Quiet Times At The Arsenal…

Our only story this January has been the link with Andrei Arshavin, and this offer has been quite publicly been rejected. Today we've heard that Man City and Inter are in the process of submitting bids for the Russian and if either of these two stories are true, then it looks like we won't have a chance to sign him.

So off the topic of transfers and on to the topic of our existing squad. Arsene has been in the press talking about how Nasri was moved into central midfield to help unlock Bolton's defence. His actual quote is quite weird - he says, by accident, he made that decision / idea - which is very weird considering he played there against Plymouth. Arsene said:

“He gave us a little bit more creativity in the centre, especially in a tight game like that. Of course, he [Nasri] is a link player and can also pass people. From then on it became a little bit more difficult for Bolton. It was my idea – sometimes accidentally I have them.”

Well, in the same vein Arsene, then, wasn’t it my idea, as I posted it on the Bolton Previewblog last week! But in reality, it was a good move, it helped us unlock the Bolton defence. Attacking wise Nasri is our best midfielder, so I’d expect to see it more often. Diaby is confused, although with a run of games in the side, he could get better. His overall performances are slightly less average than before.

On the official Arsenal web site, Dennis Begkamp has expressed his desire to come back.

“I wouldn’t rule out [working at Arsenal in some capacity].”

Just imagine that, Pires, Henry and Bergkamp as coaches and Tony Adams as Pat Rice’s assistant… a sense of nostalgia I think. One of the great things that we’ve recently lost are their personalities. The there aforementioned players oozed class, excellence, desire and pure will to win. Perfection is the word.

“I really love this club and the country and I love working here. I would advise everyone to work in England, as a player or a coach, it just breathes football. It is fantastic for the game.”

England, and Arsenal is all about football. We have players like Cesc, Theo, Nasri, Ade, VP, Eduardo, Vela and of course Bendtner, who would all learn something good from someone like Dennis Bergkamp. I think Arsene is allowing Bergkamp to get his badges and spend some time with Ajax before he joins us next season. Well, I hope.

As I write this, I hear that Kaka has rejected a move to Man City and wants to “grow old” with Milan… if only Henry grew old with us, at least the commitment and level wouldn’t have dropped as it has now…

More soon… Surely a signing is imminent.


  • Steve

    < ![CDATA[I think the "accidental" quote is Arsene being a bit ironic (yes he has been here that long). I remember a similar quote when someone asked him if he could have foreseen the strong partnership between Eboue and Hleb, he said something along the lines of "sometimes when you have been managing as long as I have you occaisonally get lucky".

    Would be great to get some of the legends back one day. Pat Rice has been a great servant to the club and personally I'd love to see Adams as manager one day.]]>

  • ArseFan101

    Apparently we’re refusing to increase our offer and Zenit are refusing to lower their asking price.

  • devday

    Yes, Arsene being uber clever, most probably!

  • ArseFan101

    Although Adam’s creditials as an attacking coach are practically non-existent. Let’s see how he fairs at this managerial stuff with Portsmouth this year / next year…!

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[I wouldn't worry too much about the apparrent stalemate over Arshavin as I dont think any club is willing to pay £20 for him. As talented as he is, he does seem a bit of a gamble and all this media attention might work in Arsenal's favour, as it keeps any other transfer targets quiet. Also, if other clubs see how Zenit are dealing with the situation, it might put them off buying from them.

    Sky Sports News earlier mentioned we might be interested in Jimmy Bullard from Fulham, although Bolton have made a move for him.]]>

  • devday

    Fulham have announced that Bullard and Haageland are not for sale – part of the bargaining process, no doubt – last time I checked, Fulham were a selling club.

  • ArseFan101

    I think Arsene is realistically bidding for Arshavin, but unfortunately, other clubs have more money.

  • Berth

    The injuries are piling up for Man U. Lets see how they cope. Rooney, Evra and Ferdinand. Am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debs

    lol Berth!

  • Fabrez

    lol @ Berth!

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[That's the spirit Berth !

    With ManUtd's injuries, Chelsea in 'crisis' and Liverpool 'bottling it' and hopefully Aston Villa running out of luck, we'll put a run of games together till the end of the season, play at a 110% with Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Song and end up champions !]]>

  • Debs

    wow Zohaib, I’ve sooo rubbed off on you :P

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Debs I feel like a changed man ! reborn ! :P

    I think it's mostly because i've lost all hope though. lol]]>

  • Fabrez

    lol! When u’ve lost all hope, mite as well be overly optimistic huh? lol

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[haha!
    I know what you mean though. you know something's not gonna happen anyways, but might as well dream in the interim, to make up for the pain that's sure to come! lol. But you never know mate you never.
    We're unbeaten in 2009 so far!]]>

  • Fabrez

    There u go again with the silver-lining around the grey cloud debs! :-D It’s true tho…regardless, i decent run of results in ’09 is something to look forward to!

