It's a crazy busy Friday…

* Not exactly a million, but maybe somewhere between 4 and 6.

So, let’s take a whizz around and see what’s going on…

News broke yesterday that Milan are interesting in signing Emmanuel Adebayor. And that’s great news. The Togan is not worth anything near £35m and if we were to get even half that, I’d be a happy man. The report / quote below was taken from the Daily Mail, which also reports that Ade is currently on £160,000 per week. Anyone think that is a little bit crazy and maybe a little untrue.

AC Milan are hatching a plan to lure Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor to Italy, according to reports. 

Il Corriere Dello Sport claims Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti, who also has Gunners left back Gael Clichy on his radar, is devising a master plan to convince Arsene Wenger to part with the £35million-rated Adebayor.

But the striker signed a long-term contract with Arsenal last summer after fervent transfer speculation, which was reported to have doubled his wages to £80,000-a-week. 

What would happen if Ade left us? Well, I think we would be richer and still have a target man who misses a lot in Bendtner. I think we’d play Eduardo, Vela and Walcott more, albeit not a fan of reducing our squad size, so if he did go, I’d suggest we promote Simpson or Sunu. Someone else who may be leaving in the Summer in Amaury “I’m crap” Bischoff… who’s agent, Pascal Granier has been in the press.

“We have clubs interested in Amaury, there are plenty of clubs in Europe interested in my players.

“I have links in France, Germany and even in England for my players.

“We just need to wait a bit and sit down with him [Bischoff] and we will decide his future.”

Oh well, what a big loss! What a disloyal agent too…

So down to the more interesting news and Gael Clichy is looking past Villarea-who? and Man Who-nited and looking straight to the final where he wants to meet Barcelona. Okay, well, I’m sure he’s not really looking past those two teams and knows that it’s going to be hard, but of course, that would be a dream final (especially out of Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona and Munich) and would be awesome to exact some kind of revenge.

So Villareal want revenge on us (for beating them a couple a years back)… United want revenge for their 2-1 defeat at the Emirates and we want revenge for Barcelona’s win in the CL final all those years ago…

Clichy had this to say:

“The final of the Champions League will be played against a top European team. But I think, and have a feeling, it will be Barcelona.

“They have so many great players. It will be good for revenge because they beat us last time. However, it is a task to go through by beating Villarreal and Manchester United.”

And the rest of the news sees Van Persie talk about how we’re better suited than Villa to clinch the CL positions… also how he wanted to move to Rangers in his early days and finally some guy called Moussa Dembele isn’t coming to us this summer… oh no!

So after 4 days of silence, there it is, a massive day of footballing stories for your pleasure…

All that leaves me to say is “Come On England…”

Til tomorrow]]>

  • Pissed off

    All funny stories, well just to make up the boring times. Well lets see how the three lions fare tomorrow; should be an easy one though.

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[All that news right? Lol

    I don't think Ade's on £160,000, cos the article said his wages were doubled to £80,000, not doubled from £80,000, meaning he's still on £80,000.

    At the moment it seems, if Ade left, no one would really care, but for all you know, he may come back from injury and be an absolute stellar performer week-in, week-out, and everyone will love him again. But then, you never know, it that does happen, he may just be doing it to boost his rating and get more clubs interested. But either way, if Wenger feels Ade can't bring anything more to the team, he'd let him go, but as usual with Wenger, he never sees what everyone else sees and no one ever sees what he sees! So it'll be interesting to see what happens when he's back and what happens in summer, but at the moment, if he was to never come back, I doubt if anyone of us would notice!]]>

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[Who is this Moussa Dembele? Surely if he's too good for Arsenal he must be amazing!

    Come on Arsene, get the cash out to sign this player, he sounds like he could be the next Seaman/Adams/Viera/Pires/Henry!]]>


    Bischoff is definately not crap – for a youngster who’s suffered two career threatening injuries in 18 months he’s still doing fine. His agent sounds like a prick, but I don’t see how that makes the player disloyal. I’d wait before passing judgement on that story.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Indeed... doubled TO £80k... you know when you read a made up story, you sometimes don't read it properly...

    Apparently, he is actually on £120k and he's said that publicly... I suppose we'll never know.

