Man United 1 – 0 Arsenal, good or bad result? Let's discuss…

The first half was all United, the relentless running of Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo was a lot to handle. United are good at mixed play, a little bit of short passing mixed up with a long ball here and then, strikers working the channels, and they had our team chasing for the first half of the first half. We don't seem to be bright starters in Europe and fell behind to a John O'Shea goal, when we left two Man United player unmarked at the back post - I'll always remember that O'Shea chip when we lost 4-2 at Highbury - and the stand in right back volleyed past Almunia, with the Spanaird nearly saving it.

It was good to have Almunia back in goal. There was an air of confidence about his play, something which had lacked with Fabianski in goal. Arsene Wenger was very much full of praise for his goalkeeper, he surely kept us in he game:

“A player who had a big game in a big game! He was excellent, top class in every sense. The reading of the game, his decision making, his sharpness. He was really top class tonight.”

Without Almunia tonight, we could have been 2 or 3 down. The keeper saving well from close range from Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez. One thing you’ll see from Almunia is that he’s quick off his line and very brave, two characteristics were very much useful today.

We really didn’t test Edwin Van Der Sar and from an attacking point of view, we really were quite inept. Adebayor was very closing marked by Vidic and Ferdinand and Diaby was very much ineffective on the left of midfield. Arsene critical of the attacking ambition, but ultimately the formation and personnel led to the performance. 

“I believe that we were not dangerous enough offensively. After the first 20 minutes we thought we could do something but we were not sharp enough in the final third. Defensively we had a positive game, but we were in a position where we had to come out and score. Then United played the game they love which is counter-attack.”

I really hope we play 4-4-2 on the weekend, with Nasri and Walcott on the wings and Ade and Eduardo (or VP if he’s back) with Denilson just in front of the back four and Cesc deep… maybe it will happen, maybe we’ll do something completely different. Either way, as the gaffer says, it will be a very different game…

“It was a difficult game played at a high pace. Manchester United started stronger than us and if you look at the clear cut chances they were on top, of course, tonight. The positive is that we are only 1-0 down and we are still to play at home. I am convinced you will see a different Arsenal at The Emirates.

“I believe we still have a chance to reverse the result. Football can be like this. We could play tomorrow and you would see a different game. That is why I still believe at home we can do it. The tie is still very open. United could have regrets because they could have scored a second goal, and it is up to us to make them regret that.”

News coming out of the United camp is that they’ll be without Rio Ferdinand next week and that’s a bonus for us if true.

So, what do you think about the result? Good or bad?

Let’s discuss.


Man Utd: Van der Sar, O’Shea, Ferdinand (Evans 87), Vidic, Evra, Fletcher, Carrick, Anderson (Giggs 66), Ronaldo, Tevez (Berbatov 66), Rooney.
Subs Not Used: Foster, Park, Scholes, Rafael Da Silva.

Booked: Tevez.

Goals: O’Shea 18.

Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Silvestre, Gibbs, Song, Diaby, Walcott (Bendtner 70), Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor (Eduardo 82).
Subs Not Used: Fabianski, Denilson, Ramsey, Djourou, Eboue.

Att: 74,733

Ref: Claus Bo Larsen (Denmark).]]>

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[It could have been worse! No doubt about it. My head absolutely dropped when Giggs scored, only for the linesman to raise his flag. 1-0, seeing as we were trailing almost all through the match is not too horrible, but we've got to show more ambition than we did. There was nothing going forward for us, and we know we're much better than that- we've got to sort it out sharpish. We've got no choice but to make 1-0 a good enough result for us. As Wenger said, we've got to make them pay for not scoring more goals, but we're not going to do so if we play how we played today, guaranteed!
    If only there was a way we could disguise one of the players as Arshavin, maybe the 2nd leg would be much much easier! lol.]]>

  • Pissed off

    Tough call.

  • Fabrez

    Good result bcuz even tho i only saw it on replay once, I believe Giggs was on-side and the tie would have been dead from there being 2-0. So considering that, 1-0 aint bad. Champions can overturn 1-0 deficits so let’s see if we are deserving of being Champions by showing some real mettle…

  • sam

    Only time will tell. For now, good result!

