Return of the Mac…

So, Arsene has revealed that both Theo Walcott and Eduardo are back for Sunday’s tie against Burnley at the Emirates. How’s that for good news, hey? We’ve lacked a few things this season – one is the finishing ability, with Adebayor incredibly guilty of missing chances, another is penetration in the final third, another is creativity in the final area and of course, we’ve also lacked pace and the ability to take on the last man. Yes, we’ve seen it in fits and start by the squad, but it’s a tired squad so not consistent, hence the many draws.

The return of Theo and Eduardo to the squad as well as the form that Bendtner is showing and the addition of Arshavi, suddenly, the glass is half full again. On Sunday, we may be able to choose an attacking four from this group of players:

Van Persie, Nasri, Arshavin, Bendtner, Eduardo, Walcott and Vela…

Now, that’s what I call exciting!

Arsene spoke today and had this to say:

“I will see how they [Walcott and Eduardo] look tomorrow and Saturday but they will certainly be in the squad, especially Theo. We have to wait and see how Eduardo reacts and responds to his injury.  We are quite optimistic about Kolo but we have to assess the situation today completely. I don’t think I will involve him on Sunday. But Gallas should be back for Sunday and it looks to be like Kolo will be back for next week [against Roma]. Adebayor is definitely out for Sunday and for Roma too.” 

“Sunday is a big game for us and rotation will be there for some players who have played full games. Fabianski will continue in goal and we will try to have a good balance, a good quality.  The most important thing for us is not to think about Roma, but to focus on this game and qualify. The best way to deal with the next game is to win this one.”

With the comments from the boss and the imment return to the squad of Theo and Eduardo, I kind of feel in pole position to finish the season with some style. Yes, I know I’ve said this several times now, but I really do think we’ve got a very exciting run in now…

Cesc should be back in April, and may be around for the final few games, if we do make the FA or Champions League final. He 

“I want to return by April and I still believe that we can finish in the top four and reach the Champions League. But to do that the squad has to be united and fight in every match as if it were a cup final.”

And that’s what we saw on Tuesday against WBA – a united team with fire in it’s belly!

Tonight it’s the youth team game against Sp*rs at their ground, so let’s cheer on the lads, live on Arsenal TV and hope they can set a trend of their future – being our old enemy at their ground!!

Til tomorrow…]]>

  • devday

    Fabrez, did you change your email address in the submission, every “new email” goes through an approval… that could be why you’re comment wasn’t posted immediately.

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[Ahh...cheers dev...that is indeed it! I couldn't rememebr which of 2 e-mail adresses i used so i think that was the prob. Should b ok now rite?

    I did actually think of a Big Mac & I am hungry so that explains that! Having Theo back has me very excited! I'd like to see Eduardo play in just in the 1st half in some games for a while if he starts. If he doesn't start, a 15-20 mins run-out towards the end of a game seems ideal. We've lost him once in Reserves & after Cardiff bcuz he's been on a bit too long...just hope AW deals with him the rite way.

    And i'd like to see Kolo & Gallas back together for Roma because their partnership has been doing well in 2009 so far so let's keep that going once they r both fit again. Djourou has not been bad himself...still got loads to learn of course. And what is the deal with Silvestre? (Not that i'm overly concerned! lol) But AW has been a bit vague about him...hmm....

    I do think our problems with goal scoring & lack of penetration in the final third will get better with Arshavin being fitter & playing better each game...and also the understanding between him & our other attacking players getting better. Of course Cesc & Tomas will be great to have back.]]>

  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[So excited about our new exciting team.

    Walcott, Nasri, Denilson, Arshavin
    Eduardo, Van Persie


  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Finally, we get to cheer "THEO!!!! THEO!!! THEO!!!!" and "EEEEEEDUARRRDOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! EEEEEEDURDOOOOOOO!!!!!!", again. :D

    Cant wait! :D :D :D]]>

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[Surely retun of the mac, i was on this morning and i saw the picture of nasri celebrating his goal against man u. It was not nasri that really caught my eye but cesc and theo running beside him and diaby in the background. These players have been out for so long (seems like ages) and a comeback is absolutely a welcome development.
    If you notice, we have not been seeing a lot of runs on the flanks.(especially right wing).
    Thumbs up for theo and welcome back edu.
    I agree with fabrez that edu should be given a few minutes each game to fully recover, i would probably advocate for 25 to 30 minutes in the second half. i cant wait for a fully fit team. Thank God kolo and gallas are not out for long periods too.
    My fear,
    How are we going to get throught this week ? burnley-roma-blackburn ? we certainly need some form of rotation. Arsene has said so anyway, fabianski will continue in goal for FA, probably gibbs wil play a part , maybe ramsey/nasri, arshavin/vela, song/diaby surely bendtner, denilson, VP.
    I know the grace of God will see us through !!!!]]>

  • Ernie

    A couple of questions to those who believe Wenger is on borrowed time. Setting aside what might or might not happen with players leaving etc. as supporters what is most important: finishing in the top 4 with no silverware, finishing 5th and winning the FA Cup, or 5th and the Champs League. Also what would the team need to achieve in order for you to think there was a future with Wenger, or is there nothing he can do? For me I’d settle for top 4 provided the team performed well over the next 10 games. I also think we will win a trophy as the freshness of our returning players will give us an edge. In terms of Wenger, I want to see what he does when he has most of his players at his disposal. I think he wants a team like Spain and believes that will be the future.

