Happy One Year To The World of Arsenal

“The blog will be random and a complete mix of topics, but hey… that’s what they’re all about!” And a year on, that’s still an accurate description of the World of Arsenal. Throughout the last year and a bit, we’ve looked at signings, matches, players, managers, the boardroom and created a community on the web of regular readers and regular commenter’s. The early days of the blog kind of talked about the title challenge and the bad form around January last year and then of course, the Arsenal vs Ac Milan preview… http://worldofarsenal.co.uk/2008/02/18/arsenal-vs-ac-milan-early-preview/ My excitement always comes through:

“Wednesday brings us the first leg of the mouth-watering clash between the year before last’s finalists Arsenal and last year’s winners, AC Milan. I am sooo excited about this clash, it’s poised to be a great European night!”
I actually went on to write 5 blog posts before the game, discussed each player in length and reviewed the goalkeeping of Milan, team preview and line ups. We drew at home 0-0 and the title of the blog was:
“A clean sheet, a good performance or a wasted opportunity?”
And the same can be said of yesterday’s performance against Roma… A clean sheet, a good performance or a wasted opportunity? This time we’re 1-0 to the good, so all in all, a better result than last year? Of course, post Milan, we had the Birmingham game and the Eduardo injury, subsequently to that was the collapse of our season… Last summer proved interesting, with many people expecting a lot of signings, but instead we witnessed the departures of Flamini, Gilberto, Lehmann and Hoyte permanently and of course Senderos and a few others on loan. We did sign Nasri and Ramsey amongst others. In August 2008, saw the launch of the Commenter of the Month, which Kieran Delaney went on to win and subsequently get a hat-trick of awards. In the turn of the year, of course, we had the 24: Arshavin saga, which ended up in us signing the Russian… which kind of brings us full circle… Thanks for all your support for the blog and partcipation in the comments – it wouldn’t be the same without you… Here’s to another year of blog writing and hopefully…………. a trophy?]]>

  • Dan

    < ![CDATA[Well done Dev, mate. Cracking blog. The only 'Arsenal Only' site i look at regularly nowadays. I think i've been reading since last August, but wasn't aware it had only been going for such a short time! I was lucky enough to go to the game IN Milan last season. It was definetly the best day of my life, i had such a good time. I really thought we were ending the trophy drought at that time as well, but here we are, possibly trophyless for another season! Its not all bad though. My faith has been gradually growing since January and i think we have every chance of an FA Cup this year, and next year... who knows. The club is oozing with talent again, and with a fully fit set of players the team would be incredibly difficult to pick. Lets just hope we can nick 4th.]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Thanks for your words Dan - it's actually my birthday today, which triggered my memory about the blog's anniversary - it feels like it's been around for ages, but yeah, it's only 1 year old! I have a good feeling we can nick 4th today, contrary to my feelings yesterday... think it's down to all the positive comments!!]]>

  • zohaib

    Congrats on the blog’s anniversary and Happy Birthday fellow Gunner ! All the best for the future.

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[happy birthday Dev, and well done about the world of arsenal! It's a really great blog and I'm on it everyday, since the first day I came across it! Keep up the good work mate! And yeah, we should be able to nick 4th, seeing as Villa are tiring, but yeah, at the moment, it's just positive vibes!]]>

  • Pissed off

    Congrats Devday, Its the real deal. Keep up the good work.

  • dajama

    Just recently came across your blog, and immediately bookmarked it. Smart, enthusiastic commentary on all things Arsenal, and an overall nice vibe. Yes, we should have scored another couple last night, but at least we got the score, and getting the ball in the net is such a glorious sight to see these days! Nice job on the blog. Keep it up.

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    Happy Birthday!

  • wrighty

    < ![CDATA[For Gooners this campaign has been pretty painful. We've seen our title hopes disappear in November and our Champions League place for next season is under threat. I, along with many other Gooners have been critical of Arsenal this season and Arsene Wenger has also been under the cosh at times. In my opinion the criticism has been deserved at times but maybe not all the time. Obviously there many Gooners unhappy at the moment, I'm not the happiest but lets just wait until the end of the season until we judge Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. It's clear the squad isn't the strongest we've had under Wenger but its what we have and nothing can be done about it now. Arsene Wenger should have strengthened the squad more than just Arshavin but he didn't and he believes in this set of players even if some Gooners don't. He has put his head on the chopping block and that's why I say wait until the end of the season to judge if he is right. Who knows? We may well be Champions League or FA Cup winners by May! I understand it is frustrating at the moment. I'm frustrated because I see the performance of last night, the wins over Manchester United and Chelsea and then a defeat against Hull or Manchester City. The inconsistency can drive drive you mad but we are picking up now at the business end of the season. And I'm sure that we will qualify for the Champions League next season. I happen to believe we will win it this year! Of course I'm slightly concerned about Arsenal's position in the league but I say only slightly because as I've said I'm quietly confident that we will finish in the top four despite how bleak our league position seems. Trophies are what we Gooners want and while we are still in with a shout for the FA Cup and Champions League we have the chance to achieve these targets. Granted the league position is far from what we want but I'm sure most Gooners would be satisfied with a top four finish and a trophy. I would have taken that at the beginning of the season. If we don't succeed in getting into the Champions League next season or win a trophy then by all means Wenger and Arsenal will get plenty of flak and deservedly so. Until then lets just get behind the team and fingers crossed we can end up with a campaign that didn't end too badly.]]>

  • Fabrez

    Good work with The World of Arsenal! I can’t remember how I came across the website at all, but is was a great find! Think i found it in summer last year. And i don’t think i started to comment until a few months of reading! But great work dev…really.

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    < ![CDATA[Wrighty, how is that relevent to the blogs birthday?! Anyway, we aren't the only team, Liverpool beat Real Madrid away last night but only just managed a draw with Man City at the weekend.]]>

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    Oh and this time last season we were top of the league and we still came 4th so to be 5th now means we could easily hit 2nd if results go our way like they went against us in the last 12 months.

  • hotsol

    wrighty’s post is not relevant but its pretty good i think! Happy B’day

  • AJ

    Grats and keep up the great work!