Eduardo, Vela and Alex Song…

Vela – An unknown prospect, a young 19 year old winger / striker whose time in Spain had been good, but his impact at the Premiership level would be under question until he could prove himself.

Eduardo – A player who suffered such a horrific injury, we all wondered whether he would play again – and if he play again, whether he could regain his top level.

Alex Song – A player who Arsene has always had a lot of faith in – a player who had to take on the role of Gilberto / Flamini / Diarra.

Yes, Denilson isn’t included because we kind of all knew what he was about. Last season Denilson showed in fits and spurts how he could play and what he could offer. Johan Djourou we all knew was an able deputy. Kieran Gibbs we didn’t think would play a role especially with Silvestre joining. And those aforementioned three players showed what they’re capable of against Burnley on Sunday. Yes, Burnley are a Championship side – but this was the FA cup and this was a fringe team (ish) and it was a must win game. I was highly impressed with Alex Song. The Cameroonian got two assists, but defensively had a massive presence. In the comments, Jeffvip had this to say: I saw some comment on whether we need a DM for next season. A high reputation DM is certainly great things for us but now I really like Song and what he is capable of us. I prefer Song over Denilson simply because of his physical presence. He makes player from Burnley looks so small. And we must not forget we too have Diaby which is equally great against Burnley. There is only 1 place for 3 players thus i really doubt AW will make a purchase for DM this summer. AJ also agreed: ..but there was one or two periods where we were chasing the ball, until Song stepped in usually and I have been a strong voice saying we need to invest in a DM, but I’ve also been impressed with Song throughout the season, I think he’s been one of the few consistant players, but I’m still not sure whether Wenger should invest in a new DM or a CM who can tackle and pass because even though Song played some great balls, he had quite a few woeful passes. I’ve watched the game again and Alex Song is definitely a player with a lot of potential. He can definitely take on the mantle left by Flamini – but he does have a little Robert about him. Sometimes he does switched off or become a bit lazy in the pass. Yesterday, however, was a different Alex Song – and if the midfielder can continue to play like that with Denilson hitting some decent form too, we may not necessarily have to invest in that area next season. Carlos Vela is starting to get a little bit of a buzz around him. Arsene has started to use him more often. At some points of the season he’s been electric, such as Sheffield United and Wigan. Sometimes he’s been quiet – the Walcott syndrome – when you start playing in the Premier league, you go into your shell. A miss glaring misses recently and a few minds became hesitant over Vela’s ability. But against the “lesser” teams – especially out of the Premier league – the player is gold dust. Looking at a player like Vela, you can just see what a little experience in the Premier league will do to the player.  I expect to see more of him throughout the rest of the season and wholeheartedly believe that he will be a very interesting player for us next year. And then Eduardo – his goal was sublime. eduardo Cheers JAT for the picture. And Eduardo has come back from his injury into some serious form. Arsene says he’s surprised by how well he’s recovered:
“I didn’t expect him to [come back so quickly] because he was out for so long. His finishing today was exceptional. You can understand now why he kissed the fitness coach [Tony Colbert] for two reasons. One, to thank him for working hard and two, because he doesn’t see him anymore. That goal shows that finishing is instinct. In a fraction of a second you consider the right surface, the flight of the ball and his position.”
More tomorrow, Champions League week starts…]]>

  • Nix

    wel…bout not needin a DM for next all for it..but we cant really judge Song and eboe by a single match…every player does tend to have that special match once in a while..d thing we need is consistency…this according to me is d reason for our woeful season…the boss is surely gnna hav a massive selection head ache…bt v havnt giev him that (in the good sense ) in quite a while…mayb v hav squad depth all of a sudden?? Song has potential 2 b a brilliant centre back….he doesn hav d…wel..pace for the DMs job…or more accurately put he’s 2 heavy…now, mayb we need someone heavy in dis arsenal side which gets blown away against d physical sides bt it also serves as a handicap on d counter…i think he has great potential n i hope i hav 2 eat my words bt i think he’s a potential CB more dan a DM…diaby playing with cesc wud b awesome cz diaby can get his legs tangled n strip d ball of the opponent…n can hold it amazingly…dunno..wt say?

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[Dev thanks for the blog, Song certainly was my man of the match. and as nix has said, we need consistency from him. i probably think his game was upped cos of the absence of denilson. I usually there is a clash of interest when both play more because they play alike, only song seems to have more strenght while denilson more skills (my point of view). just like lampard and ballack. Good rotation by the boss also ahead of the champions league match 2moro. clichy, VP, denilson, all rested. I pray we win that match. I also look forward to the weekend. Blackburn will not be an easy customer but it is our opportunity to play catch-up with villa going to white hart lane.]]>

  • Pissed off

    Nix, Diaby hasnt got any defensive abilities,Song is better.

  • Pissed off

    Yemi, not Villa going to WHL but Tott going to Villa.

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[Thanks pissed off, my bad. But all the same, i dont think it will be an easy game for villa with pressure mounting on them and t'tham fighting the drop. the fact that arsenal players are coming back from injury also poses a psychological battle for villa also having used only 19 players all season and the players are geting tired a bit. We need to take advantage.]]>

  • Suryabharti

    Let us all forget whats happened soo far this season and concentrate on the good times ahead.We have a great chance now to the end the season strongly,starting with Roma on Wednesday,and I very much doubt that any team will want to face us now for the rest of the season.Bring on the best I say…..Let us show them what our beloved Arsenal are made of.Dispose of Hull….Do the Chavs again and End Manures hopes of winning everything.We have it all to gain because we not expected to beat these teams or win anything.The season starts here for us,so lets do away with all the doom and gloom.Gooners all the way!!!

