Let's get behind the team…

I received an email from JAT today... one describing what we have to do as fans tonight. Some words aren't desirable on the blog today, but the sentiment is the same. We're the 12th man, we're the noise that backs our team. JAT feel free to post the email as a comment. Arsenal have put red flags onto the home team seats, pick your flag up and wave it madly. Sing and shout, we need you.

Nasri says we have to make the stadium like the Velodrome:

“We need the 12th man,” he explained to French sports daily L’Equipe. “If I can ask one thing, it is that the Emirates is transformed into the Velodrome this evening.

“I still remember the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup against Newcastle United [a match OM won 2-0 in 2004 with Didier Drogba scoring twice] – I have chills running down my spine just talking about that – it was volcanic. Against Manchester United, the crowd much be like that.”

“We need the 12th man,” he explained to French sports daily L’Equipe. “If I can ask one thing, it is that the Emirates is transformed into the Velodrome this evening.
“I still remember the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup against Newcastle United [a match OM won 2-0 in 2004 with Didier Drogba scoring twice] – I have chills running down my spine just talking about that – it was volcanic. Against Manchester United, the crowd much be like that.”

Looking at the comments yesterday, there is a general belief that Song will start instead of Denilson tonight and even though Diaby was rested on the weekend, will not start (thank God), and therefore the revised line up should be:


Sagna – Toure – Djourou – Gibbs

Walcott – Cesc – Song – Nasri

Adebayor – Van Persie

With a bench of: Fabianski, Silvestre, Eboue, Denilson, Diaby, Vela and Bendtner.

Adebayor will start today, and the Togan International has come under a lot of criticism after the first leg display. But being a lone striker against Vidic and Ferdinand is no easy task. Arsene has backed the striker to come good:

“Emmanuel Adebayor is like everyone else. When the team dominates he will have chances. You would not want to put more responsibility on his shoulders than anyone else. We are more than a selection of individuals. We are first a team. We have developed like that and our game is based on the collective play. I want them to focus on that. How well we play collectively will make the difference.” 

I’ve not got too much analysis of my own to give today. This game is so big, we know the opponents more than we know most. We know what Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez will bring to United’s team. Walcott needs to attack Evra, who has just about passed a fitness test. Sagna needs to keep Rooney occupied, make him defend rather than attack. Song needs to sit just in front of the back four and shield them. Djourou and Toure need to use their pace and intelligence to stop Ronaldo, Tevez and / or Berbatov.

It’s going to be a awesome night tonight.

I’ll leave you with a few words from the captain:

“I never believed we could not do well this season, that was more down to the press than ourselves. It is true that we have been linked with a lot of disappointments and things which we could have done better. The start of the season was difficult. We lost players we never expected to leave, but the team kept going. That shows the mental strength and character of the team because we are now playing in the Semi-Finals of the Champions League. I didn’t think we were struggling at all [when I was injured]. I watched all the games and I think when I was injured they won all the games, so I didn’t think that.  My target, and everyone’s target was to be in the Champions League Final and I still think we can do that. We will give everything to make sure that happens. Everyone worked really hard this season to be where we are now and we want to achieve it. We feel that if we play well, we will deserve to be in that Final.”

Come on you Gooners, let’s make it a night to remember!]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Has anyone seen this:


    Very random.]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I am not seeing anything Dev? I assume it is a picture of something…just getting a white space.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[If you put the links together...


  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Dev, great blog today mate! Love the "call to arms" the clubs making to us supporters. I'm daring to believe we could do this again. Cheers mate!

    Good luck to the lads tonight!

    Is anyone here going to the Emirates tonight?

    My Gunners line up:


    Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs

    Theo Cesc Song Nasri

    Ade RvP

    My United lineup:


    O'Shea Rio Vidic Evra

    The Diver, Carrick Anderson Rooney

    Berbatov Tevez

    I quite fancy our midfield doing a good job on them.

    Do us proud lads! Arsenal til I die! :D]]>

  • Pete

    Very randon vid Dev! lol

  • ian tanner

    < ![CDATA[For all of you lucky enuf to be at the Grove tonight, make yourselves doubly hoarse for those of us who can’t be there. I will unashamedly quote arseblogger’s rallying cry today:

    “Remember, the guy or girl to your left or right is an Arsenal fan. The boys in red are your team. Our team. United are the enemy. United would kill your mum. They’d run over your puppy and then point and laugh. They would make you listen to Phil Collins. They would insist on putting cloves on everything. They would dip their pizza in ketchup. They would offer you a cup of coffee then serve you chicory. They would force you to watch Tom Hanks films. They would kidnap you then read to you from the novels of Dan Brown. They would drive really slowly in front of you when you’re in a hurry then speed up so they get through the amber light and leave you stuck at the red. They would chew gum loudly in your ear. They would come on our pitch and dance after getting one of our players sent off because of their theatrics. They would score a goal in the last few minutes of a semi-final then show everyone their hairy chest. They would dive to win a penalty to stop us going 50 games unbeaten. They would sing disgusting songs about our manager.’

