There's A March Going On… Join In!

It's strange blogging on a Saturday afternoon at 6pm without any Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup or Championship games having been played - I suppose I will have to get used to it as it's a way of life from now until August...

Tomorrow sees the final game of the season at the Emirates against Stoke, and it should be an awesome day - it will be sunny, the fans will be in buoyant end of season mood, knowing that the club is united in the support of the manager and knowing that players are coming in. In the last week or so, it's been a bit hellish for Arsene, and if you read his quotes, then you can understand that the it's a bit of a shame when shareholders who are holding shares that are 25 times their value since Arsene came and fans who are don't know what it's like not to win a trophy become the voice of all Arsenal fans.

If you've picked up a newspaper or read any columns, you'll know that there is a consensus that us Arsenal fans, all of us, are a bunch of mouthy, ungrateful and disrespectful bunch. And that's just not true. Yes, it hasn't been the best season or best "era" so far, but us Arsenal fans are united, are very grateful, are very respectful as well as being faithful, patient and understanding.

The moral of the story is that a small percenatage of fans have been outlandish this end of season, a small percentage of shareholders have asked some very disrespectful things and the worst thing of it all is that they've given us real fans a reputation which is unfair. The real discussion is that the Emirates has been sold out for every game this season. Unlike our neighbours down at the Bridge, where you can normally buy a ticket on the day for the game, we've shown our support through the highest attendance Arsenal's ever had and at the highest prices that the Premiership offers.

That is real support, it's a put your money where your mouth is. When Chelsea have a miserly 18,000 fans attend a vital Champions League game, why doesn't anyone question their support? When we have 33,000 for a FA cup youth game, is that not a sign of our undying love and support for the club.

So tomorrow, the REDaction team, a team dedicated to giving all to Arsenal have organised a march - a march of solidarity. I say, if you're coming down, then come down for the march. March for Arsenal, march for Arsene, march for yourself, but whatever you march for, come down and show the world what being an Arsenal supporter is all about - and it's about solidarity - or more appropriately, victory through harmony.

REDaction logo

The official details from REDaction are:

In light of recent press coverage saying that the majority of Arsenal fans want Arsene Wenger kicked out of the club, we’ve decided to lead a march of solidarity in support of Mr Wenger. We want to send the message out to the press that the consensus among fans is not only that he should stay but also that he’s one of the few managers in the football league that’s earned the right to walk away. To think of Arsene Wenger being fired by the board is sickening yet it seems that this view has turned from a minority opinion to what we all want (thanks to the press following the shareholders’ meeting).

If you want to join us in a march of solidarity for Arsene Wenger and show the world that not only are we grateful for what he’s done for us but also that we have faith in him, please join us for a special march from The Rocket at 3:15pm before the Stoke kick off. If you don’t drink at The Rocket, no problem! We’ll be congregating around the roundabout in front of the Armoury (aka The Bear roundabout) at 3:30pm to sing songs in support of the our gaffer. Le Boss.

So, join me and hundreds of others as we march together in support of our club.

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  • Debs

    oh, it’s actually an old transfer. Dev blogged about it earlier, at the end of May. It’s Jamie Edge, from Cheltenham. I think we simply just agreed compensation for him with Cheltenham, or something along those lines, but it’s nothing new…