More On Transfers (Of Course) And The Exchange Rate

There is not much new news happening in the wonderful world of Arsenal at the moment. The transfer rumours are still quite quiet and in reality the only thing that anyone seems to be talking about is the Arshavin rumour, which I believe is still a long way away from being done and in fact, it may not be done.

The other rumour you may have heard or read about is the double whammy - Van Persie and Cesc to Barcelona for a whopping £45million. The story featured in The Daily Star this morning and you can't really seeing them sign Cesc whilst he's injured - totally fabricated in my opinion.

Which took the thought patterns to the current exchange rate and how this has effected the transfer market. People have been talking about £20m for a player like Arshavin, but in summer, when the exchange rate was 1.45 euro's to the pound, the £20m was about 28/29 million euros. Now we're hearing we pay be paying in the region of £10m for the player, but in euro's at the current rate of roughly 1 euro to the pound, that's approximately a third of the original price rather than half the original price.

So what does that mean for us? Well, if a player is worth 10 million euros, in summer, the player was worth £7 million pounds, but right now he is worth £10 million players. So actually - any player bought from Europe is automatically 30% more expensive this transfer window than last.

What does that means to foreign clubs - well, it means that any UK based player is automatically 30% cheaper. If Real Madrid offered £14m for Diarra, maybe Pompey wouldn't have sold, but they've offered £21m for Diarra, and Pompey have accepted. However, the money offered in euro's is actually the same. Interesting. So, yes, now really is the time for Real Madrid to try and buy Ronaldo...

Any deal we do with the likes of Zenit or other clubs for any players such as Arshavin will now be more expensive than if we did the same deal in summer. Arsene Wenger, of course, has a degree in economics, so he'll be more clued up than me on this, but if we do get Arshavin now for £20m, we really should wonder why we didn't buy him in summer when it would have been 30% cheaper and he'd be ready by now...

The player himself does want to move and has re-iterated his desire:

“I want to play at a good European club and I want to prove how good I am. I think it is a distant prospect that Zenit will ever be as big as the likes of Real Madrid or Juventus. It will take some time and Zenit must win many titles first. But recently the club have been progressing. The main thing is that the management should have willingness and players should be provided with opportunities.”


Okay, so we already knew that – yes we didn’t learn much from this. But hey, in Arshavin’s eyes, we’re not even a big club! And yes, he said the only club he wants to go to is Barcelona… anywho – it may be the difference between 4th, 5th or 6th…

On to other news and Ade still believes we can win the title. Despite his fumbling, despite his very poor form, despite his want to leave in summer and despite the inability for him to score the “simple” goals he was scoring last season, he’s still positive about winning the league:

“To try and come back and win the title, we know it is going to be very difficult, we know it is going to be tough. It is tough for us, it is tough for Liverpool, it is tough for Chelsea and it is tough for Manchester United.

“We are 10 points behind, so if we can win three or four games straight away we have a chance to come back. The most important thing is to keep on going. We have to keep our dreams alive and keep going. We will do everything to make it possible.”

“We have a chance there [in the champions league]. We have a very tough game against Roma but we believe that we can do something.”

And Ade also supported William Gallas and what he said earlier in the season.

“There is some truth in what he said. Someone had to say these things, to make each person face up to their responsibilities. If he had said nothing, where would we be today? Gallas has always been like that – he has experience, he has won titles, played in a World Cup final. He doesn’t throw these thoughts around lightly. He said something because it was necessary to do it. He is indispensable to the team. He is Arsenal’s rock – his behaviour since the armband was taken off him proves that.”

One thing that Ade has forgotten is that he was one of the players that Gallas was referring to. I think sometimes some of these things are better left behind closed doors, but maybe it’s a little hard to keep everything hidden…

Okie dokie… let me know your thoughts…

Til tomorrow…]]>

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I suppose the reason/excuse for not buying Arshavin in the summer was that Wenger couldn't have predicted that the Pound would be weaker than the Euro in the winter.

    What I want to know is what good is an economics degree when nobody can predict the future ?

    How ironic and annoying it is that we, Arsenal, adopt a cautious/miserly policy of spending only on young talented kids for the future, and then when we decide we want to buy a ready-made player, the market becomes even more expensive than it normally is.

    Does this teach us a lesson, that maybe we should stop being so miserly all the time, and spend a few pounds more than we would ideally like - (Alonso in the summer) ?]]>

  • zohaib

    It seems nothing will teach us a lesson. Nothing will change the ridiculously stubborn stance we have in terms of spending on players.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[I'm not saying that Arsene could have predicted the future, albeit he would have had a better "intellisense" of it than us.

