Crazy Transfers…

“I am not really thinking about football, watching games, following the transfer market, nothing. I am just forgetting about everything to do with football. Even my girlfriend is surprised, because it is unusual for me. But to be honest when it comes to football at the moment, I am off it until I can start to get fit again.” In reality, I think he’ll be back in front of the telly by the end of the month, but we’ll see. It’s been a long day, so will keep the blog short today. Let’s see what Man City end up doing over night, and maybe Arsene and co will have some interesting news for us tomorrow…]]>

  • Fabrez

    Man City are going to eventually distort the transfer market with bids like that! I really don’t know if Milan will sell Kaka…but i’m thinkin…if they do, they would for £60m to £70m. Heck, why not £80! It’s amazing what football has come 2!

  • Fabrez

    As for Cesc, it’s time for some well deserved rest indeed albeit its happened at a bad time & not in the best manner! And hopefully some good news for The Arsenal and transfers b4 the wkend? Maybe, just maybe…


    < ![CDATA[I've read/watched/heard rumours of £70m to £170m. I don't think AC can turn that money down. For close to £100m they could rebuild their aging squad. It wasn't long ago we shocked them, hell even Portsmouth took a two goal lead against them. Depends on whether or not Kaka fancies a relegation battle, but on wages of £250k a week I guess he’d be up for shoeing donkeys.]]>

  • devday

    Money speaks, hey?

  • Debs

    I’d love to have Kaka in the Premier League. But as a Man City player? Hmm…

  • Pete

    < ![CDATA[Perhaps this injury to Cesc may have been a bit of a blessing in disguise, for him to have a proper break from the game, and an oppertunity for one or two other players to step in and step up. Technically he's better than what Gerrard or Lampard were when they were his age, and they certainly didn't have the same footballing oppertunities and experience when they were 21, although at the same time this has placed a huge demand on the young lad, so he deserves a bit of a break. And mabe it'll force Wengers hand to buy one or two extra players to share the load a bit once he does return. Also, would be great to see Kaka in the Premier League.]]>

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Is that a bit of a dig at Arsenal? "He has played 5 years of solid football" apart from the euros it's mainly because we have no depth in our squad to rest the poor lad. I may be reading too much in to that comment but he sounds like we have overplayed him to the point that he can't even watch football anymore. If we buy Arshavin then we need to start resting Cesc a bit more.]]>

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[I'd love to see Kaka in the league as well...taking it one step further than u an Arsenal player lol Albeit he's to expensive and his wages will be another story! Me & my wishful thinking eh! Being a bit more realistic now...i do think that if we get Arshavin, it will show that we still do have ambition to compete at the top level...thus making players think twice about wanting to leave... and as was said b4, Cesc will have less of a load to carry. Just keeping my fingers crossed for Arshavin plus sum1 else come the 2nd of February!]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I think it's quite obvious that Cesc had to play every match when he was fit, and sometimes when he wasn't a 100% as well, simply because there would'nt have been any creativity if he hadn't been there. Song, Denilson, Diaby, Gilberto, Flamini, Diarra would not have provided as much creativity and composure in the middle in any combination. Which is why Cesc had to play all the time. And that's a bit unfair to the lad. What if he did get injured. It seems Wenger didn't prepare for that one. But now I think we have a replacement in Ramsey, for when Cesc gets injured. Which makes it hard to understand why he isn't getting the games ahead of Denilson or Diaby, but he's only just come in, so I guess he'll need a whole season to acclimatize. Song and Denilson got a run of games this season and both improved. I'm hoping if Diaby can get the same sort of run in the center, we might see how much quality he's got. So I guess it's more waiting, watching and hoping.]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[add - Cesc's only in his early 20s. Having to play every game every season for 4 seasons is asking too much. Wish he could've got more of a rest every few months. I think it has hampered his development a bit. Thankfully, fate intervening is a blessing in disguise. And hopefully when he gets the much needed rest and comes back, he'll be back to 110%. Until he gets back though, we need the others to step up and give a bit more to fill the void.]]>

  • Fabrez

    And Gooner Get Ya, i don’t think he was taking a dig at Arsenal…i think he just thought about it seeing that he has a whole lot of free time 2 reflect on football and his career thus far and in retrospect he has suprised himself with the amount of football he’s played. I wouldn’t be worried about it. But i’d like to think he’s thinking along the lines of needing to get away from football so he could live a little because the committment to play at the top level limits your life outside of football. And a mental break also means he’ll hopefully come back excited, refreshed and rearing to go!

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[When's Eduardo making his return ! I'm getting a bit frustrated now... Can't imagine what he must be going through.]]>

  • Fabrez

    I know wat u mean man! I’m so looking forward to Eddy being back. With Ade being so lazy and out of form, a bit of competition from Eduardo will give him a kick up the rear!

  • Berth

    < ![CDATA[Zohaib you sound so defeated, you are accepting deafeat so sudden. It seems Wenger is gaining an upper hand with his Pschology game with us (fans). I think he knows we are fans, that we love the game and that we will support the team even in relegation. Am saying this because the Arshavin deal is no were near - I know most of us already know what the outcome might be, that he may not buy (80% sure). All we need to do is keep up the faith and keep on having the Arsenal spirit. Take heart Zohaib (Gooners for life folks).]]>