  • JAT

    < ![CDATA[the truth is, in the circumstances, that was a good result. we are lucky to still be in the tie.

    the reality is, that was a terrible result. 1-0 away from home in the semi finals of the champions league is one of the least desirable scorelines.

    people seem very optimistic, but if united score one (in all likelihood they will) then we have to score three. can't see it happening ...]]>

  • Dan

    Before the game, it was a bad result. Considering what could have been, its a good result.

  • yemi

    < ![CDATA[it was a good enough game no doubt based on the fact that we went there to defend(thats what i believe we did by leaving ade alone upfront) however, the only thing i can say about the game though we lost is to single out the players who did absolutely fantastic.
    1. aumina. without him, it could have been worse.

    2. gibbs. certainly did a great job on ronaldo as well as defending all through and also did well in assisting the attack.
    3. Song. his presence was felt everywhere in defense, in midfield and sometimes on the break.
    Lets see what tuesday will bring.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Yeah guys, Just got off the phone with my Man u - Arsenal fan. He used to be with arsenal but left for Man u 3 years ago. He predicted Man u dominating the league and Arsenal a club with lower ambition.

    However I must admit his Football brain is overwhelming, I always seek for his opinions after a game and his opinion is always sound and first class.

    Yesterday was one of those days I called to know his opinion about the match. He personally told me he was really nervous about the return leg , that Man u should have killed the game. His also aware that other Man U fans think that its all over. But see what he said " Ronaldo is a fool, he dives a lot and I was really pleased when those decisions where going against him," Then what about the second leg I asked , "well He said, Arsenal's focus is on the CL and Man u still has Premiership in mind, plus the fact that clichy and VP will play which will give the game a different dimension". I do agree with him in a way.

    But of the play yesterday, Song and Gibbs he really praised and said of Walcott being checkmated by Evra. And of Diaby's irrelevance and constant loss of possession. He personally felt that Fab and Ade would have had a better game going forward if Diaby was a better player - all opinions is just his, though I do agree with him, and most of all I do agree with the fact that he admits we have a chance on Tuesday; that's enough to keep me less worried.]]>

  • yemi

    could have been worse. brilliant game for alumina and a little help from the assistant referees. giggs was at most level but not offside!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    only Almunia had a decent game in my opinion all others didn’t seem to be awake at all. The amount of times we got caught on the ball was frustrating. We had little to no movement off the ball. Overall an awful performance. We need to play a lot better in the next leg.

  • parsi09

    Much as I hate to say it, it looks all over for another year, bar the tears and excuses. We should have been dead and buried after a predictably shambolic display at OT (despite all the pathetic pre-match sabre rattling from players who should know better by now). Apart from Almunia, we were sloppy, half-hearted, disjointed and so weak. They won every 50-50 and seemed far hungrier. We were just powder-puff. I can see a similar result at our place, meaning we’ll have to grit our teeth and watch Man U and Chelski (who should beat Barca at the Bridge) contest the final. At this point in my post I’d run through our substandard players’ myriad shortcomings and enter my usual plea for Wenger to take decisive action in the summer, to get a grip and sign at least three top players – if only to maintain our lead over the chasing pack (we’ll need several more experienced players if we’re to truly rival the Big Three – otherwise these sorts of lame results are just gonna keep happening). But I can’t see Wenger abandoning his infuriating, unnecessary stand, despite the growing unrest at being also-rans every year. Making up the numbers is enough for some of the Arsene-lickers on here but even the most desperate of ‘em should be able to see what a few better players could bring to our fortunes. Apart from that, the only solution with Wenger in charge appears to be wait until Man U, Chelski and Pool go broke, then watch us dominate. Trouble is, those clubs will be sold to new, well-heeled buyers long before that happens. I say it again – we were told the Emirates (if that’s really creating a financial burden) would allow us to compete for big players on an equal footing with our former rivals. We were also told it wouldn’t impact on the “player side of things”. So someone’s lied. But what’s the solution? This will be another year without ANY silverware. Is that really good enough?