    “Need I go on? They are not our rivals, not our competitors, not our competitors, not our peers: they are the enemy. Treat them as such.’

    “And in the face of such monstrous evil, such hideous, diving, tantrum throwing, ballerina, monster faced malevolence, make sure you let our lads know that they are fighting the good fight, on the side of truth and righteousness. For, after all, we are The Arsenal.”

    Let’s go out and wipe the floor with these arrogant thugs who believe they own the Premier League and that no one should dare even challenge them.

    On our day this team can beat anybody. It’ll hurt to lose but I can handle that. All I ask is that we really make it hard for the manc scum, really give it a go and make them work damned hard for it. Every single player has to bust his gut for the team, fight for every ball, commit to every tackle. And no more experimental lineups with Cesc used as a second striker, let him dictate play from his best position.

    C’MON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]]>

  • JAT

    < ![CDATA[here it is as requested:








    no idea who this guy is, and i cant remember where i read this, but i basically agree 100%. look at all the glory nights liverpool have had at anfield. the reason? the fans. we WILL make a difference tonight. anyone reading this and going - SCREAM YOUR HEART OUT. if you have a voice tomorrow morning and we are out of the champions league, you haven't done enough.

    I said it the other day and i'll say it again. let's make the emirates hell on earth tonight. apparently man utd rejected the chance to train at the emirates last night because they 'already know all about the place'. if we turn it (unexpectedly) into a cauldron of noise then they wont know what's hit them. do your part for this team and scream them in the direction of Rome. DO IT!]]>

  • debs

    < ![CDATA[Wish I was going to the match, but I'm not, but if you're going, like everyone's said, sing your hearts out so Man U don't know what hit them. Let's turn the Emirates into something never seen or heard before. It doesn't matter if you think Wenger's line-up is crap or that Ade or whoever is playing like crap, support them. Cheer as hard as you can cos it'll probably get them to pull their finger out and give the performance of their lives. I believe we can win today, but the team needs our 12th man today like never before. Let's make it happen guys! Let's make our home advantage count and scare the life out of man u. We CAN make it work!
    Come on you Reds!!!!!]]>

  • parsi









  • parsi

    < ![CDATA[ok people; read the below artice and start praying,

    The Power of Prayer!!

    Very often when all else fails, man turns to God and prays, But instead of using prayer as a spare wheel, if it is used as a primary force, it reaps rich rewards. Harnessing the power of prayer will energise all our activities. All we have to do is ask.

    The Apollo 13 Story: April 1970

    “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” At 55 hours, 54 minutes and 53 seconds into the Apollo 13 mission, this heart-stopping outburst was relayed to Mission Control. It initiated an unbelievable flurry of activity. A coordinated operation to rescue the ailing spacecraft and its jeopardised crew began in earnest.

    Having achieved its aim of landing a man on the moon, for NASA, this was considered a “routine” trip to the moon. And it was, until oxygen tank number 2 abroad Apollo 13 exploded during a routine check procedure. It was then that technical expertise and divine inspiration worked hand in hand to ensure the safe return of the astronauts.

    The explosion, which crippled the spacecraft, meant that not only was the moon landing called off, but that emergency measures to bring the craft and crew back to earth had to be implemented,

    No doubt all the scientist involved in this great rescue, displayed exemplary teamwork and ingenuity, but there was an unseen force aiding their efforts. It was the divine force of prayer. Prayer has often succeeded, where other measures seem to fail. In the rescue of Apollo 13 this was also the case.

    In an article entitled “What really happened to Apollo 13”, Jerry Woodrill, who worked on the mission as the Alarm system engineer, recognises the prominent and indispensable part that prayer played in the rescue of Apollo 13. In it he says “Many might regard the rescue of as the ‘spiritualising’ of a dramatic event for religions sake. I would agree, had I not found a majority of evidence to the contrary.”

