Would you rather have Blaise Matuidi or Gareth Barry?

“I asked myself questions at the end of August after Arsenal showed their interest. An opportunity to join them is not something ordinary. It gives you great self-esteem – it is Arsenal. At the end of the season we will have talks, anything is possible.” Apparently, he has an agreement with Saint Etienne that he can talk to Arsenal at the end of the season, which is now… I’m not one for idle speculation, but there may just be something in this. And continued very recently:

“Playing abroad excites me more than anything else. I want to test myself and see how I well I do in the best league in the world, English Premier League. l’m obviously it would be fantastic for me to move there, especially when you know their style of play. There has been contact, but for now I can not say more”
I’ll try my best to dig up more information on this story, but rumours about Matuidi are growing fast… here’s a video in the meantime:

So, the question remains… Would you rather have Blaise Matuidi or Gareth Barry?]]>

  • jeffvip

    wow, your blog have been updating at at tremendous fast speed. I cant really catch it up. LOL. My choice between those two, Gareth Barry. We have already spent 4 season without trophy and if the drought continue we might have whole lots of problem like player leaving, board selling club, bla bla bla… We cant afford to take gamble anymore on cheap player. We need establish player!!!

  • Berth

    (Blaise Matuidi) Still 22 years; but doubt what kind of player he really is, may be You should elaborate more on his ability to win balls intelligently in midfield; I mean no offence, but must our DMF position always be linked with a black? what about Barton or Veloso

  • zohaib

    Berth, you’re going way off topic here. Let’s not go into racism. That’s really not what this is about.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Berth - we've looked at Veloso once already in the last couple of weeks - the DMF has nothing to do with colour. And btw, Barton? Are you crazy? That boy is a liability to any team!]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[This might not sound pleasing to some, but I'd go for Zokora. I'm not sure if the rumors were correct. Don't know whether he's leaving or not. But if he is, he's the exact player we need. Great engine, experienced, ability to read the game, positional sense and awareness of what's happening around him, great drive going forward, ability to bring the game from his half to the opponents', a real tough competitor. Etc etc. I haven't seen enough of Matuidi and I'm not sure Barry is the right kind of player for us. He's good going forwards, but I'm not sure he's what we need defensively.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Absolutely Dev ! Barton should be banned from playing football. That guy is a complete lunatic. A disgrace to the game.]]>

  • Berth

    LOL guys you already want to devour me; Well not being racial considering where I come from. Zokora is good but won’t make my team. What happened to Veloso, the media stopped linking him to us and we stopped talking about him. I understand you lads stand with Barton, what he really needs is a club that will bring him down to earth and let him play his game, maybe not Arsenal, cos you lad will have me killed if I suggest so.

  • Berth

    So Dev can you please give more info about this guy – Blaise Matuidi

  • devday

    Berth – Basically, he is a very good ball winning midfielder – he’s got good stature and looks like he’d fit into the team. He’s more mobile that Song, has more presence and is very similar to Essien. I hope that sums it up well enough!

  • Berth

    wee enough mate – experience still matters you know that.

  • AJ

    Barton is a disgrace to the game and the F.A should of thrown the rule book at him and he should be banned. As for Barry or Matuidi, Barry any day of the week, I think one of the things that I have read and heard in a number of places is our team lacks that english grit and determination, someone who will just knuckle down and get the job done, plus Barry has the expierence, we know he can perform and he would slot in perfectly, he can tackle, he plays the holding role for england, he has a good pass and he gets the odd goal. I don’t know that much about Matuidi, I know where he plays etc etc, but again at 22, he isn’t “young” like most of our players, he hasn’t got any expierence of the premier league so he would possibly take a while to settle into the pace of the game and frankly, as everyone including Wenger is saying, we don’t need more “young” players, we need expierence so we get that balance of youth and expierence that we had back when we were winning trophies so we can start winning them again, starting with next season. Also I want to just say earlier in the season I have said Wenger should go, I have also said he hasn’t but, with all the speculation of him going to Real (I doubt he will) I want him to stay, I couldn’t envisage Arsenal without him at the helm and I think him finally acknowledging that we need expierenced players is a big step forward in terms of us getting back to being champions.

  • Sharif

    Why not have bot Barry and Matuidi? Manu have Anderson, Hardgreaves and Carrick. We need options for that position. We have song who will sit infront of the back four and defend , bringing Barry will bring in some much needed experience as he has been doing this DM job all his life, Matuidi will bring something similar to Flamini if not better. It might mean spending a lot more money than usual but its worth it.

  • dj

    all I got to say is Barry comes with a very high wage demand that Arsenal can’t or might not be willing to give him.

  • russ77

    we need a guy who has won trophies i’m not sure whether barry is that guy

  • The Critic

    Blaise Matuidi, 22 years old and looking like a Viera with more Potential, hes got at least 8 years of ability to play in the Prem’ left and going for aroung 3 mil.
    Barton should be banned and stuck in jail.
    Veloso doesnt look like hes going to improve much more, so dont worry about that.
    Barry is at man city earning more than any player at our club so I doubt hes going to move.
    what about young englishman like Muamba or Cattermole.
    Also Scott Brown would be good.

  • The Critic

    Sorry guys but i mispelt around.

  • frazer

    i would rather hav matuidi, who wouldn’t, younger, more talented and apparently wer gettin him for £3mil, thats a steal. matuidi is gonna b an arsenal legend if he comes. we shuld also buy afellay, to provide cover for nasri and we shuld sign both kalou and chamakh as ther both great players. bring chamakh in for cover for eduardo as ther is a big possibility he’ll be injured and kalou because he can play striker, centre midfielder or winger. many people are doubting arsenal’s defence but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, song proved he’s a great player last season and djourou, even though young, reminds me of toure. we shuld also sign castaignos as he looks like he’s gonna b a great player in the future. arsenal 2 win the league