We’ve Moved!

Morning all, and today is Friday the 28th May 2009.

Today is the re-birth of The World of Arsenal, we’ve got from our previous design to a new look and feel designed in house by the team who run the site. Also with a new design, we’ve also got a host of new features.


Comment anywhere – yes, the box on the right will allow you to comment any where and read the latest 5 comments. We value you opinions very valuably here at WOA, so we’ve tried to make it much easier


We’ve teamed up with www.HollettGaming.com to bring our very own Arsenal game, designed exclusively for us, called Arsenal Match Up, where you have to match the bubbles, and the more you pop in one time, the higher the score. Starting from June 2009, the person with the highest score will win a prize if not the same winner as the previous month, so it’s going to be a fun little contest… starting Monday!


We’ve had many features previously, guest articles and more, so this section is where it’ll all be kept!

In addition, we have a few other pages, such as squad pages, archives and videos. Now that we’ve moved, the team will be updating these pages over the next week or so, so we’ll let you know when they are updated!

What do you think?

So, do you like what you see? The old versus the new? Do you like the new comment feature handy? Are you experiencing any problems… let me know!

  • Arsefan101

    Amazing site Dev – well done! It’s absolutely amazing!!

  • AJ

    Very professional, good work dev!

  • Fo

    I can’t believe this is the same site as before, it looks completely different – and much better – love the Arsenal colours and imagery everywhere…!

    Well done WOA!

    Ooo, love the right hand side comment feature – it’s amazing, makes it much easier to comment! (Although the font size is a bit small)!