Sunday Round Up… And The Truth Behind The Rumours!

Today's been a strange day in the world of Arsenal, with many stories breaking left, right and centre. Not sure which ones to believe, to be honest, but if I have learnt anything about being an Arsenal fan over the many many years, it's that sometimes a lot of what you hear is made up and you've sometimes got to distance yourself from the different tabloid stories that you'll read every day.

Of course, a story that broke this morning was the apparent quote from Arsene regarding his future and links to Real Madrid. For those of you who haven't read the story, here is was was reported:

“With Perez the project will be strongly interesting for every coach”.

Perez is the former president of Real Madrid and he’s looking to be re-appointed as president and of course, he has been an admirer of Arsene Wenger for some time. The comments have been reported by French television company, Telefoot – although I couldn’t find the story on their very own website. Arsene has also supposedly asked the journalist to allow him to “keep the answer discreet” to whether he has met with Perez and also supposedly said that he could break his contract.

Now, if you know Arsene, you’ll know he’s never broken a contract in his life and I really doubt he’s going to start now. Especially having assembled this current group of young players and moved to a brand new stadium. But of course, this speculation will happen every year. In a way, it’s useful for Arsene to have this speculation – many Arsenal fans giving Le Boss a hard time after another trophyless season – maybe those who called for his head (I’m yet to really speak to anyone who actually does) will take another view – no one could replace Arsene, simple as.

And that’s not where the stories finish… more news broke today that we’ve only got £13m to spend in the transfer window – including the re-signing of Cesc and Van Persie – this story I seriously doubt – but then again, when it’s Arsenal and finances, there’s one story from Arsene and one from the board of directors.

Onto the transfer front and we’ve been linked with Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini, who is primarily a left back but also plays in central defence – a position he has been highly rated for this season. However, with Juventus splashing £26 million on Deigo from Werder Bremen, it’s unlikely that they are too much in need for cash, so very much unlikely the 24 year old will be leaving Turin. With Arsene publicly discussing the need for defensive signings, it looks like we’ll be linked with everyone who can fit the bill until we make our signings. There are a few rumours going around about Mamadou Sakho – a young defender currently playing for PSG – but with so many young players at the club and Arsene desire to bring in experienced players, it seems that rumour is another made up one.

One final rumour which you’ve probably read in many places is the potential signing of Newcastle United defender Sebastien Bassong. If Newcastle go down, I’m sure he’ll be available on a cheap deal but in reality, he’s been a major cause for Newcastle letting in so many goals this season and his sending off last game effectively sealed defeat for the Geordies. Personally, I’d rather have Senderos back!

Okay, that’s a rap for today – I’ve got a feeling we’re entering a long summer of transfer speculation – and an even bigger feeling that it’s already started…

Until tomorrow.]]>

  • Berth

    Quite a big feeling. If after all that happened in the past seasons and this very season does not produce any buy then I will know if there is something wrong with Arsenal FC or the share holders and Wenger.

  • azharie

    we need senderos back….and let go djourou…

  • Yemi

    Which experienced player are they going to buy with the 13million ? one player ? two unknown ? 3 substandard ? So much for “We are going to add some experience faces”

  • jeffvip

    13 million is absolutely nuts. Man utd fans will be laugh to dead if they saw it… ^ ^

  • Fabrez

    £13m? Pathetic if that’s true! And the fans better show Wenger how much they want him to stay. I for 1 want him 2 stay…i think the majority do actually…but the press makes known the minority’s feelings very well and it complicates matters. As much stick as Wenger takes for his policy and some decisions, I can guarantee u…he will be sorely missed if he were to leave…and personally…I’d b upset if he leaves for Real Madri of all places…i can’t stand them…they and their corrupt ways…and their politics won’t suit Wenger…but we’ll see.

  • Fabrez


  • Fabrez

    Main headline on SkySports? The Milan and Ade love affair! Great! Just great!

  • Yemi

    At 13million, we can’t even add one more arshavin !!!!! Maybe two more ramsey’s that will sit on the bench! absolutely unacceptable!!!!! All the talk of a striker or defensive midfielder or a central back as well as a backup for sagna are all pipe dreams!!! Does AC still want adebayor for 25million ? please sell! sell!! sell!!! and buy tevez!!!! much more active and potent

  • Fabrez

    There is something i have to give Wenger credit for…he never tries to buy his players through the press…that’s why I spit on sides like Milan and Madrid…disgraceful! No damn principles!

  • Fabrez

    And i’d like to think that £13m is a rumour…maybe that’s the press trying to be troublesome and rile up Arsenal fans…

  • Fabrez

    Perhaps a Sp*rs man in the media!!

  • jeffvip

    LOL, I think should be Man Utd media as nowadays media is a full time Man Utd supporter

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Seeing as the club made a £36 million pound profit only last year, I seriously doubt that the £13 million transfer kitty rumour is true. Plus consider the profits made from previous years and how little we've spent over the course of the last 3-4 seasons (Arshavin and Nasri are the most costly transfers in the last few years), I think its safe to say we've got a lot more than £13 million available to spend if need be. We seemed to pull £15 million out of nowhere to buy Arshavin a few months ago.

    Most likely its just the media making headlines.]]>

  • Fabrez

    Yup…media doing what they do best!

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[i hope its just the media doing its thing

    Hey! anyone know anything about Francis Coquelin ?]]>

  • Fabrez

    Coquelin…youngster who plays for our reserves/ U-18s? DM player but only 18 tho…

  • Fabrez

    On a random note, I was very happy to see the guys Evra labelled as “babies” put a hurting on him! Nasri, RvP and Fabregas…that’s what u get punk!

  • zohaib

    Ah yes Fabrez, that was very amusing. lol

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[There's an interesting article from Geoff Shreeves on SkySports :,25212,15196_5333480,00.html

    He seems to think the club doesn't have any money and the board is nastily blaming Wenger for not spending any of that non-existant money.
    If that is true, some of the fans need to step back from laying so much blame on Wenger and re-direct it towards the board for lieing.

    I also feel, some fans now think it's ok if Kroenke buys us, but not if Usmanov does. I remember before Kroenke came into the picture everybody wanted us to remain a british club and not be sold off to the Americans. I wonder how many fans still feel that way ...]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[And Edin Dzeko has said he'll consider his options in the summer because his coach is leaving for another German club. There is interest from AC Milan, ManUtd, Sunderland (?!), and Arsenal.

    I've seen a bit of this guy, but so far back that I've forgotten. But I still think we don't need any strikers. Even if we sold Adebayor.]]>

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[I read that same article Zohaib...found it very insightful actually. The board seems to be the liars but Wenger is a gentleman and would never say that the board is lying. He just takes knocks from the fans at it seems to be a bit unfair if this is true.

    If Ade does end up leaving for his "Beyonce", we probably won't need to replace him...think u r rite m8...we do have strikers who can do his job once they all stay fit. We'll certainly be better of financially if we just used the Ade money and whatever is in the kitty and strengthened the areas needing more attention.]]>

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  • Prabhu

    < ![CDATA[Hi,

    Arsenal needs to buy veloso, sakho, hangeland & powerful striker like david villa as swap for ade]]>