It's Match Day… Portsmouth vs Arsenal… (Final Score 0 – 3)

Manuel Almunia, Kolo Toure, Kieran Gibbs, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Emmanuel Adebayor are all rested.

The line up today is:


Sagna - Song – Djourou – Eboue 

Walcott – Denilson – Ramsey – Arshavin

Bendtner – Vela

With a very light bench of Mannone, Bischoff, Coquelin, Emmanuel Thomas, Merida, Randall and Frimpong.

As you can see, Arsene hasn’t given himself the option of bringing on his experienced players…

More soon…]]>

  • devday

    Eboue actually playing at left back, Sagna at right back!

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Arshavin corner.... Bendtner goal...!! 1-0

    Vela looking very good... next season hey?]]>

  • unspoken

    at least we know where he’s focusing on.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[LOL unspoken...

    Bendtner makes it 2-0 from the penalty spot as Arshavin is fouled in the area - although the Russian points to the corner flag and says it's not a penalty - the ref awards the penalty anyway.

    Very good display of football today!]]>

  • devday

    3-0…… Vela!!!

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[Fantastic. Rested loads of key players and the carling cup players did us proud with a great result.

    Hopefully this will give us a little advantage which could make all the diference in a game like Tuesday's. So excited!]]>

  • Pissed off

    Is Denilson actually improving or could it be the quality of the opponents in the last two games (Portsmouth & Middlesbrough)

  • Pissed off

    Arsenal 3 – Man U 0 – wish and it will come on to you.

  • unspoken

    < ![CDATA[haha. yea. man u also rested some of their key players.

    i think it's going to be a pretty exciting 2nd leg. c'mon you gunners. let's whip those devils.]]>

  • edison

    < ![CDATA[With a result like this and by the sounds of it - some great play . barring alumina, fabregas and nasri who will be vital in the game against united. You'd wonder why bother resting up certain players and introducing them against united ( ade, diaby etc ) if they are just going to weaken the team effort.

    Well done carlos vela]]>

  • khai

    < ![CDATA[hmm.. u guys feel that almunia really came a long way. i mean since the time he came, he was just a reserve goalkeeper.

    now, i consider him to be very good. having him in between the sticks kinda gives us a reassuring feeling eh.]]>

  • khai


    *remember tevez's strike. wahhhh.. that was one crazy reflex. :)]]>

  • jeffvip

    AW should have rested Song and let Diaby play the match. However, undeniably, with Song and Djourou looks shaky at the back. Just some of bad finishing from Pompey player make us have the clean sheet…

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[He probably wanted to rest Song but resting Toure was more of a priority. The only reason why Song didn't get a rest is because there was nobody else to play CB, who was either experienced enough or fit enough.

    And I think it was because of Song that we looked a bit shaky at the back. He was pressing when he should've stayed back in a line with his partner Djourou.

    Another thing I didn't understand was why the shorter of the two CBs was challenging Crouch in the air. How ridiculous is that. Djourou should've been doing that. The few times that he did, he came out on top, winning the header or at least ensuring that Crouch didn't get a good enough touch on it. Song was missing everything he jumped at.

    And I completely agree. Portsmouth's finishing was horrible, otherwise it could've been a very very different scoreline. They had about 4 good chances to score from. We got lucky. But at least our finishing was having a good day.]]>

  • Debs

    Quick question yeah, if we win the CL this season (early doors, I know! lol), and end up 4th, with Chelsea 3rd, does that mean Chelsea go into the CL play-offs instead of us, or do they go into the group stages as normal for finishing third? Pretty irrelevant question at the moment but was just wondering… Thanks!

  • zohaib

    I’m taking a guess here and saying it’ll be whoever ends up 3rd having to take our position as qualifiers for the play-offs.

  • Debs

    Yeah probably… Thanks Zohaib :)

  • jeffvip

    Champions League make me nervous, we already throw FA cup away and we are desperately want this Cup… Don’t let Man U have the record of first club successfully defended champions league

  • Debs

    Yay! VP is fit to play 2moro! Get in! :)

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Just seen a SkySports article on Didier Zokora possibly moving in the summer window due to limited appearances because of Wilson Palacios, at Spurs.

    Zokora is a very good footballer and can play in more than one position efficiently. He's very experienced and would be the best solution, as I can see atm, to our DM/CM problems.

    Presently, I'm not aware of another DM/CM that would be as good. We've heard names of relatively unknown players. But this is definitely the best option in my eyes, at the moment.

    Other than midfield, we've heard of CBs' names being mentioned - Bassong and Hangeland (who appears to be staying at Fulham) and I'm forgetting who else.

    What do the folks here think of Zokora.
    Let's not be 'racist' and say he's from Spurs. I mean this guy is goood.]]>

  • zohaib,19528,11661_5278216,00.html

  • Fabrez

    He’s kinda like Flamini i’d think. Versatile n a DM mainly. But he won’t come here after he saw what happened to sum1 like Campbell… Poor Sol wanted leave the country n all that. So that aint gonna happen in my eyes…

  • Berth

    I don’t think his worth it . I would say In the long run Song will be better. But I still insist for a better CM and CD and not a second rated CMD. Right now we really need to concentrate on tommorrows match, or are you lads given up.

  • Fabrez

    As for 2morro…i haven’t given up…i’m just there…with mixed emotions. Having an exam 2morro doesn’t help either so i’d have to say the prevalent emotion is…nervousness! Hope we can stun Utd…but it’ll require a top performance 4 sure…a performace i genuinly think we can produce. We shall see…

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[Yeah, still hopeful, but maybe not as confident as Wenger is! But as long as the guys give the performance of their lives 2moro, that'll do, no matter the result, but ofcourse, I'd love us to progress!
    And good luck in your exam Fabrez! :)]]>

  • Fabrez

    Thx Debs! :D