    He adds, The New York Times reported special player services… Prayers were said at the Chicago board of trade and prayers for the Apollo 13 crew sounded at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

    Even the US Govt deemed to the power of prayers so Woodrill writes, “The US senate adopted a resolution urging prayers”.

    Finally, he says that his wife has a bracelet and medallion which was brought at the space centre exchange store shortly after the successful 1970 rescue. The large coin pictured praying hands with the words ‘Apollo 13… And the whole world prayed.’ This is a clear indication of how much NASA, the people with he most to lose, believed in the important contribution of prayer in their successful rescue.

    The entire rescue operation was a perfect example of how effort combined with prayer leads to success.]]>

  • parsi

    < ![CDATA[Last summer Emmanuel Adebayor was more sought after than a winning national lottery ticket. After the season he has had this time around I'd say he was as sought after as a dose of Swine flu or a left hook from Manny Pacquiao.

    I was gutted by his behaviour last summer. I felt he disrespected Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and most of all, Gooners.

    Its clear that all the attention he had went to his head. I only know two players with heads and ego's bigger than Ade's. Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane. Maybe Lassana Diarra as well. But only because he has an abnormal dolphin shaped head.

    I don't think his heart is at Arsenal anymore and I believe he should leave. But first he owes Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and most of all, Gooners, the two best performances of his life in the game with Manchester United tomorrow and the final in Rome.

    A good performance tomorrow benefits both himself and Arsenal. It helps Arsenal progress to the final and it puts Ade in the shop window like a mannequin. If teams are prepared to offer Wenger bags of money then I reckon he will take it. And then laugh. Loads.

    I supported Ade last season when people were having a pop at him but he doesn't deserve my support or anyone's after the lazy performances we have seen this campaign. We don't want a lazy performance like the one at Old Trafford last week. He was more lazy than a sloth.

    I want the Ade of old. Full of running and causing loads of problems. Is that too much to ask? Only for two games?]]>

  • Pissed off

    Come on Gunners!!!!!

  • unspoken

    AAARGHHHH!! now we need 3 goals.. :( (

  • unspoken

    er. make it 4 goals. this isnt really going well.. come on gunners!!

  • AJ

    I seriously hate our shitty luck. I feel like crying and as for the stick I’m going to get tomorrow if we loose, it’s going to be unbelievable.

  • http://kierandelaney.net/ kierandelaney.net/blog

    To be fair we didn’t exactly play badly, but what atrocious luck.

  • fan

    the season is over. Next thing to look forward to is summer signings.

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[i dunno why. but it really hurts to see the team play like this.

    and the ref's been making some dumb ass decisions.

    i really do hope that AW really solve the issue about the defensive part of the team.
    somehow, i wish we can know what he's thinking...

    he isnt really doing justice to the players who are staying at the club to win things. it makes u wonder how much longer they'll put up with the barren trophy cabinet. :(]]>

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[:(

    i can't take this. even the home fans are leaving the stadium.

    man u 3
    arsenal 0.]]>

  • AJ

    I am sick of not having one a trophy in so long, we can keep on decieving ourselves that we’re a top club anymore, but really until we sort out our defence we’re not going to win anything (and a striker who goes straight for goal would be good).

  • AJ

    *won a trophy

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[wow red card for fletcher.

    i wish now, we score that penalty and go on to score 4 more!!

    please make it happen!!]]>

  • sam

    < ![CDATA[3-1
    wishful thinking! We;ve had 3 shots on goal.]]>

  • Debs

    I just want to cry my eyes out.

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[yeah sam. so much for it. damn it man.

    3-1 at the emirates. and of all team by manure.


    this is very saddening.

    i cant believe the score-line. shit man..]]>

  • Debs

    This would have knocked the wind out of the players. And who do we have in our next 2 games? Chelsea and Man U. I wonder where they’ll find the motivation from. I’m so so gutted.

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Gutted! For myself, all of us, but mostly for the lads.

    For all the disappointment, fair play to United for doing what they're doing. We simply weren't up to scratch over these two legs. In fairness, I didn't expect us to progess this far this year, but that doesn't matter now I guess. I just hope the lads can pick themselves up quickly after tonight.

    The best spell for us was the first 6 minutes, where we were really pressing United quickly and we looked quite buoyed, but once those first two goals went in you could see it had a big affect on our players. Really feel for Kieran Gibbs.

    But again, well done to United!