    And of course Amaury Bischoff is not "crap". He definitely a decent footballer, and potentially an excellent player for us next season... but his agent is a little bit of an annoying so and so...!]]>


    < ![CDATA[a) ade leaveing doesnt make us a better team, considering how every season were pretty much going to be ravaged by injuries, wud u guys seriously leave the team on bendtners shoulders? or theo's (whos not a 30 goal a season man)? look at liverpool...u take out torres, that team struggles, i like ade and yeah hes on 80K a week, top earner is cesc and i dnt think even he's on 100k a week (tho i dno)

    b) bischoff...heard these stories b4, all i no is that he owes his career to wenger but for some reason preffered to TRAIN with the portgual U21 instead of play for us vs hull...bottom line if he goes who cares

    c)....clichy's nt goin anywere...especially to ac milan...didnt he jus sign a new deal? or is he abt too?]]>

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[If we do sell anyone in the summer, we need to make sure we have a suitable replacement coming in to help with the squad depth. Otherwise it places a bigger demand on the remaining players to win in all the competitions. If Ade is sold, I'd love it if we got Roque Santa Cruz in. He's basically a big, strong guy who can finish, whish is what we'd need. Maybe the promise of Champions League football would be enough to get him interested in playing for us.

    It was good of Wenger to take Bischoff under his wing like that. What other top football manager has done something like that? Whether he stays with us or moves on, I just hope the guy gets fit enough to play regularly. Its never good seeing someones playing career hampered like that.]]>

  • Pete

    Guys, just out of interes, is there a way to see the ATVO Rosicky interview if I’m not subscribed to it?

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[I don't think u can see that interview with Rosicky anywhere else Pete... and agreed about Roque...even tho i know once Man City are still interested in him, we aint gettin him 4 sure! But if Ade goes, a replacement is needed. If he buckles up and is fully committed to Arsenal...has that desire...i'd like 2 see him stay if he accepts that he needs 2 improve and actually tries to. If not, sell him for £20m-ish and use the money to buy sum1....i'd like Villa but we've got Edu & Vela who are similar in size and technical style to him...we'd need sum1 big & strong to replace Ade Once Arsene knows that the summer is about squad strengthening and not depletion & shrinkage, i trust him to do what's right.

    Clichy is 1 of my favourite players...not just at Arsenal...but in top-level football bcuz i feel as if i can trust what he says. To me, he's made it clear that he's Arsenal through and through and proves it as he plays with his heart and doesn't give us that, "You can never tell what will happen in the future" rubbish! He said he wants to be at Arsenal for many AC Milan need to go away...]]>

  • Fabrez

    *big & strong to replace Ade. Once Arsene…

  • Debs

    I see Ade scored the only goal for Togo. Let’s hope he brings his goal-scoring *rse back here! :D

  • zohaib

    Oh did he ? lol

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[You've missed half the story Debs.

    He's managed to miss a penalty in the second half !


  • fan

    There are so many strikers to replace Ade if he go. Especially young strikers like Benzema, Ofabami Gomis, Huntelaar, Mario Gomez, Balotelli, Aguero, or even Villa or Podolski. I’ll take any one of them for replacement.

  • Debs

    Oh did he?! lol. I totally didn’t know that, I only read the scorecard. Quite funny actually.

  • Debs

    Oh my word! On a totally different note, apparently Everton just beat Arsenal ladies and broke their 108-game unbeaten run in the PL! 108! Wow. Utterly utterly amazing!

  • Fabrez

    lol…as much as i love to see Arsenal/ Arsenal Ladies doing well, seeing a perfect record on the little side-bar of SSN for the past how many seasons was craziness! They wud b so many points ahead of the rest too. But they’ll bounce back and give us 109 more this time i’m sure! :D And Ade missing a penalty…tsk tsk! Gud on him 4 scoring tho…

  • Debs

    Maybe Ade’s issue is lack of confidence? And did he actually miss the penalty, or did the ‘keeper save it? But yeah, good to see that he did score.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[

    Have a look at this interview with Wenger at the Emirates. It's absolutely legendary !]]>

  • AJ

    Bischoff was a risk, Wenger said it from the start and I’m not too bothered if he leaves, as for Ade? He can go too, bring in someone new and hungry. Also has anyone else heard the Lescott rumour?

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Yeap. And apparently Hangeland has also said that he'd be willing to look at an offer to leave Fulham, if a big club came calling. Then there was the talk of Bassong as well. As well as the Spanish CB - Albiol or whoever it was.

    I can't imagine Manutd wanting another CB. Not Chelsea either. Liverpool were also linked to Albiol (or whoever it was. I'm forgetting). I don't know about Aston Villa. Though I think they're also looking for a CB. Weren't they linked to Upson alongwith us. Don't think Everton are looking. Maybe Tottenham. Maybe Wigan. What are the other good teams ?

    There are quite a few names circulating in the press.]]>