  • zohaib

    I still don’t think we can win the premiership with Song and Denilson in midfield. I think Cesc and Diaby is Wenger’s first choice in the center. Yes defensively it’s not as strong as having one of either Song or Denilson. Which is why, I think we need a solid DM if we want to win any titles next year. But I doubt Wenger will buy anybody. Coquelin from the reserves/youth, might get promoted to the Carling Cup team. And then Wenger will point out that he doesn’t want to harm the development of youngsters, so we’ll be back to square one.

  • Chris Emers

    Has Adebayor done anything this season to endear himself to Arsenal fans? He moaned all summer and flirted with leaving for wherever was offering the biggest pay packet, acted like a total prima donna in thinking he was worthy of a similar salary to that of the greatest player in Arsenal history Thierry Henry, and from the beginning of the season has sluggishly ran about the pitch with not even half the committment he showed last year. He aso comes out with ridiculous statements how the team should be winning every game from now onwards to bring Glory to the club and win the CL. Well Ade has to start pulling his (considerable) head out of his a$$ and contribute. It’s one thing to talk the talk, quite another to walk the walk. Now he’s coming out saying AC and Barca wanted him. Who cares about that in March? Really? Who? Is he threatened that Eduardo is back after 9 months and has 3 goals in 2 games? Bendtner is firing goals in too along with impressive performances by Vela and Arshavin too in the support striker role. Could Mr Ego be afraid of not getting his place back? If so good, then maybe he’ll start putting the effort in.

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[My personal preference is for Denilson, I agree that he's not very strong in the challenge, but his strength is reading the plays and cutting out passes. Denilson is also a bit more of an Arsenal player, by which I mean he'll play good passes with both feet and has good tecnique. At the moment neither is top class, but then again I would have said the same about Flamini before last season. Maybe these guys can make themselves as influencial.]]>

  • Nix

    < ![CDATA[hmm...denilson does break up a few challenges...mayb more attacking dan defending...i dnt mean 2 stereotype n say he's like yea..if u c wen he does hav a run of games he does go in for d challenge ..track back and win alot of the ball...which wud certainly put him in contention for DM for ofcourse..doesn hav d physical presence... btw...its really funny seein eboe fly eevrywhere like hleb used 2 do in his first season..i mean cmon!!! a lil nudge n hes superman...i kno wen ur in sprint ur balance is unsteady bt d dude is n another thing..wts up with our oldboy hleb..neglected 2 d bench it seems?? real talented guy..cuda been huge for arsenal..nw rumours of him off 2 bayern..wt a waste...]]>

  • Nix

    nt denilson..i meant diaby..

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I think after Songs performance he would be a good partner for Cesc in the CM/DM position. This would allow Cesc more freedom to join the attacking play. I can't wait for them all to be fit to see who AW will play. Nix - I think your keyboard must be missing a few keys because you keep missing out some letters....i'm joking.]]>

  • jeffvip

    < ![CDATA[lol, Nix, I too have been guessing your words sometimes. :P I agreed with Nix that we suddenly have such a great depth in our squad. See this:- Striker Adebayor & Van Persie + (Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner) Wingers Walcott & Nasri + (Arshavin, Eboue) Centre Mid Denilson & Song +(Diaby, Ramsey) Wing Back Clichy & Sagna (Gibbs) Centre Back Toure & Gallas (Djourou) Keeper Almunia (Fabianski) And of course Silvestre, Traore (the loanee that we almost forgot), Fabregas and Rosicky. Out of the cold we was shock by our depth matching by what Man Utd is now offering. Dev, you must be very hard to pick starting 11 tomorrow. :P]]>

  • nigelp

    < ![CDATA[Good evening folks I have to document what a lot of you have been saying. People have been jumping on the bandwagon and slating the Gunners. The media, and their love and bias for Utd is so obvious it’s horrific. It appears that most people believe that United are set to sweep up every trophy in sight and dominate world football, crushing anyone who gets in their way. I have to admit, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and start believing but the truth is reality is far different from fantasy & United could find that out. Remember the season 2003/04? Of course you do. That was the season Arsenal went through the entire Premiership campaign without a single defeat. Back then people were saying the same things about Arsenal as they saying about Utd now. Arsenal were going to win everything in sight and nobody could stop them. Fate didn’t follow suit. Within a few days we suffered a double blow when losing to Manchester United in the FA Cup and Chelsea in the Champions League. Football is unpredictable and that’s why I won’t get caught up in all the talk that Manchester United will win the lot. I’m sure the Manchester United players and Ferguson won’t either. If you listen to the media then the season may as well end now and lets just hand the trophies to Manchester United. I don’t listen to the media and happen to believe that Arsenal will ruin the party and win the Champions League and the FA Cup/People will call me an optimist and not a realist but why? I’m realistic enough to know that Arsenal, on their day, like Utd and Chelsea have found out, can match and beat the best. United deserve a lot of praise but I think winning everything is beyond them or anybody. They will win the Premiership, they have the Carling Cup but I think Arsenal will share the spoils and give everybody a reality check.]]>