After a heavy night out yesterday, I was focused to get up and find somewhere to watch the game. I managed to crawl to an Irish pub at about 12midday New York time, but considering I'm 5 hours behind, it meant I missed the game. Damn & damn. I was then subjected to a first half of Man United versus Everton and sometimes you have to think how teams do play with a bit more will when they play us and a little more fear when they play United.

Arsenal 0 – 0 West Ham

I didn’t see the game, so can’t really comment too much – JAT will blogging for me tomorrow and will give his opinions of the game.

I understand that we started with Bendtner and had Van Persie on the bench. That, in my opinion, was a bit of a shock, considering VP is the man in form. Potentially we should have started him and then rested him had we been ahead. I know we have Cardiff on Tuesday and then Sp*rs next weekend, but it is vital that we pick up points at home and play our strongest team. We’re so far off the top now, it’s pretty worrying – two draws in our last two games have most definitely finished our title challenge and now we’re fighting for 4th. Without a doubt, we’re in a battle. We’re 5 points behind Villa. It’s going to be a tough end to the season.

Things seem to be hotting up with the whole Arshavin will he / won’t he saga. They’ve been quite a few rumours that we’ve applied for a work permit for the Russian. Arsene spoke about the whole affair:

“No, and we have not applied for a work permit yet for Arshavin or anybody else.

“Whether we are close or not has little meaning – it does not matter how close you are, what is important is that you agree. At the moment, we have no agreement with anybody for any transfer.

“We are always confident, we try our best and respect our budget. If we can find an agreement, we will do it, if we cannot we will not overspend what we have planned to do.”

It’s a weird one, because with so much going on, you just don’t what the hell is going  on…

Okay, I’ve run out of time – sorry for the short blog today – JAT is writing for tomorrow – I’ll be back on Monday.

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    Adebayor was bollocks. Chap sitting next to me said even Paul Dickov could have score his chance from 6yds.

  • zohaib


  • zohaib

    my dog probably could’ve scored. and he’s scared of balls.