A blogless weekend as the board cashuffle a little…

Commenting on the transaction, Mr Fiszman said:  “I am pleased that Stan Kroenke has made a further substantial commitment to the Club by acquiring approximately a third of my holding. Stan’s long term commitment to sport in general and football in particular has been well documented. I am therefore delighted that he has shown this desire to deepen his ties with Arsenal. I will of course continue to work for Arsenal with the best interests of the Club at heart and have no intention of selling any more of my shareholding.” Mr Kroenke stated: “After having been invited to join the Board last year I am delighted to be able to increase my shareholding in Arsenal. I will continue to work closely with my Board colleagues to maintain the stable environment in which the Club operates and to preserve the self-sustaining business model enjoyed by the Club.” Peter Hill-Wood, Chairman, commented: “Stan Kroenke has proved to be a valuable member of the Board and I am pleased that he has demonstrated further commitment to the Club by adding to his shareholding.  Danny Fiszman remains a driving influence on the Board and is fully committed to the Club’s long term future.” Read more here: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/chief-executive-ivan-gazidis-interview So… Our captain and maestro extraordinaire, Cesc Fabregas, thinks that a miracle is possible. I think a miracle is possible too. We’ve got 24 points to play for and 24 points can be won. We’ve got United, Chelsea and Liverpool to play, so can reduce their points tally by 3 a peice. Of course we start again this Saturday with Man City at home. You can just see Cesc Fab breaking into song now…

“I believe in miracles. “It has happened before in football so why not this year? But it is going to be difficult. Right now we have to think about catching Chelsea and then we will think about the others. But what we have to think about is winning the eight games we have remaining.” “You can see he (Arshavin) is a special player and when he plays everyone expects him to do something,” added the 21-year-old. “We are very happy to have him. It is a shame he cannot play in the Champions League, but I am sure he can have a very big impact until the end of the season.”
P.S. If you want a laugh then check this out… http://www.oleole.com/media/main/podcasts/arsecast/hull_evidence.jpg. Okay, time for tea and to look forward to tomorrows Under 21 clash…]]>

  • Pissed off

    Devday I heard Van Persie sustained a groin injury, is that real?

  • Debs

    I hope he doesn’t, man! That will be soo soo frustrating! Hopefully it’s something little…

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Apparently, he had a knock to the head. No news of any groin injury. He should be back for Holland's game on Wednesday and should be fine for Saturday as far as I am aware. If I hear anything else, I'll be sure to let you know!]]>

  • Fabrez

    I know he knocked his head as well but nothing with the groin. We’ll hear in the coming days. Quote quote quote…dev…ridiculous lol And wateva is goin on at boardroom level sounds positive unlike a couple months ago. Hope Nik returns quickly (I can’t believe i jus said that!) and hopefully Ade will b raring to go…

  • fan

    RVP is out with the groin. He’s out of the Holland squad for Wed game. JUST GREAT!

  • http://arsespeak.wordpress.com jamesgillesp

    I think it was inevitable that there would be some injuries sustained over the international break – it always happens!!

  • unspoken

    the story is funny.. hahahhaha.. half-arsed excuse of a referee.. haha.. good one. :)