  • yemi

    < ![CDATA[I dont really think arsene was pushing for goal yesterday else he should hv replaced diaby with edu rather than taking ade off. clichy was not missed too much, it is the central defence that gives me a worry, check out how man u were driving through the middle with anderson, tevez, berbatov, and later ronaldo. the middle was porous. diaby should have been the link btw cesc and song, but u will notice that song and even sometimes toure had to drive forward.
    and also why in the world did theo stick to the right wing ? there should have been more free role playing. when you look at man u play, one minute, ronaldo is on the left and rooney on the right. in a twinke of an eye, ronaldo will be center, rooney will be right and tevez would have switched. ade and theo should have switch when they saw they were locked down. i dont understand they pattern of the boss yesterday but i am certain it was defensive]]>

  • ian

    < ![CDATA[Diaby on the wing? Really Arsene, really?

    After that appalling showing by Arsenal, I wouldn't bet on them taking points off United in the league.

    Fabregas was absolutely awful, he clearly doesn't look comfortable in that space behind the lone striker. I'm a bit puzzled why Eduardo didn't start or at least come on earlier than he did, within five minutes he had won a free-kick off Ferdinand and held the ball up three times more than Adebayor, which wouldn't be hard given Adebayor held the ball up a grand total of zero.]]>

  • SuperBobbyPires

    As much as I feel it was a fair result, a few points: 1) Diaby is seriously not worth any contribution. Apart from maybe looking like Vieira I don’t know what else Wenger finds in him. (please Abou, prove me wrong!) 2) Adebayor should just shut up and not speak to the press anymore. I appreciate him better when I don’t hear him speak before games. 3) Bendtner will come of form when he leaves Arsenal. Then he’ll join Boro and do an Alialialialiadiere on us. 4) Silvestre still plays for ManU. God I hope he redeems himself in the second leg. 5) Clichy who? I like Gael, but bring on Gibbs. Young, energetic and although prone to a few mistakes, at least he attempts to cross the ball and have a shot at the goal. 6) I read the injury news online and didn’t find anything on Eduardo. Had he been given more time with Adebayor we’d at least look like we’re capable of scoring. 7) Do my Gooners avoid long shots (even rarely) for fear that they’d miss it completely and look stupid or is it because that effort is solely licensed to Arshavin? 8) Lastly, MUCHOS GRACIAS ALMUNIA! You were the man of the match. For all the criticism you receive, I’m grateful that you saved us from embarrassment. Now if only Robin could get that ice pack off his groin and join us.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Ade and Diaby were the worst players on the pitch. And they were playing in their original positions. So no excuses there. Cesc didn't have a great game but you could argue that he wasn't playing in his preferred position.

    But Ade was absolutely horrible once again. Either we set out defensively or ManUtd were just too good offensively, but that meant that whatever few chances we did create should've been taken ruthlessly and efficiently. But what does the brilliant Ade do ? Everytime the ball managed to reach him, he's offside. If not that, then he just can't f* manage to stand his f* ground. I mean look at Gibbs. Towards the end of the match he had a 50 - 50 with Rooney and was strong enough to ensure that Rooney didn't force his way past him in our 18 yard box. How old is that guy again ? 19 ? And does he even look anywhere near as strong or tall as Adebayor. F*ckin Hell. What good is Ade's 6 ft. height if he can't manage to f* stand his ground. Look at Rooney against Sagna. Countless times the ball would go to Rooney and you'd see him just stand and Sagna couldn't do anything because a tackle from behind is a yellow. Are you telling me Ade can't do the same. Are you telling me Rooney's stronger than Ade ? Come on, have a laugh. Ade is just a f* chicken shit coward. Seriously why the f* can't he just stand and hold the ball up like you'd expect from a striker ? It just f* boils my blood. F* useless piece of shit.
    And then there's the magnificent Diaby. I'm beginning to think he's got a pretty shitty attitude. He thinks he's some kind of f* rap-star footballer. Stupid f* idiot. Can you just play one f* game without losing the ball every time you touch it damn-it ?
    Again, both Ade and Diaby are too lazy to be playing for a top-4 club.
    Ade isn't a lone-striker. I'm convinced now that he's only a support-striker. Drogba is a lone-striker. He can make chances for himself. He doesn't need to rely on bringing his team-mates into play. He takes responsibility. Unlike Adebayor. Either he just is completely useless or Wenger makes him do what he does. We know that there's too much emphasis on passing. And I think it's gone way over-board. Now we're seeing that players don't take enough responsibility individually. Everybody is relying on everybody else. Too much so. You'd expect a lone striker to be a bit selfish and try and run at defenders and have a shot at goal. Not go backwards to his own goal and keep passing it pointlessly and get offside continously. Where's his intelligence gone ? Does he have any ?

