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Here’s an excerpt from one of Deb’s comments in February, emploring us to get behind the team:
It’s not so much as if we’re happy to be battling for 5th place with the likes of Villa and Everton, or enduring 3 nil nil games in a row, but the point still remains that we’re supporters or fans or whatever you want to call it, meaning we’re meant to support the team whatever. Whenever did blaming ppl all the time help matters? We can moan as much as we like, but it’s our job to support the team no matter what. Wenger may have made a few mistakes, but who doesn’t? Not saying criticism of unnecessary, but I think we should leave the player/manager bashing to the critics, because when us as fans begin to do that, something’s wrong. Not saying we should take dodgy performances as the norm, but it’s not like we’re in the position to change it, cos we’re not. I’m not always 100% happy with our performances all the time, but all I can do is offer my unconditional support to the team and manager, no matter what, and maybe have the odd moan or two. And when they do get it right, it’d seem as if it never ever went wrong in the first place.
Thanks for your contribution Debs, you’re certainly a big part of the World of Arsenal… And in a double whammy COTM blog, the winner of the best commenter for March goes to…


Fabrez has also been a regular reader and contributor to the World of Arsenal. He’s added some great responses to others as well as some funny quips… such as this one regarding Arsene’s maths problems:
Why did Wenger say Ade will be back in 10 days 2 weeks ago? Everytime he’s asked when Ade will be back, the number of days never seems to decrease…logically it should Mr. Wenger! Unless he’s had setbacks and Wenger didn’t mention it. I know injuries can be troublesome and unpredictable sometimes but when he says it and it doesn’t happen, can b a bit frustrating. He did the same with Silvestre. But in his case he eventually mentioned he had a setback. Effectively, we haven’t really missed either of them as Bendtner has been ok and Gibbs has been good as well. That’s y i don’t trust him with injury news anymore! So back for Man City? I sure do hope so.
And here’s a little something that I’m sure we’ll all agree with…
I actually
liked Phil Brown a bit but lost all respect for him now. He’s behaving like a little girl. He needs to move on for real. I don’t totally understand what happened with the last goal but Wenger says something about it touching the keeper and not being offside. I have to see it for myself. Mourinho doesn’t even know if he’s staying in the Serie A come the summer so he should just leave Diaby alone! I’m sick and tired of teams trying to handicap our progress as a club…our transition will just be even more prolonged if we lose players again! This is part of the reason we catch our tail to be as close as we could & should be to Utd season after season. Stability please!!
Thanks for your contribution Fabrez, it’s a pleasure to read your words and be part of a great community of Arsenal fans! Thanks to the rest of the commenters, you’re words are awesome and it makes the blog what it is today!]]>

  • devday

    So much for auto-blogging!!!

  • Pissed off

    Congrats to Debs and Fabrez

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA["I actually liked Phil Brown a bit but lost all respect for him now. He’s behaving like a little girl." I sense a bit of gender discrimination there. lol I know what he means but come on. It's not like men are perfect.]]>

  • zohaib

    Yeah congrats Fabrez. And Debs.

  • debs

    < ![CDATA[Thanks Dev, or rather, thanks WoA panel! And well-done Fabrez! Great comments. And I thought gender discrimination too Zohaib, but since he said 'little' girl, it sort of puts it into a non-gender discrimination context! If not I'd have take personal offence to that! lol]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Ah. Lucky escape for you there Fabrez. lol Oh well all's good then. I just read on the Arsenal website that VanPersie and Nasri are having late fitness tests. Even Walcott, but Wenger's not worried about Walcott. He should almost certainly travel by the looks of the interview. Wenger said Nasri looked positive too. And VanPersie was at a 50:50. And I've just read that Nasri and Walcott have been passed fit ! Yeehawww]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Arsenal squad to face Villarreal: 1 Manuel ALMUNIA (GK) 3 Bacary SAGNA 4 Cesc FABREGAS 5 Kolo TOURE 8 Samir NASRI 10 William GALLAS 12 Carlos VELA 14 Theo WALCOTT 15 DENILSON 17 Alex SONG 18 Mikael SILVESTRE 20 Johan DJOUROU 21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK) 22 Gael CLICHY 25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR 26 Nicklas BENDTNER 27 Emmanuel EBOUE 40 Kieran GIBBS]]>

  • debs

    < ![CDATA[Yeah, Walcott and Nasri fit, :) but VP isn't :( I hope that'll not be too big a loss 2moro and hopefully he's back in the squad soon.]]>

  • Fabrez

    Thanks my fellow commentors, Dev & the panel…and congrats Debs! Debs did come to my mind when i was typed that bit with the “little girl” but i’m pleased that i’ve got away with it! No gender discrimination intended! 😀 lol And no RvP is a blow indeed but i’m pleased and very confident we can to the business in Spain. We handled Fenerbache’s infamously unsettling crowd quite well so we should be fine in Spain i hope…cuz Villareal’s crowd will try to throw us off…

  • Pete

    Debs, Fabrez (love that name!!!! lol), well done guys :)