Martin Angha, Jamie Edge and Van Persie’s Contract


Okay, so probably the worst pun so far in my tenure, but hey, why not hey?

So, as we all probably witnessed yesterday, Thierry was a very proud man, as he wore the lid of the Champions League trophy on his head a proceeded to walk around the Stadio Olympico. In a season which has had it’s ups and downs, it kind of feels like we’ve won the CL – but of course, without us actually winning the CL. If that makes sense.

Arsene spoke on yesterday’s game and also looked back at 2008 and how if Henry stayed, we would have won the League:

“Maybe he could have made a difference, maybe last year. We had 83 points and with him we could have gained two or three more that could have won us the championship. But at that time I felt that a guy who has played eight or nine years for you, and has shown that kind of desire, it’s difficult to stand in his way. If he had done two or three years I would have said ‘my friend, you stay here’ but when he has given so much [it is different]. He had this opportunity at Barcelona, he had a first very difficult year but I am very happy he made it this year. He has convinced everybody because he is a top-class player and you want them to be successful.”

A funny moment yesterday was in the post-match chat as Henry said to the camera-man, “I have one message and that is that I am alive!”… in reference to all the critics who wrote him off after his first season at Barcelona. You’ve got to be happy for the Frenchman, and if you watched his interview yesterday, you’d have been moved when he said:

“Arsenal are in my heart and blood and the Champions League defeat with them was the biggest disappointment of my career, but I am happy.”

Well, congrats to Th14 and one day we’ll see you again!

So, transfer news now, and we’ve signed two players…

Jamie Edge

Yes, we’ve virtually signed this chap – named Jamie Edge – he’s a midfielder aged 15 and currently plays for Cheltenham Town. 

“Cheltenham Town have reached a financial agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of Jamie Edge. We believe it is an excellent deal for the club both in terms of the money we will receive this season and next and further payments that become due depending upon the progress Jamie makes at both club and international level. It is a particularly exciting opportunity for Jamie who now has to agree personal terms with Arsenal before the deal can be confirmed.”

The fee is in the region of £150k and will rise to £250k depending on  appearances. The player himself is a defensive midfielder by nature – but can also play at centre back. He’s versatile, quick and known for an aggressive nature. People have also likened him to a mix between Steven Gerrard in approach to the game and Owen Hargreaves in his mobility and tackling. Their director of youth said this:

“Knowing Jamie’s potential, we offered him a two-year scholarship to start in 2010 and he accepted
it,” he said. “Clubs have got wind of him and he is likely to be in advance of players the same age at these Premier League clubs. Both Manchester United and Arsenal did their homework on him and then looked after him when he went for trials.”

It’s amazing to see the continual scouting and signing of young players – it’s really promising to see our future so carefully looked after. Regardless of who’s at the helm in years to come, we’ll undoubtedly have a lot of brilliant kids coming through our youth system and that is great to see!

Matin Angha

Another youngster that we’ve signed is a lad called Martin Angha, also 15, from FC Zurich. He’s a tall central defender – also 6 foot for a 15 year old, and very highly rated back in his home country in Switzerland. Angha travelled with the youth team up to Anfield on Tuesday night to witness the final win and later that evening secured a deal to see him join us.

So, Arsene has signed a tall centre half and a mobile, aggressive central midfielder, hey? Both age 15…? So, all he needs to do, is find the same two players, age 25, sign them and we’ve got a full compliment.

And Finally…

It’s going to be an interesting summer for Theo Walcott. He’s been called up to the England squad and the England Under 21 squad.

What does that mean, I hear you say? Well, it means that the 20 year old winger cum striker will play in the World Cup qualifying matches with Kazakhstan and Andorra on 6th and 10th June, respectively, and then join the Under 21 squad for the Under 21 European Championship, which kicks off on the 21st June and lasts for two weeks. With our own training starting in the second week of July, it means no rest for Theo this summer and with the World Cup next summer, it’s looks like there will be only one team suffering the ill effects from this, and that’s us!

One final piece of news to bring you and that’s that there is no news regarding Van Persie‘s contract – Arsene made it very clear post season that he is very keen to tie down the Dutchman to a long term contract, but it hasn’t happened yet…

“The club and I have not been able to make any headway. But maybe I will soon have something new to report. That is all I have to say on this now.”