    Overall, I'd say Wenger did the same thing he's been doing for the past few years. Spoke big before the game. Said the away team has to be 'audacious' while the home team is 'cautious' and went into the match with as defensive an approach you're going to see from Arsenal. Bullshit all the way through. Where was the need to be so defensive ?! We needed an away goal. And what do we end up doing ? Play defensive. Brilliant.
    Eduardo was on at around 80 mins. Can you guess how many times he touched the ball ? F* twice !!!!!!
    We just couldn't get the ball to our strikers. Our build-up play was absolutely horrible. Maybe Diaby would have been more of a defensive presence if he played in the center but he had a bad day anyway, so maybe he would've had a bad day regardless of his position.

    Our midfield is too weak though. And our team-work isn't good enough. We have a 6ft tall striker but we don't know how to cross the ball to make use of his height. Plus the fact that our fourth choice striker (Bendtner) is better in the air than our first choice striker (Adebayor). We have a striker playing RM (Walcott). We have a CM playing LM (Diaby). We have another CM playing AM (Fabregas). And we're so pathetic at DM that we're having to play an AM as DM (Nasri).
    I think yesterday shows just how bad we need a DM. Song's improving but he doesn't play like a DM. He leaves too much space between himself and the back four. Things like these make you question the point of having so many coaches. What the hell are they all doing in training ? Don't they see all these school-boy errors ? It's absolutely in-excuseable that they keep making the same errors and more so when you think of a top-4 club doing it. But I don't expect Wenger to sign a DM. He'll play Nasri as a DM if he has to. That's how hopelessly pathetic his ideology is. Instead of just getting a specialist, he's going to go for a makeshift solution which will always screw us over like it has been doing for 4 years now.]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I agree Zohaib Ade and Diaby are both useless f* idiots and need to go in the summer window imo.

    I just cant get over our lack of movement and support when we had the ball. Our full backs didn't really attack at all as they were both scared of getting turned the other way.

    This meant that when the ball was with Walcott or Nasri on the wings we could either try and beat the player or pass in field to Diaby/Cesc no overlapping fullback to create space or options.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib and Gooner Get ya, nice to say all you have to say , but you shouldn't sound that way, using the F word as if you don't f*** care (LOL).

    No need to be upset, the approach was cautious and we held possession far more than I had hoped, though without purpose. It is not over yet, considering VP will play. What am really upset about is Ade's attitude, no need mentioning Diaby (His no quality). Ade has to be the focal point, he is the one we have to rely on again at Emirates.

    Wenger started badly with his approach, however his substitutions where as I expected and for once I was impressed by the substitution.

    I think I know how the second leg will be, (Just Like Old Trafford last year were It all goes down to how clinical and defence conscious we can be. And Ade won't let us die before our time, May be we should carry a banner to please beg him to raise his game or focus on having a crush for Beyonce, that's just what I feel, he plays well we have a chance, he doesn't , we pack our bags and go its as simple as that.]]>

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[Actually...Diaby is more a striker who plays CM...who was supposed to play DM this season...but played LM in this game. Every1 is versatile in Wenger's eyes. Wenger... Diaby aint 1 of them kind of players, that's for certain. He's the most frustrating player there is! I have the feeling we are screwed big time. I'd like to have faith but Wenger's tactics and player positioning is hard to deal with.

    Cesc scored twice as an attacking CM...but United isn't Middlesbrough and Cesc is new to this position. So i honestly wouldn't make ACM his position in the semi-final of the CL against Utd. He's not used to it! I don't know anymore...

    RvP will be essential for the next game. As I said b4, I'd play Edu with him. If things aren't going well, sacrifice 2 players for Bendtner and Vela... I kno they are inexperienced but at least they'll be willing to dribble and shoot. As Zohaib mentioned, the constant passing is frustrating. They want to pass the ball into the goal. I was in the pub shouting "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" We had chances to have a pop outside the area and didn't! Ahhhh!!!

    Nxt game i'd go for...

    Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs/Clichy
    Walcott Cesc Nasri Vela
    Eduardo RvP


    Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs/Clichy
    Walcott Cesc Nasri Eduardo
    Bendtner RvP

    Very attacking? Yes... But we have to go for it...we really do!]]>

  • Fabrez

    If we wanna b a bit more defensive, my 1st 4-4-2 would see Nasri on the left and Song at CM… *sigh* I don’t kno anymore… I feel as if i’m starting to lose belief slowly… But we gotta remain positive. Hope we can give the guys the rite atmosphere at the Emirates to play in come Tues!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I would play:

    Sagna Toure Djourou Gibbs/Clichy
    Walcott Cesc Song Nasri
    Bendtner RvP

    Then bring on Eduardo for Nasri and Ade for Bendtner after 50 mins if we haven't scored by then :-)]]>


    agree with zohaib on this one we were poor, diaby lost the ball too much, ade is almost always offside and there was no link up play…you guys pretty much hit the nail on the head

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Then after 65/70 mins if we still hadn’t scored i would bring on Vela for RVP and swap Edu for Vela in the formation

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[You lads are being pretty much funny, the match hasn't been played and you guys are getting scared already. You have to leave Wenger to his decision. Though Diaby being an Arsenal player is pathetic, his a pain to watch; hope he bags and leave us.

    For the formations you lads are suggesting, just leave Wenger to do what his doing; someone has already suggested , VP and Edu to start, and the other suggested Betdner and Vela to star t - that sounds like being desperate to me and doesnt really make sense.

    When I heard about Rosicky pulling out from the Tottenham game and the consequent ruling out for the season, I knew the Man u tie might be over especially without Arshavin in CL. The left position is the question and to be fair, Zohaib, there is nothing wrong with Nasiri's , position in holding role. or maybe you think diaby will be better playing there. The only question is the left flank and FW position which unfortumately is a massive one.]]>

  • Pissed off

    * unfortunately, start

  • Fabrez

    No a matter of being scared or desperate at all m8…a bit of brainstorming bcuz we don’t pick the team now do we? Just hope Wenger has a long think about what he’s gonna do at the Emirates…that’s all i ask… Let’s get behind the guys…i still have a funny reserved feeling that we can get past Utd…but backs are agaisnt the wall, that’s for sure…

  • Pissed off

    Then brainstorm wisely. Not just given a formation or field a team that will have us battered. The real thing I did admire about what Zohaib said, is the Ade t thing, not being a lone striker and winning area balls, which our fourth striker is better doing.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Pissed off, I thought my comments and suggested formation was both a valid and wise option...i even listed what subs i would use, who they would replace and when i would implement them.

    No one is scared or saying we have lost the tie, we are merely commenting on our latest performance which when being honest was....well...rubbish.]]>

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[The real dissapointing thing for me was not scoring an away goal, even if we still lost 2-1 instead of 1-0, at least that away goal would have given us some sort of advantage. The ball is kind of in Man Uniteds court now, because they have that away goal advantage now.

    Lets be honest, we probably wont win the Champions League this year. That doesn't translate as "we dont want the team to win the competition", "they're incapable" or "we no longer support them". We all want Arsenal to do well and as long as we're still in the competition, it isn't impossible. But there's still three other very good teams in the competiton.

    Despite all the disapointments we have at times, we all still love the club and stick by them. Everyone here's made a valid point, even if peoples opinions vary.

    But hey, none of this changes results does it lol :D]]>

  • Fan

    I think the reason Diaby was place LM was to help young Gibbs with Ronaldo.

  • Fabrez

    I think i’ve brainstormed wisely enough. Can’t our CMs help defend? We attack and defend as a team…track back when needed. I see no problem with my choices and stick by what I’ve said.

  • Fabrez

    And no it doesn’t change a thing Pete! :D

  • Pete

    Good man Fabrez :D Nothing like a bit of banter between Gunners fans lol.

  • Debs

    Oh I can’t believe Eduardo got injured yesterday! He was hardly on the pitch!!! Silvestre’s injured too… Groin injury for Eduardo, and as Wenger put it, ‘Silvestre has a groin aswell’! lol. Gutted about Eduardo! Hopefully it’s just for saturday. Clichy’s out for saturday too as well as VP! I guess our preferred line-ups will be modified by injury! Good thing tuesday’s still a few days away… gives a few ppl time to recover from injury? Fingers crossed…

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[We'll need to be at our best to even think of having a chance at beating the Champions of the world, Europe, etc etc.