    What I am saying is that it doesn't make sense for him to go back in for him:
    - at an inflated price (because of the exchange rate).
    - for an older player than he was last year (obviously)
    - for a player who has had a really mediocre season
    - for a player who says that he wants to go to barcelona not us
    - for a player who will take a little time to adjust
    - for a player who is slight (considering Arsene said what he said about Modric)
    - for a player who can't player more than 1 game per week (to quote Arsene again)]]>

  • Berth

    Interesting thought Zohaib.

  • Fabrez

    < ![CDATA[I'm thinkin Arshavin is gonna want to use Arsenal as a stepping stone to go to a "big" European club...i just don't trust the me it's more about getting out of Zenit than coming to The Arsenal...dunno...

    And SSN just spoke about Gallas being injured & Toure being fit to play again...why does something sound fishy about that?! I cud b wrong but that is a bit more than a coincidence maybe?

    And about players around Europe being 30% more expensive, no secret about how frustrating that is but even tho u can't predict it, warning signs were there for sure i'd imagine. I aint no economics wiz but i wonder if AW even suspected that things were gonna be this bad? But even trying to get Arshavin after the Euros was gonna b hard bcuz Zenit would want to sell his Euro championship performance seeing that it happened during the summer window.]]>

  • Fabrez

    And if we don’t want to get Arshavin, what experienced winger do we go after?? And Arteta is not an option according to Arsene…

  • Fabrez

    Oh yeah…and going after Arshavin isn’t wise seeing that he definitely isn’t gonna b a Gooner till the end of his career…and as dev said…the guy aint young…so his re-sale value aint gonna b all that great.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Dev thats exactly my point. I'm not questioning anything you said. In fact my question was a branch of what you said.

    You'd think Wenger having an economics degree would make a difference, be worth something. But what ? It doesn't seem like too much better than not having one.

    When the pound's gotten weaker than the euro, is when he decides he needs to add some steel to the side. Where's the economics degree in that.]]>

  • devday

    LOL, buy British?

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[well, I'm all for buying british. In fact I think a british player would inject that attitude that we lack. The kind that Flamini had. A british player has that kind of grit naturally. So yeah why not.

    Fabrez - I'm not as convinced as you are about what Wenger has to say. He's the spin doctor. I dont trust a word he says about transfers. I think Arteta would be a terrific signing. In terms of the importance and balance of the side, I'm going to go so far as to say that he'd be twice as good as Arshavin. And please try to understand that football is a game where you have to think about the defence as well. I haven't seen anything from Arshavin to believe that he has the defensive sense needed in our team, much less the league. Arteta's not only talented but he's also got that brit-grit that we need.]]>

  • Fabrez

    I can’t help but bemoan the fact that we pick up so many random injuries that none of the other top clubs seem to get…*sigh*

  • zohaib

    And just to add, I’m someone who thinks that when Arshavin’s at his best, he’s very very similar to Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Messi etc. But thats only going forward; offensively.

  • Fabrez

    Agreed zohaib…defence is so very important. Guess we have to wait & see what AW does then because he is indeed unpredictable with transfers. For all we know the Arshavin thing is a major distraction for another deal? Can’t say…but i do hope that Arsene gets another defensive body in there quickly, that’s for sure. Especially seeing Silvestre & Gallas injured, whilst Toure lacks match fitness and Song is still out i think.

  • Fabrez

    And talking about attacking players who play good defence, i think Nasri is a decent example…in my opinion, he does work hard enuff to get some credit…he get’s a few tackles in and can defeinitely improve that aspect of his game yet.

  • Fabrez


  • zohaib

    The injuries have just become ridiculous now. It’s nothing short of a joke. I can’t help but get angry now whenever someone gets injured. It happens too often and only to us. Seems insane really. Nothing normal about it.

  • Fabrez

    Yeah…it’s a bit unsettling as a fan to know that you never see your best 11 on the park…we literally have not seen that all season. I’m so frustrated & there never seems to be a proper reason! Ahhhh!!! Every season we have the extra burden of this injury or another to carry…i honestly don’t know anymore!

  • Fabrez

    and i mean proper reason for the injuries…Arsenal must have the worst collection of hamstrings and thighs known to man!

  • devday

    LOL, I did a peice about our injury crisis recently – and we are the most fouled against team in the league…!

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[Although at least Arsenal players know how to drive.