What that means I am unsure of, but it’s a little worrying – what do you think the sticking point is? Hmm, there has been some rumour about a minimum fee release clause, fingers crossed Arsene sorts it out, I’d like to see VP here next season!

And Finally, a quick reminder to enter the competition to win one of 5 pairs of tickets to the London Masters to see Ray Parlour captain the Arsenal in a bid to win the trophy from local rivals West Ham…

And just for a laugh, Hull manager Phil Brown is targetting Europe next season… relegation is definitely more likely…

  • Fo

    I hope Van Persie signs his contract – we’ve stuck by him when he’s been injured and it’s a kick in the teeth for him not to be sign up for another few years.

    The best years are ahead of him so yes, fingers crossed he’s here next season!

  • zohaib

    Why’s Wenger talking about what could have been ? He never does that. Does he want Henry to come back ? Does Henry want to come back now that he’s got his Champions League medal ? Do we want him back ?

    I say hell yeah !

  • ArseFan101

    It’s nice and everything signing 15 year olds, but we need to really sign some players for now…

    I had a nightmare of a dream whereby Arsene said he didn’t need to buy a centre-back because Senderos was coming back and didn’t need to buy another winger because Rosicky and Traore were coming back and didn’t want to buy another striker because Eduardo was back and we’d see more of Vela… and the worst thing is that he didn’t buy a defensive midfielder because he didn’t want to block Song…!!


  • devday

    Don’t worry ArseFan, I think Arsene has learnt a little about the requirement for some experience. I fully expect him to buy 2 players (one DM and one DC)…

    The question is at £6 or £7m – is Diaby “one for the future” or “had his chance”..?

  • devday


    I really don’t think Henry will solve any problems at the moment – attacking wise, we’ve got a plethora of young talent, with Eduardo and Vela surely featuring more next season.

    We could do with Adams back though!

  • Berth

    Has anyone heard about the news of a man u fan who drove into celebrating Barca fans and killed four, injuring 10 (In Nigeria) – what is happening, football is becoming a religion that could go berserk

  • devday

    It’s an absolute nightmare, can you believe someone would do that – there is being passionate about your team and there is being over the top – should something be done about it? what can be done about it?


    Sounds like a Friday night in Salford, maybe he forgot where he was.

    On the subject of Adams back, surely its only a matter of time before he gets a spot next to Wenger on the bench?

  • ArseFan101

    Oh my gosh – where did you hear that? People sometimes treat football as a religion and it’s just not right – it’s awful!

  • tom G
  • devday

    The news is all over the papers today – apparently Barry is holding out for a move to Arsenal… but it sounds like it’s all paper talk – there are no quotes!

  • zohaib

    Dev, I don’t know if it’ll still be a problem – the one with our frustrated fans – but I’m sure Henry coming back will solve that ! We’ll believe whatever he tells us.

    And we’ve been saying that (young talent coming through blah) for over 3 years now. Yet, every season, somebody important gets injured and it screws our season.

  • zohaib

    Adams and Keown, and Bergkamp, and Henry.

  • zohaib

    ArseFan – you’re comment came out a bit wrong mate. It’s sounds like you’re saying it’s because people treat football as religion, that they lose their cool and go over the top, even being violent. And that’s wrong. No religion tells you to be violent. Some people interpret it wrong. But it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with religion.

    I’m crazy passionate about Arsenal but that doesn’t mean I have to hate another club or another set of supporters. It’s called being sensible.

  • chris

    It made me nostalgic seeing Sylvinho still playing for Barca in the UCL final (more so than Titi. He missed a would-be winning goal again).

    Way back in the day Sylvinho was the best left back in the PL, one of our most exciting players. Yet Arsene let him go to accommodate the then budding Ashley Cole – to keep faith in a home-grown player who had what it takes and who were expected to be the club’s future leader, who would be with us through rain or shine.

    Silvinho went on playing 3 years in little Celta Vigo before arriving at Barcelona and winning what he richly deserves today (I don’t think he started against Arsenal in the Paris Final), even more so given that he barely got into the Brazilian team back when Roberto Carlos was the automatic first choice.

    Do I need to mention what turned out between Arsenal and Cole? What a twist of faith.

  • devday

    LOL, hopefully Cashley Cole will never win the Champions League!

  • Arsefan101

    Zohaib, that’s exactly what I’m talking about – no-one should treat football to the extent that we’ve heard about.

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