    And the only way we'll be at our best is if we're at a 100%. And the only way we'll be at a 100% is if we give a f* rest to the lot who's been playing 90 mins regularly. That means Toure, Gibbs, Fabregas, Nasri and maybe a few others too.

    So please. Please for f*'s sake Wenger, don't make them play yet another match. Just please f*ing give them a rest they deserve. It doesn't matter if we lose to Portsmouth. We have enough of a gap to Aston Villa, and Chelsea won't be losing enough points for us to catch them for 3rd place. You should have thought about 3rd place before the season started. Not at the business end of the season after having all the injury problems we've been having. It's cost us a place in the final of the FA Cup and now if you continue with your failed strategy, another run out for the starting team might cost us a place in the final of the Champions League. Please do the right thing, for once this season.

    Just play the Carling Cup team. Nobody will care. We're a 21 year old team, on average. So we've got a disadvantage to start with. That's what you say yourself right. Come on, be ruthless. Nobody will criticise you if you end up beating ManUtd.]]>

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[lol Debs! Cheers for Silvestre's anatomy revelation there Arsene! He does in fact have a groin! lol

    To me, Villa aren't really a threat anymore once we pick up a few more wins. So I'd agree with what u are saying Zohainb. Give Wilshere, Ramsey, Vela, Merida and whoever else a game. Many of our 1st team does need a break indeed.]]>

  • Debs

    I agree 4th isn’t really in doubt at the moment Fabrez, but I’m sure Arsene will feel we can still catch Chelsea, seeing as we still have to play them at home, if I’m right. But he might as well give the younger guys a game, what’s to say they can’t win? But on the other hand, if we play the Wilsheres and Meridas and we lose, I’m sure Portsmouth and the media will have a field day saying we disrespected Pompey and all, but really though, we shouldn’t really care what the media says anyways, seeing as they’ve been slagging us off all season, but I don’t think Wenger’ll handle that. He definitely will rest a few ppl, but it’s a question of who… I’m not gonna bother speculating!

  • Pissed off

    The way Wenger claims his players are injured, sounds like they are the players are like Chicken, or is he resting them for next season. What’s on his mind; Edu and Silvestre plays one match and they get injured. Clichy ruled out of Man u game and V.P not certain; now that’s where I will really get mad at Wenger. Something must be really wrong with the team, or is the team cursed?

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Injury crisis I guess. its that time of year when it tends to happen, when there's a lot of important games played in quick succession. Gutted about Eduardo though.

    Has anyone else seen the reports that Arsenal are interested in signing Roque santa Cruz? Wenger must be listening to this blog lol :D]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I can't even remember when we had our 1st team all fit at the same time. Not 1 single time this season!!!

    Looking back at the season so far we have done really well to stay in the top 4, reach the semi-final of FA Cup and CL...hopefully even the CL final.

    All the pundits talk about our inconsistency, but our injuries are mostly to blame for this...we need to look at this long and hard before next seasons campaign starts.]]>

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Yeah, got to agree with you there Gooner. Although there has been mistakes made here and there too. But a lot of drama has gone on with the club, but not only are we one of the top 4 in the Premier League, we're one of the top 4 in Europe! Ok it isn't silverware, which is the ultimate goal, but it's not bad for a so called bunch of kids who supposedly looked like they were imploding.

    Also, the thing people tend to forget is how close we've come in the last 4 years to winning silverware. The Champions League would have been ours in '06 were it not for playing most of the game with 10 men. The Premier League would have been ours last year too were it not for injuries. A combination of injuries, bad luck/decisions and mistakes. It was my Chelsea and Man United supporting mates who had pointed this out to me. But then we can all say coming close isn't the same as winning, so there's reasoning on both sides. One thing we all agree on, which is good, is that we all want Arsenal to not just do well, but to win. It's not yet impossible for us this season, its a 1 in 4 shot right now because we're still in the Champions League (for now at least), but its not looking likely unless we really manage to pull off something spectacular on Tuesday. The frustrating thing is they are capable of doing just that, it just doesn't always happen lol.

