Some post match post night day after next Roma thoughts… Updated

But back to all things in the world of Arsenal.... and the a reflection on the game against Roma on Tuesday at the Emirates.

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So, I've been watching the replay of the game today and have a completely different perplexion of the game now. When I left the Emirates on Tuesday night, I was quite disappointed that we hadn't won by a greater margin. I was disappointed with the copious amounts of chances created and failure to convert. But as I sit back and reflect on the game, I can see a slightly brighter picture. The picture is that if we play well, we will create chances. If we create chances, they eventually we will score.

A one-nil win over Roma with an away game to come is a decent result. Our game was better than theirs and we were the better team. And the team out there didn't include first team regulars such as Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fabregas and Adebayor and someone else whom I can't really call a first team regular, Eduardo, simply because he's been out for so long. With the makeshift team which saw Bendtner deployed on the left (why does Arsene do this?) and included Eboue, we were still the better team.

Having watched the replay many times, Roma showed that they are actually a decent side and attacking wise did have something to offer. In defence, however, they gave away the ball so much, it's clearly their weak area. One goal in Rome would surely see us through - our defence was by far the better. I said to JAT at the game on Tuesday, "the worse team will lose" twisted from the statement, "the better team will win", simply because at times it seemed bad. But again, as I saw the replay, it wasn't all bad.

The worse thing of the night was the two missed chances - first by Eboue - he even failed to hit the target and then of course by Bendtner - when scoring seemed easier!

Well, all in all, a decent result. We can't complain, we've won a game and have the second leg in our favour.

Nasri was a little disappointed with the score, but well aware that it was a decent result:

“We probably deserved a higher score.We created some good opportunities. Now we have to repeat the performance in the return match. I think this result is not too bad, even though we could have won it with a larger score. But fortunately we managed not to concede any goals. The positive ahead of the second leg is that tonight we’ve seen a conquering Arsenal side, with a good defensive display. This is very encouraging for the challenges to come. We are confident for the second leg as we start that game with a 1-0 lead. We are confident about our means and are convinced we can succeed.”

All in all a decent result. A result which we can build upon on the next leg…

Back tomorrow with a Fulham preview…]]>

  • jeffvip

    < ![CDATA[There are some reports saying that Wenger is interested in Kalou and guess what he say? YES!


  • Fabrez

    Yeah…surely Kalou put himself in hot water with Chelsea supporters? Hmm…but on Sky Sports’ website he basically praises Wenger…and Wenger did say he was interested in the past…wonder how true it is?

  • Pissed off

    Kalou is far from what the team needs at the moment.

  • Fabrez

    Don’t think we need him at all actually, but he is good. Wenger better know where to strengthen come the summer!

  • Pissed off

    What we need is More of dirt off Van persie’s Shoulder.

  • jeffvip

    Btw, I doubt Chelsea will let him go. Chelsea squad is ageing and the money from russian oil is not pumping into stamford bridge anymore. They wont have the ability to buy expensive player and sell them cheap anymore

  • AJ

    Yeah, I like the sound of the rumour that we’re going to buy Felipe Melo though.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I don't think anybody would mine, Dev, if you did call Eduardo a first team regular ;).

    I've been hearing about this guy Felipe Melo. Who is he, where does he play and what are his qualities ?

    And what do we say to a swap of Kalou for Bendtner ? I don't think Chelsea would want Bendtner, but the point is do we think Kalou is better than Bendtner ?]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[My friend who's a Barca fan was telling me there was a whole lot of news going around that Eto and Yaya Toure were going to leave Barca in the summer. I read an article where their agent, who's the same one guy, said they weren't happy that they hadn't received a new contract offer. So I don't know how much truth there is but I think everybody would be happy if we were to get Toure, no ?

    And I'm just reading another article about Joao Moutinho of Portugal, saying he's tempted by England. Everton, I think, wanted to buy him last summer, but it didn't happen.]]>

  • zohaib


  • AJ

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib, I'd swap Kalou for Bendtner, Kalou has pace, better positioning I think and he is beginning to grow alot more as a player and yeah Bendnter is still quite young, but I just don't see anything in him.

    I'd be happy with Yaya joining us, and yeah Moutinho is apparently a Everton target again this summer.]]>

  • Yemi

    < ![CDATA[Personally i dont worry about who is goint to be bought or not. experience has shown that if it doesnt come out of the horses mouth (arsene). It is false. ant player that comes is welcome as long as he is good. Yaya will be a good addition to the team though.Diaby is back to injury. This is worrisome. he seems to always have an injury/match.
    Good news of all those returning soon. Edu, Ade, walcott and cesc alittle bit later. I don't know what to say about silvestre ! EOC ? end-of-career ? with so much injury !!! How did he pass medicals in the first place ?]]>