his discipline seems pretty good for a defencive midfielder. Plus this guy has played every game for Marseille so isn’t really injury prone, and also captain his club team. He”s 6″1 and 13.5 stone, so not a lightweight in the slightest, and fits the description of the type of player Wenger says he’s after. I like the look of him 😀

  • Yemi

    The stats favor Cana for me.

  • Steve

    Good post Pete. Covered all my concerns, he looks a perfect replacement for flamini. Hopefully he’ll learn what he can and can’t get away with in the PL. I always thought referees in England let more go, but can’t beleive it if he’s only been sent off once. Seems to never give up on the ball and won’t give the opposition any time to relax.

    Go on Wenger, sign him up.

  • Pete

    Cheers Steve 😀 He does look a player though doesn’t he. Funny thing is, after all this talk, we might not actually sign him lol. I have to remind myself that its all fan speculation at the moment and not get too carried away lol 😛

  • Yemi

    I just watched the cana video now dev and the guy is awesome. Imagine him in front of our CB’s! I hope we do get him. Fellaini used to be booked a lot but in recent times he has not been seeing the card. Mikel was prone to cards in chelsea also but now he is a greatly improved palyer so i know cana will adapt to the game if we get him.

    Great site dev, but i want to make an observation, We dont have email notifications any longer when someone else posts a comment. was that taken out ?

  • Yemi

    He is also good in the air!!!

  • Berth

    Pete- You should also consider that Arshavin’s talk started as a speculation and ended up being a reality for us; I also see the same happening with Cana; hopefully though.

  • Dezza

    Has anyone else noticed Sp*rs also want this guy?? We will have a fight on our hands, but maybe Champions league football will help.

  • debs

    Wow! I couldn’t take my eyes off! He’s so commanding! If we got him, he’d put the fear of Arsenal back into our opponents. And he’s got some maddd ball-control skills also. Totally impressed!

  • AJ

    Was wondering if you guys have seen that Man City have supposedly had a £12 million bid accepted for Barry. Cana is looking like a really good player, would definetly bring back some bite to our midfield and let Cesc do what he does best instead of having to track back.

  • Berth

    Commanding is an understatement, the guy is a real beast. What I really Like is his aggression, I really like aggressive players, players who can brush Anderson and Essien aside and will make Evra look like a baby. Hope we get the lad, he is just amazing.

  • debs

    lol Berth. Beast came to mind too, but I wanted to use another word- but you’re spot on! lol

  • Pete

    Good point Berth! Hopefully its more than just speculation.

    His aggression is what impresses me too, without his crossing that line and going into what I call “Joey Barton” territory.

    I read a rumour a week or two ago that we actually tried to sign him along with Nasri last season, but Marseille cancelled last minute. Has anyone else heard this before or know if there’s any truth to it?

    Maybe having dealt with Marseille before and having good relations with them as a club and having a former team mate of his in Nasri, we might just edge it over the other clubs interested in him.

  • Narion

    please please please god let us get this guy!

  • Cesc
  • hygiene

    The guy can play a bit as well by the looks of things. On that video alone, i’d say he’s exactly what we need. Of course, there could be other factors we don’t know about.

    Having seen that vid though, i’d be very excited and have renewed optimism if we got our hands on this guy.

  • Fabrez

    Hey guys… it’s been a while! Cana is immense…it must b said. He’s like Flamini on crazy pills. Wenger would be able to temper him and he’ll b perfect in terms of adding that strong, tough & physical side to our game. He’s so ideal it isn’t funny! 😀 That wud b a catch! Hopefully Wenger’s french connection will make life a bit easier if he goes 4 him…

  • Debs

    thought you’d been kidnapped Fabrez! 😉

  • Fabrez

    haha debs! Nah…i’ve been trying to adapt to this new WOA! And I’m far away from the UK atm! Hope exams have gone/are going well for u! :) I’m craving footy and tired of reading SSN and their transfer stories! lol

  • Adnan

    Buy veloso 15m much better than song and diaby also buy new keeper and a good cf