    Good luck to the lads though because we all want to see them win!]]>

  • SuperBobbyPires

    < ![CDATA[There is also the story about Sir Alex F Word who had a really bad start with Manchester Bankrupt where the club was on the verge of sacking him - but he won a cup game and survived. If the supporters who wanted him out had been believed he would have gone elsewhere.

    The timing is not the issue - Ferguson was early on in his era, Wenger is trying to build another successful squad, in my own small way I’ve been with the company for years and years and am trying to invent a new solution to our current downturn.

    The issue is simply long or short term. I have watched Wenger give us two doubles and the unbeaten season. I am seeing a magnificent new team develop. I see the speed and pace and belief return. I have watched most of the 20 games unbeaten. And I think, “yes - more please”.

    Others want a trophy today - or else change. Each person to his own - but I stay with my belief.]]>

  • ian tanner

    < ![CDATA[There is also the story about Sir Alex F Word who had a really bad start with Manchester Bankrupt where the club was on the verge of sacking him - but he won a cup game and survived. If the supporters who wanted him out had been believed he would have gone elsewhere.

    The timing is not the issue - Ferguson was early on in his era, Wenger is trying to build another successful squad, in my own small way I’ve been with the company for years and years and am trying to invent a new solution to our current downturn.

    The issue is simply long or short term. I have watched Wenger give us two doubles and the unbeaten season. I am seeing a magnificent new team develop. I see the speed and pace and belief return. I have watched most of the 20 games unbeaten. And I think, “yes - more please”.

    Others want a trophy today - or else change. Each person to his own - but I stay with my belief.]]>

  • edison

    < ![CDATA[All in all it was a terribly poor game. I was glad to see Gibbs making more chances than Sanga along the wings. I think Clichy has some real competition there. Adebayor once again became silent, either through his stupidity or getting caught quickly. The Man u were just too quick for us in all fairness.

    Alike to Diaby - I really dont know how his mind works on the pitch. It showed horribly in the game last sunday against middlesboro when he came on as substitute. As soon as he got possession of the ball, the games pace slowed down rediculously. Which we got away with against a team like middlesboro, but United just arent going to wait around for us. Sort it out Abu.

    Walcott was practically taken out of the game also on wednesday, pre-match i was betting on him being the source of alot of play - linking up with cesc. but with United dominating possession, the ball tended to say on the right wing working Gibbs, so theo rarely got a look in.

    At emirates we are going into the game a goal down, and i think it will be very hard to prevent United for scoring. we might get the win, but with the away goal very likely i think we are going to have to completely dominate the game. any ideas ?

    I think even eboue would have brought more to the game than some of the players, especialy diaby. And why eduardo didnt come on sooner il never know.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[Man u won the league, won the league and want to win it yet again, two bloody times, the last one with style. And no one could stop them. This time they want to do it yet again. Its like sh*ting on ones face and slapping the person ,telling him I will sh*t on you again and u will do nothing about it. Yes they are on it again and we still have the chance of preventing the sh*t from landing on our face yet again. The team needs to play like they haven't in a while. Fabregas has been left making noise, Ade has gone underground and Toure is once again shouting loosely behind Fabregas back. If you want be man be it,, tell man U they are sh*t and prove it.

    For SuperBobbyPires or superbibbyPires, what your saying about Fergie and what you said about Wenger, we have mentioned in this forum. Young or no young 5 years is not a child's play and 6 is not far away from happening either. It is a win - loose situation and not a win - draw (or near win) situation. You are either a winner or a looser and stop getting deceived about the team being young.]]>

  • Pissed off

    < ![CDATA[In fact am pretty much messed up. I can't even think straight. I just realized what a mess we landed ourselves into. By allowing Man U a goal and not even doing anything to salvage even half a goal.

    Tuesday is close and I can tell how bad it could be. Am confident Ade will start, chances will be created, like "1,000" and Ade will convert roughly 1 or none. The defence will commit as usual and Wenger will certainly play Diaby once again, that's how hapless we are. Solutions and way out is what I have been trying to work out, but it seems there is none. Could Walcott be key or Nasiri or Ade. I have been thinking seriously, hence the frustration am voicing out. May be kieran or Zohaib has a clue as to what needs to be done.]]>