  • Debs

    < ![CDATA[Lol Fabez. As Wenger said, he's happy to see the back of 2009, so i'm I! Amd yeah, we do do need a decent run of results. As Zohaib said, Ladyluck's due to show her face at Arsenal- what better time than now? lol
    Have you guys missed Walcott, or is it just me? To be honest, I didnt at first, but every now and then I find myself counting the days! It's 18th of Feb, that's 33 days from now- but that does not include the time he needs to get match-fit :(
    I've stopped counting Rosicky's, and I totally have no idea when Eduardo'll be back. *sigh*
    And Cesc, well, still a lonnggg way to go, and as everyone's said, it's good he's got a break- he deserves one, even though it's through unfortunate means. He's definitely going to come back pumped up and raring to go!
    Gosh, now I've got myself all excited about when we're back to full strength- we'd be soo amazing! (Or I'm I getting carried away? lol)
    I think teams will start to take us much more seriously when we're all back- especially if we've got Arshavin- we'd be a force to reckon with! (still getting carried away!!!)
    But yeah, I'm so looking forward to then! But in the mean time, Ade and the rest better pull it together!]]>

  • http://kierandelaney.net/blog kierandelaney.net/blog

    < ![CDATA[I watched Barcelona v Athletico last night - Henry/Hleb/Silvinhio - Barca ha've developed quite a little ex-Arsenal contingent there haven't they!

    As much as I slated him at Arsenal and however hateful the little prick has been since he left, Hleb had a really good game and actually looked half decent. Still lost the ball too often though ;)

    So it got me thinking - why would Yaya Toure leave Barca (he played last night and was awesome) to come to an English team that may not qualitfy for Champions League?

    Why would any player for that matter?

    We're a more attractive proposition than Man City, but we're going to have to qualify for CL, get at least 4th and build a decent run in Europe if we hope to attract anybody, Arshavin or otherwise.]]>

  • Steve

    I think the Yaya Toure story is due to his agent looking to get him a better contract. The agent said he was now playing at the top level bit was still on the same salary as when he was at Monaco.

  • http://www.wedontknowfootball.wordpress.com williamhill

    i though nasri was excellent against bolton, nonetheless with the midfield injury list arsenal needs arshavin. they just need to increase their bid, 10m seems a tad low in today’s market.

  • gunner32

    < ![CDATA[I'll be straight. I'd like Andrei Arshavin to play for Arsenal because he is a quality player.

    However, despite this quality, I would be very wary of him joining if he forced the move through by striking against his current club, Zenit St Petersburg.

    I've read that he has threatened to go on strike if he doesn't get his move to Arsenal. I don't like this one bit.

    I agree it puts us into a strong position to gain Arshavin's signature but put yourself into a Zenit supporters shoes. Would you like your best player forcing a move through?

    We Gooners wouldn't like it if he played for Arsenal and forced his way out of the club because he wanted to play for someone like Barcelona would we?

    I keep thinking that whilst him on strike benefits Arsenal in the present, how do we not know that he wouldn't do the same to us in the future?

    If he did sign for Arsenal I'm sure he would only have a three year contract offered to him because of Wenger's over thirty policy. We could be in the shit!

    I'll agree that Arshavin has been very loyal to Zenit over the years and maybe if he did join Arsenal he would stay until the end of his career but these little things worry me!

    I can't wait to hear that it is his dream to play for Arsenal. I've heard him say it about Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, just about every top club in Europe!

    Anyway, he is a good talent and one that Arsenal could do with. I just hope that if the transfer does go through, it is on good terms and benefits both Zenit and Arsenal.]]>

  • Berth

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib you sound so defeated, you are accepting deafeat so sudden. It seems Wenger is gaining an upper hand with his Pschology game with us (fans).

    I think he knows we are fans, that we love the game and that we will support the team even in relegation.

    Am saying this because the Arshavin deal is no were near - I know most of us already know what the outcome might be, that he may not buy (80% sure).

    All we need to do is keep up the faith and hope the Arsenal spirit guides us through. Take heart Zohaib, its alright to feel reborn, it happened to be too. (Gooners for life folks).]]>

  • AJ

    < ![CDATA[Funny, but now I've heard AC have accepted the bid, think it's true but who knows.

    As for us, if only for once we signed a proven superstar, I would be feeling better because I can't bear the thought of us dropping out of the top four, the taunts have already begun!]]>