    The folks at ManUtd don't ! Did anyone hear the story about Ronaldo crashing his 200k Ferrari 599 in a barrier, probably racing with VanDerSar's Bentley. And earlier he'd spun his Audi R8 on a roundabout ! Rooney'd done something similar with his Lamborghini Murcielago/Gallardo (forgot which one).]]>

  • debs

    Lol! Agreed that as an Economist, maybe Wenger could have sort of forseen this economic crisi, but well, he’s a manager at the moment, not an economist, cos I’m sure he’s no taken any of those continuation courses professionals do all the time. lol. but I guess in his defence, there’s no way in hell he could have predicted all these ridiculous injuries we have, although we seem to have always had it bad in the past, but this time around, it’s even worse, and I can bet you that if not for the injuries, and with Rosicky taking forever, it wouldn’t have even crossed Wenger’s mind to go for Arshavin at this moment in time, considering the exchange rate. the only thing maybe, you could fault him with, is us not having strength in depth, but it’s the way it’s always been with Wenger.

  • Berth

    Dev, forget about been the most fouled. I think our approaches to game and the way we play invite such fouls. Lets take a look at Man U , they do get fouled, but the aggresive nature of their players and their phyisical approach makes them very difficult to target.

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I'm going to agree to some extent with you Berth. Sometimes it feels like one of our players will have their leg broken again. The problem is that our players are so quick with the ball, and so good, that they tend to not-protect the ball till very late, which obviously invites challenges and untimed dives. Players like Eduardo, Nasri, Hleb all have the ability which is why whenever they have the ball and are getting closed down, I have my heart in my mouth, hoping for their feet to stay intact.

    I do believe however that if we improve our positioning, passing and defensive game, we'll be much better at protecting ourselves from injury. It's no miracle that the other top teams don't get so many injured so regularly. They have more experienced, intelligent players playing together, which means better understanding in all areas of the game - even the less visible ones - protecting yourself from bad tackles. Our players are a little too naive for our own good. Yet another disadvantage of having so many youngsters. And i suppose it's no surprise why we haven't won anything for a while.]]>

  • Berth


  • leon

    if wenger realy has any ambition to win the title he must spend big and bring in some world class players no matter what the cost and let the board worry about the money matters his job is win games and titles and has not done that 5 years, failier to buy some big players in the team will demontrate his aclk ambition must go

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[That's the problem isn't it. A serious lack of ambition. Although some would blame it on injuries rather.

    We're all set for a future that never comes soon enough.]]>

  • leon

    sorry but every team gets injuries thats why you buy enough players and make sure your sqaud is big enough,if look at manu ferginut son does care how mush he has to spent he will all that needed to make has big enough sqaud. gallas has come under alot flac but to me its not gallas is the problem rather its rest of team gallas is a winner and does not accpect second place he is winner he did not right in comming out in public but everything he said wsa write

  • zohaib

    < ![CDATA[I agree, but as stated earlier, we've had a ridiculous amount of injuries simultaneously. We've probably had at least 3 important first team players out at a time, all season long. When one of those 3 was fit, another few took their place on the injury list, replacing the previous ones. It's become a regular cycle now. That's how ridiculous it is.

    I'm pretty sure if ManUtd had Vidic, Ronaldo, Tevez, Park, Carrick and others out injured regularly throughout the season as our players have, they'd be running into some trouble. I'm also sure they'd be dealing with it much better than us because they're a much more solid and balanced team. Because defensively they are miles ahead of us. And when you see the youngsters they have, they might not seem as talented as our young lot, but they sure do their job better than our kids. It also has a bit to do with the fact that you don't see a majority of youngsters playing at the same time. They balance the mixture of young and old better. We used to do that but not anymore.]]>

  • leon

    the difference they stillhave nany ,anderson,scholes,giggs, the point they have far depth in there squad and alot more experience too plus manu have also gought 2 more wingers

  • Gooner Get Ya

    < ![CDATA[Devday - The Cesc and RVP rumour is that they are a summer target for Barca so Cesc will be fit again.

    The most important thing for us is to keep our best players without unsettling the other players and AFC as a whole...when the so called star players start trying to dictate to the club thats when things start to turn sour.

    My point is that our policies stop this from happening with the wage structure it stops the egos from taking over the club but on the flip-side our best players if they do have ego's they will be tempted to leave us for the bigger money ala Hleb, Flamini and Ade...nearly :-).

    Adding to that our wage structure also stops other big names from joining us which appears to be the stumbling block signing Arshavin (expecting £100,000 per week)

    Some argue that players shouldn't be interested in the money and should want to play for the club. The problem is that money is the main reason for a player moving to a club as it would be for anyone moving to a new job. So to bring in the best players we would need to change the whole inner workings of our club or execpt the mediocraty we have created via the curent structure....or if we bring them in from a young age and give them 1st team games...maybe they will show loyalty to our club when they mature to the world class players as expected they will have been in our wage capped bubble and we will be great again.

    Just a thought]]>

  • AJ

    *twiddles thumbs till there is a new rumour going round or until something happens*