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Amen Gooner :)

    Concerning rotation, seeing as Arshavin can't play Champions League, I think it's safe to say he'll be involved in the Burnley and Blackburn games, but I'm not sure which position he'll play if Walcott plays on the RW. But thats the good thing about him, he can play pretty much any attacking role. Walcott and Edu could play Sunday to help build fitness, and depending on how they feel afterwoulds, maybe be involved in Wednesdays match too.

    If there's any slight concern, its injuries to the defenders as both Billy Gallas and Kolo have had knocks over the last week or so.]]>

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[Top 4 is ok for me. it is not easy. Seeing that this season one of the big teams might go down
    boro/blackburn/newcastle/protsmouth are all in the relegation mix. WBA is certainly out (even though u can't rule them out totally with just 4 points difference btw WBA and boro),
    Have u looked at the bottom half of the table recently (13th-20th position Man city 35, wigan 35, fulham 34, bolton 33, hull 32, t'ham 31, sunderland 31, stoke 29, newcastle 28, porthsmouth 28, blackburn 27, boro 26, WBA 22 (13 points between 13th and 20th position) remember barca went from 12points ahead of real to 4 points within 3 league wks.)? i guess not, we have all been bothered about the top.
    So what am i saying in essense ? Top for is OK for this season (hoping that we don't loose players in the summer)]]>

  • Pissed off

    The team still needs a DMF to be world beaters.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I guess I wouldn't mind not finishing in the champions league spots. Only if we manage to win the premiership next year (as a result of less fixtures - meaning we get knocked out of Europa Cup as well, which I doubt would happen that soon).

    Whatever happens this year, it's okay, given the insane number of injuries we've had. But Wenger needs to do something about it. He needs to put up measures by which the injuries themselves or the effect of injuries will be minimized for the future. We can't afford yet another crazy injury-plagued season. We've had 3 and that's enough thankyou. I just hope he's sensible enough to understand that being stubborn will do him and Arsenal no good.

    I just hope that no important players leave the club in the summer, regardless of our position in the league and trophies, or lack of. And I hope we can get some reinforcements to the defensive side of our game. A defensive midfielder maybe, and a centerback maybe.

    And I hope Alisher Usmanov doesn't take over. In fact I hope whatever shares he has bought are bought back by some other gentleman. Kroenke or Gazidis or Wenger or just someone decent.

    Other than that, talking about the Burnley game, I think Nasri and Denilson need a rest. It's mouthwatering what we have available though : Walcott, Eduardo, Arshavin, VanPersie and Vela being the attacking options. I'd also think about giving Sagna and Clichy a rest before the Roma game in midweek. Eboue replacing Sagna, and Gibbs replacing Clichy. I wonder how many of you would agree with this though ... ?

    I'd fancy something like this :


    With Arshavin possibly being in the starting lineup in place of either Walcott, Vela or Eduardo.]]>

  • debs

    < ![CDATA[yeah I think Wenger might rest them, but still have them on the bench, just in case. or he might start one of them (Clichy or Sagna). but I think he might play Clichy in the 1st half, seeing as he didn't play 90mins last game.

    And it was nice hearing Clichy say he'd stay with us, even if we don't qualify for CL this season (we are going to qualify anyways! :P). That made me love him even more! he's such a top class player and good to know we'll still have our trusted left back next season!]]>

  • zohaib

    Yeah Clichy’s the man !

  • Pissed off

    But he hasn’t really been a confident player as he used to this season; perhaps the Birmingham game of last season…………..

  • willsscott

    < ![CDATA[Looking forward to the game tomorrow, hopefully there'll be a good atmosphere in the ground with Walcott and Eduardo returning.

    With regards to the line up, I'd hope to see something like this:


    With a bench of: Almunia, Clichy, Sagna, Diaby, Bendtner, Eduardo and Diaby.

    Give Denilson, Nasri and RvP a rest for the Roma game and a must win game against Blackburn.

    Have been looking at Arsenal and Villas fixtures and I think that a top 4 finish will be done!

    Both have 10 games to go, and I can see Villa dropping points away at both Liverpool and United, as well at home to Sp*rs, Everton and possibly WH.

    We have a tough run but City are poor away from home, and hopefully out of the Liverpool, Chelsea and United games, we should get at least 3 points.

    Anyway, lets hope for a quality win on Sunday!]]>

  • Pissed off

    Seems to me Wenger talks too much. His heaping praises on Walcott. Could be his intent is meant to be a boaster, but to me it isn’t necessary, he should at this point try to talk less and see his team through (Our team).

  • debs

    < ![CDATA[wilscott, you might have to wait one more day- the match's on sunday, not 2moro! lol
    But then pissed off, if Wenger's asked a question about the players, he's got to respond, isn't he?]]>

  • zohaib

    Dev you haven’t got VanPersie in your starting eleven ?!

  • zohaib

    oops. Meant to post in the other topic.