    Will always have love for the Arsenal!!!]]>

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[i feel sorry for gibbs man. i think his morale took a nose dive when he slipped and we conceded. and he got subbed out in half time. hope he bounces back. we need him for the chelsea game.

    we never really gotten back and conceded the 2nd.

    it's heart breaking man. honestly speaking, man u were deadlier/better than us. and even though we are good, we arent good enough. not like this.

    most probably they'll go fighting for the 3rd spot.]]>

  • Pete

    Debs, I reckon Arshavin will be our key man for our remaining games.

  • Debs

    yeah, gutted for Gibbs, especially as he played really well in the 1st leg. But I think he’ll be a better player for it in the long run. It’s all part of the experience I guess, but hopefully the team gather round him and give him support. We started really brightly but 2 unfortunate goals and we never recovered. Doubly gutted.

  • Debs

    He probably will be Pete. I just don’t know whether the other players will be up for it, mentally. I really feel for them. But hopefully we’ll use Sunday as an opportunity to build the team morale all over again. I’m not looking forward to the game myself, but maybe I’ll feel better at the weekend.

  • Fabrez

    I’m so hurt right now…i’m gutted…and depressed…i don’t even kno what to type…why did gibbs have to slip? He slipped in the 1st leg too and we almost conceded from that slip…and paid for it this time. He has played well otherwise…we played well as a team otherwise. We can at them from the 1st minute but man…i’m so damn sad atm. Can any1 cheer me up? I don’t think it is possible to be cheered up rite about now tho… Absolutely disappointed…to the extreme degree :( :( :(

  • Fabrez

    *We went at them from the 1st minute

  • Debs

    Sorry can’t cheer you up mate, not at the moment! lol. Hope your exam went better than out game did though. I’m so not looking forward to the media backlash which is sure to come.

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[It'll pass mate, honestly.

    Think of it this way, it shows just how much you support your team. I mean, you cant be hurting over something you dont care about can you! You're a supporter to be proud of mate!]]>

  • Debs

    I’m listening to ATVO to help… Good words Pete!

  • Fabrez

    Debs…i’m staying away from skysports, arsenal’s official website, ATVO, all online newspapers….basically anything that talks about Arsenal. I just want a break and the media will give us a pounding indeed. The WOA is the only place i’ll b willing to come to! My exam was actually pretty decent… shame the whole damn day couldn’t b decent! SIGH! Cheers 4 asking tho! There was even what I believed was a bomb scare at The Emirates 2nite…more media pounding for Arsenal I’d assume. Rough times!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Well another disapponting display. 2 cheap goals early on cost us a place in the final. We were outplayed from start to finish. Roll on next season with a fully fit Eduardo and Arshavin plus a few signings.

  • Fabrez

    True true! Well said Pete…that’s a real pick-me-up! It’s just so frustrating at times! But I’ll always b a Gooner…and I know we’ve got real Gooners here so that’s encouraging too!

  • Fabrez

    I really hope we don’t lose players for nxt season…i kno i’ve said this time and time again b4 but when ppl are disappointed they r so vunerable. I hope the players and fans alike still believe in the club and don’t turn their heads…i really do.

  • Pete

    No worries pal. I’m absolutely gutted too but I have to keep things in perspective. We were up against the current world champions, and the current world player of the yeat scored 2 of their 3 goals.

  • Pete

    Good night peeps, I’m knackered! Til tomorrow amigos!

  • Debs

    Hope you feel better when you wake up Pete. Hope we all do, including the players…

  • Pissed off

    Zohaib why are you not talking man.

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Evra had a fields day, Gibbs was asked a bit of too much from Wenger and Fabregas was at it again, though its understandable. Song battled toothlessly without purpose; very strong but lacks loads of experience. then you have to contain Rooney, Ronaldo, Fletcher, Anderson and Park. These players have one thing in common; aggression against our Song, Nasiri, Fab, Ade (has to go) and Walcott (Did his best but still has to work on his physical side).

    Wenger where do you go from here, certainly players will leave no doubt about that - Sooooooooooooooo sorry for the fans that tried to shut down the Man U players, so sorry for Gibbs, the team and my fellow WOA bloggers in fairness where do we go from here .]]>

  • Mesol

    The Wenger era is gone…find another manager…Arsenal need to change…Wenger just interested to buy youth player, training him to be a good player..when he good, he goes to another club..what do we got?..Wenger will get a good name a reputation..briliant manager what so ever…but what Arsenal get? another miss a champion…please replace Wenger and his favourite players

  • Mesol

    Dont blame the players, its a tactic that make us lose again. When we play against defending type team, we will win. but when we play against attacking team like MU, we will lose. Look at MU, when they attack, there are many player in a goal area, all of them will try smash the ball to goal, but you see when arsenal attack it just 1 player or just adebayor in that area. Hey, man…adebayor just have 1 leg to kick..where do all arsenal player go? they all in arsenal area..just back up the atttack…Want evidence…see the first game against MU…Please somebody, find a new manager..we need to change..

