A Pleasant Night At The Emirates…

“I never fell out with Arsene, whatever people say. I had to respect his decision even if I disagreed with it. We had good conversations but, when it came to talking about whether he still saw me as part of the team, it wasn’t the conversation I expected. Maybe, I thought, it was time to leave Arsenal. I understood what the manager’s idea was; he had so many good young players and, if I was in the team, they wouldn’t have the chance to develop.” “It’s only my opinion, and I could be proved wrong, but I think Arsenal made a mistake letting some of the more experienced players go. It would be good for the development of the younger players. They’re having to learn for themselves and that’s hard. These players need to find that killer instinct. They can get there but it takes time. I hope it comes quickly.”   Does this something make you think that Arsene is too sentimental, or too trusting with the youngsters? Would it have really prevented anyone getting into our team this year who was better than Gilberto? Okay, I’ve been called into a meeting, so better go – will update this entry again later today. [more to follow] ]]>

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    < ![CDATA[Dev, if Wenger was sentimental he'd keep the old gaurd around to remind him of better times. I'd say he is more ruthless when it comes to age. One thing Gilberto has to understand is that he was 30 or over and the club will only offer one year rolling contracts. If that's not acceptable to him, then that's his problem. Just look at Lljunberg. Signed for 3 years at higher wages than he got at Arsenal and played about 3 games. They bought him out in the end. Sad fact is, few players have left Arsenal and gone on to better things. Henry has been great in patches for Barca, but he's the exception rather than the rule. Gilberto is benefiting from the slower Turkish game and fewer matches. Apart from that, Wenger has my backing - over 30's are slower and more injury prone. They are also less likely to play twice a week on average unlike the younger generation.]]>


    < ![CDATA[agree^^ but keeping gilberto would of been good, he was probably one to best captains we had, quiet, led by example, experienced. even just having him in the ''bergkamp role'' and nuturing young talent such as denilson would of been good]]>

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    < ![CDATA[Anyone else see the first round of the Carling Cup semis last season at Emirates, when we drew 1-1 with sp**rs, before they thrashed us at White Hart Lane..? I was at that game, and Gilberto played because Flamini was getting all the important games and Gilberto was in there to get a game and help out the youngsters (I think Denilson was the other CM). We were shit, and outplayed, but I will always remember Gilberto that night, he was like a man possessed, chasing after everything, he would have done anything for the shirt and to persuade AW that he still had something to offer. I always felt bad that he wasn't made captain permanently when Gallas came in, but kind of admired AW's more ruthless streak in keeping him out of the team in favour of Flamini. Anyway, big respect to Gilberto.]]>

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    No doubting the man’s heart. One of the few players in recent years that’s been Arsenal through and through.

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    Respect for Gilberto !

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    Big Respect for Gilberto!