In, out, shake it all about…

Thank you for the comments on the "24" post, I was pretty chuffed with the outcome. They say no news is good news and in one way that is true. But in another way, when the transfer window is closing in less than 11 days, maybe we need some news and some news pretty quick. I'll keep today's blog short as I'll be back tomorrow for a Cardiff preview.

News on the transfer front has been playing going out. We've recently been linked with the exits of Niklas Bendtner to Hoffenheim and Emmanuel Eboue to Atheletico Madrid. Both bids have been rejected. These two players, I have to say have been the two most frustrating players we've had this season. Why anyone would want them is beyond belief. But Arsene can see blind faith quality and potential in them, and I suppose he’s a fan of the pair.

Eboue’s agent said:

“We received an official request from Atletico Madrid which was passed to Arsenal. I have the fax from director Ken Friar who wrote to me to say they are not interested in the offer. Then I received a call from Arsene Wenger, who invited me to go to England to start negotiations over a renewal. I see no possibility that the player will leave Arsenal.”

Interesting stuff, especially seeing that Ken Friar is still involved – surely our new man is around to sort it out now?

So, we are in day 23 of the protracted Arshavin, and here is episode 23 of “24 days of Arshavin’s life”.


Today, I sit, I wonder. 23 days have passed. I am currently training with the team in Dubai. I do not want to start another season with Zenit, but somehow I can not see a possibility. News that King Arsene of Arsenal has offered £15,000,000 for my freedom overwhelms me with joy, but yet I am still hostage.

As I walk back from training, I am stopped by a man in the street. His name  is Martin Tyler; he is from Sky. He gives me a memo, it is from Arsene to him:

“There is no news. You know that I am against the transfer window, completely. I think it is just disturbing. A window in the middle of the season is just not right.

“With Arshavin it is different because he plays in a league where it is the end of the season. You either keep it open completely, or you shut it completely and the teams that make mistakes at the start of the season are punished until the end of the season.

Indeed, Arsene – it is time for my arrival. I want to be your saviour and help you defeat the sheriffs of Manchester and the Vigilanty Scousers. I will do my best dear Arsene. I will do my best.]]>

  • ArseFan101

    < ![CDATA[You've made the whole Arshavin boring story SO EXCITING... episode 24, I can't wait.

    Come on Arsene - free him!]]>

  • Berth

    Lets hope Jack bauer (Wenger in this case), rescues him.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    According to Sky Sports News it will be completed today so maybe episode 24 will actually be the final episode…when/if he arrives could you photoshop his picture so he has a big beard as all hostages have on their release. :-)

  • Debs

    lol gooner get ya, that’ll be a good one! :)

  • ArseFan101

    Seriously Gooner Get Ya, I couldn’t see anything on the SS website?

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Yea, it doesn't say anywhere that it'll be completed today.

    I just saw the video of Wenger's press conference. When asked about Zenit saying Arsenal have a deadline till th 26th of Jan for Arshavin, Wenger's face turned into a wide grin. I think that was his way of confirming that it was the case. But obviously he went on to deflect and put spin on it. He said he'd let Zenit do their talking etc.

    So I think the first we'll hear from Arsenal regarding Arshavin is after the 26th. Sorry guys and gals. I know it's torture, having to wake up every morning hoping we've signed someone, only to find the same old nothing, 'no news' and no updates.]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[I read it on the ticker on Sky Sports News (TV) in the transfer tab this very morning...I promise.

    Also in the BBC Gossip section it mentions the deal will be done within 48 hrs and it is 15M over two years.]]>

  • Fabrez

    Good episode 23 dev! I think this may just be a case of who blinks 1st…AW’s favourite game by the looks of it. I do think the ball is in Zenit’s side of the court but they announced that they will decide today so see if Man City/ Inter will come in with the last minute bid that’s around £20M before Zenit’s well-announced decision…Zenit are playing games….but it doesn’t look like it happened for Zenit…so maybe 2morro? Just give up already Zenit! Release Andrei!

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Yea we haven't heard of anybody else's interest. There was some talk of ManCity being interested but I don't remember hearing anything from Mark Hughes. Does anyone know if he confirmed or denied that he wanted to sign Arshavin.

    Maybe the reason why Zenit made it public (our 26th Jan deadline) was to alert every other club. Obviously that was the case, but they could've done it privately. So that means that nobody but Arsenal are actually in for Arshavin at the moment. Which is a good thing. I suppose they'll have to sell him. 15 mil pounds is a pretty decent deal. Zenit are probably waiting to hear from Barca or Inter or ManCity or any other club looking for somebody like Arshavin.]]>

  • JDD

    apparently zenit have lowered there asking price surely we have got to sign him now

  • zohaib

    What is it they’re asking now ?

  • JDD

    i think like 17-18mil

  • zohaib

    But they’ve been on that amount since a week now.