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Morning folks!

    Man, I feel almost hung over this morning, and I suspect I'm not the only one.

    Received a message from a Man United fan which kind of eased the blow a bit, that I'd like so share, hope thats ok.

    "I don't think Arsenal are the 4th best team, I see them as a bigger threat in the league than Liverpool and Chelsea, last season they were on fire 'til injuries caught up to them, this season they've had ALOT of players out for months at a time yet managed 2 semi finals and 4th place in the league, players such as Gallas, Silvestre, Rosicky, Fabregas, Adebayor, Van Persie, Clichy etc... have been out for months at a time. In the league they've yet to lose to any of the other "big 3". Arsenal were always going to go out against us simply 'cuz I didn't see them scoring, they looked very good but Ronaldos pace, Gibbs slip and Park being at the right place at the right time, our only two players who went forward, it was desperately unlucky as they had all the possession and crossed the ball dangerously a few times before then, but after that goal they lost all will. Next season I sort of expect Arsenal to win the league and I believe they will."]]>

  • ian tanner

    A positive slant on last night: We are one of the top four teams in Europe and thats without Arshavin who we have all seen makes a massive difference to the team. We have also been without many of our best players this season through injury. Saying that we still need a good centre forward and a great centre half if not two. Personally i would get rid of Ade and i might even get rid of van simply because of constant injury. Sell them both and get Villa. Then go and buy Hangeland and another. Get rid of Sylvestre and Senderos. Then possibly buy a good holding midfielder even though we will probably only need them a couple of times a season as most teams dont want to play football against us. Then stop messing with the set up when it comes to big games unless we have too. Roll on next season and lets finish by beating Chelsea and the dirty reds in their back yard. It would be nice to shut them up the_Xtremist aside.

  • Chris Emers

    < ![CDATA[Wenger is not to blame at all

    We came out and did exactly what Man U did to us last week. We attacked and looked ready for the challenge. Once gibbs slipped however it was over. Having to score 3 goals shocked the team. Almunia was shocked and probably meant he didnt save the free kick.

    The Manc supporters i was watching it with were very nervous for the first 8 minutes.If Gibbs, doesnt slip it would have been a completely different game. After the slip and free kick, the game is over nad we are completely demoralised.]]>

  • ian tanner

    < ![CDATA[Saying Wenger is a c**t after last night, is quite clearly knee jerk!

    and ive seen more than one post on here in the past suggesting we buy Steven Taylor or Barton! how ridiculous!

    by saying we will get Allardyce, im asking, who will we get? who is available thats better than Wenger?!

    Do you not understand that this is a work in progress? most of the current squad are about 21 or a bit older, if this team stay together then they will all reach their prime together, thats the thinking behind this, scrapping half the team and sacking the manager now would be totally pointless!

    Its been a work in progress for 5 yearsand every season it get's worse not better. When you are stuck in a hole stop digging. Anyway I don't think this team will stick together. I expect 5 or 6 to go in the next few months. Unfortunately including Cesc.

    tell me how finishing 4th and reaching the champions leagues and FA cup semis is not getting better?]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I personally think we have done well this season with all the injuries but AW definately needs to make changes to the squad.

    It all depends on who (if anyone) leaves the club in the summer. RVP has moaned about the wage cap and the ambition so much this season that I wouldn't be suprised to see him put in a transfer request. As for Ade if RVP stays we definately need to get him out purely because he is a lazy oaf that only plays when he can be bothered....I personally think Bendtner is better...and that says alot :-)]]>

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[Wow..i got up with the game on my mind...and whenever i turned in bed last nite in a semi-conscious state, i remembered the game as well. I do feel well hung over like yourself Pete.

    Sack Wenger? Hell no! That's rubbish! If an additional season of no silverware doesn't make Wenger buy, I don't know what will. We have improved this season in certain ways but we are also more impatient this season too. Gooner Get Ya, did RvP really moan about the salary cap? I don't think he did. He said the last financial offer was "fine" and that he wanted to sign. But as I said b4, in disappointment, players' heads will be turned. Other clubs know that and will try 2 snatch 1 or 2 of our boys. If Cesc goes...well...what can I say? He said he sees his future at Arsenal but I'm not as convinced as when Arshavin said he wants to stay here for the rest of his career. Hope he isn't Barca bound come the summer.

    Had we had our best eleven to pick from all season, we would have won a couple trophies I think. Maybe the FA Cup and the League. Sides we compete with for trophies simply never have the injuries we do...and that's a fact. It's sad to see...but what can we do? Hope we don't get screwed over by injuries the next season. Plz AW....keep our side together and strengthen come the summer. As for Ade...he is better than Bendtner in terms of finishing but not much else. Bendtner's attitude is much much better. I'd like us to keep our players but if we do sell, we need 2 b sure we are replacing the sold with better players. Also, we need a bigger squad...the fact our squd is compact magnifies our problems when we have injuries.]]>

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Thing is, I think Wenger is slowly coming round to the fact that we also need experience again amongst the young players. Signing a player like Arshavin is a step in the right direction imo. He's been the best player not just for Arsenal but probably in the Premier League in the last month or two. And he only cost 4-5 million more than Nasri did, bargain!

    A lot has been said about Ade this season. Some of the criticism has been deserved, but a lot of it also overstepped the mark, was very nasty and personal, which had nothing to do with his football whatsoever. Despite how disappointing he's been for much of the season, he's still won us a few games (albeit not nearly enough) and if it wasn't for a certain spectacular overhead away goal by him we'd never have reached the semi's in the first place. I do, however, feel as if he needs to be replaced, ideally by the likes of John Carew or Santa Cruz (big strong lads who can finish). Bendtner has come on leaps and bounds this year, but is still developing.

    In the cold light of day I cant really fault how we started last night. The selection and formation is what I'd have chosen, and the Emirates was buzzing like I've never seen before. We attacked on the front foot and we looked very convincing. Then Gibbs slipped and Park scored. Ronaldo's first goal seemed to be what did the damage more than Parks, and things went very quite soon after.

    Nasri for me was our best player on the night, but then after such a loss I guess it doesn't matter how well certain players did. As Gooner Get Ya said, I'm impressed that we actually reached not one but two semi finals this year considering whats gone on with us as a club. Silverware wasn't really a big expectation of mine for this year, although it would have been nice. Top 4 finish was never a doubt though. Even with our "KIDS" we still manage to qualify for next years Champions League above good teams like Villa and Everton.

    It's going to make for an interesting summer. Things seem to be going on in the boardroom too with Kroanke and Usminov buying up what shares they can.]]>

  • jeffvip

    So good to see all the gonners behind our team. We are just, i mean just abit unlucky to concede that 1st goal. Applause to all gonners that looks on the bright side like qualify for champions league next season where at one time it did look impossible and reaching semifinal for both cup. I just cant wait for next season to come. And we are still on 21 match unbeaten run. Who knows we might break the 49 unbeaten run record…

  • Debs

    We’re definitely ending this season better than we ended last season, so that’s progress, which is a positive thing, even though they’ve both ended on bitter notes, but I guess it’s up to the team to end the year on a high- we’ve got Man U once more this season and I’m sure a win there will help in easing the pain I’m sure we all feel at the moment.

  • Debs

    And also, Man U showed they are arguably the best all-round team in the league at the moment and we beat them already this season, which wasn’t luck and if wasn’t as if they had a weakened squad in any way on the day, and that shows that we are able to compete with them, which is one thing we can take away from this season and build on. I think Wenger realised last night that there might need to be a few changes- he seemed to almost concede that in his press conference. There’s still a few more steps until we’re deserving enough to be Champions of Europe, but to me, we’re in the right direction and there are not that many more steps to go…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Just hope its a Barca v Man U final as last years final was rubbish.

    Fabrez, RVP wasn't moaning about his wages he was saying that the cap puts the big name player off joinging our club and then started on about the ambition of the club has to match his own because he wants to win things....just makes me think that he maybe doubting Arsenal's direction.

    I agree that we need to keep the team together but people like Ade who's heart doesn't seem to be in it any more needs to shipped out now before his negativity / laziness starts affecting other players.]]>

  • Fabrez

    Yeah…true that Gooner…i do remember that bit about RvP popping up somewhere.

  • mesol

    Arsenal will not change if Wenger is still here..he will continue his policy…all he wants is his reputation,…good manager who buys young good player…so in many years, also in history of football, world will remember him as great manager who can create a great player so bla bla bla…but what for Arsenal? Another miss of champ..Find another manager..dont afraid to make a change..Arsenal will still survive without Wenger..He is not the only managers fo Arsenal..His time has passed..